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Need for Speed™ Heat Official Gameplay Trailer

Need for Speed™ Heat Official Gameplay Trailer

Welcome to Palm City. A fresh world with new customizations
and the return of cops, make Palm City an urban oasis for those who burn fast
and live by their own rules. Daytime offers sanctioned racing events
through the Speedhunter Showdown. Compete and score bank with each new win. Then use the rewards to tweak your car’s
performance & visual customization. Cops patrol the streets during the day, but they play by the rules, fining you for speeding and limiting your progress
using controlled moves to slow you down. Roam the open world,
nab challenges and collectables. Spend as much here as you like,
and when you are ready, switch into night mode. Build your REP
by competing in illicit street races. The more you win, the more your heat will rise
and the more REP you’ll gain. But having all eyes on you
comes with a price. Cops are on another level at night and you’ll become a target
as your heat level increases. As it gets higher, they’ll
ratchet up their efforts to stop you, unleashing helicopters and rhinos
to take you down. With coordinated efforts that adapt to the situation, push it too far and they won’t hold back. And your car can only take so much damage, so be sure to make it to a hideout
or the garage without getting busted. Otherwise you’ll lose
everything you’ve risked. Step into your garage, where
you can tune your setup to your liking. Pick a car and make it your own. We’ve replaced the SpeedCards
from Payback, you can now unlock parts
by building up REP at night and use the BANK you’ve earned
during the day to level up your ride. Almost every car
can be transformed into a custom whip. The revamped material editor adds
a dynamic range of style combinations while the new exhaust tuning system
gives your ride a bark with its bite. Then, go beyond the car. Craft and create your own unique avatar
to represent your style in Palm City. For the first time ever in Need for Speed you can now customize
your favorite rides though an app. Download Need For Speed Heat Studio today for an early access into car customization. With weekly car drops, a full line of custom parts
and a wrap editor, you can now build your custom ride and connect to your account
to push it directly into the game. Get the app and show off
your Need For Speed style today. ALL DRIVE will be available at launch. Crew up with your friends or let us
pair you up with others so you’ll never ride alone. Your crew’s rides
will be displayed in your garage so you’re always up to speed
with their latest creations. Leaderboards and challenges
are tightly connected to the crew, so push each other to be the best
and get a one up on the wall. Every day is danger,
every race means risk, another chance to lose
everything you’ve worked for or gain something more. Turn the key. Burn all limits.

100 thoughts on “Need for Speed™ Heat Official Gameplay Trailer

  1. Ketika saya mendengar Ramengvrl saya bangga 👌👌👌👌👌👌

    ini siapa sih yang nelpon

  2. Most Wanted veteran player gonna be easy to escape from police🤣😂
    love the opening🤣
    "Siapa ini Telpon Telpon Bangsaat"😂😂

  3. It looks like all the most popular cars for tuners and modern muscle cars are almost all added in this game. I think they even mixed up all their previous popular NFS games into one game and it looks great so far.

  4. Remove the forced drift system. It sucked in NFS 2015, it sucked in Payback, and itll ruin this game too. I think Ghost is too disconnected from its fans

  5. EA: So you want to escape from the Cops?
    Me: Yes
    EA: Well pay $9.99 and you get a free ticket to escape directly after you build up your Milestones.

    Here we go again..

  6. “1:35” your can only take so much damage. But somehow your car is strong enough to take down palm trees. 🤷‍♂️

  7. Ladies n gentlemen Welcome To Miami Beach Florida the most beautiful city the world has but dont cross that bridge if you not a regular Miami citizen 😂😂

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