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New Etsy Ads Platform: How to be successful on Etsy Ads / MY HONEST THOUGHTS

New Etsy Ads Platform: How to be successful on Etsy Ads / MY HONEST THOUGHTS

what’s up everybody? welcome back to my
channel my name is Dave if you’re new to this channel please consider subscribing
I do new videos all the time on Etsy ecommerce and personal success that
being said I want to address the new Etsy ads platform in this video we’re
going to talk about how to succeed with the new ad platform YFC made this change
and how it sucks yeah so in the past 24 hours I’ve had tons of
messages both personally on Facebook through my Etsy shop through our
instagrams through everything so because of that I’ve extended my coaching if
you’re part of my email list you know that I was closing my coaching yesterday
but because of this I’m going to be reopening my coaching so we can I can
help you guys it’s gonna be 45 minute calls with a reduced price also if you
want to join my email list check the links in the description below I’ll be
updating you guys on the Etsy add platform and how to be successful with
it great so first let me say that yes I am angry about this change I think it’s
terrible that Etsy is taking away my control over my ads and taking the
steering wheel of the bidding options now we only can choose daily budget and
what to promote I think that is terrible I absolutely I’m definitely angry about
it I’m unlikely more angry than you are about it
well I was angry about it but with that being said like I said in my past videos
about the free shipping changes you aren’t gonna cheat you are closing your
Etsy shop and neither am i so with that being said if you want to move forward
as a business owner you need to let go of your anger at Etsy because like I
said it’s a it’s a terrible mental and vibrational state to be in to be angry
at the platform where you make most of your money that’s a terrible idea do not
be angry let go of your anxiety let go of your anger see the silver lining I am
going to talk about the silver lining in this video how to succeed etc but first
I want to address the anxiety that’s around us so many people have asked me
to do this video because because we all have anxiety about it and we
don’t know what to do moving forward the first thing to do is let go of your
anxiety it’s going to be okay you’re going to continue growing your Etsy shop
please like this video and subscribe to my channel because I will be doing more
videos on this ad platform and you know that
so yeah it’s terrible I think it’s terrible that they took away our not my
control because you guys know I love promoted listings you guys love promoted
listings because of my courses and ebooks all of the courses and ebooks
I’ve sold to you guys on promoted listings is absolutely useful and you
absolutely needed to learn those concepts and methods to be successful
with this new ad platform yes I’m going to be releasing resources on the new
platform but you have a huge leg up on your competition if you had those ebooks
and if you have those courses that I made so let’s next talk about why as he
did this because it like you would you would think to yourself like this sucks
for me and that’s all you’re thinking about but you have to look at it in a
bigger picture right as I mentioned in the previous at C ads video that I
talked about this is exactly what this happened with Facebook as well
they changed in September they’re changing everything to what’s called
campaign budget optimization meaning your ad sets that are more successful
and more engaged with get your date your budget for that campaign spent on those
instead right in a two in its algorithm knows which ones are being engaged with
more that is what Etsy ads is doing essentially along with the timing time
of day mixed in with some search some interest based search results so why did
se do this there’s two huge reasons why XE made this move it’s a Power Move it’s
definitely a huge flex on us as Etsy sellers because it makes us all angry
you know but like I said before they know that we’re going to be angry so
keep watching first reason why they did this is because there was too many
advertisers spending too much money towards too many people so let’s say
there’s like one group let’s just go with yoga tons of
advertisers are bidding at the yoga niche whatever it may be
leggings yoga mat bags yoga mats etc tons of people are bidding at those
audiences so many in fact that everybody is not getting their budget spent
everybody is not getting a positive ROI and everybody is not happy for example
like we all know that it’s tough to get your daily budgets spent it only spends
25 to 50 percent of it if you don’t have it set up correctly right or if you or
if it just decides not to so Etsy looked at that statistic and they said well we
want to get better ROI for our sellers and this moves us into the second reason
in one of their quarterly reports to their stockholders and and just in
general I forgot which report it was but it was a financial report not sent out
to Etsy sellers you can look at this stuff too it’s all on you if you dig
around for it they stated that with all of the daily budgets put together for
Etsy sellers only about 15 50 percent of all of our daily budgets combined were
being spent so from Etsy’s business perspective that
means that they are leaving money on the table but all these sellers let’s say
let’s let’s just make up a fake number let’s say that all the daily budgets for
all of the Etsy sellers put together is let’s just say I don’t know 20 million
dollars right who knows I don’t know might even a billion I don’t know so
let’s just say it’s 20 million dollars but only of only 9 million of it is
getting spent so from a purely business perspective for se they’re leaving a ton
of money on the table so obviously as he can’t take like a pure business
perspective on this because they can’t that would be just a huge money grab
right hey let’s take all their money it doesn’t matter if they get a positive
ROI so of course they’re going to mix in a new algorithm a new time-based
ad platform etc in order for us to get a positive ROI as well so their goal with
this plaid platform is that they are essentially making more
money for themselves and at the same time hopefully making the ads better for
us by not aimlessly spending our our budgets and our bids based on what we
set because a lot of Etsy sellers don’t know what they’re doing and like I said
just throwing money at different audiences clogging up the search results
and clogging up the bidding system so what they want to do is they want to get
that 20 million that hypothetical 20 million might be like 100 million or two
