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#NativeAdSecrets with Chad Pollitt, Native advertising expert

#NativeAdSecrets with Chad Pollitt, Native advertising expert

The secret to good native advertising
is to do — what we like to call it in the business — story scaping. And that’s
delivering an experience that mimics the buyer’s journey. So you always want to
start with top-of-the-funnel content, next deliver your mid-funnel content so
in a B2B sense that could be say a case study, for example. And then, once that
that engagement occurs deliver bottom-of-the funnel content. And this is what we
do with every client that we do native advertising with. We actually use native
advertising to move people through the buyer’s journey. The greatest challenge
regarding native advertising is getting our clients to really truly understand
that it is not the same as PPC. It is not the same as display. This is a
conversation we’ve had with multiple clients. And with display and PPC —
because there’s a lot of benchmark data out there — you’re able to project what the
results are going to be income within a fairly close variance of
that. But native advertising isn’t necessarily there quite yet. In some
cases we’ve been able to use benchmark data to come up with projections and
what the results will be, but the biggest challenge is getting clients to really
understand that it’s not the same as display and PPC. The future of native advertising is a world of virtual reality and augmented
reality. And I lean more towards augmented reality, just like in the movie
Minority Report where you see Tom Cruise with his contact like device in his eyes that are monitoring things like his heartrate,
and where he’s at, and delivering personalized, augmented reality type ads.
That’s the real future of native and it’s coming. It’s just a matter of time.

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