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New Facebook Ads Strategy for 2019 Beginner To Advanced In A Single Video | Shopify Dropshipping

New Facebook Ads Strategy for 2019 Beginner To Advanced In A Single Video | Shopify Dropshipping

And right in today’s video we’re going into a new Facebook and strategy for 2018 and Beyond let’s hit straight into it Hey Ron, it’s Ricky here from shop for dropshipping lifestyle And as I said in today’s video, we’re going to a new Facebook Ads strategy before we do get into it Don’t forget to like share and subscribe and hit the notification bell for updates. Okay. Also, follow me on Instagram There’s a link down below Ricky Hayes IG as well as join my free group shop for dropshipping Lifestyle, okay So this is a new strategy That are being utilizing just a recent and I have found that it’s very Very good and it, dates my previous videos and a lot of the other things I’ve done So well that I wanted to make a video for this. Ok. So with this it’s called campaign based optimization Now a number of you are probably already Heard of this number of you haven’t but what it basically does is this image illustrates our quite well so you have 3 ad sets or $10 each and that this graph is going to Spend $10 each. Okay, and the conversions is going to be you know skew if that’s what happens whereas if you use campaign based Optimization then what it’s going to do is it’s going to prioritize the one that’s converting the best Okay So to spend less on the ones that aren’t converting as well So they can last longer and not cost you as much and spend more on the one that’s matter ones that matter so that’s basically it in a nutshell and it’s super easy to set up and use And I wanted to describe this and get into this voice so you can see here. This is what I’ve been actually using And You can see here that this is a campaign. That’s actually utilizing. It’s only got four four ad sets in it Sorry, it had five. I killed one. Sorry and they all were at the overall campaign was $50 and You can see how it’s pretty much prioritized the best spending one One’s not doing as well, but it’s prioritizing that okay. So, how do you set it up? How long do you leave for optimizing it and how do you optimize it? Okay, it was probably your three top questions for this Let’s get straight into it and I’m just going to show you how this works. So jump into your business manager You make a campaign call it test or this is all you do campaign optimization Okay. So this the amount of your daily budget is dependent on how much you want to spend Now I don’t recommend doing this initially for your three odd sets. You want to confirm it’s a winner Then you duplicate them out. Okay. So for this example, I’m going to say $50. Okay It’s just dependent on your budget and how much you’re spending on a daily basis. So if you’re spending a hundred dollars in a campaign Get your best ad sets duplicate it and put it into budget Optimization on a hundred dollars a day for those repeat are duplicated ads. It’s okay So this will make a lot of sense in a second. So we call blah blah blah, all right, so this is just purely for tests, but basically So you can see how we leave it as lowest cost as well. Okay, so you want your daily budget? $50 with that one So any ad sets within it we’re all going to have you’re gonna see a change and rather than individual budgets You’re going to see this is a part of a campaign that is using budget optimization okay, so what you need to do is optimize it, so if you if if you are have a Campaign doing well and you have five or ten ad sets that are doing really well What you do is your full on just duplicate it. Okay, you duplicate it Okay into a new campaign call it. I’m just going to call it test WC for website conversion. We choose objective cap Conversions everything else in my strategy is the exact same except this one change Okay, and so now we’ve got this one again just purely for tests, but we’re gonna see how it set to auction Oops, sorry That’s because both again just make sure that this is turned on sent $50 lowest cost and you’re good to go Okay, and make sure you schedule your ads for midnight and that’s it Okay, guys, do you just duplicate it and you put it in there right now? why this works so well again is Facebook’s going to Optimize for your best campaign our best ad sets within the campaign. Okay, I’ll be honest I had been a bit hesitant to use it but I’m sort of try it and it’s been really successful. I’m really successful okay, and then I’ve wanted to make a video on of course cuz I thought this is awesome, and I’ve I’ve only been recently testing it and I’m testing it more and it’s getting better and better and better Okay, everything else you need to make sure