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New Facebook Ads CBO Strategy Step-by-Step For Beginners | Updated For 2019

New Facebook Ads CBO Strategy Step-by-Step For Beginners | Updated For 2019

Do you want to learn the latest CBO campaign based optimization Facebook ad strategy for 2019 let’s go Hi, my name’s Ricky Hayes and for everyone That doesn’t learn me. I’m a seven-figure entrepreneur and I’ve helped many people around the world Don’t forget to subscribe to today’s video and check out all my other videos over 140 hours Of course great content that I give to you weekly. Alright guys, absolutely love it. So CBO Scaling strategy. Okay, so I gave the wrong title, but it’s actually a CBO starting and scaling strategy So for those of you who aren’t aware Facebook as of September 2019. I can’t remember the exact date Will be changing it so that campaign based optimization is the only method we have you do actually Admittedly have the option to also change it So on individual ad sets you can actually set a minimum of maximum budget So it emulates the current method, but it is better to let Facebook do that You can I have split test that and I have found that just letting a CBO campaign do its thing over time does perform that so a key thing few things about this before we go further is That if interest hugging you mainly want two to ten million audiences. Okay as a side point so I get people ask me What’s the perfect audience for this? What’s the perfect audience for that? There is no such thing there software out there for and I’ve looked at it about more narrow specific Audiences or more broad audiences the end of the day comes down to your intuition and the product tells the story I want you to understand that and you let the data tell you where the pot of gold is so with – I go to – 10 mil for the reason of let’s say you had a 8 million people audience and you found that for whatever reason that your Demographic was 25 to 34 year old men On Instagram. Okay, where as soon as you cut out all those other age demographics and let’s say women You know that 8 million people audience would go down to a Million, let’s say hypothetically ok, and if you look at that on a ratio of a one-eighth and let’s say you had 800,000 then you would only have a hundred Thousand and as we all know with Facebook we can scale very high and what’s going to happen Is you can scale that campaign that add certain if it’s dark doing really well, that’s fantastic however What that does mean is is that there’s a frequency column in? Facebook ads and I suggest that everyone that’s not using it to use it Your frequency column can be an indicator that your ad is hitting the same people. Okay? That’s why if you have a look at it, you’ve called traffic ones will have like a one to one point three Whereas your retargeting is gonna have like a two to three or something like that because it’s a much smaller pocket so by having smaller audiences means that you’re going to have Like higher frequency and I do apologize. I just realized it didn’t move my back. So also In addition to this you also want to change from I used to go mobile and Instagram and Facebook newsfeed but Through watching some other youtubers and then as well, I don’t take credit. I hadn’t tried this so Full credit to Tristan burden another Aussie as well Thank you for this great idea and it’s been working well for me Is automatic placements? Okay. So all about placements obviously means desktop as well I want to make a disclaimer desktop generally doesn’t do that. Well desktop will do primarily Well, if you’ve got an older audience if you’re looking at your audience is 25 to 44 your audience nearly guaranteed It’s going to be mobile If you look at 45 plus especially once you hit 55, plus you’re actually gonna see a lot more on desktop But desktop is generally a higher cost per click and a lower CTR So desktop can do well in very good Situations but it’s important to keep that in mind because desktop is just more expensive and why desktop is more expensive It’s simply because there’s fewer people using desktop and more people marketing to desktop means more competition higher CPM Higher cost per click and lower CT. Okay guys, that’s really important to keep in mind. So a few ground housekeeping rules do that once So go automatic placements, but be dubious of the desktop placement if it’s not doing well just cut out desktop altogether 19 not about ninety percent of your sales subsequently gonna come from mobile, but I have had instances where Desktop can do well but it’s important that you know older audiences. Okay, so audience network as well does very well? Okay So I’ve been noticing a lot more especially retargeting that audience Network actually does quite well as a placement The placements can you know get you a lot of sales from their third-party vendors? So keep that in mind That’s why I use that as well It’s important that I wanted to discuss as well before we get into the CBO strategy as a whole that the main Placement that is getting a lot of attention is stories. Ok stories is a trending thing right now We can you can see