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My Furniture-Free Minimalist Apartment Tour

My Furniture-Free Minimalist Apartment Tour

Welcome to my Furniture-free Minimalist apartment tour! This is Youheum and thanks for joining me today my friends. I live in Austin, TX with my cat and my also minimalist sister in a 1 bedroom. I currently live without any furniture and I practice is a Sustainable Minimalist lifestyle. Here’s my cat for Boru hanging out on her perch 🙂 The mantel above the fireplace is serving as a bit of an altar for prayers and gratitude practice. I keep my mugwort smudge stick, Palo Santo, and a singing bow that I use in the morning for prayers. Instead of using a sofa, I use a jute rug. I also have plenty of straw cushions and buckwheat zafus. I don’t have to always sit on the ground. Most of the guests use this foldable paper stool. It’s completely collapsible and very space-saving and the awesome part is that it’s made of 100% recycled paper. This is my seed starting area near the window for growing my own greens. I plant these out in my local community garden when the time is right. The growing season is coming so I currently have some hardy veggies like zucchini, mustards, kale, tomato, eggplant, and a bunch of peppers. This is broccoli sprouts that I started about two weeks ago and it’s already grown this much. I also have some cat grass for my cat. I’ve been working from home for a long time. I’m on the computer a lot and I’m always sitting on the ground. So I need my movement gears for practicing yoga and doing gentle stretching throughout the day. Now on to my favorite place the kitchen area. I practice Zero-waste and Plastic-free wherever I can to minimize my waste and consumption. The pantry closet is where we keep a week’s worth of fruits because we’re both on a mostly Fruitarian and Raw Vegan diet. This is the cabinet and I keep the inside simple by just removing most of the distracting product labels and keeping it minimal. These are all the plates bowls and the cups that we own. No plastic cups or bowls and it’s mostly made of ceramic or wood. This is the inside of my fridge. It’s organized with glass bowls. I don’t use single-use plastic wraps or bags. I filter the water with a Berkey filter to remove all the harsh chemicals like fluoride, chlorine, and pesticide. These are the utensils I share with my sister. It’s made of mostly wooden materials. I keep my Zero-waste baggie and my handmade dishcloth in the next drawer. I try to compost whenever I can by taking it to the community garden. But because I live in our apartment there is no compost service in this unit. So I’m trying to figure out what’s the best way to deal with food waste and scraps. I don’t use any chemical detergent or cleaning products at home. I use a diluted vinegar solution or a simple soap bar for almost anything. I just use this hemp scrubby that I made to do the dishes. We don’t have a dining table or a chair to sit down while we’re eating. I do most of my work and eating on the floor in the lounge area. Onto my not a bedroom bedroom! It’s actually a dining area. It’s next to the kitchen and it’s been converted into my personal space. I also use it as just a spot to chill to sketch and read my ebook. This is my minimal closet, I have a capsule wardrobe of 15 clothes and I own 2 shoes. The shoes are actually kept in the entrance area. These are the two shoes that I have. One zero drop sandal that I made with paracord and a barefoot Minimalist sneaker. Now on to the bathroom. The laundry room is actually inside the bathroom, but we don’t have any washer or dryer. We use it as storage to keep my bike gear and the outdoor gears on the top shelf. The sink area is kept minimal without distractions. So I just have my soap, bamboo toothbrush, and homemade tooth powder. This is the cabinet above the sink and there’s nothing in there. The drawers underneath contain my hairbrush and body brush. The other side has my Scrubba which is like a dry bag for doing laundry by hand. I use it mostly for small batches like clothing rags and sometimes my towels. I have my chlorine filter on the showerhead to filter out all the harsh chemicals. The shelf area is also pretty simple. I just have my essential oil collection and some recycled TP on the bottom. My bathroom is also kept natural and Toxic-free. I often use candles and smudging to cleanse the air without using any kind of chemical sprays. For me, it’s really important to try my best to keep my home minimal and sustainable at the same time. That’s a full tour of my Furniture-free Minimalist apartment. I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll be adding more videos like this on Sustainability, Minimalism and how I went Zero-waste on my channel. So please subscribe and like 🙂 You can also check out my Heal Your Living Living Patreon podcast, where I share helpful tools on healing and Mindfulness. Thanks again for being here. I hope to see you again.

100 thoughts on “My Furniture-Free Minimalist Apartment Tour

  1. Thanks for being here! Does anyone else live Furniture-free? Or do you think that it's too extreme for you at the moment? Are you interested in giving it a try? Let me know your thoughts and any questions you have for me!

  2. Her home and her looks so… boring… I mean, did y'all saw her clothes? I couldnt live like this, I hope she is truly happy there

  3. Minimalist is ok. But one should not deprive himself/herself with the MOST BASIC human needs such us bed, sofa, etc. Also, everything looks NEW! 🤭

  4. this is really inspiring. currently im not a minimalist but after watching your video then looking back around my own room and what i have. holy heck…i have SO much stuff that i dont really use and just takes up space.

