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Navigate your Google Ads account

Navigate your Google Ads account

Let’s look at navigating your Google Ads account. When you first sign-in, you’ll land on the Overview page, which offers fresh insights to help improve your performance. The Overview page is your starting point. It reveals Google generated insights for each level of your account— from your overall campaigns, down to a specific ad group. Adjust the date range, choose a campaign, or click a specific card detail to continue discovering more insights. To move among your campaigns and ad groups, use the navigation panel on the far left-hand side. On smaller screens, the navigation panel is hidden by default. To reveal it, hover over the left side of the page or click the arrow icon. You can filter your campaigns and ad groups in the navigation panel. This also filters what you’ll see in your main account workspace. To go to a previous campaign page, click the level you want in this gray bar. Next to the navigation panel is the page menu, where you can find many important features quickly and easily. Here you can move among your main account pages, like “Ad groups,” “Ads & extensions,” or “Keywords.” The page menu options change depending on where you are in the navigation panel. Only the options relevant to the chosen campaign or ad group will show in the page menu content. What you see in the main workspace relates to what you’ve selected in the navigation panel. So if you’re on a particular ad group, and you select the settings page, the information you see and actions you take relate just to the settings for that ad group. Want to create something new? Look for the blue plus button. Note how you can navigate subtopics within a page. Look for these icons to filter, segment, and customize your columns. Go to the top right corner for additional tools and features Travel to any place in your account by clicking the “GO TO” button, or press “G” then “T” and enter what you’re looking for. such as “campaigns.” Access your performance reports by clicking the reporting icon in the upper-right corner of your account. and choosing “Reports” or “Dashboards.” The Dimensions tab reports are now integrated into predefined reports. Access essential optimization and planning tools by clicking the tool icon. Features like “Billing & payments,” “Keyword Planner,” “Conversions,” and “Audience manager,” are in the main tool menu. Go to the help icon to find help resources and access “Guided steps” to help you get things done. The bell icon shows critical account alerts. For more information on navigating your Google Ads account, be sure to check out the Help Center. Thanks for watching.

27 thoughts on “Navigate your Google Ads account

  1. Why account go into permanent review and never comes out however account is not suspended though. Any expert view on this.

  2. Can I have 2 Google ads campaigns (on run in house and one by an agency) on on domain (in house ads will link to a different landing page).

  3. This is too hard to follow. You need to use an 'example account' so that we are looking at something meaningful. I have a headache from frowning now.

  4. Hi i have a lot of troubles, in my country nobody knows about google ads, so im very frustrated. 1.- I got 0 impressions of my ads in united states. 2.- For promoting apps, we dont have the option of change the "cpa" option to manual(the video campaigns has the option, but the app campaign its automatic). 3.- The video campaigns does not work, the url lenght option its max 35, and my link lenght its 62. Tried to make my url short with bitly, but got the message of agaist the polytics. Its a link to my game on google play, and i saw a lot of game ads on youtube , then why i am being rejected?…. Thanks for any help…

  5. How we can create and upload effective product feeds automatic and manually
    Please release one tutorial
    Thank you

  6. I AM TRYING TO GET THIS MESSAGE TO THE HUMANS AT Youtube. Search Results Filters STOPPED WORKING; about TEN days back. googletranslate

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