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My Online Pets – Advertising

My Online Pets – Advertising

I will just show you what’s that sound no it’s not this is where we stop this is Eva hi I am the founder of my online vent and I am excited to introduce you to funny bunny he and other game characters come from animal shelter but together be having a fun time making a lovely application this is her family and this is her crew and currently they’re working on this awesome application which allows its users to raise real live animals online yes you heard me right real live animals online just imagine you had a chance to interact with real live animals online watch them grow feed them clean their gauge and more and more and more did I mention their real live animals they really need your attention and care otherwise they might go back to the animal shelter or worse so this is where it gets interesting this application not only entertains but also educates its users about the responsibility of raising a pet except now you can forget about spending stacks of money and all your patients trying to teach them a new trick forget about problems leaving the house forget about the stank of litter boxes chewed up furniture and dirt and fur all over your apartment petting animals online is a smooth and clean way to raise a pet but if petting rabbits cats chinchillas another seems to be boring to you to know you might just become the owner of real-life predators like snakes tarantulas they don’t eat grass and carrots you know this is how a single application can bring us a whole new level of understanding the circle of life unfortunately they’re out of money to finish this piece of art so this is why my online pets needs your help let’s do this together take note every donation counts for real-life animals all around the world you might just save a life you

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