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NEW Best ALTERNATIVE To Facebook Ads DROPSHIPPING 2019 | FREE Youtube Ads Beginner Course(Live)

NEW Best ALTERNATIVE To Facebook Ads DROPSHIPPING 2019 | FREE Youtube Ads Beginner Course(Live)

everyone in today’s video we’re going
into the new best Facebook Ads alternative free crash course let’s go
everyone and welcome my name is Ricky Hayes is an absolutely pleasure to have
you here today in this free youtube ads mini crash course you’re gonna
absolutely love make sure that you subscribe to today’s video make sure you
smash that like button comment down below crush it and any other videos that
you would like to see it helps me to define what videos you want so let’s
jump straight into why YouTube ads I wanted to quickly explain this because
it’s really important I want you to understand our live detail so YouTube as
I’ve said in a previous video it’s very similar to Facebook ads in fact I’d
recommend going watch that video I’ll put a link in here after this instan
that with YouTube that you understand that instead of interests we use things
known as in-market audiences affinity audiences and keywords so keywords being
a search term basically what you type in that search box is a keyword search term
if you want to know more about that go on watch my video on Google Ads there’s
a link there it’s important you understand something and that’s also the
GU YouTube which is owned by Google is a very undervalued marketing platform okay
especially for ecommerce and we only recently starting to see people use
YouTube ATS okay example I showed was five seconds or whatever you want to
call them okay they’re just and one example of an e-commerce store that’s
drop shipping that’s doing well there’s many brands that are doing it whether
it’s for Legion or e-commerce we can use the videos that we have created from
Facebook and put them into Google okay now there’s a specific way to do these
types of things it doesn’t have to be perfect it’s important it is important
to understand with Google marketing you should always be remarking as well so if
you want to know more about that make sure you comment that down below I will
consider making a remarketing video as well I just want to add some references
for how to make videos okay if you don’t know already there’s a link
that’s a free YouTube video that I made as well as again the Google course okay
so let’s get a bit further into the nitty-gritty so you can start to
understand how this all comes together okay so the first thing to be honest
about is YouTube ads is not quick Google YouTube being Pinterest nearly anything
other than Facebook or in Pinterest whatever it’s not quick results I still
use Facebook but it’s important that I tell you that it doesn’t get instant
results you can get sales but you may not be able to scale as quick okay it’s
far fewer people are able to scale really quick so keep that in mind if you
want to learn facebook just watch that video there next it’s important that we
understand what CPB stands for cost per view okay YouTube is a video sharing
platform okay and it’s all about video so they use a cost per view metric
there’s different types of metrics like engagement and bidding strategies in
that sorry is what I meant and then there’s things known as CPA CPA is
something you want to keep in your mind long term only when you’re getting a
good amount of conversions so CPA cost per acquisition cost of purchase same
things different word okay important that you need to know that your
conversion tracking needs to be a hundred percent set up if it’s not
you’re not going to get the sales and you’re not going to be able to scale
okay you’re gonna be flying blind I’ve made that mistake many times so I’m
gonna be honest about that you need a split test your creatives preferably –
okay – in an ad group and if you haven’t watched my Google Ads videos I recommend
you do it because YouTube is nearly the exact same approach as what you do with
Google because it’s all integrated in the same platform so it’s very very
helpful for you I’ll be honest not all videos are products on YouTube convert
it’s the same with Facebook but I want you to be prepared going into it knowing
that they don’t convert so you need to give it time and you need to go in with
the mind that it’s potentially not gonna convert so I want to be honest so what
what are the things are likely gonna convert is your question okay
kitchen our food kitchen lifestyle gym gaming
make up jewelry fashion okay those are the drop shipping niches for us that can
work well okay now obviously there’s also technology again technology is
great but you know I just don’t like the whole warranty side of it I just always
get concerned by that so that’s why that’s not included okay but it’s
important as well that for each of these you need to have a video even if it’s a
slideshow video but remember it’s very different to Facebook most of your
videos will be showing before another person’s video that’s that’s the way I
generally do it it’s called in-stream ads so let’s say
before this video my video unless you add like ad blocker on turn it off now
I’m joking I don’t really care anyway but make sure as well that you
understand that that’s what an in-stream ad is and if you have like a non
engaging video on a video set rent centric platform known as Google YouTube
sorry then it’s not going to work I always say Google I’m just used to
saying it I want you to understand that it can take 30 to 60 days before you
start seeing results okay I want to make that perfectly clear I don’t want to lie
