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New Facebook Ads Blueprint Step-By-Step | Shopify Dropshipping 2019 |

New Facebook Ads Blueprint Step-By-Step | Shopify Dropshipping 2019 |

today I’m going to show you the exact
blueprint I used to generate sixty seven thousand dollars in one day with facebook ads step-by-step hey what is good everybody my name is
David Stone and welcome to today’s video so as you saw in my intro I’m going to
show you the exact method I used to generate six or seven thousand dollars
in one day now keep in mind this did not just magically occur overnight I had to
put thousands down the drain and have spent a lot of money which have years
gone wasted to learn how to use Facebook Ads to my advantage
but with this blueprint you’ll be able Facebook Ads Blueprint Step-By-Step Shopify Dropshipping 2019 Facebook Ads Tutorial mentors really talk about now
what you won’t be seeing in this video is how I tell you to go into Facebook
Ads start a purchase campaign and just let it sit there for three days and
that’s how you do it I’m going to show you something completely different and a
new step-by-step process that you should follow so make sure you stick around
until the end and I’ll make sure that you learned something really useful and
new so in today’s video I’m showing you a four step blueprint which you should
definitely try to use and I’ll guarantee that you at least get some results and
you learn something new from it but before you get started with Facebook Ads
the first step to having success with dropshipping is finding a winning
product and to find a great winning product I recommend you using a comb
honey that’s what i always recommend in my videos so definitely check that out
and I’ll leave a link in the description below they feature a new product each
day and all of the products they feature are always guaranteed to at least have
gone in some sales and have social proof on Facebook where another store have
started selling them they also include descriptions and stuff like that so
definitely check that out they have a free plan available so you can
definitely sign up and try testing out some products from there if you want
more methods and information about product research I recommend you to
watch my video on my channel where I go through a lot of different methods and
how you can find new and exciting products now why you need a winning
product might be self explained but a bad product is just not magically going
to become a good product which people tend to buy and impulse buy on Facebook
so if you’re using a product which just isn’t performing for others it won’t
really perform for you if you don’t go through
with a huge production and make it a private label so it would be a better
off using my product research video and this blueprint that I’m going to show
you in this video to find your best product and set up great ads and follow
this process where you can test those ads and that product and you might even
go through and have a winner which is always a great because once you have a
winner you can definitely scale that to the
stars so as I said the number one most important thing about Facebook Ads is to
promote a winning product so if every single dropshipping store that I’ve
started all the ones that they’re really badly or really mediocre was always
because I had a bad product and for every single slow that have done really
well and sold a ton of product that’s because I always had a great and
interesting product to sell so before you even start selling with Facebook ads
and drop shipping stores make sure your product is in high demand and the
easiest way to find a product in high demand is using income hunt now a
product is never really over to over saturated so don’t be scared of by that
a lot of other people have access to those products yes go there and sign up
for a free account now a bad product and a bad ad set is never really going to
get sales it looks scamming and it looks bad and
it’s just not going to convert now you might get a few lucky sales here and
there but it will never be a profitable sale that you’ve gotten from that ad set
or that product to put this into a more perspective even if you have a bad
product and you have great ad sets which have high level production value and you
put a lot of money into it and you got unique content for that product you will
never really get great sales it will never be profitable with those ads or
that product either even if you have great ads but the thing is if you have a
winning product and you have mediocre ads you’ll still get a lot of sales the
number one thing about someone buying something from the Internet is the
interest in that product and how well that product tends to make them impulse
buy something from you so if you have a winning product and like bad or mediocre
ad set you’ll still get sales and that’s when you know you have a winning product
once you know that you have a winning product you can start putting money into
the ad creatives and start testing out different videos and images for that
product now depending on what kind of product it is you might only be able to
do it or videos but in my experience videos
always tend perform way better than images depending on the product of
course but if you have a winning product and you have a great ad set that’s when
you can start scaling to the stars weight look-alike audiences for example
and start moving on to different platforms such as Google ads and
snapchat ads so if you manage to get cheap sales with your bad ad and your
winning product start investing into a professionally made ad creative and you
can also start contacting micro influencers to have them make a short
