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New FREE Method To SPY On $10,000k A DAY Facebook Ads | Find Winning Dropshipping Products

New FREE Method To SPY On $10,000k A DAY Facebook Ads | Find Winning Dropshipping Products

Hey everyone in today’s video we’re going into a brand new product research tool to find Facebook competitors at Quickly and easily, let’s go Hi everyone and welcome to another daily video for those who don’t know me My name is Ricky Hayes and when going into a product research tool to help you To find more winning products quickly and easily as well as their creatives quickly and easily Alright, so without further ado this is drop point now, I did not find this tool personally Someone in my actual youtube comments. Did I have a look and like this is actually a pretty cool tool now This is a tool that has a one day free trial I will say this upfront and then it’s three dollars a month. It is similar to big spy with big spy calm Which I have got a video on I recommend going to watch it if you’re interested in that But I wanted to present this because this is good in terms of I like the additional filter options Okay, and for a product that cost three dollars a month I’m subscribing to it just for the fact that it can help me find our products quickly and easily I really like how you can easily filter by the country. Okay, you can easily filter by Different countries so I mean you can do this any way, but I really like how you can choose multiple countries The big spy can only choose one country at a time or worldwide. I generally start with United States And I go with most commented ads and then I’ll choose the shop now called action and I can choose more shop More than shop now If I really wanted it does have a few little bugs, but the ones that I would choose would be shop now and learn more Those were the main ones But you want to always choose all post types. I find that you know, there’s a lot of actual Winning winning ad sets that are actually just purely images images still work. Very very well But this is what I really like about it is You can look at the limit of the comment amount You can filter by this what I mainly filter by is the views Okay, so I I go twenty thousand minimum and five hundred thousand maximum again, many of you know that my strategy now is to try and find untapped unsaturated products and this is generally the best a Best way to do it see how because we have Now changed it to learn more. We’re seeing a lot of other slightly irrelevant ads, but we’re seeing a number of ads anyway, so This looks like someone in fact we can see that they still have hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of comments Which is very helpful grow hair growth full love blah blah what I want to do it more show you here was Scrolling through and this is going to be leading up to a bit about my video video strategy for making winning videos is It can give you a lot of ideas with thumbnails One of the things that I don’t think I’ve spoken enough about is the thumbnails See how by having the little love emoji over the top of it it sort of it catches you off as opposed to it Just being an image like that. I mean that’s definitely working but We’ve having emojis over the top like get yours now and that just really helps to interest people a lot more What we can see here as well as we’re seeing Every lady needs this pocket dress. All you need to do is faith. Hope and love this summer so it looks like some Christian apparel one and thats it looks like it’s possibly an image just an image from what I’m seeing there and that they’re They’re running that that way what’s really cool as well is obviously you can just go shop now and go straight to their actual To their projects still exists so you can see that this is just a drop shipping store Looks like they may have got their print on it and Then yeah don’t yeah. Thank you. They’re using shop demise You can See that this is definitely dropship because the same one to two sizes up to immediately try and get people to actually Buy it, we can see that again. It’s a christian related item and that’s how easy it is to firearms You can go straight there that websites annoying But I wanted to present this tool. I’m in no regards and my affiliate for this tool at But what I like about it is because you can do the filters You can find items there that you don’t normally see like I’ve never seen this item. I just enabled this filter I’ve never seen this item keep your home safe at night. This amazing invention uses military-grade So what’s cool as well is you can click it and it comes up with the links now and sometimes not all the links actually work But like if we have a have a look here, and I just pause that we can see this is a great outdoors item You know for the lighting to keep away People that might be doing something, you know malicious to your property. You can see as well what what they’ve done in this case is They’ve they’ve added overlay so they’ve added captions and they made really nice captions. They’ve got as well. They’re Their actual watermark of their brand and then they’ve got this caption here that should have changed keep people interested saving money You know signifies what they’ll be Saving as well as the video illustrates what the product does its benefits with the what not to do Products this product is just making it so much easier. You can see that they’ve spent quite a period of time they’ve spent a bit of money on Either outsourcing it to someone or they have done it themselves and you can see how much of an effect it has it really has For me helps me to be very engaged and interested in the ad So again for those wondering the video creative strategy You’ll be coming next week when I’ll be teaching you some Some methods behind this where