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New Facebook Ads Testing Strategy 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping

New Facebook Ads Testing Strategy 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping

let’s learn everything you need to know
about Facebook ads CBO for 19 and 20 and beyond let’s go hey there and welcome to
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of value let’s get straight into it a starting point with your CBO okay so CBO
does better long term I personally have just found that CBO does better long
term it’s important that you understand that I’m sorry it’s in the wrong order
that it takes three to seven days to optimize okay I’m finding CBO is not as
amazing as people say however it is very amazing it just takes longer to optimize
my recommendation is always one day click I’ve noticed very little
difference between seven day and one day it’s all circumstantial so I’ve just
decided to go one day click go all placements but desktop including
Instagram Explorer ok Instagram explorer is an untapped placement right now and
most people aren’t even using it because it’s not ticked by default so make sure
you ticket to the Big Five countries again I don’t really see much need to go
outside the big five there’s plenty of opportunity there if at worst case go to
the European region being Italy Germany and France those have high GDP okay if
you’re wanting the market there if you are marketing to those make sure that
your language changes you can use an app known as lambda phi la in gif why okay
and also shop fire themselves having native language conversion on their
actual themes and that soon and i believe that’s something for free themes
i make sure your marketing 25-plus always said I’ll be honest I even find
twenty-five to thirty four doesn’t do that well obviously it still does but
they’re starting to become pretty strapped for cash as well
and so make sure you definitely keep that in mind that’s a that’s a real
important one I find that it really is starting to become 35 or not because
that’s where they have stability in their lives mainly market to women
obviously that’s circumstantial but mainly in e-commerce most the products
that we sell out of women again three and seven days to optimize it does
reduce your CPA so after about probably four to five days we’ll if you’ve
optimized it properly you will see a reduction in your CPA by about 20 to 30%
over time and it nearly sort of flatlines at that so it’s not a perfect
system but it does reduce it I want to explain I know a lot of people still use
single budget on like five dollars and stuff and that can work but everyone
ends up in CBO so you’re gonna have to start to get used to it and as we know
in February CBO is becoming the standard okay so it’s better to phase it in now
slowly than have to do a hard transition like anything in life
CBI makes scaling pretty easy honestly and there’s not much to scaling there is
a number of high advanced techniques but not a huge amount especially with rules
I just use automated rules Facebook automated rules I have videos on this
and you can go and watch them and the rules allow you to basically mandate the
ad set and ad level you can’t really mandate the campaign level yet Facebook
haven’t brought that in if you wanted to you would you have to use third-party
software which they charge like a to two to four percent revenue of your revenue
on top of a monthly subscription so can be pretty costly if you’re like an
agency though that’s well worth it because I know a number of people that
do it with agencies and it’s very very helpful because the third-party software
does have a lot more functionality I can’t deny that you’d be a lot more
granular but for most of us the Facebook ad rules are perfectly fine trust me
that as long as you use them properly they’re fine if you want more info I do
have my calculator down below as well don’t use minimum and maximum budget I
actually try this stuff with and I find it doesn’t work and it’s not what we
want please book monitors to Moranis CBO with ad sets in it and just we focus on
the ads that’s pretty much what Facebook won and that’s where it’s leaning
towards that where we’re gonna go don’t use minimum
and maximum budgets it’s not doesn’t work
keep ad sets to a maximum of 10 per serie oh okay so what I mean by that is
CBO can have up to 70 actual ad sets in it if you want to wear and that includes
both active and paused ad sets at any given time in total okay so but the more
that you add sets that you have in a CBO obviously it’s going to stretch your
budget so as a general rule of thumb make sure if you do exceed 10 or even if
you use less that it should be at least the equivalent of five dollars per ad
set top in that CBO so if you’ve got five ad sets it’s $25 if you’ve got 50
ad sets it’s $250 okay but I don’t recommend that all right ten ad set
spasibo you really want to keep it quiet narrow I know some people that don’t
exceed past five I got to turn off on it’s fine
and you trim the fat start at $50 a day as I said minimum of 25 and please keep
in mind this is a key point I’ve found recently that you need to spend a lot
more so then sort of comes to my point of three to seven days the day and age
are being able to do it for two days and and really just get a really good kick
start is mostly over you need to give it a lot more you nearly have to lose money