video of them using their product if it’s a beauty product for example which
is an example in later on in this video and you can have them test that video
and they don’t even have to post it you just want the footage it won’t really
matter that much that you pay for the product to be shipped to them because
the value that you get from the raw footage and which is unique to your
brand only is way more valuable than the price you paid for that product so never
be scared to invest in your ad creatives and get more ad creatives to start
testing so if I have three different ad creatives I would start by posting those
to my Facebook page and then I will run paper engagement campaigns for those and
the target worldwide to see which one I’m paying the least amount for each
engagement and I will basically take that ad set and move on to my conversion
optimized events which I’ll be going through in the later on in the video
before we get on with the video I’ll recommend you to comment success crew in
the comment section below and you have a chance to win a free
consultation call with me and we’ll basically go through your story your
products and your ads everything that you need to know about selling and I’ll
go through everything with you and get that set up we’ll also be talking a lot
more about Facebook Ads I’m creating a little mini course on my on my youtube
channel which is just short videos going through every process of about Facebook
ads so make sure you subscribe and take that notification bellow so you know
when that is out all right so a little summary from this section is find a
winning product before anything else ones that get results start investing
two into a better ad creative and start supercharging your ad results alright so
the next step into getting sales with Facebook Ads is your targeting now this
is the next set the second most important thing about Facebook Ads
after winning products you basically need great targeting
you need to be able to target the right audience for that product every single
time and start testing new and different aspects of an audience and your
targeting now I know this might be self explained but a lot of people really
don’t get this part and this is where a lot of mentors go wrong when they teach
their audience on how this should be structuring their Facebook ads a lot of
people think that usually just get a random product start optimizing for
purchases put in some general interests for around that product and they’ll
start magically getting sales if you think that’s how it works I would
recommend you to go into a gambling site and start testing your luck there
instead and you’ll waste way less money as well so what is the secret sauce to
having a great Facebook ad experience well audience the combination is three
different things a winning product great targeting and a great ad creative those
three things are the secret to a great and delicious Facebook ad advertising
experience and that’s really where the money strikes as well and to achieve
great targeting we need to find that correct audience in our second step and
we mainly do that by using the narrowing tool in Facebook Ads we’ll be going
through all of that later on in the video so stick around onto that but yes
for now keep that in mind so as an example if you want to target this
anti-wrinkle product we want to do that by finding three different and separate
interests which revolves around that product so that would be Sephora for
example and beauty products and skincare slash engaged shoppers for example so if
we found the three different interests for this anti-wrinkle product that would
be Sephora beauty and skincare now when using a narrowing tool what happens is
when we have the first interest which is Sephora and then we narrow it down with
Beauty and then we narrow it down with skincare for example that what that does
is basically it will show us people who are interested in all these three things
and put those people into one single group which is where our golden audience
is and which we know for sure that they are definitely interested in something
like this and this product so if you have a winning product and you have a
great ad set but you have bad targeting you’re leaving most of it up to Shen’s
and you might not even get any sales and that’s not really how we want to
wrong things we don’t want to know for sure that we’re gonna get sales alright
so jumping a little bit more further into this blueprint so what this method
basically is is 5 X 3 plus paper engagement method so what I do is I run
5 ad sets for 3 days and then I go for engagement on the best-performing ads
now you can definitely go for less than 5 depending on your budget but no less
than 3 really because we want to test a lot of different interests and if we’re
going to test one separately one each time you won’t really know what is
performing well and what isn’t and for the budget on each ad set I would
recommend you to go from 5 to 20 dollars it can be anything in between they just
make sure it’s either 5 10 15 or 20 because Facebook likes that a lot more
as for locations when targeting on your ad sets I would recommend you either the
big five which is the United States the United Kingdom New Zealand Australia and
Canada which are the big five and you can also go for Big Five and Europe as
well because those are the countries which basically have a tendency to buy a
lot now if you target worldwide you won’t really be getting those results
from the Asian countries for example alright so with that out of the way now
here is where the really interesting part is if you haven’t really paid
attention pay attention now so for the conversion event where you basically
