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Negative Keywords And Why You Need Them For Google AdWords

Negative Keywords And Why You Need Them For Google AdWords

I’m going to be talking to you today about
the power of negative keyword thinking. Negative keywords now play an absolutely
vital part of any AdWords campaign. Successfully incorporating
negative keywords into your campaign is going to be able to deliver a
much more efficient campaign and drive efficiencies across the board. This
should take a lot of the KPIs that many marketing managers want to see. So today we’re going to look at what negative
keywords are and the power of them, the impact that they can have on a campaign,
and we’ll touch upon as well a successful regime to start to incorporate
this in your thinking as well as recommending some avenues that you
can use to help make this an easier process. So with negative keywords the first thing
really to make sure you understand is that a negative keyword is a layer of data
that you add to your AdWords campaign that prevents your adverts from being
presented for a specific term. Now the upside of this is that there are branding
gains to be had here and that you can ensure that your product or your
service is not being represented by one of your adverts for a search
query on a term that you don’t want to be associated with. From an ROI point of view, the other gains
here are that you should then see that the amount of impressions that your
ads are getting should start to drop. You should then be reaching a much
more qualified audience, which should then entail a click-through rate increase.
If you then see a click- through rate increase once those people are
onsite, the overall effect should then see a cost per acquisition decrease
as well. So, effectively, you’re getting a much more targeted amount
of traffic that is much more qualified and at the point that they should
be able to buy or sign-up for your particular product or service. The other indirect benefit of working hard
on negative keywords is that you should see this help affect, in a positive
way, your quality score, and as we all know, improvements to quality score
have direct benefits to reducing your actual cost per click and also improving
your position for the search being made by the user. So there is quite
a spectrum of benefits to be had from taking a strategic approach to looking
at negative keywords. The best place to start with this, if you’re
starting from scratch, is really to make this part of your jobs to do
on a weekly basis. Every single week spend a little bit of time working on
your negative keyword lists. The best place to start here is the search
query report that the AdWords console presents to you. It’s well worth looking
at, perhaps looking at a period of the last 14 days or even the last
month. This report should then show you all the terms that all of your ads
have been presented for, and scanning through that you should then see
terms that you don’t want to be seen for and maybe terms that you do want
to be seen for. So there’s another benefit is that there might be some
positive keywords that you can make the most of here. Getting back to negatives, finding a number
of negative keywords doing that scan, you should then be able to first of
all upload those your AdWords campaign, either directly via the console
or using the AdWords Editor. But I would take these and use a tool, perhaps
like Google’s own Keyword Tool or any third party keyword tool, and use those
seed words to find more related terms. What you should then see is
your list starts to grow and grow and grow, and doing this on a weekly
basis you should then get to a point where you have a very large list of
keywords that your ads are not going to presented for. As I say, what this should then mean is that
the audience that is seeing your ads is that much more qualified, and
the ROI implications of this are massive. So from now on, I want everyone to
make sure that they are making negative keyword checks an element of what
they’re doing. For further information, get in touch with
us via Koozai.com or any of the social profiles along the bottom of the screen.
Thanks very much.

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  1. Hey there, since no one commented, I'd just like to thank you for this video. It's a nice introduction to this magnificent feature that can really save you money and double, if not triple, your ROI. Thanks once again.

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  3. Which of these features are affected once your adwords account is suspended? The website, the laptop you ran the campaign on , the IP address of your laptop and connection and last your bank account. I want ton set you a new account but dont want to fall in the suspended issue again. Anyone with an Old adword account for sale?

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