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My Google Search History 2!

My Google Search History 2!

– Hey guys. So today I thought we
could have a little delve, I didn’t know what to
do with my hands there, delve into my Google search history. Which is a bit of a risky move. Let’s be honest. And I thought I could see what I googled over the last year, except the incognito types, that’s just between me and the Illuminati. I mean I’ve done it before, it’s usually funny because in the middle of the night I google
some pretty weird stuff. I’ll just wake up like, I wonder if whales sneeze. Now I need to know if whales sneeze. Sorry, video postponed. Whales have developed
a way to have complete control over their breathings, they do not sneeze while underwater. (whale song) So I asked members of my channel to throw some random dates at me, and I thought I could see what I googled on that day. Oh, if you wanna be a
member of the channel, just click Join, you get a little cactus next to your name. So let’s flippin’ do this. Alright, first, (laughs) this is when I was ill and being a total
hypochondriac, dizzy shivering. Cold versus flu. I was like, do I have the cold, do I have the flu, am I dying, help. (laughing) Shivering hot deaf in one ear. It’s like all the
symptoms start stacking up on each other. Temperature for hospital. Yeah, I got, (chuckles), my fever got worse and I was like, am I ready for death? No, it turns out I was
just a hypochondriac. (laughing hard) So this one, this is something me and
Dan were talking about. Do furries have flaps? Well, sounds really bad. We were wondering, fur suits are pretty intense, but what happens when they need to go to the toilet? Is there a flap they can open, or do they have to like
climb out the whole suit? I was just curious. Turns out Google didn’t
yield the four results so I also googled do
furries have flaps toilet. I bet you’re damn curious of the answer. Wow, okay, Google goes directly to flaps for other reasons, so, (laughing) maybe don’t google that. Good news is it depends on the suit. Some people hold it in, some people got a flap. If I had one I’d need a flap, because I pee all the time. I’m peeing right now, no. I just think I’d want the opportunity to be able to pee. This is too much. Buy holoscope cube. Ooh, this was something
I saw on Instagram. It was so cool. It’s like a cube, obviously, but the corners are mirrors, and then you look through
it and you basically see the end of the Universe. So of course I wanted one, but I couldn’t find a place to buy it, so there’s a gap in the
market, you cube makers. Riverdale gargoyle king. I was just like what the hell, what, what, what is this show now? Can fish cry? (laughs) It’s a genuine question. I mean, how do fish, how
do you know if it’s sad? You can’t see the tears, they just mixing with the water, Fish can yawn, cough, and even burp, but they don’t cry. If there’s any fish watching this, don’t be afraid to show your emotions. Fish yawn compilations. Oh, my God, they do a
proper yawn, look at that. It’s making me wanna yawn. Did anyone yawn just
watching that fish yawn? I just had to stifle a yawn. That’s the most I’ve ever said yawn. Yawn, yawn, yawn. Game of Thrones finale date. I mean I need to plan
for the most important day of my life. Running in the cold burns lungs. That’s me again, a hypochondriac. I was like why are my lungs filled with acid after running? I’m just not built for exercise. (laughs) Long haired animal black. Long haired sheep. What was, I don’t know
what that was about. Best pen for doodling. Ooh, this was my planner. This was when I was making my doodle, (drops phone) oops, that was my phone, where is it, here it is. So when I was making my doodle planner, which is this if you’ve not seen it. And it has doodles by
me on every single page. So I was thinking what’s
the best pen to use? Before Christmas I just
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to worry about seeing my tweet or anything
because it’ll automatically be up there in the Honey tab. I’ve been using it since I talked about it in my last video. And I’ve saved money shopping at TOPMAN, you can use it at Booking.com, and also on my website as well, the most important one. So yeah, click the link
below to install Honey, and then you can start
making some savings. What else we got? Shiba inu corgi mix. Was this where we did it in The Sims? It’s very fox-like, isn’t it? It seems more sheep than corgi. Black liquid. Do I wanna know? Why was I like goggling that? James Charles pallette. I googled this because I didn’t know what pallette was, and I just saw loads of people on Twitter
like, the pallette is out. I was like what the hell is a pallette? Now I know what a pallette is. It’s, it’s a make-up thing. Phil Lester, wow. Self obsessed much. Vulgar wasp. What’s vulgar, vulgar wasp? Oh, this, when you google me, it says I’ve written
two books, which I have, but then it says I’ve
written a third book called “The Vulgar Wasp”, and I’m just like what the hell is that? Where did that come from? I think another Phil Lester, probably a much more intelligent one, has written a scientific book about wasps, and Google thinks it’s me. Eh, Google, I know you’re watching, didn’t write the book. Go, was I okay. Ancient naked Olympics, shoot, do I wanna know? Let’s not ask. Peach emoji. Why did I do that? It might’ve been a video, anyway I some peaches on the butts of some Olympic athletes. Where is dominos the sizzler? Oh my God, remember the book, book mang? The muck bang, where we on about the