that you’re doing the exact same one day click purchase all of that Just don’t do this for when you’re doing initial targeting. Okay, just do it for Do it from when you’ve confirm you’ve got a winner. Okay, this is mainly for when you’ve confirmed You’ve got a winner this works for interest timing and allies. Okay now with my strategy it works even better Now so further to this as well your automatic rules are going to be a bit different because It only applies to add sets unless using a third-party tool like let’s say review bot. It’s not gonna really work. Okay, so What I mean by that is if you have your budget optimization of $100, it’s only gonna be at $100 Okay, and it’s not it’s not really going to scale it So just keep that in mind. You can change it manually of course and it’s not really going to affect it It’s just going to apply it straight away Keep in mind try and keep it to midnight so that again you don’t or just after midnight so you don’t Overspend on that budget, okay, but it does work really. Well it helps with a lot more Automation now lastly as well comes down to the last part is how do you optimize? Edits in a budget optimization campaign. It’s the exact same Okay, so you optimize an ad based on the metrics you duplicate it and put that campaign and that’s it Okay, the the campaign will then automatically distribute a part of the budget based on the optimization and then it will Automatically then start spending in that. Okay now I don’t recommend Duplicating it out into another campaign. So it spins that keep it all in the same campaign Okay, and that’s all you need to do? This is pretty much the new strategy that I’ll be using more with Scaling more with new stores, you know clients all that jazz this this is a strategy that’s not just for dropshipping This is for e-commerce. This is for also lead gen this works. But really any type of campaign on Facebook It’s extremely useful to use ok guys. So if you haven’t tried it give it a shot Just literally whatever your sort of budget is currently Or in a campaign that you’re spending duplicate ad sets and Make a new campaign called, you know CBO campaign budget optimization and in the name of campaign put the budget Optimization on same budget schedule it for midnight get it started and you’re going to see results pretty damn quick and it’s pretty autonomous Okay, that’s an it’s a really good feature that Facebook of recently brought in All right guys, that’s pretty much it from today’s video a really easy one, but this is super advanced Okay, this is really good gold nuggets right there. I’m gonna be providing more videos on product research more sort of getting beginner-friendly stuff as well cuz I’ve had a bit of feedback that You know, my stuff is more aimed and advanced. I want to try and get the new people in here as well But if you did liked today’s video don’t forget to Like share subscribe and people notification bow for updates straight away Don’t forget as well to follow me on instagram at Rikki haze IG Okay, as well as join my facebook group shop for dropshipping lifestyle If you do want all my advanced techniques All of them are down below in in the description and okay, my course Isn’t a steal of a price. So if you did if you do want that you want to take to the next level, okay? Then it’s all in that course. Okay, that’s it’s up to you I’m gonna leave it to you, but a are you guys thanks very much for your time

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  1. Hey Ricky. I just love your channel and content you provide and your doing a great job. You have inspired me to start my own channel http://bit.ly/2FACIPe All new subscribers get a FREE eBook

  2. Great video man. Keep up the great work. I believe I can help you with your thumnails and editing your videos. I sent a proposal to you under Donsedits on UpWork. Looking forward to working with you.

  3. Hey everyone. Thank you for all your support on my videos, and I truly appreciate every one of you. I do have a course for those of you who are DETERMINED to get to the next level. (NOT for people who just want a 'quick buck' from dropshipping, but a lifetime of wealth). If interested, schedule something with me here ? ?? http://lnkh.co/ecomlifeuni

  4. LIFESTYLE!!! Thanks for the help Ricky, love you man you're changing my life so I'm forever grateful to you. Question for you: this CBO method kind of seems like it split tests ad sets the same way ad sets split test multiple ads to find the best one. Is this essentially what's happening?

  5. great video!! when i duplicate winning adsets to the new CBO campaign and then kill few adsets which didnt work, should i keep adding new winning adsets to this campaign ?

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