to people and say that this is quick cash it’s not how I work and it’s not
the truth I want you to please understand that the people that are
getting success will spent a good amount of money to then get the data and then
optimize it once you actually pay the data on Google you can merely optimize
and nearly guarantee profit if you know how to interpret the data okay so you
need to give it time and you need to interpret the data and please PLEASE
retarget if you do want a video a bit more on that comment down below
obviously cause students you guys are a number of this is already in the course
so please make sure to watch that more detail okay because retargeting works
very well and you want to do like a view cap of like three because you you want
to retarget to them up to three times in a day because people can watch multiple
YouTube videos but you don’t want to do it too much for starters and you
definitely need to retarget because people skip ads if you’re sitting out
watching this video you probably skip heap of you will skip the ads and that’s
fine but it’s important that you understand that if you skip the ads then
it’s likely that people for other niches do the same okay
and so you know retargeting we want to try and retarget they’re gonna clock off
we need to do retargeting to try and really reinforce our product and because
YouTube is quite unsaturated it can actually work quite well all right so
let’s move on to the last slide before I get into showing you all of this really
important so we’re gonna set up our first campaign now okay so at this stage
in this course you should it’s bare minimum you need a Google Ads account
and you need your conversion tracking setup a minimum okay so you need you
need both of those set up there is actually a lot more to it than I would
recommend but I’m not gonna get into that today we’re gonna be specific about
you want to try and aim for a 30 to 60 second video most videos for e-commerce
that work well on Facebook are about 30 60 seconds not in all cases but in many
cases so a thirty to sixty second rule okay
I already linked there and this slide is in the description down below on how to
make videos so I recommend you go and do that if you do want to know a bit more
about what’s known as storyboarding it’s a term that I technically used and I’ve
just used as a term and it’s it’s the term used to plan out in your video okay
because there is a there is a benefit in storyboarding because obviously then
you’re gonna make a higher quality video that’s more engaging I want to be honest
that the ideal budget you want to aim for is $20 a day now before you say well
that’s a lot remember with Google $20 a day isn’t
that much okay and the hardest part with Google is you’re going to have to spend
a bit of money before you technically start getting decent results that’s just
how the platform is because you’re it’s not like with Facebook where it targets
based specifically on interest in it and it works quite well like that Google has
keywords YouTube channels affinity in market you
can even target down to the individual video per se which is what I’m going to
teach you a little bit about I as a general pro tip I please implore you to
if you’re on a budget don’t make the mistake I did
I had a fifty dollar campaign that’s spent over four hundred dollars in a day
I have no idea why it didn’t that make me kill it silly I’m stupidly enough so
please make an automatic rule make an automatic rule you can do that in Google
really easy that says if spent over twenty five dollars kill all campaigns
all right I just recommend that in a day if you’re if you’re wanting to be budget
conscientious so you don’t have a spin because Google can do that Google can
and will do that at times and make sure you again understand that Google takes
at least 30 days to optimize so I wanted to give you a bit of an example so
whatever your budget is times by 30 so if you spend $20 a day gonna be spending
600 a month it could actually spend day one $5 day to $4 and day three $40 and
then day for $100 and then day five $20 okay it’s not like Facebook where the
budget you set whether it’s on a CBO or a single budget ad set it’s going to
fluctuate and that comes down to the amount of people watching the video a
lot of different elements but Google always optimizes over a 30 day window so
in theory regardless of what you might spend a huge amount one day very little
next over a 30 day window you should see if you haven’t made any changes to your
budget in theory you should have spent $600 Google honors that okay it looks at
your budget not as a it’s going to apply that daily but it actually looks at
overall 30 day and it tries to optimize by the best times that’s why it’s going
to spend a lot and spend a little alright so please I implore you to not
get too concerned and if you are make sure you put a rule in place to stop
wastage of your money if that is a problem in your situation okay so let me
put this all together and teach you a little bit more about it so you can
actually see rather than just a theory the practical
song all right so I’m in one of my google app accounts this is just for
training and I’ve got my YouTube channel up here blah blah blah and I’ve just
copied one video now if you want to know more about that
that stuff’s more in my course there’s a specific way of doing it but I’m not
gonna get into it today so let’s go and make a new campaign so generally now
you’ve got two choices you can either do it manually or via sounds and see you’ve
got video see how all my other videos tie into this you got search display
shopping smart all right that’s primarily for us what it comes down to
