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New Amazon Book Ads Update (Explained)

New Amazon Book Ads Update (Explained)

hey guys Dave Chesson here of Kindlepreneur and if you didn’t hear amazon has made some major changes to their
Amazon book ads system now unlike some of the changes of the past this is
actually a really good one and I’m gonna give two thumbs up to Amazon for making
these because well if you’ve been doing Amazon book ads these are things that
you’ve probably been begging for and in this video I’m gonna show you exactly
what those changes are and how they’ll affect you but before I get into that if
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my new YouTube videos comes out and with that let’s begin so there are three key
areas that Amazon has changed in their new update the first is the
advertisement modes the second is the Amazon dashboard and the third is
product targeting let’s start with the advertising modes when AMS or Amazon
book advertisements started there were only two modes that you can choose from
the first was sponsored products and the second was product display however
though on January 7th 2019 Amazon is has done away with the ability for authors
to use the product display mode and instead brought in a new one lockscreen
mode with the lockscreen mode your ads will now appear on the lock screen of a
Kindle as well as on the home page of a Kindle and a little bit different on
whether or not the person has a fire tablet this is really cool because as
we’re picking up books we’ll be able to see your book and potentially just click
a couple of buttons the next thing you know download it on our Kindle all right
the next big change is the Amazon dashboard now this one is like super
slick awesome I don’t know about you but I’ve been begging for this opportunity
back in the day we would have this ho-hum droll version that was like
ridiculous I mean come on Amazon you know like a billion trillion dollar
company here you can’t make a dashboard that gives us key data I mean you guys
collect data what gives the worst part was you would have to click export
export the data and then do your own excel wizardry in order to see the
difference of your sales per day today not anymore
as you can see with the new dashboard it’s got a lot more information first
off we have filters now this may not be big to you but if you have
two different campaigns being able to set a filter so you can see certain
types of campaigns as they compare to others is huge say for example you want
to look at how your sponsor product ads are comparing to your lockscreen ads you
can quickly filter out and see what those look like as compared to the other
the next feature is the data range feature this little guy will allow you
to change up the dates so you can see how you’ve been performing either
yesterday a week ago lifetime you name it it’s all right
there the third is bulk edits you can start selecting your campaigns and then
you have options here where you can start to select how you want to change
up those campaigns all with a couple clicks of a button the fourth is the
ability to customize your columns so say for example you prefer to see clicks or
whatever you can choose that and your dashboard will change so you see the
numbers you want to see and finally is the export capability which what’s
different about this is you can now export your lifetime data then there’s
product targeting in product targeting you can go after this particular book
this particular category or you can also make sure that your advertisement
doesn’t show up for a particular book as well so you may be asking yourself what
is the difference between keyword targeting and product targeting when it
comes to a specific book and keyword targeting you enter in a general keyword
which could be the title or a descriptive phrase or the name of an
author and Amazon uses that data to say okay these are the words they’re going
after and it will show your book for those however though when you do a
product targeting this is where you’re specifically telling Amazon only this
book I want to show up for that particular book and no other version of
that to do this you have to insert the Asin number which is Amazon’s standard
identification number it’s a 10 digit number that is specific to every product
kind of like its fingerprint and when you input the asi in number into the
product targeting Amazon knows that only that target is the one you want to go
after another thing that’s about product targeting is the categories these
categories are the categories that your book has been selected for and those are
the categories that you can choose to advertise to so this kind of makes
choosing your categories a bit more and especially using the 10 category
method that I talked about in the video which we’ll have in the description
below and yes you can have your book added to more than two categories like
most people think and it’s just a little bit of a process but it’s a really good
one and in this case it offers you more to advertise to alright guys so we just
covered the three major changes that Amazon did for their Amazon ad system
and like I said before the change went into effect on January 7 2009 teen now
if you have a product display ad up it’s still running however though on February
5th 2019 Amazon will stop them and you will no longer be able to use the
product display capability now if you’re not familiar with Amazon book ads and
you would like to learn more then be sure to check out my full free course at
AMS course com in the coming weeks from this video being made I’m going to be
updating it to include not only all the new information that we just presented
but also some of my experience as well as some of the things I’ve gained from
testing on not just my books and other people’s books but even other publishing
company’s books and again that course is absolutely free so be sure to check that
out alright and with that I’m Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur signing off

25 thoughts on “New Amazon Book Ads Update (Explained)

  1. My sales completely nosedived recently, from 1-3 a day to 0. It seems to be linked to the timing of this change 🤔 I've got 5 ads running on UK and 4 on US, and it's the same across the board.