that it’s used by Facebook Instagram their messenger app YouTube And it’s also now being incorporated Onto Spotify and I believe there’s probably other platforms, but I’m just going to wear off. Ok stories are doing really well they have a high level of engagement you look at Instagram where it’s started with the stories and having if you did a shout out on a story post and someone has over 10,000 followers then they unlock the swipe up feature and that allows people to swipe up go straight to the destination URL Which is very very powerful and that’s why stories are really good especially sponsored ones You know people are gonna be sitting there watching it it’ll scroll through and then they’re going to see a new story That’s a sponsored one. Well, this is a cool item and it all works the same. Ok. It is important though that you test That most people are running videos Stories doesn’t work with all video lengths and and dimension size It is best. If you are if you’re finding it’s doing well. I would highly recommend either doing itself or graphic designer. Whatever I just use a graphic designer making it 1080 by 1920. Ok, that’s optimized for mobile screens Ok, optimizer even if you need to make a new creative It doesn’t matter it does, you know you want to fill up that whole screen as much as possible? And that I I will admit as well as work for image And also videos stories are really good because you notice a lot of stories if you look at your friends stories and that a lot Of them are just images. Okay. So stories are really really good for images Whereas news feeds aren’t as much because it’s mainly video Okay so it’s a bit of a different ballgame and I do recommend having like a little animation like swipe up 50% off today something like that to really Encourage them to give them that call to action Further to that as well just want to quickly add that whatsapp is something that you should all be Keeping in mind. All right, and lastly to with the I want I put that there you can all sort of read it but basically Facebook is now becoming an automated machine. So we’re now getting into the CBO element of it there but Facebook is becoming automated CBO is telling us that what from Facebook is telling us that they don’t want us to be doing as Much optimization as we did historically they want their algorithm to do most of it So that’s why you’re going to notice that all these other YouTube is that PPE doesn’t really work as well then it’s all just purchase conversion and whether you use in seven day or one day click, I’ve use both I don’t notice a Dramatic change Personally in my opinion. I I see that changing in the future because they’re I Don’t really know anymore what the benefit of either of them are. Okay You can test them all day, but you’re gonna get varied results And for people that have you will know what I’m talking about and this also comes down to so in the CBO ad sets campaigns that you do want to try and optimize ad set still so if you find 25 34 year-old men on instrument what you’re going To do is you duplicated three times out into a separate CBO campaign. Okay, three different pockets of that same ad set into a separate campaign on $50 a day minimum, especially when you’re scaling and You’re going to scale it up Again, I want to add that sometimes now. I’m noticing a lot more frequently that by optimizing ad sets an adverse effect and what I mean by that is that Logically it makes sense to optimize but we’ve got to remember that Facebook isn’t like Google and Facebook is a platform that is very much a social interaction hence the social network platform and As a result of that you can actually optimize ad sets that make perfect sense on a broader one but when you narrow it down and test and spend some money on it and won’t convert it all I’ve had that a ton of Times and I’m finding more and more and more that just letting Facebook do the work. Okay, just let Facebook do the work I try to not look at my ads much And I don’t even really optimize ad sets now unless they have at least five even if they have ten sales on it to really get Adequate data Facebook isn’t like what it used to be months ago. It’s changed a lot and over this year It’s gonna be changing a lot more All right so let’s move on to the part that you were all probably the number of view of left four because it didn’t give you the Value straightaway that you all just wanted. Okay. So the strategy is a little different based on where you’re at your journey Okay, so first things first if you are if you are testing a new product, okay? You need to spend twenty dollars a day. You can’t spend ten dollars a day on a CBO. It’s not going to get enough data it’s because you need to test multiple audiences and if you’re testing five audiences on $10 budget, let’s say You know in theory they’re going to spend only two dollars. It’s not enough Okay with the fact that the average CPC statistically in there’s threads on this that now our good performing ads Managers are running it around a 70 cent cost per click Okay, so if you run at about a 70 cent cost per click and you have a $2.00 budget, you’re gonna