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NEOM, The Futuristic Mega City Saudi Arabia Is Planning

NEOM, The Futuristic Mega City Saudi Arabia Is Planning

[Music] you can look at these ancient hills and see nothing or you can see nothing to hold you back no set ways of thinking no restrictions no divisions no excuses just endless potential this is the blank page you need to write humanity’s next chapter nyan over 25,000 square kilometers of inspiration with room for your biggest ideas a part of the world set aside for those who want to change the world a land created to free people from stress a place where pioneers and thinkers and doers can exchange ideas and get things done a startup the size of a country that will change the way we live and work forever healthier happier with more time for the things that really matter a truly global culture from every place and background you can imagine that can show the rest of the planet how it’s done with energy that flows from the Sun and wind neighborhoods that can feed and clean themselves technologies that make life everything it can be this is where we can prepare together for the next era of human progress some will look at these ancient hills and see nothing but the rest of the world will know that this is where a new way of living began discover Neil [Music]

100 thoughts on “NEOM, The Futuristic Mega City Saudi Arabia Is Planning

  1. Ironically in a nation that restricts everything from basic human rights to religious freedom… to impose a warlord's barbaric culture.

  2. How beautiful it was in Tabuk. Teim desert. I traveled all over Saudi Arabia. This is an amazing country Wild wilderness, mountains, clouds, clean sand, untouched underwater world. Soon there will be Neom, crowds of tourists, who will take away civilization by grain.

  3. Yes , and all this in sick fanatic country – Saudi Arabia , which chops to the parts it's own journalists unconvinient to the current regime. Fuck you , no one will want to live in this dreamed prison that you are building …

  4. Omg this is freaking Crazy and Creapy. It came straight out of a movie. Anyone with brains and talent can go otherwise you're stuck in the real world

  5. The idea of ​​this project is to erase all the archaeological remains of Mount Sinai, it is a conspiracy against all that is DÍOS our Creator

  6. Lol this city will last just about same as babylon did. Humans arent ment to live in cities. CIties are main reason of all diseases and mayor illnesses. No matter how much they propaganda technology and bullshit. Today's medicine is so advanced that there is no healthy people anymore. LOL. Gj people. Forgot Theocracy and God given way for you and your children to be healthy.

  7. They are trying to bring Jesus kingdom the final kingdom of peace for a thousand years…Sounds like Lucifer's city TBH. I am NOT going there. Fuck your Neom .

  8. I have an idea: Let's send all the socialists and economic leeches to this city and then the conservatives can stay in America. Sound good?

  9. Throwing away $500 billion to make City of devils?
    Just donate it to other Muslim countries in need… Yemen, Syria, Gaza
    Times are changing…

  10. Mystery Babylon is coming!

    This Futuristic Mega-City called "Neom" will be placed on Holy Land!

    Now here is why this is important, Location! Location! Location!

    Live from the Real Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia | The Underground with Joel Richardson


    "The Real Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia"


    Ron Wyatt Amazing Discoveries Full


    PROPHECY UPDATE: Third Temple Altar Dedicated


  11. Why, instead of building this city, build a starship to save people from an extinction level event on the planet? The Prince is not very wise. As of now, all it takes is some space rock or a super volcano to kill us all (pathetic). Check this:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRGvNYLNbSE

  12. se progjet les nazis américians cherchent a leurs voler comme ils leurs ont volé le pétrole en faisant croire qu'ils les protége un chantage qui dure depuis la nuit des temps et qui massacrent leurs peuples part l'invasion de prostitutiées international comme ils font en europe l'invasion de prostituées qui raportent au nazis juifs qui cherchent a monopolisé tout les pays du monde ou il y a la matiere premirer l'afrique qu'ils massacrer et cherchent a soumettre le moyen oirent principale cible les noirs les arabes les maghrebins ils se servent de leurs réseaux de prostitution drogue prostituées a banque a patrons trésorerie impots la police la gendarmerie et les légionaires des plus bas font u'ils tuent et le reste dans la prostitution drogue se n'est pas pour rien qu'ils donnent la sécurité social au prostituées en france leurs prostituées gouvernemental hommes et femmes se prostitue en france y compris pour le syndicalisme prostituées a banquiers patrons qu'ils arrosent avec 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  13. Indeed it will be the centre of the world,the high rising building shall cast shadow over these mountains ,indeed prophecy will be fulfilled,Arabia will become a land filled with palm date and fountains,desert shall be engulfed with greenary. Awe be upon those who see it !!!!!

