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N°5 L’EAU: the film – CHANEL

N°5 L’EAU: the film – CHANEL

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100 thoughts on “N°5 L’EAU: the film – CHANEL

  1. Complètement fou de lily rose qui est magnifique mais aussi de ce son que je peux écouter en boucle et qui fait partir dans mes pensées….

  2. À l approche des fêtes de fin d année cette pub revient à la Tv et je suis encore plus impatient à force d écouter

  3. One of the best adverts ive Ever seen! Oozes creativity, innovation and above all class…. Its a rare thing of beauty, thought up and put together by a complete genius… 👌🎩

  4. I'm not bothered about it being Johnny Depp daughter I just love this advert!!! its me to a T! its soo powerful! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so here! love this advert! x

  5. Solitamente la pubblicità dei profumi è penosa, ma in questo caso devo dire che il prodotto finale è carino, bello il filmato, bella la musica, bella la protagonista.

  6. 日本のテレビでこのCMを見てリリーの美しさに衝撃を受けてからずっとリリーを応援してます

  7. Is there maybe a different version of this that was broadcasted in the Netherlands at the end of 2018?
    Also, please Chanel, reupload this in a higher quality please! I am getting crazy from all those compression artifacts (maybe add some noise to trick the youtube encoder into less compression).
    Beautifully made though!

  8. Belle 💕💓💓💓💟😻 Lily Rose 💓 Deep 😻💓💟💓 comme sa maman Vanessa 💓 Paradis 💓💓💓😻😻😍🌷😘😘😘😍😻💟❤❤❤💓💕💓💓💓

  9. I have unlimited letters type option on key boards, and, I can even , type,haha with straight face e

  10. 나는
    밤이자 낮
    질문이자 대답
    절제이자 과도
    순간이자 영원
    예술가이자 뮤즈
    유약함과 무적
    파괴와 창조
    네가 아는 나
    네가 모르는 나

  11. Let's talk about this great fragrance, "I love it" but it's very expensive, The Chanel maison is what it has. The first bottle came to me in a size of 30ml at Christmas 2016/17 (I don't use fragrance daily so for my needs this is more than enough). I remember that the store clerk told my mom "she is too young to wear a fragrance like Chanel!" JAJAJAJ

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