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[New] Easy Facebook Targeting Method For Facebook Ads 2019 Step-By-Step(Live) | Shopify Dropshipping

[New] Easy Facebook Targeting Method For Facebook Ads 2019 Step-By-Step(Live) | Shopify Dropshipping

Want to learn how to do Facebook interest targeting ad sets in 2019 quickly easily and effectively, let’s find out how now Hi everyone and welcome to today’s video. I just wanted to show before we get into this before I show you the strategy the exact results that I’ve gotten and you can see here. This is from September 30 That’s our first – the 30th of September. You can see here that these results rolled down, but that’s fine This is cute formats focusing very heavily on branding and sending our email sending out text and You can see here that the return customer rates really high. You don’t see many stores with returning customer rates that high Okay, and you can see here, you know tried using zip file wasn’t working Well, you sweet upset wasn’t looking well reconvert had some issues, but you can see here, you know consistently You know traffic coming out of traffic going down. Some days were good. Some days were bad if we have a look here for instance That date range we can see here 15th of November. We can see here 1600 nearly 1700 dollars in sales 68% customer return rate, okay, and nearly a 70 leverage or value we had the four and a half percent Conversion okay, and this can be worked on you can see here there. This is consistent and I’m just going to choose another date and This is what is heavily focused on Okay so four thousand dollars in a day with a three point two five percent and nearly a 20 percent customer return rate that day we’ve Never thought about ok. So this strategy it works and I wanted to show you that it works before we get into it Ok, so let’s get straight into it now and teach you what you want to know. So here’s the strategy in a nutshell ok, so I Make 5 ad sets now on 3 dollar budgets to the US only Ok, so I know a number of people go worldwide or a packet countries. I go us ok, so I’ve got a couple of stores and I pretty much just go to the US. They’ve got the biggest pockets They spend the most online and it’s the easiest to brand whereas going global. You’re gonna get a lot of other issues And I just prefer to avoid that if you have a product that has potential it’s going to sell in the US You’ve got the biggest audience Facebook has the most data on it. It’s the most beneficial for you to scale for a long time and build a proper brand Okay, so it’s really important to keep in mind. That’s what I do and I’m gonna show you how that works So I go to audience size 2 to 10 million. Okay, so I’m gone. I’m the 2 million and I’ve gone way over 10 million But if it’s larger, this is no problem So I use our broad single target interests now or sometimes two stacked Sometimes three, but I now really only go one two to max and that’s just because Facebook is so intelligent with its software there So I generally do that so We leave the ad sets for a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 48 hours before killing and then deciding my path want To do okay So I’ve made this little simple table if if after 24 hours the cost per click and I use unique cost per click not Just cost per click a lot of people use cost per click all that’s not a proper accurate step That’s kind of just waste your budget unique. CPC is really important if it’s over 2 bucks You just want to kill it because even after another 24 hours that 2 dollars is a lot Highly unlikely to go beneath the door because you want to try and get our ad sets obviously as cheap as possible Anything under a dollar is the cola and that’s still very feasible. If after 24 hours the CPC is Under $2, then leave it. Okay, because If it’s over $2, it’s very unlikely. You’re gonna usually kill it if it’s under $2, it can actually our family recover a bit So I’ll leave it if after 48 if then after 48 hours of those remaining odd sets There’s no say I’ll kill it. If after 48 hours. There’s at least one sale on that. I’d leave it for another 24 hours and Because you want to get to sales on an ad set before you validate that Okay, this is this is good and if you’re getting sales across multiple answers, but there’s only one it usually confirms It’s good. You might just need to leave it for a bit longer Okay so I’m gonna show you how I set this all up right now so that you can understand this and we’re going to look at a couple of products to use for examples All right it’s getting how everyone just wanted to quickly say if I get 30 comments off crusher in this video two people are going to get 15 minute long coaching calls. All you need to do is went down below crush it and liked this video So let’s discuss these couple of winning products Okay, so we have this black mask which you can tell there’s a massively winning product just on this specific supplier alone with over 20,000 orders with 4.7 rating and you know you can just see the feedback is insane and You can just see that people are