  14. for a city in saudi arabia there surly isnt that many saudies in the promo or arabs in that matter. amazing advertisement, makes you feel like they are getting brainwashed. they probably should stop shitting at other nationalities before they try to announce a city of "diversity" cuz thats not gonna happen


  16. The heathen will look at those hills and see nothing but the new way of life began at jabal al lawz mount sinia when god gave the eternal law to moses

  17. You try to escape this city and you will probs die in the desert, ideal place to build a city which sole purpose is to control its population.

  18. It so funny how many people are freaking over a video that's just narration over stock footage, and the narration is really just gibberish.

  19. Saudi Arabia recently beheaded few dozens of people and made a public display of their bodies. I wonder were will the architects of this "paradise" find a suitable space for similar exhibitions there?

  20. These idiots still want to live in the 7th century and wanna act like they are the future, that's a big LOL from me bruh

  21. https://hotclips24.com/video/his-first-sex-with-a-cougar-mom-65323.html?utm_source=PB&utm_medium=CPC&utm_campaign=pbweb

  22. you whiny bitches. its the garden of eden. maybe potential for elitism but sounds not so. might be the birthing place of harmonious living. from it will come an example of sustainable living, future medicines all sorts of leaps for ALL of humanity but everyone sounds so fucking whiny

  23. Looks like a communist hell camp with robots and computers to make sure everything you do is known about and you don't step out of line.

  24. Good that money of petrol is used for something else than buying football teams, hotels and lot of entertainment sites in Europe or weapons companies in USA. Good to see Islam and Arabs coming back like leaders of the world civilization. Just afraid with AI, like Tesla owner said.

  25. Just remember this people; when something sounds too good to be true 99% of the times it usually is! The 1% that isn't there is still usually an ulterior motive behind it.

  26. "No restrictions," except the usual ones imposed on residents of Saudi Arabia: no alcohol, women must be covered up, no socializing between the sexes. And two years later, it's still a barren waste land.

  27. İf you don't want his the great babylonian modern judea christianity NWO then reworld the damn modern world lets build and re awaken our ancient pagan world again time is up and ticking time is now now get act!

  28. thank you SA now you are moving to western culture after destroying and dominating culture of tolerance and secularism in countries like Pakistan…good luck

  29. The small print: Still socially unacceptable like Saudi Arabia and we will prison minorities and discard human rights… WELCOME!

  30. All you people saying its the new world order are just afriad of scientific progress. Stop being held down by what you believe and keep an open mind on the future. Its progress , not evil.

  31. It’s log is the Illuminati triangle.
    It’s not a city, it’s a place where all of the rich people will be living and the Illuminati will control their wealth and they’ll be slaves. It’s a project, It’s the End.

  32. I hate that globalist super technocrat capitalist culture with all my soul. What happened to taliban spirit?

  33. NEOM will is one of the municipalities under the direct administration of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It will be a new global financial, technological center to the world, it is planned to incorporate smart city technologies and also function as a tourist destination. Also, It will have its own laws and rules.

  34. This is 2040 the future. It is a virtual simulator and CIA global does
    create new worlds. There will be NEOM a new World in Saudia Arabia in
    2030. Smart City and Growth and Free Energy! Oil is free and artificial.
    It is a simulator, we will have free oil. It is about humans and social
    interaction and collaboration.

  35. This is 2040 the future. It is a virtual simulator and CIA global does
    create new worlds. There will be NEOM a new World in Saudia Arabia in
    2030. Smart City and Growth and Free Energy! Oil is free and artificial.
    It is a simulator, we will have free oil. It is about humans and social
    interaction and collaboration.

  36. Great plan Saudi Arabia. A City to all the migrants that have come to Europa. or all people that need help in the world. a place where they can live in the religion of peace!! Neom the City of migrants

  37. Do they have holodecks? We were promised holodecks. What about hover boards? They were suppose to be in existance by 2015 according to a documentary I saw "Back to the Future II"

  38. I believe the events of bible prophecy are beginning to line up. If you are a bible-believing Christian; it's time to start paying attention to the events that are ahead and what is about to take place. I would not under any circumstances go anywhere near this place.

  39. NEOM, Saudi Arabia’s $500-billion futuristic city billed as a “startup the size of a country".
    More details in http://bit.ly/2TZnxmm

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