and and obviously didn’t your video but if you did it manually you can do CPV
bidding if you do sales you don’t have that option okay so if you do sales you
can only do CPA or maximize conversions which can work well but it’s more
upfront expense to get that data and can be more expensive the people are
starting to learn learn the ropes it is my recommendation until about probably a
week of marketing to get a better idea I recommend that people start out like
this you want to start by choosing a non guided video and custom so you’ve got
all these different types you know if we chose drive conversions would still only
have the bidding of CPA and maximize conversions but with this we also have
the ability to run in-stream ads interim ads can work very very well drive
conversions is always where you want to be and you can even do YouTube shopping
now so you can actually make you you have to bind the video but you can bind
your Merchant Center which is in another video to this and you can actually do
google shopping on YouTube which is really really cool
it’s only something I’ve started doing you can promote relevant products and
get people to shop on your website with skippable in-stream ads okay skippable
in-stream ad and they can do that as well but we’re not gonna get into that
today we’re gonna go into an easy one which is in-stream ads we’re gonna go
continue and then you want to give it a name so we’re going to name
video campaign dog car whatever works for you doesn’t matter you can go see
how we’ve got CPM you don’t want CPM you want cost per view
you don’t want campaign – unless you were on a very tight budget blah blah
it’s up to you I recommend going daily if you run automated rules it’s the same
as running a overall budget again like it just as long as you keep an eye open
for it so I recommend for many others 20 dollars a day
don’t turn delivery method to accelerate that is actually being as a pro tip
phased out I believe in the next couple of weeks I remember seeing an email from
it and one of the mates telling me that so don’t put a now the cool thing with
Google I was post Facebook is you can put your start date is instantly
it usually takes 24 to 48 hours for it start getting tangible result generally
so you don’t have to worry about if you are worried about it scheduled for
midnight the following night all right that’s my recommendation if you’re
worried about that but otherwise don’t be you got your networks so you can
generally what I do is ads can appear next to search results on YouTube you
can use video discovery ads only so I don’t generally do that you want YouTube
videos ads can appear on YouTube videos channel pages and the YouTube home page
you can use in-stream video and discovery ads so I also untaek that you
just want on YouTube itself over time you might want to test these but
generally you will just want to do YouTube videos because the way I do it
is i buying it to specific YouTube videos and I’ll explain more in a moment
so you choose your language choose your country to default to Australia for many
of you I would recommend America okay so you can add whatever countries you want
um most of you all be – United States very very own saturated now this
standard inventory limited yeah don’t be too worried by it google
recommends this I just leave it basically the expanded means it can show
up on more potentially illicit material and I just go standard and make Google
do the hard work you can also exclude it intentionally from this content I
generally leave it because our inventory is set to recommended it’s fine and then
you can even be even more granular this is entirely up to you up to one thing I
do is I don’t want it to show on live streaming or embedded videos okay I
don’t want it on embedded videos on because embedded videos are likely off
of youtube I want it to primarily show on YouTube I just like to keep it
consistent like that that’s just how I prefer to do it additional settings make
sure us have a look at this you can show on all eligible devices if you let’s say
use Google Analytics which you should be if you want to know more about Google
Analytics hacks which can help you boost your conversion rate comment that down
below but you can set specific targeting for devices okay which is really cool I
love that I love that I love stuff like that and you can do frequency capping
this is more for retargeting a lot more for retargeting but also good for cold
traffic so you can cap impression frequency limit how many times that ad
in the campaign can show to the same user and then limit how many times the
ads in the campaign can get a view or interaction so I generally go impression
and because of you and impression are different okay especially for CPV a
impression is up to 30 seconds it’s free okay that’s why CPV is good and a view
is someone actually watching a pass at 30 seconds counts as a view and then you
get charged okay so down the line you might want to do that but for people on
limited budgets starting out beginners which is fine I recommend we do CP F see
you see I am whatever anyway I’m well off so go to three a day alright three
day five a day would be absolute max but three a day okay so it’s like so they
see it three they’ve gotten impressions I haven’t
really watched it and then they might go into the review frequency and then you
can start doing that other additional things at that point okay so three a day
is a good starting point again schedule it all day cool thing
with Google is you can actually optimize by a time of day and the day itself but
you need a good amount of data otherwise it’s not gonna be valid