buying this product way crazy So this is we’re going to use this one through the example for ad targeting and then we’re also going to use this other training product one of my first winning products truthfully speaking and the Peek-a-boo elephant teddy bear. Alright, so Let’s get straight. So in the Facebook Ads manager We want to create a new campaign now we want to go for purchases I always go straight for the purchase again like in previous videos. I just go conversions and I will name my campaign accordingly I like to give my names names that I can understand straight away. So we’re going to do the elephant elephant peekaboo first Okay, so this is just an easy way to identify it. We just go conversions And I have to choose if you don’t have an ad account set up you just touch it account Okay, and so we’re going to rename them Momentarily this do you want to do again is choose purchase? We’re gonna set up the location time United States All right. Now a little quick tip, I go 25 plus and especially if it’s a women’s product like a peekaboo be okay Women and English all antique expand. Okay, and so I’m gonna make five ad sets for this and so when I think of peekaboo I think of Babies, sorry, I think of the word baby baby shower. There we go. Alright, and let’s have a look at the size So we’ve got 11 million. Okay, I mean as I said I try and keep it to two to ten mil if it’s over eleven if it’s just over and I have A good feeling then that’s fine. And baby sharing is a perfect interest for that I’m just gonna update this so that it’s an accurate to what I normally do I take out everything about Facebook and Instagram newsfeed. I should actually make a template for this in the beginning okay, and I make it conversions now. It hasn’t picked up, but I normally just get one Eklund. Okay, so that is now This adds. So once you’ve made your first Adsit it’s gonna go straight into draft and you know when something’s in the draft when it says in draft and it has a green I sort of overlay and that’s sort of failed that usually signifies that it’s what that does signify that you’ve made a change whether it’s an existing answer or a New ad set. Okay, so it’s really important to keep in mind. I am just gonna fix a little issue than I did By not putting the budget on the correct amount. Sorry of three dollars. Okay, so Now what I wanted to it quickly explained before we get further into it is people think that three dollars are to a large audience is a problem it really isn’t because What’s actually really important is your reach? Okay, so ignore the conversions that’s never accurately but Your reach is what’s important? It’s the amount of people within that eleven million people that’s actually gonna reach so usually it’s probably gonna reach 250 Especially if you’ve got a new ad account it’s going to reach probably 250 to 300 because you know, there’s other factors involved but Don’t worry too much bet that’s all gonna reach 250 300 people that are prospect buyers All right, so that’s what’s really important and Facebook at the moment favors broad interests timing. Okay, so we’re not done So when we when we want to make new handsets, there’s a few ways we can do it We can use the quick duplication or we can just click it button and we click put four times So we have a total of five because we already have an existing one Okay, and then we’re going to start adding in other interests, okay? So what you do is when a duplicates you want to take out the interest because in all of these we have a tipped It is going to have that interest. So just to save ourselves a bit of time And then what we can do is you can use the quick edit tool. Okay, and you can actually Change the name of them quickly and easily without having to go edit into each and every one of them okay, so if I were to go this one and You know, it’s a baby. I’m so I don’t normally use demographics, but if I were to use the interest of Sorry single target interest of parent and we can see that there’s a pretty large one and I do like that But I wanted to be a bit a bit more narrow. So if I put in now a very Broad one as well. I’m just trying to find let’s put in baby shower as well. Sometimes I actually overlap them So you can see parents that are into baby showers It makes a lot of sense and we still got a large audience and there’s slightly different audiences To the one that we just made for. Okay, so we’re gonna now make another one because again, this audience you know people that are parents interested in pages about being a parent highly likely to be parents or Previous parents grandparents, whatever that may be and they’re in the baby showers Okay, so it’s finally time I did they finally specific and you can see how the rich is slightly different. See how we’ve got Actually more reach on a more broader ad set Do you notice that so see how? It’s very different. So you can actually the more time giving you are at times the less weight you have the less opportunity for Conversions so that’s something really keep in mind. So let’s choose another one and let’s put