optimize for either purchase view content and a checkout which is the
conversion in event Facebook is going to optimize your ad set for now if you
don’t have any data and you just started out with your drop shipping store you
installed your pixel it’s completely fresh and that Facebook pixel circle is
showing you a bright red and I definitely recommend you to start going
with view content so for Facebook to highly optimize your Facebook ad they
need 50 conversions from that specific conversion event now you’re not really
going to get 50 purchases with a five dollar budget a daily on an interest ad
so it would be a lot better for you to optimize for view content first of all
because that’s where you have the most data from yourself and what which is the
easiest data to collect as well from your ad sets so you’ll basically will
receive a 50 view contents relatively quickly within one or two days and by
then Facebook and then hyper optimized for view content on your ad set really
quickly for the 3rd day will basically be seeing if your ad set is performing
well or not and so here’s a rule of thumb which I
basically like to use not a lot of people like to give you the exact
numbers but I’m gonna give you a relative
preciate of where you can expect to find yourself so if you have no data at all
I’ll recommend you to go for view content optimization on all of your ad
sets until you hit 300 view contents and that’s a good number because Facebook
can then take that data from your previous audience and use that for your
later ad sets once you have 300 plus view contents I recommend you to go for
Add to Cart and once you have a hundred – a 200 plus ad cards I recommend you to
step over to initiate checkout now keep in mind that if you have a really well
performing ad set from any of the previous conversion events do not remove
those just duplicate that out and optimize for the new conversion event
never remove the ad which is performing well because that would throw Facebook
off and you’re basically losing that audience which is really great optimized
for you alright so once you have 100 to 200 plus ad cards I recommend moving on
to initiate checkout and once you have a fifty to a hundred plus initiate
checkouts you can then move on to purchase ad all right so moving on with
our example here is a quick little board which you can take a look at on how I
would set up my ad sets and how I would narrow down my interests and how I would
check basically if what interests is best so what is important when you’re
testing your asset is that you’re only test with one variable each time so it
says the one interest narrow down by to general really general interests so for
the two general interests I would go for anti-wrinkle products that would be
cosmetics and beauty for example this is just an example you can basically use
skin care as well as skin care and beauty for example but for this example
I’ve used comet cosmetics and beauty trays for these broad interests would be
testing out a SEP 5 separate interests which are brands or either some huge
influencers within your market for a sport for example so you would go for
Sephora Ulta Mac body shop and L’Oreal those are 5 really big brands for beauty
products so followed by that I would narrow
by cosmetics and beauty in our example here we we are testing for 18 to 65 plus
we don’t change anything else and since it’s an anti-wrinkle products we our
best bet is that the women is going to use that so in our example here we
basically tested out sephora which yielded as no sales it the same happen
with Ulta and Mac & Body Shop but on our fifth ad set we got a sale or a lot of
sales from L’Oreal now then we know for sure that L’Oreal is our winning
audience and we can start testing different variations on that audience
that is where you want to move on on to split testing and here’s basically so we
want to break down that further and I’ll show you all later on in my video on how
we can break down an ad so once we break down our ad we saw that the age 35 to 54
was the best performing age for our L’Oreal interest targeting and that’s
what got us the most sales for at the lowest price so then we duplicate our ad
set for L’Oreal and we put in that we only want to target 35 to 54 and then we
start getting sales for the cheapest amount possible and way more ads because
it Facebook will only be targeting your budget for that specific age where we
got the most sales now the same happened for the age 54 to 65 plus so we started
duplicating that as well I mean put that age in that as well so we can start
testing those two and see what does the best they’re so for the rest of the ad
set which didn’t work I would recommend just kill those off and start testing
new interests now because we kill off the four different interests which
didn’t really work out and give us any sales we started testing new interests
because that’s when you want to do you want to test each three days you want to
test new interest and test your different ad creatives and in this
example we basically saw that one of these new interests started yielding Us
sales and then we can use the exact same process to break down break it down and
start testing the ages and genders and platforms and stuff like that and this
is where we come to the last step in our blueprint and that is split testing they
break down so once you have found your winning ad or your winning product or ad
set basically and you started testing and you got a sales with one of
and I would recommend you start breaking it down start testing different
platforms separately so for example your wife might want to test Instagram and
Facebook now what I always like to preach in my videos is that you should
