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New FREE 2019 Facebook Ads Product Testing HACK | Shopify Dropshipping for Beginners

New FREE 2019 Facebook Ads Product Testing HACK | Shopify Dropshipping for Beginners

We’ll increase your sales through Facebook ads for free I’m gonna teach you how now Alright so step one you set up mini chat create a mini chat account 100% free you bind it to your Facebook page Okay, so your page that you actually marketing with on Facebook through facebook ads bind it to that go through the internal set up with Just asks for the normal stuff Check out their training – if you want more info it is 100% free again So I’m gonna teach you this now but on an ad set you bind your post ID Okay to the mini chat growth tool We allow third-party comments, and we set a time for five minutes after someone’s commented that’s going to send them a message And what it’s going to do is try and encourage them to actually buy our product And in theory, most of the time can help you get another five tips in a sale. So you’re getting ten sales You might get another one two sales a day max, but that’s one two sales for something completely free I’m gonna show you how to do. All right So once you’ve gone through the setup, you’re going to land on a page like this I’m just using my own personal one. It is in the pro mode, but I am for you people It’s going to be in free mode, which is fine. Anyway, it’ll still work the same Okay. So what do you do is you want to go down to growth tools and you’re gonna have widgets? Okay, and you want to create a new growth tool and you go facebook comments? Okay, it is in beta because it is a bit buggy But it is being fixed. So what you do is you choose a post. Okay, so You there’s two ways. You can either go select a post and it’s going to find your published posts or You can go custom and putting the post ID. I actually recommend putting in the post. Id Which you can find through going into your ads manager going opening facebook ads and then you’re gonna actually you can just copy it It’s the end string. Okay after the final forward slash There’s a long number copy and paste in here all the full URL Actually, it doesn’t matter but I recommend it that way. I just find it’s a bit more foolproof than this publish post one It’s not 100% accurate. But in this case, I’m just going to use this one just to show you what I mean Okay, so you bind that so now it’s bound we click I confirm we don’t want to only track first level comments only what that means is People who comment on your post they might share Tagged a friend and their friend might respond You want the friend who’s responded to the other person to also get this as well. You don’t just want the initial one Okay, because it in theory can double your chances of more sales. All right Now the other part you want to do is send it after five minutes Okay, because they’re going to comment and a lot of them are going to get your website in there and purchase but a lot of them aren’t so what you’re going to do is you’re going to just send them a reminder after five minutes and Say here you go blah blah. I’m going to show you how to do this. Now. You don’t need to explode exclude comments You don’t need to trigger for comments only with these keywords we go next Next thank you. So now we’re gonna by default That’s a variable so high full name So I put in text you can change this around as you see fit, of course But I put in some text that I I like to put in. So in this case my full name Ricky here Thank you. Whoops. I hate when it does as well Thank you so much For commenting on our post it means the world to us So you give your own spin based on your own store? Of course in the own message you want to get but I’m just going with this off the top of my head We wanted to give you a gift For your kind comment Get 5% off right now as soon as you comment, oh My god, yes now I recommend as a little tip to make the word that they comment a Quite a unique word because this also will become your customer service app, and you don’t want a common word like yes okay, because what it means is you can your customer service agent will be speaking to a Customer and they’ll be saying yes, and then it’ll trigger this. You don’t want that. Okay. You only want it unique for this post Okay, so like something like oh my god, yes five or something. Whatever the product is dog collar five, okay Just make it something sort of unique for that post. So the chances of someone ever actually comment responding with something like that So it doesn’t trigger. This is very low because it’ll trigger it for anything Okay. Oh my god. Yes to unlock your discount code immediately Okay, um, thanks Stacey dog lovers whatever So I like to do it like that. It seems like a more informal message I find that people liked it more when you know the thanks Stacey that at the end Seems like it’s an actual person rather than a bot people aren’t stupid. They know when it’s a bot So we want to try and give the