in baby again. And I mean that I usually let Facebook do the hard work So I know that this one because I’ve used it before is a definitely a good interest and it’s like a blog site So if we choose that one now sometimes Facebook at this point has a bug where it says, it’s hundred thousand It is nothing to be worried about it is purely Chester bug okay, so we can see if I now take it out baby that okay, so we can see that we’ve got another Audience. It’s actually quite large and we can see how BabyCenter is definitely a large audience Especially when added so that is another one that I like It’s within that you know, baby center baby shop there barrier related The reason that I also know what’s related is most the time we use single interest but on the rare occasion I’ll just jump in and both but generally speaking I’ll just do general single interest But it’s important to note that let’s say if I put in that see how the interest is in a different one That’s a different sub category of that related interest. Okay, so it’s definitely important you don’t do that you always want to keep them the same because You can call it overlap and and it just means that down the line if you have a winner What you’re gonna have to do is you’re gonna have to split test that you don’t need to this way It’s quick and easy if this was a winning one, I would just duplicate it and I would just be segmenting the different audiences to try and Determine which one actually is converting the best. Okay. So moving on let’s add another one in Let’s put in the word baby again All right, so Johnson’s baby, that’s a brand and we’ve still not large enough So if we don’t find it then we try and find some others. Okay, and All right. So let’s take out that and we’ve got a large audience Huggies people that are into Huggies are either parents or they’ve been Previously parents something along those lines. And in this case, we know it’s women 25 65 in the US Perfect. And again, we can see that the reach is a bit different, you know very much the same as the original one But a little bit different and it’s more targeted, but it’s actually less. Okay, so isn’t that isn’t that quite interesting? so now we’re going to choose a last one, and I’m just going to Sorry not put by baby products. Let’s find not babysitting I am trying to see if I can find anything in different Baby Okay, that’s an actual interest Okay, so I’m trying to think of okay, here we go Nick just about Nickelodeon yep. Yeah, so Nickelodeon now, you might think that This isn’t related but women that are into Nickelodeon and that most likely going to be parents and You know, they’re watching it with their kids and they like the various kid shows They like us I’d like to be kept up to date Okay, I want you to also notice see how it is different again with the rich. Look at that So we’ve got actually higher reach to a small audience that Cora that contradicts everything else. It makes no sense But that’s the way it is so now what we want to do is we want to click up here and we highlight them all this now brings up the ability to Change things or once this is really important It’s going to save you a lot of time down the line So I can’t remember specifically what interests of walk but just for the sake of this. Let’s say inch sorry Baby shower, I’m sorry. I’ve already done. Hope she’ll BabyCenter Was parents Interest you can see how we can actually change all of this bold edit so Before we schedule an ad. We always want to make it in the next day In your ad account. Okay, so you just do that you go I don’t know why it does that but you just do that zero zero so it’s from midnight You don’t want to have an end date leave I HC know you can change the ages and this saves you a lot of time And we go gender and we just go so draft and there we go They’re all up to date and you know if I had that all correct that’s now all related and hanison accurate and We schedule them for midnight. Okay, so that is what I do For interests for the peekaboo bear. Let’s get into the other one, which is the black face mask, right? So back to this black face mask we can see that this is for women that are trying to replenish and revitalize and just make their skin look healthy and clean and Just maintain it in a very good complexion again, we have a look at all the reviews we can see that it’s a very good product that I’m liking and just a little Tip it is a winning product because it’s very cheap. We can market this to the US. It’s very easy to ship And it’s got a ton of orders that I’m sure you can take a piece of bottom so let’s jump into Anne’s manager again and Let’s get this started. So again we choose purchase I’ve just chosen the word draft. We change it three dollars We change it to midnight. Okay, we change it to United States. Oh And I do apologize. I forgot to change it to people who live in this location. Okay, so that’s important We change it to 25 and up English only Women all right, and we go edit placements take out desktop And make it Facebook community mostly sales are going to come from Facebook