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My GOLDFISH are growing so fast ( Unexpected)

My GOLDFISH are growing so fast ( Unexpected)

Hi guys, it’s another beautiful day once again and you’re here back at Dexter’s world channel Well yesterday we made a video on how to prepare this breeding tank for the Shubunkin and I’m so glad that we have successfully made a video of the actual chasing of this shubunkin fish How many days from now we gonna be counting? Lots of fry of the Shubunkin. And also we made an update about our Preparation of this filter bucket that we made concrete for this tank alone And we are so happy that it’s working you will see that the water is now very clear Though its green but it’s clear now and in the coming days i am very positive that this gonna be Made clean because of the filtration system that we have adopted today We are going to check our breeder fish and some carps over here because this is our regular routine We will make it sure that their conditions are not really affected by fin rots their health are not affected by any kind of disease so we are going to Catch some of them and we will place them here in the aquarium I have here the flakes ( Fish food) which are the favorite food and they are just tamed I can even just catch them by hand. So these are our future breeders. You will see that our carps ( koi fish) Are also big now they are here. Well, these are our breeders of this red white Rancho So we also have this breeder of the broadtail ryukin just like that you look at this. This Ranchu is really white with a red cup on it Wow, they are really growing very fast. And the reason for this is the kind of filtration and the kind of food We are giving them you will see them that they have really grown so fast And they are so nice to see inside in this aquarium. You will also witness the growth of our Japanese Koi and even the shubunkin you look at them These are the tiny shubunkins that we have just loaded how many weeks ago and they now big barely two weeks Since we made this pond, we already spotted a complete growth of our fish You will see that they don’t have any issues about the fin rots I cannot even see that there are parasites that are thriving in herr So this proves to us that their health is doing it perfect. How many days from now? They’re gonna be breeding them all and gonna be producing a lot of fish My predicament before is when we over breed We don’t have any more tank where to grow or fry But since we already have invested a concrete tank and this portion also being used for our concrete and then I am encouraged to breed a lot of This kind of fish Yesterday we made a fabrication of how We go about this filtration system and we said that it is very important to have this PVC pipe as our guide for the water to have free flow downwards and This has been completed already as you can see here The filtration process is really going on you will see that the water is flowing down over there The system is that this water will pass through this tube and down below they will rise up and pass through the stones, which I have told you before and then Go inside in this exit pipe down here So meaning that the water over here have already passed through the stones. They were already clean But still we can see that the water is so green well, maybe this is the cause of the small pump that we use so we will try to use a bigger pump so that the cycle will be faster and The filtration also will become cleaner and you will see This area here and already made a guide over here and you will see that there are iron bars that are being placed over there and this will be our filtration box This can be filled also with stones and different types of media to ensure the cleanliness of this water So this water from here will go up and will pass through the stones and then go back To this pond already clean. So that’s the cycle that we are aiming and this portion will be utilized for our Aquaponics. I am dreaming of planting tomatoes cabbage lettuce and even this mostaza and any kind of vegetables that can be propagated out of the Aquaponic system, so that’s going to be our dream and we will learn this together. I don’t know What’s the outcome of this but we already an initial result and it works good actually Our lettuce had been growing good so far and also we had experience also of pechay I and this mostasa that also works good this our dream we will learn this together now. Come on. We will have an update also about our more fish by the way we are so privileged enough to be visited by our friends attorney Rj go and shout out also to The rj go band. It’s a known band here in our place of Zamboanga city And of course, we also had a visitor Marmar Miguel who came in and of course Ella Thank you guys for your time Thank you for visiting our place and this is now our moor fish. You’ll see that they are They are really fat and they are already very black This is the second batch of our breeding of this moor fish and they are now asking for a bigger space Because from here right there is filled with this kind of fish So it would seem that they are really very Congested now in this very small time. So they are just 20 days old Since from the time that they were hatched so you can imagine they can grow as fast as it can be If this will just be given attention and of course given the right kind of food So this is the thing that we can share so far I hope you will continue to like and share our videos and Thank you, because we already have reach Three hundred fifty-three thousand subscribers I owe it to you guys Thank you for watching always our videos and if you are new to our channel Please hit that notification bell After you subscribe so that you will be notified of our upcoming videos only here at Dexter’s World channel