hundred who knows so they want to get that hypothetical 20 million and they
also want us to do better so since there’s no bidding and since it’s just
like all like Etsy take the wheel type of thing the in the video that they
posted yesterday as he adds the really creepy one that didn’t really explain
anything it made me feel really uneasy they stated that there’s going to be
time based information so like now you’ll see you might see like a huge gap
of no sales but then like from 6 to 9 p.m. you’ll get a ton of sales or
something to that effect I’ve already seen that with my ads I’ve already seen
my ROI go up and I’ve already seen my like gaps in sales and then boom it just
hits and with that being said I have not switched over to the Etsy ads platform
it has given me a choice I don’t know why because I’ve spoke to other sellers
and there was no choice they just have it put together now what I am assuming
is that they are giving sellers that are doing well with the promoted listings in
Google Shopping the choice to opt in and maybe they’re going to muscle me in
eventually but for the time being I’m using my other Etsy shop my purely p OD
Etsy shop to use Etsy ads learn Etsy ads and then apply it to my own shop and
teach you guys this as well so I hope that makes sense right there and the
video is not over so please continue watching
so in the concept in a nutshell right there is Etsy wants more of our money
but they also want us to do better because a lot of Etsy sellers don’t know
what they’re doing and complain about promoted listings not getting them a
positive ROI so they’re kind of making it a best of both worlds why because
Etsy has all their data they have the data the your shops data is one tiny
little tiny tiny little piece of a giant giant puzzle like I said with the free
shipping guarantee video and change they have all their data they know that if
they do the free shipping thing they will make more revenue they know that if
they implement they will they have a really really strong reason to believe
for the Etsy ads platform that if they move to this new algorithm this new
time-based thing this new automated totally automated bid based thing that
that they will get more they will make more money and we will make more money
with that being said yes your sales might drop in the beginning they might
take a crap mine might take a crap when I go over to the Etsy ad platform and it
it that might happen in the beginning and that’s okay because it’s probably
gathering some more data about your shop etc or it just or on the worst case
scenario I see ads was a terrible idea and that’s you made a big oopsie but
that is like I said very unlikely because they have all their data they
have all their data to analyze so they’re not just shooting in the dark
you have to keep that in mind yeah it really sucks it would be less believable
of Josh Silverman the CEO posted a video on Etsy’s youtube channel and said hey
guys this is for the best of all of us sure that would be really I would be
like sure dude thanks a lot for taking more control over my Etsy shop you know
everybody’s gonna have that reaction but it’s me right now telling you that this
is likely for the better it might be a little rocky at the beginning or it
might be really good in the beginning that’s what you need to focus on is an
Etsy seller whenever these changes happen whenever anything happens
in your life or in general on Etsy just periods when something happens your mind
should be programmed to think a positive outcome
don’t you because we’re all programmed to think negatively negative thoughts
are so heavy that it’s extremely easy to go straight to negativity so don’t do
that go to positivity start programming your mind to move to positive thoughts
right off the bat so let’s move into what to do next what we want to do next
there’s two things you’re going to do there’s two routes the first route is
for people that want to go all out and they want to figure it out right away
and that route is since there’s only two settings raise your daily budget to
whatever the max they give you turn all your listings on again wait two weeks
just like we did with promoted listings max everything out turn all the listings
on wait two weeks and then reanalyze because then you’ll have all the data on
what’s selling what’s not selling with this new ad platform so that’s the first
route turn turn the maxes up and turn all the listings on okay if you don’t
want to do that if you aren’t budgeting or you don’t have all the money or
whatever you should you’re scared still whatever it may be the second route the
more conservative route is to only have your maybe you know choose a daily
budget and then raise it by five to ten dollars because I want you to push
yourself okay and then turn on only your best sellers that will give you a more
safe option and it’ll definitely work a little bit better for you if NC ads is
going to work which I believe it is a better move and then side note in the
Etsy ads video I love how they say it takes all the guesswork out like no it’s
not guesswork it’s me analyzing my shop and working hard it’s not guesswork it’s
guesswork for people who don’t know what they’re doing sure but it’s not
guesswork for me is this this is me working on my shop it’s not
guesswork give me that guesswork back please but it is what it is and we’re
not going to show their Etsy shops down and we’re going to move forward so those
are the two routes that we’re going to take the conservative route and the
all-out route okay so I hope you understand why they did this what to do
next and how to chill out with your Etsy business because with every single
change that comes out you know I’m gonna tell you to chill out you know I’m gonna
tell you to relax because a relaxed mind is much better than an angry mom okay
and you know that so chill okay okay so with that being said I have lowered my
coaching prices and I have reopened it back up because I’m sure a lot of you
guys have a ton of things to ask me and go through so check the link in the
description below for my lowered coaching packages and also check the
link in the description below for to be notified when I open my group coaching
I’m gonna be offering much lower priced group coaching within the next week or
two where we all have a live session with me and I answer all of your
questions and you can learn from other people’s questions I go way more in
depth than I do with the free YouTube videos etc so I’m going to be offering a
ton of value through the group coaching so please check the links in the
description and go watch some more of my videos because everything’s gonna be
okay alright again deep breath please
subscribe and please like this video and comment below what your thoughts are
have a beautiful day peace out