get three clicks max in theory and what that means is that’s not Statistically relevant to say have you tested the product too many people don’t test products enough To actually know if it’s a winner. All right, so you need to spend $20.00 four to five ad sets Okay, no more than five Okay, but if you’re you know, if you’re testing ten, then you want to use a $5 times rule So what that means is ten times five $50 a day if you want to test ten ad sets you need to spend $50 a day on that Okay, but if you’re a spit if you’re doing five you can get away with $20 Okay so because well as we all know what’s going to happen is it’s going to Prioritize of those four to five ad sets probably two to three are gonna get the most budget, okay Okay, and this is the part where I highly recommend to not be trigger trigger-happy Anyway, trigger-happy Whatever anyway because I see a lot of people ask me this question a lot and admittedly I’ve done it too. So It’s just something CBO. We really have to get used to now that you have to leave at 48 hours I’ve always said leaving 48 hours, but I see that people after 24 hours It’s not done well at all and they just kill it They move on to the next prey you do need to leave that First 24 hours now is nearly always going to be break even slash like the profitable slash slightly unprofitable one of those three but the next 24 hours if it’s doing well is generally where it does really well now that doesn’t just apply for if you’re testing a new product that applies, but if you’re scaling a Product. Okay, so it’s really important to keep that mind. Don’t be trigger friend trigger-happy okay, and just be patient we have to be very patient now Facebook is Because it’s becoming a more automated machine, we have to give the automation time to try and find that’s the pocket of audience and especially because We’re you know competition’s rising. We need to give it time to try and find this. I mean obviously Facebook’s goal is to make us money. The more money. It makes us the more money. It makes in return. It’s just simple as that Okay, so I’ve already explained that so for scaling it’s really easy with scaling Okay, so it’s actually just really easy with CBO’s if you can have a good CEO. It’s really easy to scale so again, so if you have a Initial CBO that’s doing well What you want to do is you don’t want to just drop in now ya found the pot of gold what you immediately do is you I recommend that you make another CBO campaign and test at least 20 to 25 new audiences and Again, use the basis of about $5 budget. So you’re looking at spending $100 and Again, the exact same rule 24 hours. And then what you’re gonna do is you’re building up a number of different audiences You’re building up a number of different audiences that are you know, good converting audiences And what you do is you get those flat duplicate them don’t change a thing if they’re doing well after three South Into a new campaign. I just call it best ad set CBO. It doesn’t matter whatever you want to call it and I Set it to at minimum of fifty dollar budget So if I put five ad sets in there, I’m gonna set to $50 if they’ve done really well I might even put it in a hundred dollars David at minimum fifty dollars and then the 24 and 48 hour rule applies important to note that after 48 hours if it’s profitable now I profitable not overall Okay, even if it’s not profitable overall in the last day So if you’re like sitting on 2.5 double the budget just double the budget and then you do that 24 hours thereafter Okay, you just repeat that process While you’re doing that once you get an ad sets that have let’s say ten sales You do want to still try and optimize them. Okay, and you optimize them through the demographics and you cut into a new campaign So you can see where I’m getting at with This is it’s just duplicating into a new campaign leaving it for 48 hours. If it does well start doubling the budget That’s exactly what all you need to do But there is a further part to this. Okay, the key with Facebook now with CBO’s is silly stupidly easy to scare the thing that you need to keep in mind and I sort of touched on this with placements is Creatives I have found personally that I have not tested enough creatives and that’s been a fault of my own I’ve gotten a bit complacent with the creative silo. It’s converting right? You know, it really does make quite a difference Making new creatives and that can be new and copy with the same video or image. It could be Carousel over image it could be video you need to test and what you do to do that the best way Always just test on ad sets that are doing well So if an answer is to historically done, well, you know that the in audience is engaged So we know that that’s engaged we can eliminate trying to find a good audience We’ve eliminated at our web sites the problem. We’ve got all of that aside This is a process of elimination now. We’re just trying to find a different message a different method to increase Our CTR and decrease our CPC and subsequently conversions that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to get conversions But in theory it does