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My PREGNANT ROSY BARB Caught on CAM breeding!!

My PREGNANT ROSY BARB Caught on CAM breeding!!

Hey guys, it’s another beautiful day once again and you’re here back at Dexter’s world channel Will today I’m so glad to see the lettuce that I have placed over this filtration box because they are now able to Recuperate they were so stressed meaning they were dehydrated maybe because of the process of the transfer and they are here now and you will see them they are already very healthy and I am so happy with this development because it seems to us that This place is really good for our lettuce as you have noticed also, we have finished in doing some finishing touches on this tank and this will be our Filter bucket. So now I’m going to measure this tube I would like to cut this tube and measure this one that this will not go higher than the sidings of this the water will really Be flowing in through this tube. The level of the water will rise up to this point I will make it sure that the water will not go higher than this point here Okay So this is not yet the final measure because we will get the level of the 3 exit holes that’s why I said that we will do it when This is gonna be filled with water already so that we can get the exact level of the three Exit pipes, but what a long time I will cut this one It’s not the same it’s not equal but we can still utilize this one Here Maybe this is the correct level. Yes and Our test will be to fill this with water and then get the level of these three pipes exit pipes and here So that’s it At this moment I’m going to cut’s this branch because I believe that this branch is Another good site for our videos. What I gonna do is I will detach this one now and I will cut this branch Not the tree, but only the branch on it Oh That’s it so I’m sorry guys I’m sure that the fish were disturbed but I had to cut this one because I wanted this to Have free access of the sunlight and I will use this vines now to cover this portion. That’s what I have mentioned yesterday This is an Indian Almond tree and this is good for a betta fish Since we cut this one this environment will become warmer So I am envisioning that I will use the spines. Yes. We will put some lines over here And I have a problem with the bird because last night I saw a big bird that is hovering in this area and Maybe my moor breeder has been consumed by the bird. I don’t know, but I have to investigate this first maybe later I will reduce the water The determine if my breeders are still here and that’s the common problem if you are Having this fish tank birds are really coming in to get the fish. And that’s the common problem Now we have to address this one. I have made a slingshot and Maybe we can just scare the bird so that it will not come back anymore You will see but I have also made an improvement over there I will make a concrete tank over there and you will see that I have already Started doing this in the couple of days from now We’re gonna see a beautiful tank over there. I’m also planning to destroy This tank over there. You can see that I will convert that into a A lower tank made of concrete cement also and that’s my plan I don’t know if that’s a wise idea. Maybe you can make a comment how to Do about this things we can make suggestions? I will honor your suggestions and I’ve always been guided also, by the way, how you interact with us in the comments section, so I will honor your suggestions and I Believe that this problem will be solved if we can make this filter bucket work So this will be filled with stones I’ve repeatedly said this one and on the top of this will be our vegetables like that one so I’m planning to put some Water spinach all over here and Maybe tomatoes or whatever vegetables that can That can live throughout aquaponics system And I have spotted a female. Rosy barb that has been chased by a male Rusty Barb and this is an indication that they are already laying eggs Maybe the reason of which is because of the plants Because I have placed plants and it will really induce the fish to make eggs if they have the Haven if they will feel secured to this plant So come on We will catch some of these Barb’s and then we will put this in a separate tank because I’m intending also to breed this one So you will see that the barbs are really laying eggs You will see that they are Chasing in pair and maybe you will ask Dexter how to breed this. Rosy barb. Well, Rosy barbs are egg layers And this is an indication that they are already Breeders how to breed this one. Of course. I have prepared an aquarium for this Barb’s and This aquarium will serve as our breeding tank It’s very easy. You will just put some plants. And of course the water should be the conditioned water I already made mention about the water preparation And this is very vital. If you are breeding your fish water preparation is really very important that’s why I said that in fish keeping you have to be very careful about the Kind of water we used when breeding our fish so you’ll see them they are just like Japanese Koi the female will release the eggs and the male will also release the milt to fertilize the eggs of the female rosy barb So we are intending to breed this Barb’s now and we will place them guys in a separate aquarium Maybe you will ask Dexter. Can you just leave this barb to lay eggs in this tank? The answer is no Because there are many predators the small is gonna be predators to their babies so we’re gonna have to separate them in an aquarium that is filled with plants and After five days, of course they will there will be plenty of Fish that you will see baby fish that you will see in the tank So this is it we have a clearer view now and Thank you guys for watching. I will make some update about our rosy barb breeding. I placed them temporarily over this thing for them to recover from stress because they had been very stressed when they arrived here just a few weeks ago and now I Am so happy that they are already chasing and their breeding. So that’s the kind of fish also that we can massively produce the barbs we have the Rosy barbs the Tiger Barb’s and even this zebras the breeding of this gonna be made live only on this channel only here at “Dexter’s World”

92 thoughts on “My PREGNANT ROSY BARB Caught on CAM breeding!!