alright so please keep that in mind and give it an a group name like it can be
anything you want I generally will go off by what I’m doing in the egg group
okay and so what I mean by that is different ad groups you might have
different targeting so we’re gonna get two at the moment you might be doing
keywords so if we’re doing a keyword Ricky is awesome make sure to subscribe then that would be what I would title it
and as the title says don’t ignore that title anyway so I like to think of
myself as funny anyway so then we can have a look at demographics and this is
what’s cool as well I love Idol absolutely love it can have a look at
household income like days so cool I’ve actually had a number of campaigns where
it’s been high ticket and funnily enough it’s the lower 50% the buyer it’s like
hmm maybe you should be saving your money for your family I don’t know this
is how I look at it but anyway but you can do all of that again this stuff
starting out is not really stuff that you should change but if you’re using
google analytics you can understand that down the line when making a new campaign
all right well I know that it’s women so I take out men I know that it’s 19 to
that it’s 25 to 25 and 55 65 that’s what I love about this as well is with
Facebook you can you you can only cut out audio age demographics if it goes in
subsequent order if that makes sense like so if it’s 18 to 24 you can cut
that out but if it was 25 to 34 that you wanted to cut out you would have to make
an 18 to 24 and then a 35 Plus which I just thinks silly with Google you can
get around that okay so little things like that are really cool and you can
the audience so this is where if you were doing remarketing that’s going to
have recently suggested all that jazz but you can do you know so you can do
remarketing here I’m not gonna get into that today but you can do remarketing
affinity custom affinity sorry as well I forgot about that in market life events
custom intent custom intents actually really cool as well but I’ve only
started using that and then you can have combinations so in google you can have
in your audience manager up the top here you can actually make multiple audiences
okay so let’s say you have multiple audiences of three different videos and
you know if someone’s watch this fine someone’s which just want someone you
can’t combine them and make it into one audience and and you can then market to
them if you want it just as an example okay um so generally keywords again is
like Google with the scag approach we’re not going to do that today topics topics
is really good and can be really granular if your topic makes sense so
let’s choose dogs as an example why did Hummer come up I don’t know why
where’s the word dog in any of this there we go something that actually
makes sense I don’t know why a baby in pet name there we go so you can choose
that animal welfare pet veterinarians dogs I wouldn’t choose cats and animal
sports there you go so and then you can see that audience size is going to
increase all right we’ve got 800 million people of impressions sorry I should say
impressions that’s not necessarily 800 million I don’t know if I chose the
whole world okay so if we chose a truck Australia that should reduce there we go
to five now so that’s part of the reason but let’s let the way I normally do it
is through placement so I’m not gonna get too much into that today but you can
do channels which is really cool and you can do videos if you want to know more
about this side of it make sure to give me a bell basically you need to scrape
YouTube channels from what I’ve learned from other YouTube experts the best way
to run YouTube is scraping in entire channels worth of
videos so what I mean is with my channel let’s say what 10k subs not a huge
amount but enough let’s say that you get all my video URLs and put them in why do
you do that over just off I could just copy the channel which I could show you
like for instance this is this is my my channel URL that’s every channel if you
go to the home page thing we’ll have a site will have a unique URL handle on
the end here and you could copy that in so let me just show just do it as an
example channel and we put that in so there we go so I could choose my entire
channel and and market to that not a bad idea but just as an example but then you
could be even more granular so I can teach that more in another lesson if you
are interested but the benefit of being more granular with Google is you have
more control okay it’s like the YouTube video is the keyword okay and you
generally want to try you don’t necessarily have to stick to one channel
you stick to a heap of different popular type of videos and put them in there
okay and we use the sort of criteria to determine it and that’s really
beneficial for us um because then we can when using videos that have high
engagement okay that we’ve watched to some degree have a quiet correlation to
our product and then as a result you can correlate that and say alright well it’s
quite logical to say that people that are watching this if I show my ad in
front of them there’s a good chance that I’m going to with a good video get an
interaction that is what I’m after okay so that’s why we do it that way now
let’s go back and I’m just going to copy this one alright and so you know you
have to create the video okay so again I’m just gonna copy that one in so you
have to create a video if you want to know more about that stuff that’s in my
course I’m not gonna go through that today you can do video discovery so if I
was trying to is what I’m actually planning to do run
