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MyBizMobi – Instagram and Facebook Video Advertising for Business

MyBizMobi  – Instagram and Facebook Video Advertising for Business

If you need clients you need to go where
the clients are. Facebook currently has 2.23 billion monthly users
and Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has just reached 1 billion monthly users.
Facebook introduced “Stories” ads in 2016, and since then it has become the most
powerful form of advertising used by the biggest companies online. More than 80
percent of social network users access social media on a mobile device.
Instagram is very influential as it is a “brand friendly platform” which makes it
easier for users to follow brands, ‘like’ their posts and show approval of their
content – which is good for measuring engagement. It’s also allowing an “Insights” tool so business owners can obtain the essential data needed to improve their
content strategy. “Stories” give brands the chance to get really creative and
connect with customers in a fresh, exciting way and can help any brand to
create an ongoing dialogue with customers and engage with new
demographics. MyBizMobi can create unique and exclusive ‘eye catching’
“Stories” for your advertising campaigns, or for feeding extraordinary content to
your Instagram brand! All we need from you are photos and/or video, your
preferred text and the link you want to send traffic to. If you don’t have any
resources we can provide the highest quality images and videos from our vast
digital library. Instagram advertising has very little competition at the
moment, so traffic is very affordable, targeted and engaging! Contact us today
via email using [email protected] or visit our website using MYBIZMOBI.COM/HELP to learn how we can help you attract the right
kind of customers for your business.

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