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Never seen before!! | Harvesting Thousands of fish the most popular fish in the Philippines

Never seen before!! | Harvesting Thousands of fish the most popular fish in the Philippines

Around two tons. Hey guys, it’s another beautiful morning once again, and you are here back at Dexter’s World Channel . Today we will make a video on how to harvest the milk fish And this is owned by my cousin’s Shout-out to Wilson Junsay and Merlyn Junsay the owner of this very big pond of Milk fish they are Expecting to harvest more than ten thousand pieces of this Milk fish and this Milk Fish is around three or four months old already and each of them Will weigh 1/2 kilo, so that’s a lot of money that they are going to earn now, and I’m so excited To share with you the mechanics And to give you the tips on how to operate this kind of business We will have some sort of an interview with the caretakers of this farm Guys we will catch this big shrimps. This is commonly known as ” Lukon” here in a place. We will try to catch this one This is that the full size yet, but this is very delicious this shrimp This is not to be harvested yet because this is very small. Once this will grow big they will harvest this one. Oh Say welcome to Dexter’s world, welcome to Dexter’s. Whoa. Come on, you swim swim swim And guys you may wonder what are these birds doing here in this tank they know that today is the scheduled harvest for the milk fish and they are there because they wanted to eat The small fish that are now very visible and very easy for them to catch. So these herons are migratory birds, they came actually from other countries as far as Malaysia Indonesia and other neighboring countries here in the Philippines. Come on Heron. Fly. Oh My go to your world So guys this is the powder which is called Tea seed Powder this is very useful during harvest season And they’re putting this one in the upper portion of this pond The tendency is as soon as the milk fish will smell this powder They will become dizzy and it’s really very easy for them now to be caught Guys please be with me now as we are going there and we will witness how they’re gonna drive this milk fish This is the higher portion of the pond and they are driving now the fish towards the trap so that they can collect and gather all this Milk fish and They are putting the Tea seed powder to Make this Milk Fish fish a little bit dizzy and easy to gather or collect So, this is What they do they are using the net and they are going to drive away This Milk Fish towards the trap so that they can gather and collect that so easily And this Milkfish now already felt dizzy because of the Tea Seed powder that they are using these guys are Now ready to catch all the milk fish Guys this is Alani Almain hand. He is tasked to Put some powder this Tea Seed powder At the upper portion of this fish pond And they are actually reducing the water because it’s low tide now and the water from here we go to the river Maybe one hour after we gonna experience or we gonna witness how this Milkfish will be caught This is the exit gate and all the water Will past here go into the river because this time is slow tide they will release the water from the tank going to the river and this milk fish Will be gathered and collected down there and this is the process you will see that net over there This is the trap that they prepared for this milk fish And look at my friends they are here in this Bernadette the one was in charge of the counting of and the weighing of this milkfish, and he’s very rich now, My cousin Ferdinand national hero The ice will preserve this fish And they will now deliver this to the neighboring municipalities even neighboring cities And this will be displayed at the market stores and even the department stores the wet markets So this is estimated to reach around 2,500 kilos of this Milkfish This size this will weigh four pieces of this – one kilo and you are selling how much? 85 per kilo ( 1.63$) 100 I said, very cheep. It’s just 85 kilo and less than two dollars It’s very cheap and They are going to segregate this by sizes. So there is small medium and large so for the large they will weigh 3 large to 1 kilo and the medium is Four maybe – one kilo and the small ones will reach up to five For 1kilo. This is a small size the price Is 85 pesos at market that’s about 100 to 120 per kilo. Yes, we are here together with Alfred and Alfred is the one who took care of this milk fish. So we will buy 10 kilos and we will avail the medium size that is four pieces to 1 kilo we will buy at least 10 kilos So thank you guys for watching I hope you will continue to like and share videos and if you are new to our channel I would like to invite you to please subscribe and hit that notification bell For you to be notified of our future upload We are uploading videos every other day And I hope that you will be interested to be notified of our future videos Thanks for watching only here at Dexter’s World Channel You

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  1. Ang dami nitong bangus
    . 2nd comment here.
    SMALLYOUTUBER😍 Tara! Dalaw kayo sa channel ko. Sobrang saya doon.
    Dalawan time na!😊 balikan ko kayu

  2. Sir dexter does these milkfish can be also make as ornamental fishes?will they can survive in a small tank nor aquarium?i think if they are in aquarium its nice to look it up due to there colors.

  3. Wooo…tons of milkfish! It must be nice to have such fish ponds. That is a nice place, by the way. Thanks for sharing.

  4. sir arowana breeding naman.. sana ikaw yung taong mag export ng mga baby aros hindi yung tayo palagi mga pinoy umaasa sa ibang bansa…

    ive been keeping fishes since i was 8, now im 33 and its my dream that one day pinoy will be an exporter of different kinds of fishes.. we import a lot and thats the reason high quality fishes are very expensive in pet stores. i hope you will be the first pinoy to export fishes and thats my dream in general. God bless Sir.

  5. Wow another amazing video
    Thanks for sharing this sir dexter this is also verry educational
    Big lovefrom cebu

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  7. Dexter I love your videos alot. Keep up the great work. Only thing negative about this video is that the begining add which says to block adds . Blocking adds can seriously affect us youtubers financially. If it's possible please try to change the add

  8. definitely deserve the 400k subs Sir Dexter! road to 1 million here we go!

    The quality of the video production is getting good as well! Kudos to your editor and cinematographer! and syempre, to the man himself, Sir Dexter!!

  9. How did they taste….. looked yummy, I wish you showed us after frying them….Keep up the good work👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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  13. Dexter you are doing well..but people who watching you, to attach love animals..sure they not gonna see how butchering fishes. I also feel it's living fish as my pet fish. Money is not everything..

  14. Dexter I respect u a lot but not liking your way of speaking some words incorrectly like 'POND' and also many times using 'FROM HOW MANY DAYS' . This is wrong and please correct it. And yah lots of love from India☺️☺️☺️

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