100 thoughts on “My GOLDFISH are growing so fast ( Unexpected)

  1. You are my inspiration dexter word thank you for motivating me i always watch your video since 2017. You are my idol dexter i never dream to be like you but i hope i will succes my fish care that i have. I look forward in your future video thats can help me to be successful even if i started not long ago but i dreamed to be a successful breeder in future heheh thankyou destex world. I'm be very happy if you notice ☺️ pangarap ko makapunta jan hehe☺️

  2. Super brother Dexter. You are Setting up a tank for balloon mollies huh.. that will be very cute to see brother.. Excited to watch the updates about the balloon mollies.

  3. I always wanted to have high quality goldfish,peru mahirap lang ako.


  4. pa shoutout sir dex. from General Santos City 👌 Rodney Alipater. dahil po sa vids nyo nag start nakong mag breeding. I already have molly, guppy, and goldfish. 💗 God Bless po. Ps. I already watched all your videos 💗

  5. hi kuya Dex at mga kaDexworld may tanong sana ako pls kong may experience kayo nito pake share po at baka may makuha akong sagot tungkol ito sa mga pearlscale ko.

    may mga carp ako mga 15
    gold fish diko alam anong pangalan 1
    pearl scale 5 ang tatlo ay pink ang kulay at ang dalwa ay black ang kulay
    1 tiger barb – free
    1 rosy barb – free
    at isang black molly female
    6 na redshelter/swordtail fish na maliliit – natikoi o hindi na tumobo na save kolang to sa fishpond ng cousin ko hindi na inalagaan
    at 1 BETTA fish female

    sabay kong binili silang lahat tag 15Pesos bawat isa at linagay ko sa isang tarp pond na merong filter at pag lipas ng mga 4 months malalaki na cla at masaya ako dahil active at masayahin naman cla at walang agresibo. ang blackmolly ko ay malaki na ang tyan kaya bomili ako ng isang blackmolly na male at linagay ko sa community pond, napansin ko nalang kinabukasan ay kulang na nang isang mata ang dalwang pearlscale ko. ang suspect ko ay ang blackmolly na male kaya linagay ko ang blackmolly at rosy barb(napansin ko na kumakagat ang barb ko sa mata ng pearlscale ko) ko sa fishpond ng cousin ko at ang female na blackmolly ko ay sa maliit na pond. Ang dalwang pealscale ko ay linagay ko sa hospital tank 1day at napansin ko na masigla parin naman kaya binalik ko kinabokasan sa community pond ko.

    napansin ko na masaya at healty silang lahat pati mga pearlscale ko na bulag ay masaya at active at malakas kumain. dinagdagan ko rin sila ng isang betta fish at 6 na natikoi o hindi na lumaki na mga sword-tail . hanggang lumipas ang isang buwan ang isang pearlscale naman na hindi bulag ang nadale, tanggal ang mga scale magkabila kinagat ng tiger barb ko. ang dalwang black pearlscale ko naman ay ok naman at walang nangyare ang tatlong pink with orange na pearlscale ko lang ang nadale dalwang bulag/kulang ng isang mata at isang tanggal ang mga scale magkabilaan.

    linagay ko agad ang betta fish ko sa isang container at ang tiger barb ko naman sa pond ng cousin ko at napasin ko naman na wala naman nangyare sa mga isda nya kahit pinag halo nya ang mga isdang black molly, koi, mga goldfish diko alam anong pangalan, black more, tiger barb, rosy barb, zibra, janitor fish, ballon molly at betta fish. lumipas ang 2 weeks(witch is ngayon) may nangyari na nman, ang dalwang bulag na pearl scale ko ay totally wala nang mata. ang biktima ay ang pearlscale pink with orange lamang at ang natitirang pwdeng salarin ay ang mga maliliit na sword-tail.