    But Amazon did reach out last week, and I've got a 30 minute phonecall booked with them tomorrow to discuss how to optimize, so hopefully I can reverse the negative trend.

    Love your work dude, and I can't wait for your future videos/blogs/Rocket updates

  2. It's a great update! Makes things a lot more streamlined. Also thanks for the AMS course, I took it a while back and it helped a lot! Long live Kindlepreneur.

  3. Glad to see another great video from you. I’m not sure how you find the time to do it all(research/update kdprocket, do videos, be a husband, dad, etc) , but we’re sure glad you do!!!

  4. Great Video Man – Always appreciate how much Free Value you give to the Self-Publishing Community. The new Dashboard looks good and seems like it has some added features that can really speed up the process of making a profit with using the Ads.

    On a side note I still got to go back to your other video on Blasty and Blast some pirates, been meaning to do that for a while. This video reminded me. Looking forward to the updates.

    God Bless,

    2 Tim 1:7

  5. Dave I have clients who want me to publish their books & ebooks , what do you recommend regarding royalties and fees to charge clients for publishing their works?

  6. I love this video and HAVE to ask… how are you able to get 10% ACOS?

    Is that something you cover in your free Amazon Ads course? I've watched it a while back but don't remember seeing an ACOS as amazing as that.


  7. Great quality video and professional delivery as always brother. After watching the video, I'm not sure why someone would use a specific book for targeting. Wouldn't it be more beneficial to just have the title of the book as one of the keywords, especially if it's a series? Is there a benefit to using one over the other?

  8. Mr. Freebie. He's amazing, knowledgeable and generous. Hooray for Dave! I just used your FREE HTML book description aid, and it has saved me many hours (tons of hours) of work. I now have clean, easily seen and enticing book descriptions for all of my books. Prior to that, I had been sweating over HTML code to get the description to look right. Now, it's easy. Thanks again, Dave.

  9. Thanks for the video. one question, wich campaing is the most recommend for kindle books? sponsored products or lockscreen ads? my best regards

  10. Thanks for the answer, I just take your AMS course, its great thank you very much. Another question. In your personal opinion, what is the recommend budget for kindle fiction books? to start to get results. my best regards

  11. Hey Dave, great video and as always, super informative. It feels like the new product targeting option could be a real game changer for newer authors who can target specific products from particular authors that are at the same "level", for lack of a better word. Are there any plans to update KDP Rocket with an option to perform comparable title searches and automatically retrieve ASINs to input in this new ad targeting option?

  12. Dave: Thank you so much for making all this information free. This was an excellent description of how Amazon Ads works and how to use it to sell more books..

  13. Thanks again, one question. the investment for campaings, amazon substract from the royalties (if ROI is positive)?, or we have to pay the investment before?. Thanks

  14. Thanks for the video. Question…In doing keyword/niche research I used to see sponsored ads on the first, second, third pg etc of every niche I searched, but now I don't see sponsored ads anywhere. I noticed this in the past several weeks. Does this have something to do with the changes you're talking about that Amazon did in Jan 2019? Since I'm not seeing sponsored ads anywhere, are AMS ads still an effective way to generate sales for your books?

  15. Will there be an updated publisher rocket 2.0 video and how it works? or is it somewhere and I missed it? Thank you. I'm new to non fiction book research!

  16. Hi, I am now ready to publish my book. But i'm trying to test out AMS ads on an already published book and I'm getting the error: 'You cannot launch a campaign due to an issue with your payment method. You may only save a draft of your new campaign.' Have you ever come across this and how can I fix it?

  17. hi Dave, created few screen lock ads for my kindle book. Amazon rejected one of my ad, when I selected non-fiction category. Also not seeing sub sections in non-fiction. Particularly I am looking for philosophy, spiritual categories for ad. Could you please help me with this, or point me to a video in case you already addressed this. Thanks for your support.


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