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My EXACT Strategy Used To Make $539,836 a MONTH Shopify Dropshipping – (Facebook ads)

My EXACT Strategy Used To Make $539,836 a MONTH Shopify Dropshipping  – (Facebook ads)

let me show you how we crushed it last
month what’s poppin people it’s your boy the Beast of ECOM and I am back with
another video dropping nothing but you already know value bombs if this is the
first time ever watching one of our videos then I don’t know where on earth
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content so in today’s video I wanted to show you how we crushed over 500k last
month doing Shopify drop shipping and we’re officially in November now so this
is the biggest month for you know everyone in the e-commerce industry so
hopefully you guys have got products all up and running okay and you are testing
if you haven’t found a winner yet and you’re trying to scale looked all
important Black Friday which is probably about three weeks away now also I’m
happy to say that the course is officially live as of today ok so click
the link down below there’ll be a link down below for you to join of course
tons of people who were already on the waitlist already have access and are
inside and getting results within their first 48 hours and the feedback has been
absolutely immense ok so first and foremost just want to say thank you to
everyone who was on the waitlist and have got in and got access and of course
crushing it so shout out to you guys and of course if you are interested then
click the link down below I am doing a giveaway okay so for one lucky person
I’m gonna give you away total free access to the course as a way of saying
thank you for you guys for rocking with me ok so make sure you stay to the end
of the video to learn exactly how you can be in for a chance to win that free
access putting outside for one second I’m gonna show you guys how exactly we
were crushing it last month on this store ok now all I’m gonna do of course
is show you the numbers but I want to show you of course what we’re doing to
actually test how we actually found the products how it came about and of course
a little bit about the scaling techniques as well and of course some
value bombs throughout the video so of course make sure you watch to the end
because of course you want to learn the information you can implement leading up
to this coming Black Friday and of course being with a chance for that
competition so it’s a win-win situation so let’s quit the talking jump into
pewter and most importantly start learning so let’s go so let’s jump
straight into the video and I just want to show you some numbers as you can see
this was last month over 500k we’ve crushed over 18 K today I’m gonna
refresh just in case I mean you know there’s always gonna be people who ain’t
gonna believe in fig orders bro fake orders bro you know what I sort of stuff
but if you can’t believe then you can never kind of achieve is what I say so
let’s just go back to last month we go and get that back up so you can see
consistent now there was a dip down here and the reason why that is I had an app
installed on this store which was a gdpr cookies thing I’m not sure who it was by
but essentially it just froze up the whole store and I didn’t really pick it
up so it meant that you know people can scroll they couldn’t buy anything it
just totally threw the optimization off on my adverse everything okay so
absolutely you know done my head in but you know what can you do it picked up it
got resolved and was able to successfully skin a little again which
really done my head in but you know sometimes doesn’t think you can do and I
should have picked it up a lot quicker than what I did so you know I only
really realized it was that because another guy who had it on their store
mentioned it and we took it off and you know everything was back to normal
so yeah I mean great numbers of course there’s people who are out there who
doing more than this you know doing 100k per a day I network with some guys who
are doing a hundred K poured a shout out to those guys who were absolutely
crushing it but these numbers are still you know doable and stuff like that so
again just watch through these numbers that Friday’s of course come in but
let’s get on to the value of K let’s actually talk about you know some value
to help you guys out so I’m back with a presentation so let’s get this all up
and running there we go let’s get the little pointer
okay so exactly how done etc and of course there’s gonna be people who say
you know you know yes that wasn’t all profit profit on that was probably about
twenty three percent ish you know on that so anyway
oh man but you know there was no profit blahdy blahdy blah yes of course it
wasn’t everyone knows that don’t state the obvious but you know that’s what
sort of margins that we working with generally for that month so I’m with
with the video okay so first things first is know your niche okay you have
to know your niche and it’s super important to know your niche I
personally know my niche so this is the first section and you need to learn your
niche so every niche can make you money there’s people out there saying you know
I tried fishing stuff it didn’t work you know I tried you know cooking stuff that
didn’t work you know it doesn’t mean that the niche doesn’t work every single
niche can make you money okay someone out there is absolutely crushing a niche
not learn what products that they react to you can look at your old past winners
with this niche itself that I’m currently and I am obviously in multiple
niches this is a general store for anyone who’s out there a general store
that has you know all different niches and stuff like that I personally know
this niche inside out like the back of my hand okay so you know I know and
learn what products that they react to you know so going off my old winners
what I’m looking for new products that are you know going out and stuff like
that I know that a certain type of products is gonna get a better reaction
over something cows so if I see something that that pops up that thinks
you know that may fit you know my audience then I’ll test it out okay so
you can look at your old winners and if you’ve had an old winning products that
has worked before and absolutely crushed it before you know you find something
with a different variation be sure to of course test that one out
you have to learn their language as well and there’s certain things and things
that they say so and Buzz was certain keywords that they say you have to learn
what they are now like I mentioned I know this niche inside out so generally
when it comes to learning niche in and writing product descriptions writing ad
copy and those sorts of things I know which language and keywords to use in
the ad copy which makes it you know easier for me to convince them to
purchase the product you know you have to know what pains they have what
problems they have what troubles do they have you know what makes them happy
what brings them in joy what brings them excitement because these are the sorts
of things that you’re going to be playing on all all of the time because
at the end of the day you know people don’t buy people that are not logical
buyers okay they buy based off emotion and of course it’s impulse buying
through you know through Facebook so you have to be learning these things okay it
doesn’t take time of course you can’t just you know expect to learn a niche
like that but you know once you have a winner in a certain niche then start
learning you know how the people speak you know how they want their troubles
what their pains are what their problems are because then finding products and
selling products becomes a lot easier now of course product is king no matter