you can make these they’re really easy to make it’s just basically setting up a template But you can see by using this software You can just have a look at the links and again a number of these I’ve never seen like and I’m sure whatever you’re watching. This probably never seen them. I just want to make people aware ignore the word shears That’s definitely not chairs I don’t know. How is a there’s a few typos with this? That the person is to fix up if we have a look here like an inner sole ATK views only 16 comments and that again the thing I like is we know it’s two United States, so We can be very specific and you just keep scrolling. You’re gonna see some that have fewer some that have more You can see a lot of products that you’ve probably already seen Are you gonna see a lot of ones that you don’t I found that with this compared to ad spy It just allows you to be that little bit more granular and for three bucks a month. That’s it’s really nothing And you can always change your filter search based on whatever you want as well And there’s not a huge amount to this tool further to this as well there is the winning products and this is These products are filtered to you by our team and they are the most sold products on an hourly Basis on these countries and again, that’s not how you spell Australia But we’ll leave it United status That’s just funny but anyway, let’s move past me being childish You can see you’ve got a number of you know, these are Aliexpress products And again, these are all based around being unsaturated. We can see how long ago these were added and updated Lots and lots of ideas you’re gonna see a number of them that you’ve already seen Again, but a number of them you are what was this this useful? Microfiber window cleaning airbrush. So this this caught my interest rate way, this is cool Okay. So this is this is a cool item and I would definitely mark this the margins would be a bit thin I Reckon, no more than you could get 20 bucks for it. Let’s be honest. It’s at that type of item. So something to be definitely Conscientious of but that’s a cool item. I never would have seen and it has has a lot of orders It has a good amount of reviews and it’s probably not a product that’s on early on Facebook all that much and you could just make a slideshow video using you know Animoto I use Camtasia Try and find a video on YouTube which I’ll be explaining more in the You got all these items again. I always recommend going with need items Because they’re always the easiest to market if we have a look here we can see this corner storage now I’m sorry I should also add this tool is also free But you only get a certain amount that you can look at so it is free But the paid one just gives you more options. I’m sorry that I mentioned that late but you know, this this one has an actual Video, I’ve never this items not hugely saturated. It does have a lower star rating So it’s something to be mindful of but that’s a cool concept That is a cool concept that definitely interests me And I’ve got a video on Aliexpress and I could just make it better with some captions and Different placement ideas. Okay, so you just got all these different items different ideas For beginners. I really really recommend trying to do need items. So Let me just again explain want item this mini rabbit garden thing cool item that’s not a need on and that’s that’s purely for people that love rabbits and let’s Say love garden as simple as that, but that’s not something you need in your life This drill is something you may need in your life That is a cool item this avocado funny item but it’s not an item that you give 100% need that this sport cause it is Great this beach tent. Okay, that’s cool I’m just trying to give you ideas on the best way for you to what that looks inappropriate But I can see like this long plush, you know, this is I’m pretty sure a trending on right now That’s a trending item that I’ve seen on Facebook quite a bit at the moment so you are gonna see a lot of the same items, but even if you use this only in its free context but if you wanted to pay for its three dollars you can Get tons and tons of ideas delivered to you. You can see that we are going back about a month now. I Want to add that? This tool is very new so that’s why it has Bugs it’s not 100% perfect, but it is going to help you with product research as opposed to doing it all manually You’ve got all of these the main thing that you really want to look at is all of this Really? Try and hammer home What makes a video creative tick and you can see thumbnails really make a difference because just want to explain why thumbnails are important I admittedly neglected them for too long, too you know a Amateur mistake we all make them Is the whole point with the thumbnail is to get that? Primarily is to well for videos is to get the video play through Okay, the more playthroughs you get the more opportunities for clicks. Okay, and then it’s up to the video with having captions with the various forms of hacks having your um Logo over the top and various things to try and make it as good as possible. So those people then click your ad and You can see that they all use similar copy. You know, we’re all talking. Most people just use short form copy. I Usually start with a question, but these all clearly work There’s nothing wrong with this what your point is is so this is a remarketing one funnily enough But what my point I’m trying to show you is finding products is easy Okay, especially with all these tools we have there’s hundreds of these types of tools now This is just one of them that I thought was really cool that I wanted to present to you what what’s the big differentiator between Yourself and everyone else now our thumbnails and the video the the copy makes a difference. Okay, don’t don’t discount