because we already have a good audience So what you need to do is again make a new CBO campaign called CBO best ad sets Video creative 2.0. That’s how I do it and Test and you creative test and you with multiple Creatives for different placements and let it run for 48 hours $50 budget and you repeat that repeat it repeat it repeat it You’re gonna get a number ones that are going to do a crap. But the ones that do really well always going to outshine them So it’s important that now you should have the framework. Okay, because it’s always I still start with the United States 25 plus generally to women automatic placement so I just go one day click so just use that as your template and Then you just test new creatives. Okay, I’m find winning products and test new creatives. That’s it Okay, and then, you know if you want to go to that degree as well New landing pages as well and see how that converts. Okay. That is the CBO scaling strategy You just keep doing that if a campaign starts doing poorly Tape it down the budget by 50 percent. Okay, just so if it’s $100 50 $50 that’s Any way so, you know $50 and let it get some time. Sometimes it does that Okay And I should also add this applies that the exact same rule applies for retargeting the exact same rule applies for dpi ads Those are the three campaign types that you need to be Successful with Facebook and you just need to follow that strategy and that concludes today’s video guys Don’t forget to subscribe Like and comment down below crush it to go in the chance to win one of two 15-minute coaching calls myself Rickey Hayes And if you comment any questions down below for the first hour, I will be sure to respond to you to help you Okay, now lastly I wanted to add here as well that I’m updating my course econ lifestyle University My course by far in my opinion is the most updated And most comprehensive course that you’ve ever come across and I’ve been tip. I’ve been charging way too little for it For the amount of value that people get in it like it’s not just Facebook ads its Store optimization scaling Google Ads mini chat It’s even going into personal branding It’s going into more Google ads gonna be having Bing and so much more so I am updating it and you can see here that I’ve already got a ton of videos 16 hours.i calculated With over 85 videos and soon to be hitting about a hundred and you can see that people absolutely love the course It’s been absolutely influential towards their success and it’s on that note that I am actually going to be updating the price of the course because It’s just I I know that it’s just too cheap for the amount of value that you get and I honestly think that It’s the best course out there I’m so proud of it. You know all these people go in to buy these other quick cash grab courses The the difference is my course. I genuinely try and teach you long-term Sustainable income. Okay, the the Fact is just an honest truth that most courses out. There are just teaching you the bare bare bare minimum. Okay, and Truthfully most of that. You can just find on YouTube and it’s nothing revolutionary at all most of the case studies and and that just comes from the fact that inevitably as you grow you’re going to get people to get success and then everyone jumps onto this this bandwagon of That you know, it must be the next big thing. But the reality it isn’t I mean 2019. I just want to be honest I see that most of these businesses are going to start to flop I’ve been having a hard time to do two external factors And again, it’s sort of hit home the reminder of why it’s so important to build a brand and not just another store people are finally starting to realize That why you build brands over just some crappy door It doesn’t have to be just the most amazing thing in the world but if you want real income, you really have to have the knowledge to be able to actually achieve those results and That that’s where my course I am So proud of it because I’ve genuinely put that effort in to give you all the tools and Arsenal you need and that’s why When I update it, the price is going up so there is a link down below I highly recommend that you jump on it. It gets you lifetime access to everything and You know like the course originally started with fifty three videos and as I said It’s already gotten over 85 and I’m going to be doing a bulk add of about another 10 to 15 in the coming week or so because I really am passionate about this course because it’s a fantastic course that I’ve personally Invested a huge amount of time and money into to give you all the most values So if you do if you are sitting on the fence, I highly recommend that you jump in as soon as possible We can see that it’s currently 497 it will be going up to at least another hundred to two hundred dollars on top of that because it’s just it’s just too much value compared to the other people out there that I actually update it for starters, and it’s Reliable content that’s going to help you. Okay Alright, so, thank you so much for your time today guys. Have a lovely day. Take care and good. Bye

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