to make money now that’s why Google you have to spend the money to get the data
interpret the data and then you can scale I know that it still works for
some trending products and that of course there’s always exceptions but as
a general rule of thumb that’s what I’ve personally experienced so make sure that
you spend heavy don’t think that like if you’re not getting a lot of money or if
you’re losing money that it’s all for nothing
remember interpret the data that’s your friend okay if you’re marketing to the
big five countries after marketing to the big five countries it makes sense to
optimize based on the country okay you know take out a country United States
it’s underperforming and you can that’s 40 percent of your ad spend in theory
I’ve just saved you 40 percent more money you can make 40 percent more money
not a hundred percent accurate but you get the logic make sure you follow the
data scaling with CBO and I say profitably
because it isn’t easy to scale nowadays especially profitably if you’re a
conservative on your budget 20% daily so if you’re spending $50
increase it to $60 so on so forth in a 24 hour time frame after the
optimization period of generally two days minimum three days optimally okay
let it stabilize because it does actually go through a learning phase and
even at the three day mark generally it hasn’t from Facebook algorithms
stabilized again you know like an ad set technically says it needs 50 conversions
in a week for a to stabilize alright so you know we got to give Facebook more
money especially because of how competitive it is and we have to
understand that that’s just the platform now if you want to scale a probe before
it comes heavily saturated so 20% you can still scale it but if you’re wanting
to scale up right before the Sharks come in really you really want to double the
budget every 24 hours I’m not even joking I know again some people that
ride the wave throughout the day that if it’s doing really well during the day
double the budget if it’s doing well after that double the budget again
double it double it and then they have the budget at night and pretty much
restart the entire budget and just keep doing that time and time and time again
and that’s also a very effective strategy because what you want to do is
ride the wave of something doing really well reset it ride the wave and that
trust me that’s what large agencies do and that’s what I’m starting to employ
more of as well is that they use that type of approach to really amplify the
the return on adspend so and that comes with rules so what I
just said there’s rules make sure you have rules in places she’s scaling you
want to have rules okay so it’s to pause pause ads ad sets and ads and obviously
you can then increase your CBO with meets specific metrics but you know like
one day an ad set could do really well the next day can do really poorly I’m
sure we’ve all had a very similar circumstance to that I’ve had a thousand
of times where one day gets ten sales the next day it’s like you’re in the
middle of the desert okay no one’s there and so that’s why we have rules that say
all right today it’s done really well perfect all right let’s try and scale it
tomorrow at sang crap we have a rule that you know that meets the threshold
pause it don’t say we’re gonna pause it forever we can turn it back on that’s
the cool thing with rule so please start to familiarize yourself more with rules
they’re going to become bigger and bigger every 42 to 72 hours optimize
your campaign this is mandatory so again as I said toggling multiple countries
and narrow down by country now so the general rule is country gender age now
if you’re targeting straight women obviously you can skip gender but
obviously then we look at age you know and you’re gonna find usually some areas
of improvement and what I mean by that is like if you have five sales in one in
about forty five to fifty four and one sale at twenty five to thirty four it’s
wasted six forty percent of your budget cut it out no point there’s no point all
right you’ve you’ve got something that’s doing well there she always duplicate so
whenever you optimize duplicate that ad set or ad sets doesn’t matter into
another CBO and use the five dollar per ad set rule minimum okay and preferably
do you want at least five in there and and set it fifty dollars alright so
continuing on once you are making about five hundred dollars day focus on the ad
set itself to add itself at that point your I mean revenue not spending revenue
that you want it your focus is going to be mainly on the creative you’re gonna
do some basic optimization but mainly using CBO and that you’re just focusing
on the ad itself to reduce ad fatigue all right now in addition to that you
want to focus a lot on and what I mean by that is not just making new ad for
newsfeed but also optimized ads for placements so stories Facebook stories
Instagram stories messenger stories they’re all the same dimension what is
it 1080 by 1920 horror decor or rectangular
pardon me 191 100 is or 16 I keep forgetting sorry
anyway and you can see a dramatic reduction in cost per purchase okay I’ve
had a number of my students and myself where the audience network for instance
is incredibly undervalued I still see a lot of people mainly focusing
the feeds that I focus a lot on outside the feeds Facebook’s at a point now
where it’s mainly just about Facebook’s gonna bring in a new placement and that