39 thoughts on “New Etsy Ads Platform: How to be successful on Etsy Ads / MY HONEST THOUGHTS

  1. Thank you for watching! Stay positive. All negative comments or un-constructive criticisms gets you immediately perma banned from my channel 🙂
    🚀GET COACHING NOW❤️(ending soon):

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  3. I though about messaging you – glad I didn't. I had confidence that you would communicate with us, so I decided to wait! Thanks for the update. Always love your sharing your philosophy (Law of Attraction – AH stuff?!!) I agree that while I am only just started on your eBooks, coaching, it's all valuable info for learning and in the long run will give me the experience to gain skills to become a top notch seller. Love the idea of the group coaching too!! Thanks

  4. The biggest part I hate about it, is that I am not able to see how much I spend daily or my limit daily. And I am not able to change my pc. My shop does really well, so I hope this does not hinder that. Thanks for the video Dave. I have been waiting for you to make one. All the best. 🙂

  5. I was given the choice. But went for it, without knowing how it was going to work. Grrr wish I would have waited. Oh well, we will see, hopefully it still keeps my shop up there.

  6. Thanks for the update. I switched over after doing very well with promoted listings, thanks to your strategies. I now see we have basically no control over our bidding. It's now only how much do you want to spend and what listings do you want to promote? Time will tell but this feels like letting them use automated bidding and burning up the budget as fast as possible.

  7. I needed this video. They are giving me a choice at the moment but soon I will have to switch. Been feeling unsure/angry but feeling better now. Thank you.

  8. Please forgive my ignorance, as I'm still in my infancy when it comes to Etsy.

    What's the difference between Promoted Listings and Etsy Ads? (I know I can ask this question elsewhere, but if I someone else can come here and see an answer to my question, then it'll be good for this channel.)

    WRT Promoted Listings and Etsy Ads, is one an eventual evolution of the other? Are they both separate?

    Dave, if I may ask for clarification: at around 11:52, you state that someone should (and I paraphrase) "turn all their listings on," with regard to the all-out option. My question has to do with the use of the word listings (as it may have more than one meaning): Are you talking about enabling Etsy Ads on all of a person's listings? Does it have anything to do with Promoted Listings?


  9. I have two succesful Etsy shops, run ads for two years every day and every day those ads bring me good amount of sales. Today is the first day EVER, when my daily budget was spent and I had 0 sales coming from marketing.

  10. The best explanation so far from all the coaches I watch. I have 1600 hundred sales but I have never used promoted listings. I just don’t know if I can afford it. I’ll have to look more into it. Love all your videos!!