sizzler for 20 minutes. It was probably the best
advert of Dominoes ever. Well, the next week
they’re doing a bloody, got rid of the sizzler, a.k.a. the best pizza ever. So if you wanna do me a service, go tweet Dominoes saying, “Bring back the sizzler.” Demonic monkeys. Um, I don’t know. Oh, there we go, snub nosed monkeys. I was trying to find those
really weird monkeys. It’s like Voldemort
going out with a monkey. And this is like (uses demonic voice). They’re weirdly cute, though. Sorry for saying you like Voldemort. There’s like 500 tweets
which I didn’t make. I think Dan was on my laptop, ’cause I asked for this
specific pair of shoes for my birthday and
apparently they were sold out everywhere in the world, and thanks to my clown feet no one ever has size 11, but he found the final pair for my birthday present
and I love them so much. It’s NASA/vans collab. Look at this they’re so beautiful. Well I’m full of NASA
today, I just realized. Uh, yeah, and it’s got
loads of these removable patches so I can stick my own patches on the shoes. And I can’t wait to have
the swaggiest feet ever. Thanks, Daniel. Dog in a sink. Don’t know what that was. Funeral music. Wow, having a bit of an Emo day. Bloom troye, why was I googling it and not Spotifying it I don’t know, but it was great. Candle wick length. That’s the thing, trim your wicks. Ow, okay, I can’t show you the candle. I was gonna show you, uh, yeah if you don’t trim your wick, sounds like a bit of a euphemism, you risk having a little black smoke come out of the candle and ruin the side of the glass, and also set fire to your house. Rihanna horoscope. This was the other day. It’s a thing where you google Rhianna, and then the day that you were born, and then her clothes
represent you, I guess. This was mine. I don’t know what it
is about this picture, but I feel like it does
represent me emotionally. Maybe the Rhianna horoscopes are real. Oh my God, beaver anal gland? (laughing) Sorry, beaver anal gland. Oh, beaver anal gland vanilla. Apparently vanilla sometimes is made out of the anal gland of a beaver. So whenever you’re eating that ice cream, that’s what you should be thinking about. Smell burning but no fire. Was I was having a medical issue? Probably. Two bros chillin’, oh that was (chuckling), me and Dan had this huge debate over whether it was two bros
chillin’ in a hot tub five feet apart or six feet apart. I was on team five feet
apart, which is right, Dan was on team six feet. And we settled it with the google, I won all his wealth. Funny dancing kid. What was, which funny, oh this kid. I’m obsessed with this
dancing video of this kid. Um, it’s amazing. He represents everything
I want to be in life. Me and Dan are obsessed with this kid. Finger movements, oh I was still tryin g to find the kid, because of this. Cute dog. Anime squid moment? What does that mean? Was that meant to be an incognito search? Tom holland wiki. I mean who hasn’t googled that. Brown plant. (laughing) Dying cactus. This guy’s doing alright. He’s still breathing. Avril Lavigne clone. Yeah, did I talk about
this is my last one? I got obsessed with
that conspiracy theory, that Avril Lavigne got
replaced by a clone. And there’s loads of pictures of her with changing moles and stuff. Markiplier e meme. (chuckles) Yeah, I think I saw this on Tumblr, I was like, where did
this, how did this start? Um, it’s a beautiful meme. What flavor is root beer? How many ingredients in root beer? A vanilla cherry tree bark, who’s makin’ it, oh, I’m just shovin’ that, a tree in there. Wintergreen, molasses,
anise, licorice root, cinnamon, what the F? This is everything. Honey, the premiere ingredient is sassafras flavor. Is that a thing? Is the root beer company just like, yeah, we put some sassafras in there just to throw us all off. We don’t really get universe. Universe? What’s wrong with me? Root beer, why did I say universe instead of root beer? We get dandelion and bird dog. Which I think is a similar vibe. I don’t know if it’s sassafras, though. Why is my skin dry? Yeah, I’ve been getting
really dry skin here, just specifically here,
no where else on my face. Just a bit of dry skin there. Um, should I do a face mask? Will that help? Is there one in this drawer? Yeah, puppy pore control. This puppy character
print sheet is enriched with extracts to help nourish and hydrate your face. Alright, let’s do it. Ooh hoo, it’s so cold and damp. I feel like they put 100% too much liquid on these things. (imitating Hannibal Lecter) Clarisse. Here we go. Oh, it kind of sticks. Everyone just unsubscribed. Oh, it’s going in my mouth. It’s going in my mouth. This is a dog from the nightmare realm. This is me wearing this skinned face of a dog. Uh, (chuckles), it’s
kind of relaxing, though. Should I just like lie here for 10 minutes and put some spa music underneath? (spa music) If you enjoyed looking
at my Google searches give me a thumbs up, and I’ll do it again. I’ve got loads more, obviously. Make sure to check out Honey if you wanna grab the
doodle 30% off discount off my planner. There is a link below. I hope you’re having a good day. And I will see you very soon, good bye. This is horrifying, I’m so sorry. (jazzy music)

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