placement is a way for marketers to then start utilizing it to get cheaper
conversions for their goals all right and that’s that’s just the
reality of it because everyone’s pretty much optimizing for purchase in our
community seven day one day click makes very little difference we’re all
marketing similar products we’re all using broad interests we’re all
marketing in the same type of countries so what’s different what can we do
different placements there you go so you need to create a brand new
creatives to reduce advert it as I said so just do that as well as well as
placements all right it can really help you overall to help as well that you can
put in your ad copy you know improve shipping whether it’s like you drop it
whether it’s ship Bob in your for instance in United States another
warehouse in that country doesn’t matter phone numbers work really well you know
they’re looking at 5 10 bucks a month 24/7 support again at the end of this
slide I’ve got a team that can help you with that if you’re at that point and
put that in the copy itself you know and it really does sort of helped legitimize
your business is what we’re trying to achieve there and and focus on LTV
lifetime value make click bake thumbnails to increase play throughs so
I found this works quite well go watch my video I’m gonna have one in this
channel on how to make good quality thumbnails basically then that just the
more people that click through your thumbnail that watch your video you’re
just gonna get more clicks okay as simple as that so and it doesn’t take
much you can just use canva com add pattern interrupts for the first five
seconds if you’re testing and different in the same video and you want to test
it differently and a pattern interrupt to the start of the video the first five
seconds and see if that does better compared to your existing one so what I
mean is something completely different if you’re like got skin moisturizer
product maybe show someone that’s like oh my god something that’s just like you
know random assault shock value all right and then people will watch more
pretty basic put the new ads into existing ad set
and let Facebook optimize so what I mean by that is so if you got your ad sets in
that CBO it’s already doing well just duplicate the ad itself and make the new
ad in that alright because the ad set itself still well it’s optimizing we’re
just making a new ad for it to try and start spending some money there that
does work well that reduces CPP and also to help reduce CPP a couple of quick
tips on your ad posts post reviews from your customers I see that a lot now and
it’s been something I’ve been doing for a while and people are doing that which
is good so post you know just the exact quote and an image you’ll see that it
works because they get a lot of likes and loves and that helps reduce CPM and
make sure to hide negative feedback reduce the CPM just two simple things
you can do once a day in fact the negative feedback you can
automatically hide them in the Facebook page under moderated comments you can
actually hide them if you’re getting consistent ones so that you know just
retains a good CPM for whatever that CPM may be scaling even higher in facebook
ads so retargeting obviously is mandatory it’s not just all about cold
traffic once you’re at least spending $50 a day preferably sometimes a hundred
on a specific product retarget regardless even if it fails you need to
start getting in the mindset of retargeting because once your scale
retargeting becomes an invaluable asset to matically improve rho s just make a
30 day bc – 30 day purchase custom audience start with that that’s
perfectly fine and as you scale you’ll do more better they may provide a small
offer of just a temp sent off you can either say hey did you forget something
get 10% off here or you know hey there we see that you’ve seen our product but
you didn’t complete your order come back complete your order get 10% off using
code monkey ten I don’t know why I said that but anyway basically to determine
your budget again using a threshold 20% so if you’re spending $100 on a product
called traffic and it’s doing well $20 additionally in retargeting it may not
work don’t go any lower than temps then okay
since the minimum 20% optimal alright and again it might not work that well
I’ve had many times it doesn’t work well for me but you want to keep trying it
because retargeting once it starts working is where you can nearly take a
loss on the front end and your retargeting can make all that money plus
a lot more right so please start keeping that in your mindset and as you scale
try and retain at 20% all right just do a daily calculation take you two minutes
and that’s what your budget is that’s both custom audience and DPA not not 20%
each but 20% combined as you start to sequential remarketing my students know
that already you know on VC ATC I see and video of you know 5% if you want to
do a mega video view you can actually combine 95 75 50 otherwise I don’t
really do them that much separately anymore I used to but I don’t really
much anymore so unless it’s doing really well sorry and then I’ll be like well
what one might be doing best and I can tailor it to that to that audience so
create new creatives creative to test different angles so again and
incentivize people to return so basically what I mean by that is it
leaves on to my point over here great creatives are testimonial creatives we