definitely create to add sets for each platform or just never use a link in
your ad set because a link on an Instagram ad looks really shit because
it’s not clickable it takes up space and it clutters your ad caption so for what
you can break down and test is Instagram vs. Facebook then you can test the
device which is mobile and that’s coffee so as it’s on examples before is that I
always test the ages so 18 to 65 and always test the gender as well one more
important part which is the add creative always test your ad creative now videos
tend to perform a lot better than images but that really depends on your product
so if you have a great product which is great for images you know test images
and test different colors on that image now split testing ad creatives is
something that we’ll be going through in the future so stay posted for that but
for now let’s jump into the admin ads manager and I’ll show you how to narrow
down how to break down and basically how to set up your ad creative really
quickly so once in the ads manager what you want to do is click create ad and
you want to go to the conversion event which is basically what our campaign
will be optimized for which is conversions if now set up the ad
creative or that campaign and so as I said so if you have this bright red a
little pixel circle you know you start out with view content that’s just how it
goes because you have no data on that so set up that view content ad first of all
so you can get a lot more data on that and then move on if you miss that part
in the video we recommend you scroll back and check it out again for your
targeting we I told you to use the big five so base this is basically where you
would enter that make sure that you take everyone who live in this location so
you don’t will get tourists or people who are just visiting their families
from another country now depending on the common sense of your product for my
product you know I would target for women and since people on 18 really
don’t really get wrinkles I would go for at least 25 plus now since you
test that out first you know always go for 18 and test that out first of all
now for the detailed targeting this is where it gets interesting so as I said
in the video I was going for l’oréal as our first interest which has an 83
million audience size but what we don’t want to do as well is narrow that down
by so I went to for beauty and we want to narrow that even further for our
third and final narrowing which would be for skincare and always make sure that
you’d untick expand interest when it may improve performance at a lower cost per
results it’s basically as Facebook saying hey you want to pay for a lot of
shit traffic that’s why you use that for so never use it now for your placements
make sure that you are always testing feeds and Instagram feeds now if you’re
going to target both of these feeds at the same time never never use a link in
your ad creative never because it looks like shit on Instagram and it looks
really bad which in general and it clutters your ad set and makes the
overall quality really badly and if you’re thinking from a brand’s
perspective they would really never include their link in the ad set so stop
doing that it’s old if you’re going to use a link in your post for the Facebook
ad then you want to unpick instagram and create another ad set with the exact
same details for instagram only so if your budget is low and your plan on
using for both of these but it was 10 i would recommend you to instead go for 5
on each of these so you can test both platforms now facebook have introduced a
cost controls which is optional we’ll be going through that more detailed in
later videos but for now you can leave that alone since you don’t really want
to have a cost cap bid cap or a target cost so for your daily product you know
5 to 20 dollars and set your ad set to run continuously starting today because
you want to make sure that facebook sees that you want to spend money on their
platform now for the breakdown tool this is basically where you find your
breakdown tool in this top right corner and you want to go to buy delivery and
here you find age gender age and gender and
together and once you click that you can basically just go for cost per assault
and filter every result at the garden and you can basically see what age and
what gender it was that gave you that result for and what for what price you
got it so make sure you use that it’s very useful we’ll be going through more
of that in the future though so keep posted alright everyone this is
basically that for this video I know I’ve been really an active I’ve
had a lot of personal stuff happen to me at least couple of weeks with New Year’s
and Christmas been all it’s been very stressful I have a lot of business on
the side as well so I have been really busy and I’m really sorry I will be
putting a lot more focus on to my youtube channel because hey you’re
awesome and I love doing YouTube as well because it’s just really fun but as I
said in the beginning of the video make sure that you comment the success crew
or just anything really just put a suggestion for the next video on what
you want to see and what you thought was good in this video and I’ll bring you
into the draft as well and for Dave winner of the last video you can see on
the screen right now Georgia Georgia I don’t really know if I’m pronouncing
that right or at all but hey DME on e comm Jetta on Instagram and I’ll make
sure – we’ll get this called through and you’ll basically get I’ll be showing you
everything that you need to know to get started alright so that’s basically it
for this video thank you a lot for watching and I’ll see you next time

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