newsfeed anyway, so Generally speaking. That’s a general rule. Okay. All right. So we’ve now made our first one so this is a Beauty item. Okay. So when I think of beauty again just go off my gut feeling I don’t think of anything amazing I just purely go off by what my gut tells me So if I go with like them and it would be Sephora Sephora is a brand that’s a large sort of Brand around beauty we can see this is a very large audience Very large but I like this okay, and we can see that in the United States We have a lot of people so we know that a lot of women are very interested in this and so we’re gonna rename this support alright, and you can do this how you want as well so you can go duplicate each time and You could do every ad set individually if you find it easier. I just wanted to show you different ways so if we put another one Make up. All right So make up artist Okay, so that’s okay, so here we go we’ll take out that and put cosmetics Okay, so it’s still very buggy So, I think it’s it’s actually broken but we know that a Broad interest like cosmetics is bound to have a lot of people in it and that’s probably over 10 mil. Okay That’s probably over 10 million and you can see how I’ve got a heap of different Actual ideas here that we can use as as well, I’m going to use cosmetics for this one Okay, and I want to once medics now I wanted to show you if you ever get stuck something that You know, we all have these monfriez up in your image manager up here we can actually click down there and we can go audience insights if We open up audience insights in a new tab if you ever get stuck, this is the perfect tool for you Just get everyone in on Facebook. And because we’re going in the u.s. Works. Well anyway, so let’s put in makeup Okay, maybe a bit more towards cosmetics Cosmetics Okay, give it a moment We can see if we’ve got a large audience and what we basically want to do is just look at page marks Because these are interests so they’re not 100% accurate. But again, we’ve got like Sephora We can Narrow down and try and get some ideas on Various things then why usually look for? cosmetics shops I like to look for magazines brands Okay, so if I can find some magazines I find magazines do well Magazines and see magazines and my soap miss them. Okay I’m pretty sure one magazine is Is cosmopolitan through memory? I am really bad memory when it comes to these. So that’s why I usually have to refresh my memory So it causes I’m Way off. Okay. So this is where at times that I know you tend to forget All right, so let’s put in so screaming out I know that’s actually a fashion bread so if you ever unsure as well, you can actually just click that page and you can see here that this is more related to fashion and Although fashion works. Well, this is not exactly what we’re after We want to be a bit more specific if we have a look at Ulta beauty We might get a better idea All right, so uLTA Beauty perfect so we can see that it’s all about makeup and there are various things that Make women happy there. So we’re gonna use that one as well. So we’re gonna use ultra beauty Auto Beauty now. I don’t know if okay. So we’ve got another large audience we can see it’s actually over there So we’re gonna spoil this ultra beauty All right, Daniel as’ so if we now try and find let’s put in a bit more of a specific word Okay, let’s put in Sephora or Wonderful, and let’s see what results we get. Now it’s gonna narrow down Okay, so we got a bit more specific here. We got our bird Birchbox, I know you know that we’ve got health and beauty. So we’ve got these other interests, you know, oopsie I’ve heard of that one. They have a look at it see All right, so this is definitely a brand We’ve got oopsie there now. I’m trying to find some magazines a lot of me I’m either missing the milk time, but another one that’s good is on TV shows as well So if we have a look at TV shows front cover Okay, so what’s this about? This looks like it’s just about home living I wouldn’t go with that one. That’s not understant relevant if we have a look Refinery this looks like it’s about But no, it just doesn’t But we got ABC at least. Okay, so I like epsy. I want to try it oopsie. So if we did you take this again And while it’s doing that I’m gonna try and find some other interest so you can see how this doesn’t take that long I’m just trying to give you a good idea of exactly how you can narrow down and Use it’s okay. So we’ve got BH Cosmetics, NARS cosmetics and body and works. So let’s have a look at the three of these I presume you up So we’ve got another brand okay nearly 2-million we’ve got NARS cosmetics which is over two million and we’ve got Bath Body and works and that is a large one So I’m definitely using that one Fabulous stuff we put in there an audience of that size. It’s very It’s not Facebook Okay fabulous So bad in works. Yeah, beautiful and it’s actually within the two to ten mil all right, and if we do it one more time and Let’s just have a look. I know we’ve had a look here. But let’s see if we can find something in a different sub niche