  1. My FAVORITE Tank is my barb tank: the Rosey, Odessa, green, gold, cherry and albino barbs live harmoniously with glass cats, Siamese algae eaters, flying fox, blood fin tetras, squeaker cat fish and 2 rainbow mollies. Odessa barbs are the favorite!

  2. Hi Dex, great content as usual ๐Ÿ™‚
    What about making the new concrete pond a double level pond ; similar to the three level wooden one that you made?

  3. boss dexter na mention nyu sa description ang word na PARTNER..my coop ka po bah?..paki reply po sa fb ko..heheh..ray john cordova, yan po fb ko..tnx po boss dex..
    god bless as always..

  4. Predator like birds are a problem with any pond. Usually you have to make the pond deep enough like 4, 5 feet and large pipes on the bottom of the pond for the fish to hide.

  5. I like all of your videos…. am from Kenya.. am a duck farmer and i need someone to supply me with khaki campel ducklings… kindly intervene Mr. Dexter.. or any viewer

  6. Hi Dexter Sir
    As i mentioned earlier you need to protect fishes from birds and other animals by using nets. Its monsoons season and the birds are looking for easy meals as the rains cause the fishes to hid in deeper waters. Unfortunately a sling shot wouldn't be effectively as you think. Birds and other predators are clever animals and they can easily learn your routine and feed on fishes when you are not around. A friend of mine has a small farm similar to yours. He lost many fishes from birds as they would feed on the fishes around 5am and stop when my friend would go to feed them around 6am. They also feed on them throughout the day when you are not around. He actually caught them in act one day as he has sorted some fishes for a customer and had to go inside for a phone call. To his surprise when he looked outside window while on phone he say birds scooping up fishes he just separated. The only way is to cover and have nets.
    Killing the birds are not right.
    In fact from this video the numbers of fishes in new pond seems much lesss than before.
    So they are definitely being eaten and you can't tell difference.
    Goodluck with safe guarding fishes.

  7. Sir dex safe po ba na gamitin yung mga waterlilies/hyacinth na nasa lake, pond or swamp.. Baka kasi po may mga parasites

  8. try to put pinwheel or scarecrow to avoid those birds… u can try removable nets also for dual purpose, falling leaves from trees and sunshade

  9. suggest ko lang sir dex na dapat i cut down mo yung talisay tree mo po. yan yung mag cause ng crack sa concrete pond mo in future…

    na enjoy ko po videos mo.

  10. Put strings across the top of your yard bir wont fly in their wings would get tangled also a lie statue of a hawk or owl will help deter them

  11. Mr Dexter sun rise is important for fish growth plz tell me a answer Dex you don't reply my comment why

  12. Does this Fishes From Marine Water or Fresh One? Can Fishes Plant a palce where There's no River and Sea but Little bit Can Get More Fresh? Thanks.

  13. I've seen ponds put aggressive dominant bird decoy / STATUES such as HAWKS/EAGLE or even an OWL to serve as a scare crow for birds trying to get close the pond.

  14. Dexter you are good person and kind why call piping any pounds me cry and we were sore all that will going to your plans the fish well try and meet that cut it outside of I donโ€™t the concrete outside of the pond

  15. Dexeter bro i dont know about u r language. I from kerala. But i like u r video. Will shoot all tanks of u r video.

  16. You could put some of the wood ponds across the big concrete tanks. Shorter legs to reduce the height and sit on the concrete tank wall. Maybe 3 of them. Birds might not be able to access the fish and you can have more growing tanks.

  17. Set up a chair and build a Scarecrow sitting in the chair. And put it on a rotating axis with a string hooked up. Pull the string when they land they will never come back

  18. Love from India๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‘ณ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‘ณ.

  19. Make a siluett of a big bird, of carbord, woodsheet, plastic or something, attach to a pole so it can rotate. Paint black. Birds flee when they see shadow of big bird.

  20. Good day sir! Pa shoutout naman po. I have been following you for a long time now. I am from Dumaguete Negros Oriental. (=

  21. Maybe you can reposition the wooden tanks, rather than destroy them place a few across the cement tanks to give a little shade. then you
    can maximize your hydroponics and increase your filtration at the same time.

  22. You have such good ideas , lovely to see how our Heavenly Father has blessed you with abundance of everything you need as long as you are willing to do all the hard work, you will always have success because you remain faithful to Him. God Bless you and your family and your friends and helpers ๐Ÿ™‚

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