all know that you know anyone that says that gives a raving review on someone
obviously increases trust so it’s a pretty obvious one in image it can be an
image it doesn’t matter can be an image slideshow you want to show authenticity
okay if you’re marketing to a u.s. audience you don’t want to show them no
offense to anyone else out there you know like someone you know that is not
generally like an anglo-saxon for instance you know because that’s not
their primary demographic right so you know you want to keep that in mind and
again the more authentic the better that’s why you collect reviews I have
plenty of videos on that you can go and watch them it’s not hard and make it to
all placements so you can include desktop here because desktop for each
item works well we’re targeting a specific number of people that have
taken a specific action in relation to our cold traffic so desktop can actually
do quite well so make sure you include desktop and in
Graham explore make sure you leave it wide open 18 plus both genders who
really cares because the custom audience determines who the audience is not until
you get a good amount of data do you want to optimize a retarget because
again it’s a warm audience you want to try and target them all and as you’re as
you’re scaling grows you’re gonna get shares and people commenting and stuff
like that tagging friend so you’re gonna get
traffic outside of your cold traffic marketing of people that just interacted
with it so that’s gonna be a man that’s gonna be people outside your
demographics and that’s where I’m you look at Google Analytics that
information if you want to know more about Google Analytics just ask down
below from the last video a few people have asked that already but start using
Google Analytics as well it’s very powerful you can obviously use Facebook
analytics but again Facebook analytics is mainly going to only track the ones
that it attributes as a sale Google Analytics kind of track everything on
your website okay so that’s the the core benefit lookalike scaling is pretty easy
it’s really just another audience only make llas when you have a thousand video
of you know 5% 300 vc3 380 c and 200 purchase for that country
now i just said those two because that’s a starting point the reason is is that
you know you could have a thousand video view on a campaign to five countries but
it could be that you know it might be 80 to america 60 to australia you get the
point and that does sound like a number of
people but it’s not in our facebook generally needs about 300 of especially
the main event types to actually get an idea of who your audience is obviously
the more the better so a thousand for video view because it’s a lower quality
audience and chance while we used ninety five percent it’s the exact same
starting point fifty dollars a day 10 ad sets you just do 10 ad sets every one of
them singled out with a 1-1 all the way through the 10 percent ll a and split
test them okay see which one does well which does you’ll be really surprised
trust me you’ll be really surprised i’ve had it at times with one percent
does really well i’ve had at times with temps in at times six percent so on and
so forth there’s no there’s no way you can know that because
it’s all circumstantial to everyone and unique to everyone
I’m so test-video view 95% VC ATC initiate Checkout purchase page
engagement website views and emails those are going to give you a ton of
alibis all right so just kill the bad ll eyes and scale the campaign it’s very
easy again 20% or double the bunch 20% or double the budget depending on your
individual circumstances and also once you have tested that this is real
exception where I will make an additional ad set in the CBO and I’ll do
a mega ll a of 1 to 5 percent 6 to 10 percent and even 10 to 20 percent and
we’re talking these audiences can be upwards of 30 40 50 million people ok so
that’s it that’s all you need to do now the CBO scaling continued for the best
ala lays put them into manual bidding ok that’s I’m not gonna explain that
today that’s pretty advanced and the best llas make new ads and focus on and
tapped placements again it’s just all about placements now I find with good
ads some good placements then that allows you to scale as you scale further
try other ll A’s of the other lol Abe for video view ad payment info lifetime
value yg page and Facebook page likes ok and that’s that’s pretty much it as well
now I do apologize I want to go back I just realized while I was thinking about
it I didn’t say here but anywhere about the interests so again you should know
at this point about interests that you know I’ll just choose broad interests
and I choose you know magazines TV shows famous celebrities known brands blogs
you know like some famous page and say like tasty com you know all of those and
you’ve got tons of ideas ok I should also add when you scale and you have a
thousand purchases dunno interest targeting so just don’t do any interests
your audience is gonna be huge but Facebook will know who to target I
apologize for those who were sitting there like why didn’t you tell me that
Ricky I don’t know why I got into a frame of mind when I wasn’t thinking
so moving on the last thing is things to be aware of is CBO isn’t perfect okay
use rules it’s not perfect and it never will be I have videos on this come watch
them CPM czar increasing especially did you increase you for we all know this