category that Might be of use so public fit is public figures worked really well, too Because you know people don’t like to follow a person Whatever he or she is about What? Okay But anyway, I’m not Relevant. Okay, so freeform So let’s have a look at freeform. I like the sound of that one No, okay, so you just again I’m gonna go with you and gut feeling I just don’t feel good about that one So, let’s have a look at a retail company Retail company t.j.maxx All right. So this looks like a the right type of one To me this is about Lifestyle and it’s very geared towards women. They have a large audience. So, let’s see if I can actually find this one I just want to try this one so t.j.maxx Fabulous we have it and it’s perfect size, right? So let’s reach again. You ignore the conversions? Okay, so you can see how easy it is to really actually find interests. We’ve got a heap here that we can choose from Just from having an idea of what type of product this is and who it’s gonna market to We can just use our gut feeling and if whatever I’m not sure we can just use the audience insights tool put in some broad Words and you’re good to go. So as promised here is the Winning product that I solved quite a while ago Because everyone commented crush it down below I’ll be providing more of these in the future as well But I wanted to show you this one and this was quite early in this stages of my e-commerce Career, you can see here. It was November 2017. Okay, so This was I think one of my first winners and I could have scaled this quite high if I had the knowledge that I do now In fact, I know people that marketed this product quite higher now funnily enough. I don’t know what exactly I did but I am basically, this is on an old pixel community gift store was the store you can see you have twenty-one purchases and But I don’t know. I must have deleted some headsets or something. I don’t know. I’m sorry. You can see here I was targeting UK US As well when I was doing this, I believe most of my sales at the time actually came from the UK Which is the case you can see I don’t know my column said up a hundred percent, correct? You can see why I didn’t do that well, but the winning product here is a I made a beauty and the beast’ page in fact and It was this ring here this necklace. Sure you have no review of seeing this necklace and I just made it was just a pure image and Other people have gone on to then scale this product far beyond what I could at the time I didn’t know what I was doing the most I got in a day was I think 12 sales and that for me was? Massive back in the day. I was selling the item only for 20 bucks I could have easily pushed that higher but you can see that it has a lot of comments and shares and yeah I wasn’t doing things properly, but I just found this on Aliexpress I found it while so I found on Facebook then got from our Express And people absolutely loved it The one that sold the most the variant was the gold one People really loved it know as many targeting people that loved Beauty and the Beast because it’s the rose from that Okay, so I’ll be providing more of these as long as we keep commenting and liking in future videos Don’t forget though in this one comment Crush it down below to get to being the chance to win one of two 15-minute coaching calls of myself for our guys So I hope you enjoyed today’s video guys on face book interest targeting how to do it and the strategy behind it Okay So from beginner to advanced super easy As you can tell giving you all the tools and the methodologies behind it to be able to start getting those results You just need to keep applying these practices and you’re gonna find a winning product before you know it, okay You just need to follow this process I’ll be putting a link down below for the Presentation for you to use for the metrics are to help you understand that highly recommend that you go and watch my other face book videos on Beginner to advanced, you know a doozy as well as how to set up a shop of high converting Shopify store Remarketing and I’ll be adding a lot more of these videos on each element to really help you understand Learn and apply that as soon as possible and start getting the results. Ok, guys So all you need to do is put this in place. Don’t forget to Like share subscribe and hit that notification bell. Alright and If you have any questions, just ask down below on what you would like to see next I am thinking about another Facebook related video. That’s up and coming that I plan to do Because I think people have really been liking those but until the next video thank you, but I also just want to lastly add that I do have a Group mastermind that’s coming up as well really exciting stuff with a couple of other Six and seven figure gurus and I’ve got some other works in place with some other big known people as well Where we’re going to be working together help give you all as much value as possible. So stay tuned for that It’s going to be absolutely fantastic Thank you so much for your time

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