  11. Well I am certainly hoping for the best. As a new seller, PL was doing well for me and getting me enough sales that I invested in a lot more supplies to be ready for Christmas season. I do believe that machine learning is going to do a lot better than I can to optimize my ads. I do however have two things that cause me much concern. 1) Etsy PL is a bargain and the same keywords on google are about 5 times the price. 2) We will now be faced going head to head with all the Chinese sellers and drop shippers that can sell at a fraction of the price. I think the big sellers with an economic advantage will become the winners while the small shops will eventually go away……you know, like happened on Amazon and Ebay

  12. I've turned it on and maybe it's me but I can only see the last 30 days. I like to see what happened yesterday.

  13. Great work, Dave! Very detailed video with useful insights for Etsy sellers. Keep up the good work and we hope to see more of these videos in the future 🙂

  14. Well the main fact is that google is more expensive vs etsy.
    The reason they doing this is because they want more “outside” traffic because remember they compeate against amazon and other big sharks.
    So what they do now is increase their visibility and reach by spending our money.
    The issue I see is that I haven’t seen the new system but even in google there is more control vs what I am hearing in this new platform. This is why I dont like facebook because that feels like a gambling where we trust our money to some algorythms.

  15. Etsy offically hates its sellers!! And, people are reaching out to you Dave because Etsy assistance is M.I.A., unhelpful or delusional. Thanks for helping us little guys, Dave. At least until we find another platform to sell our items on!

  16. Etsy knows it will make more money for itself and its shareholders. It doesn't give a ratz flying F if it destroys the heart of it's origination, the small, handcrafting sellers. I don't want to make 50 orders at once when I am making the items custom by hand. By only getting 10-12 orders a day I can keep production at a steady pace and not lose my mind. F U Etsy and I hope they read this.

  17. I began my experiment with Promoted Listings last month. I had one sale that was from a old client (custom) and one sale for an item I had included in the PLs, which Etsy took credit for because of the PLs (I get about one sale a month, ads or not – I REALLY need to be advertising in synagogue newsletters because my clients don't usually use Etsy (I asked)). I have always shown up in google for my niche items. Since I paid over $15 to get a $70 sale (before all the fees), I will probably turn off the experiment at the end of this month until the glitches (its Etsy – there are always screw ups) are worked out. I am in such a small niche; it seems that offering free shipping is enough to get me on the front page of my particular search. I know I was never, ever offered to 'bid' and I was only letting them have $1.00/day for EPLs. Stats showed that clicks cost me from 6 cents to 57 cents each. mostly about 12 cents. Some days, none of the dollar was used.

  18. I'm going to keep my Etsy shops but I'm seriously thinking about opening an online store or two. I have a digital print store and a pod store and I don't like Etsy having so much control over how I run my biz. It's getting to a point where I don't know if the traffic they bring to my stores is worth what they keep taking away. I would love to see more videos on how to use Etsy to drive more traffic to a standalone store. Thanks

  19. Dave I want to clarify something you state that ETSY wants us to see a positive ROI, this is false ETSY does not care about its sellers it is beholden to shareholders now. ETSY is not worried about us leaving their platform either also this new paid ads platform is really just answering to shareholders. In the investor relations meeting ETSY recently stated that is was going to be investing more in google ads – guess where that money is coming from US the sellers KEEP UP THE POSITIVE VIBE

  20. also might i suggest to everyone that has yet to switch over PLEASE do yourself a favor print off all of your Promoted Listings: Listings analytics for each item you have in your store as this data will no longer be available in the new ad platform

  21. As Etsy Sellers, why don't we all get together as Sellers and STOP paying Etsy Ads for a whole 3 months? This way Etsy will actually consider the voices of Seller's and help us more as Sellers than themselves and their pockets. Not being able to set our own budget for each click and driving more sales to Etsy but not our specific shop is downright dirty on their part. If Etsy wants more traffic and sales, they should pay for it, not us. As artists, we work hard to make our money and all they do is take and take some more. When enough sellers leave Etsy, they will then beg us to come back. This occurred with Comcast and Xfinity. The more greedy they become, the more it will all backfire. If Etsy Sellers want to create a movement together, let's do it and make a real change, the kind we actually expressed and not what Etsy says Sellers expressed.

  22. The bottom line for me is the lack of freedom to choose. Etsy has run me off with all their bells, whistles, hoops and barrels I have to maneuver in order to be in a visible locale to sell. Their methods are the equivelent of the mafia telling small busineses they have to pay for protection or the mafia will destroy their shop. They remove free will, or at least threaten shop owners who use it. I have seen pplenty other shop owners leaving Etsy i lieu of opening self run sites. Slowly, Etsy will go the way of the big mall…not enough shops or businesses to keep the mall open.

  23. UGh etsys terrible, nothing but dropshippers on there now. You pay for ads and etsy cross sells the hell out of your page.

  24. I haven’t even started my shop yet and I am so confused. Would love your books, but have no idea which one to read first. So overwhelmed by this info!🥺

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