illusion of when it’s not to make it not a bot Okay, so we’ve gone auto response and we go next. Okay, and we leave don’t send a message Once they opt-in this unfortunately does not actually work. Well at all I have actually this is what I did originally saw as a little tip. You don’t have to go through this Okay, so we’ve now done that so every person is going to get this message But how are they going to get the discount code? Let’s find out now and there don’t forget to Like share subscribe and hit that notification Bell for updates Don’t forget to comment down below crush it. It’s going the competition with one of two 15-minute coaching calls of myself Rickey Hayes Congratulations to today’s winners who are shown up on screen somewhere. Just comment down below We’re gonna get in touch and you have 15 minute coaching called. Let’s get straight back into it. Alright fabulous So now we’ve done that we have to make a keyword. Okay, and these keywords really important because It’s what triggers the event for the customer to get the message So we’re going to click new rule so you can have up to two rules for free. Okay, so that’s fine So I chose the word. Oh my god. Yes. Alright, so oh my god Yes But you need to type it in three different variants Because a lot a lot of the time people type it in three different ways And then what you do is you need to copy it three times. Okay, and Sorry two times and what you need to do the difference between each of these is you put them in inverter Komets Okay, one invert double inverted and one in single inverted Okay, I’m just gonna skip over this just to show you get to the point The reason that we do this is because how the software picks up the keyword as well as how the customer might type it Okay, so but in both regards we’re sort of Encountering for any software anomalies while also different ways customers type things So that way we get the highest chance to be actually triggering me bit so they get the message so they see it So we get a purchase. Okay make sense. So we go create keyword. We’ve now made this keyword So anyone that types this to me, it’s gonna get this so I don’t recommend doing that to my mini chapel I was gonna get spam. Okay, and I’m not deleting it So if we go create a new reply now, so if we go create a new reply Okay, so when you’re at this point you have a basic builder and then you have the advanced one I use the advanced one I recommend you’re all gonna see the basic one. So you’re gonna have the basic builder So we go high and now we go sorry not high we go. Congratulations And you can choose this little drop down here and put first name and a fallback as Okay, I don’t know Thanks, first name and then you want to put like a little I put a little emoji just to make it unique Like a little smiley face people love that. Okay, so You have successfully Absolute Unlocked your 5% discount code Your code is oh my god. Yes five redeemed check out This code only lasts next 24 hours Completely or order here? Okay, so what we’re doing and just put like an arrow emoji. I can’t bother bring it up right now but if we put sorry if we put Like let’s say the arrow mergers then your bitly URL On whatever and to there, but you can also add a button and just say bye now and I put in brackets five sent off people like that because it actually Sort of it helps with your conversion rates. You’re being very specific Okay, and then you put in your website URL Okay, so you can just put in I suggest again sending em straight to your product page I also suggest for this has another little tip to help with conversions When you make this discount code get the shareable link in Shopify Okay So if you get that when you make it you can actually get a shareable link in shop fire And if you get the shareable link you place in there it means that it auto applies the discount code at checkout means one less thing for him to do which again means that It builds trust with them and is likely to get more conversion So, okay. So put love them dogs calm and we’re done and that is it and we go publish Okay, and that is it and that? Concludes today’s video on how you can get more sales for free using Facebook Ads with this little hack Okay, don’t forget to Like share subscribe and hit that notification bell Don’t forget to comment down below crush it to go in the chance to win one of two 15-minute coaching calls We just need 40 comments for that to go ahead. Don’t forget as well. There is a new resources page I’ve made a resources page for every one where it has heaps of different links for various apps various videos I do love training monthly and there’s even other stuff in there. That’s all goodies that’s designed for you So it’s just in the description down below go grab it now. It’s completely free. I made it just all for you Okay guys, and I love how there my subscribers are going up Thank you so much to Iran who’s subscribing. Have a lovely day. Take care and good. Bye you

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