    I wanna live minimal, where do i start?

  5. Wow very impressed. I'm always trying to implement a minimalist lifestyle but it can be difficult when you have children and always busy working. I think everyone should take small steps. I'm currently following the no poo method, to simplify my shower routine

  6. So she never eats cake? Or drinks Coffee? What a waste of life… Does she ever feel Joy? Passion? Anything else then freedom?

  7. Ohh god ppl just love to make up with some stupid ideas. Its a mental problem. Sounds hursh but u can live like a normal person and not waste alot of things. A table ?a chair?a bed? She is alk about health yet she doesnt have none of these.

  8. If you have to take your compost somewhere you don't access daily, keep your scraps in the freezer to avoid rotting smells in the house! 🙂

  9. Hey! I don't know if you have a freezer, but if you use a paper bag or the same compost tin you have been using, you can put your compost in there and keep it in the freezer so it doesn't smell! Just a thought! Your house is beautiful!

  10. I’ve been thinking of getting rid of a lot of my furniture but I find this too extreme. I think a mattress and proper seating is necessary.

  11. I enjoyed this video. I think consumerism and hoarding is a fairly modern concept, and still only accessible in certain communities and cultures. Many people can only afford a mattress on the floor and a few other items. I have seen many "minimalist" homes in rural areas (and even poor areas of the city). Clean, tidy, and careful use of sustainable materials like wood and clay. Around the world, a lot of people live this way either because the wasteful BUY-BUY-BUY! culture hasn't infiltrated that community or they simply cannot afford it.

  12. We are taught to take pride in having things. We are taught to add value to ourselves by adding more things. She's just put what matters to her as priority. I think her ability to take this unpopular route is commendable and inspiring! Also i love spacious living space so kudos to that!!

  13. I loved this video and truly think that it is inspiring. One thing I will say is that you should definitely get a laptop tray or even use a stack of sturdy pillows to prop up your laptop. It can be very straining on your neck and back to constantly be looking down at your computer. Yoga definitely helps, but being able to sit up straight while working from home will help a lot more! <3

  14. I did this in my apartment because I was poor, but eventually did learn to actually enjoy it. It was easy to clean, and moving in and out was a snap. Rolling up my blanket pile "bed" every day was a good way to feel I'd "done something" before even starting the day. Also dishes can't pile up if you only have a single set. 🙂

    This video gave me bittersweet flashbacks. If anyone out there is going through a hard time right now and having to do this unintentionally, sending best wishes and get better vibes in your direction. 💜💜💜

  15. This girl is definitely the most low-maintenance girl ever.

    I'd imagine a thief that broke into her place would be greatly disappointed that they start spreading the word.

    "Yo…Don't break into this place, there is nothing to steal!

  16. Minimalist Youtubers: Yeah I only have what I NEED. That’s it.
    Also minimalist YouTubers: buys a camera that costs more than my car

  17. Try being a minimalist, with 5 children 👶, and 2 dogs ? Doesn’t work ! But nobody thinks of these things do they ?

    A lot of this lifestyle is expensive to implement sadly, so I have come to the conclusion that you need money a lot of time and a un-chaotic life,

    I went into a organic food store the other day ! I can’t afford those food prices, £7 for organic lemonade, and £60 for a dute laundry bag ? RIP off !
    Sorry unaffordable ??

  18. asceticism is not minimalism. having zero furniture is asceticism, if you must call it then it would be classified as EXTREME-minimalism.

  19. I love this! I can’t wait to have an apartment and live like this! Can you do a video on you capsule wardrobe (if you haven’t already)

  20. guys this is wild 😱 youheum before becoming a minimalist! she looks great I have to say!

  21. The lack of plastic and use of all natural elements are cool but as someone with chronic pain I could never live without furniture

  22. What were those dried plants for on her shower head? Decorations or so they make the shower smell good when it's all steamy?

  23. it's very interesting to see your lifestyle. just out of curiosity though, what materials do you use to clean your house & do you feel like ironing your clothes isn't necessary to you?

  24. Fluoride is good for ur teeth sis , it’s not harmful unless you abuse it (just like with anything)… FYI don’t worry fluoride doesn’t cause autism 🤪

  25. I love how the only furniture in the house is cat furniture. And also that the one cushion she had out to sit on was immediately occupied by the cat. As it should be.

  26. I'm not bothered by the no furniture. I just want you to find a colored paper and put it somewhere.
    In all seriousness, this is inspiring. Glad this popped up!

  27. I'm not bothered by the no furniture. I just want you to find a colored paper and put it somewhere.
    In all seriousness, this is inspiring. Glad this popped up!

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