a Discovery ad so that my channel gets more views and hopefully more
subscribers well then that’s what I would do if I want to run an in-stream
ad to try and promote something that’s what I do and we can see a preview and
we’ve put the final URL I’m gonna put it whatever the same thing and make sure
you display part URL is something good in terms of it has to be in the same
domain name so generally what I notice a lot of people do on YouTube is let’s say
it’s like a free webinar because those things are you know a lot of people do
webinars and stuff on YouTube info products free webinar dot my YouTube
whatever calm okay that actually helps will click through rates free webinar
don’t go blah blah it actually helps with you click-through rates and then
you call to action always do your call to action
let’s say this was so he always wants shop now and you always want to add in
headline it’s pretty limited to what we can add 15 characters so best dog wait yes
legend anyway so and then you can auto generate and if you may if you’re in my
course and that you’ll know more about this but basically you know this is why
would you tube it’s all about preparation there’s a lot more on the
back end that we can do to make this even better but you can see how easy
this really is and you want to name the ad name so whatever the video is so
Ricky Hayes alternative alright alright save continue sorry
oh I’m me I did miss that so your bidding the thing with bidding is you
can start it very low so generally you want to start no more than 50 cents okay
so 50 cents and then you find save continue and that’s how you make what
yeah so then you’re gonna have times like this as well so let’s go you go
spring go ya know violated sometimes it can be really
random there we go I don’t know why that violates that but
try it sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t I’ll probably have just
overlooked something obvious all right and that’s how you make your staying
campaign I’m obviously going to disable this now and that’s it okay so that’s
your starting campaign for YouTube ads and how you use it if you want to know
more about like YouTube ads with remarketing if you want to know more
about conversion tracking if you want to know more about product research or
competitor research to find good videos comment that stuff down below I’m trying
to make only videos that people really want based on the engagement okay guys
so make sure you comment that down below so either way I hope this has been
helpful to get you started on understanding YouTube a lot more and
understanding a lot more about the platform with a lot more videos in this
space to come and that concludes today’s Facebook Ads alternative being YouTube
ads I hope you did enjoy it if you did make sure you like make sure you
subscribe for more weekly content comment down below crash it to going the
chance to win the 30 minute call and any other videos you would like to see again
I can catenate them so that I can make videos around them I really enjoy it it
helps to keep me motivated as well so thank you in advance to everyone and
congratulations to damns on winning the my course as well as a
1-hour call with myself congratulations thank you to everyone who entered the
competition from last video it was astounding all we had to do was enter
and type 1 0 K 10 K so thank you again for everyone subscribing to my channel I
really do want to try and provide you high quality content so I’ve been
working really hard on that so videos that I have in the in the works or like
ideas a lot of feedback Facebook CBO Pinterest more YouTube of course Shopify
conversion rate hacks have all been requested so tell me what sort of what
things are like there’s plenty of content to go around and help now I
wanted to give back to the community because there’s a lot of fantastic
people out there so if you want to fire expert
you can help make Shopify store there’s a link there he also does SEO there’s a
link there I get nothing for this I just want to help out hard-working people if
you want a graphic designer he also does video editing in I believe Adobe
Premiere and forgotten the other one I apologize but thank you anyway he is a
great graphic designer you can talk to him through that link there it’s
fantastic and you can also check out my previous video which is an alternative
to Aliexpress there you drop e great great app and getting a lot of good
feedback about it and people really like it and it is free now also if you want a
private agent the one that I used as well
Bernard lovely man from a lovely team in China there’s the email they’re the
reason I’m putting it there as well and contact me on Instagram it was I don’t
know I’d forget and I apologize to those who had so I want to put it there so
that you guys can just jump in get plenty of resources and get your journey
kick-started all right guys that’s what I’m really trying to and then you got my
other links as well which I’ve explained many times so if you want product
research tools there’s plenty there if you want to be an affiliate of my course
or join my course there’s links there and plenty of playlists to help keep you
entertained and help with the education please make sure to watch this stuff
it’s going to only help you in the long term regardless of what path you take in
life there’s stuff this super valuable knowledge and that’s why I want to give
it to you so you can help have the advantage in your life so once again
thank you so much for watching today I hope you have a lovely day I hope you
take care and good bye

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