    tanong ko pwde ba maging agresibo ang mga koi sa kapwa nila isda o d kaya ang mga maliliit na sword-tail ang salarin?

    sa mga nangyari ngayon mahirap at masakit para sakin pero alam ko na matototo tayo sa masasakit na karanasan.
    Josh from CebuT_T

  6. Sir dexter can you. Make a vlog on how to care your 1 week gold fish fry up to 1 month old plss Notice my comment thank you sir 😊

  7. I really enjoy your videos. Thanks for sharing them. Much love and appreciation from Michigan USA. Cheers

  8. Nice work Dexter plant some plants into the gravel in the filter box it helps a lot with the filteration and the nutrients in the water an keep it clear…. Keep up the good work

  9. Hello, Dexter shout out from the USA love the fish as always you really do have some of the best fish out there. Just a fast question when do the Moors start grow their distinctive eyes & are they stable or are they like some of the newer varieties where you have to cull quite a bit to keep your line stable? P.S. you picked up 2000 more subs in 4 hours you deserve 10,000,000 🙂 .

  10. Hi Dex, that's amazing that those black moors are only 20 days old ! A huge congrats on those subscriber #'s; hope you hit one million very soon 🙂

  11. You always tell how maney days ago how maney wee
    k ago but you have never told how maney days ago or weak why dont say how maney days or weeks ago tell the days in proper 1 2 3 4 how maney days or weeks 😑😑😑🙄🙄🙄🙄🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨🤨😫

  12. Your Goldfish are all looking great. You do a great job in breeding and raising them. Keep up the great work.

  13. Very inspiring po. Im from batangas 17 y.o at madami po ako natutunan sayo about breeding like mollies and betta fishes. Keep it up sir dexter!

  14. I want to visit your place dexter. i just want to see your fish farm and personally thank you for your help in making all your videos that helped us breeders alot !!

  15. sir dexter inadd kopo kayo sa facebook sa iba nyong acc pwede nyopoba akong i accept kase po fan nyo ako matagal na

  16. Your videos of goldfish breeding came across my recommendation and I was so thankful for this I watched almost all of your videos and got fully satisfied thanks for all the information you shared with us a huge respect to your work and hard work keep it up bro a new subscriber added in Dexter's family

  17. Very nice fish! We invite you to watch our channel too if you want to learn more about aquaponics. Thanks.

  18. I dont understand how people can dislike your videos. All your fish and animals are beautiful. And your home is too.

  19. I WANT A yellow crosstalk Betts fish if you have it i will come to your home and take it pleas tell me

  20. Dexter I truly enjoy your videos and can’t wait for the next want to come out my name is Shawn Worthen I live in Paducah Kentucky In United States and it’s really cool to see how you do things in the Philippines I wish we had your type of weather so I could also grow fish outside the way that you do but our weather does not permit this I think you are super nice guy and I greatly appreciate your videos keep them coming excellent job

  21. For all your vegetable beds throw a couple red blue leds over them and it will make your production triple. Just keep all the roots nice and dark and right in the water. Dont bother with the cups. Aquaponics is the future!

  22. put some water lily, water plants to eat the nutrients. if you want to make it less green too use barley straw. dried barley is used as anti algae in ponds ito ata yung ginagawang wheat grass dito satin

  23. Bro what you are feeding for Japanese koi for 3months koi fries please tell me I have only pellets here please tell me what you are feeding please🙏🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏻🙏🏿🙏🏾

  24. Hi sir… I'm from India…I have a aquarium which has 3 goldfishes which I bought last year….. it's almost more than an year but I didn't see much growth in the fishes….I actually don't know what to feed it so that it grows and has a good color too….here I don't get live food….so please help me out in this sir….

  25. Love to watch you vedios sir. God will bless you and your family. Thank you for being soo kind. Love from Subham(India)

  26. mu goldfish are living in 85lt aquarium. although they are not veiltail type, their tails are growing more then body. how can i stop this? what is the reason?

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