this is a reality ignore this crap I’ve never cared if you’ve seen this a
hundred times everyone asked me I’ve got a high CPM but really good CPC in CT I
had a student just recently I was speaking to see PM’s like forty fifty
dollars I think it was and the CPC was around fifty cents and the CTR to US
traffic was above seven percent okay and that’s unique CTA so who cares CPM is
not indicative of a successful campaign I have had campaigns where my CPM is
below ten dollars and I still can’t get it profitable for those in my course
watching my actual case study of a product reveal store reveal you’ll know
what I’m talking about ok so I’ve had it where I’ve had low CPM
and it’s done crap I’ve had ones where it’s had higher CPM and it’s done well
it’s not the be and endure it’s an indicator but it’s not something that I
worry about as my go-to point at the end of the day
we want the most amount of clicks for the amount we spend and CPM if you’re
getting good stats CPM becomes irrelevant right so don’t be too
concerned by that even during q4 make sure your rules are dynamically set up
for that product only so again my calculator for instance you can make
your rules dynamically based on your own metrics everyone’s different so there’s
no way I can say the same for everyone do not apply rules for retargeting you
don’t want to do it because retargeting is specific audience of the people that
you’ve marketed to okay it’ll be fine if you see be always underperforming
reduce the budget by 50% and leave it for two days and then scale again as I
said CBO is not great you do want to put the reins on it let it slide and then
try again okay there are just periods where who knows it could have been
Facebook not attributing the sales it could have just been something happening
in that country there’s so many unforeseen events and circle
stances that we have no idea of it’s not to say that’s not a winning product it’s
just to say that maybe it’s not done well for you and I understand that’s not
easy to grasp but that’s the reality of this situation okay so I wanted to at
least explain that to you so that you have a good understanding and that’s how
you do CBO that’s how you Facebook Ads it’s there’s there’s still a lot more to
it of course than just what I’m saying but you get the idea that that’s what
you can do okay so that’s pretty much all that you need to know to be able to
do it for 19 and 20 and it’s only gonna get actually easier as CBO starts to
actually become a more autonomous and system that Facebook’s going to continue
to improve which I find absolutely ridiculous how they’re even able to do
that and that concludes today’s video thank you so much for watching I hope
you did find that valuable if you did be sure to subscribe to my channel make
sure you smash that like button and comment down below hashtag crush it it’s
going the chance to win a call announced in the next video for 30 minutes now
congratulations to Krim B for being the video winner of today’s video from the
last video as well he commented hashtag crush it yes I haven’t updated it to
hashtag crush it it helps with the algorithm so sue me on top of this as
well I have a free webinar okay my webinar I’m actually updating it and
it’s going to be a hundred percent live with a brand new webinar with new format
it’s gonna be a lot of fun be sure to attend you can sign up there it’s 100%
free okay the whole point of it is to give you as much value as possible okay
I really want to help you guys to achieve your goals
that’s very important to me Oh for those who didn’t already know I got my free
Facebook Ads course there I wanted to talk about that but I also now added a
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finalized the contact center I have updated that I’ve got a copyright
blogger on the way as well as someone that can help with prior research on the
way as well so be sure to stay tuned for that that’s just to try and help you
guys so plenty of value there it’s just in the slides you can make a copy
download it as you see fit this is all to help with your training
okay guys if you are interested I don’t know if I have it there because I can’t
see very well I there it is I can sort join you know I do have a position of
one-on-one mentoring program I am opening that up a bit more so if you are
interested there’s a link there and we jump on a discovery call it’ll be a good
a lot of fun now in addition to this as well I’ve got some other changes that
are coming in relation to my main course my students are sort of already aware of
this that I’m going to be pushing making a number of changes arm that’s coming in
the right direction for those in my course you already know that I’m working
very hard on my YouTube ads module a lot more now as well as adding some new
Facebook video ad so Facebook module videos on things known as storyboarding
which you probably heard from the last video and teaching a lot of strategies
around that I feel that that’s really really important stuff it’s gonna help
you scale so once again I hope you did find today’s video very valuable and be
sure to subscribe and like my video I mean a lot to me if you do like these
types of videos I really want to try and give you a high quality education I like
to do that it’s actually quite a lot of fun for me so I hope you have a lovely
day I hope you take care and good bye

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