copy but at the end of the day It’s the the creative the video or image that really captivates people to stop So that’s why you have the thumbnail for the pattern interrupt and you really want to try and amplify that pattern interrupt. Okay? So like the first few seconds are really really important and that concludes today’s video on a new product research tool that is free And or you can pay for it. I hope you did enjoy today’s video Don’t forget to Like share subscribe And hit that notification bow and crush it to go on the chance to win one of two 15-minute coaching calls We still haven’t hit the 30. So once we hit the 30, then we’ll be going down that path do not worry Commenters well what other videos you would like again? I’m well aware people want to see video creative videos how to make them how make them tick As well as more Google ads and I’m working more on Google ad outline strategy Google is a very complex tool so you’re gonna have to bear with me with that one. Just because I Want to give you accurate information? Because Google is very powerful, but also very scary I also am planning to make more videos just on giving you winning practice. I know everyone loves those But I want to teach you how to make them your own winning product as opposed to just here’s winning products You know go out and make a million dollars in five seconds That’s not how it works in 2019 in 29 and we have to be smart how we do it So hence why I’m gonna be providing those we don’t want to provide you the elements to make them into your own winning product At the end of the day all these products are marketed by very similar people The thing is that makes everyone different is how we market it Ok you know all the way to the most important part is from the Actual what they see to their landing page and that’s why I speak so much about store optimization as well Because you really want to try and amplify on that I know it’s a slightly off topic But you know if you’re getting good click-through rates, and you’re not getting many out to cards It means that you can try and improve something on your product page. Ok. So I just, you know little things like that Just try and use the data as a bit of a story Because a lot of the times people are actually on the winning products, and I’ve been there done that a million times We’ve all been there This is not something that just because people at the top of the game then they’re never going to make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes So if you withouts where you are in your journey, don’t be worried by that that the important thing that I’m going to be teaching you more that I try and teach is looking at data as a story and we by understanding the tools by understanding what makes Practic how to make it tick and how I make it tick for you over all your competitors is how you can differentiate Yourself and in 2019. That’s what I’m really trying to teach. I’m not trying to teach quick get-rich-quick I’m sorry to those that may dislike my video or may not be interested because of that. I’m sorry I do not teach get-rich-quick. That is not how I work the reality is getting rich quick is is Is nothing more than a myth and I’m sorry to say that to anyone that I might offend I don’t mean that but if if it was easy to get rich then everyone to be poor because No one would be able to get rich the thing is getting getting rich whatever you define that as I don’t care is it’s hard and you know with the the rising cost of everything with the rising competition, they’ll locking down of Adds that the bugs the issues that we’re seeing Consistently we you know, it’s not the easiest time to be an entrepreneur It’s definitely a good time to be an entrepreneur in terms of starting no better time than now but it’s really important that we understand the the methods and this is why I want to teach people how to Brand a product how to make it really your own product It doesn’t mean that you have to make the most money in the world to be the happiest I just honestly think that you need to Understand how to make a product that is already a winning product. I wouldn’t break for you because Let’s be honest here if you sit back and you Know you think for a moment you just think well, I’m seeing these twenty other people marketing and why are they doing well? And why am I not so there is a bit of lady luck involved in anything We all know that okay, but there is how we market it that’s dead. That’s important and that’s why I try and give you all these tools and speak about it very Comprehensively because a lot of people still don’t understand what makes a product tick And it’s really it comes down to emotion What emotional impact that’s going to have on someone’s life? To to benefit them and that’s why I speak so much about it, especially with new diamonds You can really touch on that and my understanding how to make a good video how to make really good thumbnails how to do good ad copy that copy makes such a difference really good landing pages Descriptions good funnel, you know post purchase ups. Everything makes quite a difference Anyway, that’s enough from that for a bit of a rant there. I just wanted to provide my two cents on all of that I’m going to be for a period of time providing three videos a week on when they Wednesday Friday again because I’ve now got quite a bit of a good Outline of what I want to do. I don’t need to think so much about it and why are you giving me more feedback like just commenting what you want to see just helps me so that I know what the Community wants or I can give that to you. Okay guys. So once again, thank you so much for watching today I hope you’ve really have enjoyed it go out there crush it. Have a lovely day. Take care and good. Bye

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