what you know products and I don’t want to state the obvious but sometimes I
have to do and you know the product is basically the king so what do I mean by
that now the products that that I’ll sell him now generally this is based off
one main winner that is probably bringing in about how you know 70 to 80
percent of the Rev you know and then there’s a lot of different supporting
products that are in there as well you know and it generally does does it take
if you don’t know this of course it generally just with the general store it
it can literally just take one product to completely change absolutely
everything and everyone who does drop shipping that are out there you know
most of the time if you see people that are doing big numbers or suffer most of
the time they do just have one big massive product which is bringing in
probably you know like I said 65 anything from 65 to you know 80 percent
of that total wrath it will be okay and that is all you generally need just worn
we need products now of course you don’t really want to have any rely on just one
winning product but you know having a blow to back up products that are still
bringing in consistent 2 K 3 K 4 K their stuff like that is obviously what you
need as well so don’t just rely on one single product now this product itself
I’ve deviated a little bit but it doesn’t even solve a problem you know
but it’s cool unique quirky you know and the audience is passionate so there is
another thing that you need to know products that solve a problem are
fantastic and of course you know the only other products that you can sell
are ones that are cool unique stand out jump out in the newsfeed and obviously
the audience is passionate you know and now at a time in q4 okay people are
buying for you know people are buying for friends people are buying a family
people are buying for you know not just themselves so problem products that just
solve a problem you know it’s a special time in q4 there you can be searching
for different products okay products that are call you you call quirky and
unique they stand out and people are more likely to purchase more than one as
well in a special time like q4 so you know start looking at those sorts of
products in Aliexpress and stuff like that
now how this product was actually found okay I was actually targeted while
scrolling through Facebook for his products okay and I knew that I could do
a way better job than what the you know whoever was selling it previously I knew
that I could do way better job and this is important thing as well if you find
in products okay and you’re being targeted for products then you know you
always want to improve you K don’t just you know expect that you can just swipe
and copy and it is what a lot of people do you know which is highly annoying and
don’t expect to copy you know it’s the wrong thing to do okay don’t just
completely copy and copy products and stuff like that it’s the easy way for
some people that are out there some you know gurus may teach you to do this but
if you don’t improve on it you’re not gonna you’re not going to get anywhere
because it doesn’t make any sense okay improve upon it so I know I could do a
better job you know with my experience and what I know stuff like that so I
knew that this product was it fits my niche I could do a better job so
something worth testing now what you want to do is you need to force Facebook
into thinking that you are a buyer so in order to get targeted for products you
know be targeted for the best kind of products is you we need to be forcing
Facebook and to do that of course what you need to do is start liking things
start liking or complete competitors pages start actually seeing adverts like
in the adverse you can even drop a comment on it if
one again save it and of course you know go to their website get pixelated add to
their car bloody like blah all that sort of stuff but basically try and force
Facebook into showing you the best adverts now testing so know what
interests and look at our audience that have worked in the past helps massively
so you know being in a niche of course I know exactly what sort of look like
audiences bring me in sales and I was interested early I bring me into most
sales cuz I’ve sold in this over and over again I can use them to start with
because they are my good interests okay now of course with this I choose top
english-speaking countries only due to the ship in so as well generally like to
do now I went to world WC so website conversion purchase a video ad ninety
percent of my ads are video ads I was around the paper pay p/e page post
engagement alongside it for the engagement
just to add sets okay and again they were large audiences as well and 810 ad
sets large broad interests okay I already knew which ones I was going to
go with so I went with those ones and of course some old look like audiences that
have performed previously for me so I used those ones as well okay and that’s
fantastic about staying in a niche when you stay in a niche okay is that it just
floating about all over the place and trying to make this one work make this
one what make this one work because it’s not just the niche okay it’s just the
products okay you just have to find the right products to fit that niche and
once you learn the language learn everything then finding winners becomes
a lot easier okay now started we just want creative and of course you know I
added all of the point in all of the ad sets to that Content ID
I didn’t mean Content ID there sorry that’s a mistake but I mean post ID
there so you know when you take the post and point everything to the same so
basically all of the a engagement there so all of the engagement you know was
going to that one one that so that one post so everything from the PPE and
everything from these website conversions were going exactly to the
that post ID the same one so he’s all accumulating together now I did recently
introduced a new creative which is absolutely crushing it and that’s one
thing that you want to be doing okay increasing your click-through rate and
you know creatives if it’s one way you can do this okay you can use the same
video but just change your ad copy and you know just improve your click-through
rate of course the better your click-through rate the lower your cost
per click are going to be and obviously more likely you’re dependent of course
on your conversion rate of your store you can you know lower your cost per
purchases that way so scaling so scaling what was ours to be scaling this one so
of course I got hit with the little thing which absolutely through tons of
things off which you know done my head in massively like you wouldn’t believe
okay because it threw everything off completely and you know when stuff isn’t
working and Facebook sending traffic to your store and people can’t convert and
your bounce rates you know is off the charts because people are landing on you
store and can’t scroll or Add to Cart or anything it messes with your facebook
ads so it through everything COFF but again I’ve deviated apologies but
knowing how your ad account reacts to scaling is an art and it comes with
experience you know generally I’ve got tons of different ad accounts and
generally know what works in one you know whether I need to start at lower
budgets and scaling them up our whether I need to duplicate or whether they work
with buying your bidding and stuff like that know to add accounts are exactly
the same so learning what this is can only realistically come from experience
and running tests and running products so you’re not gonna get this straight
away but of course when you become more experienced it happens not for this
mainly duplicating into higher budgets worked for example testing at ten
dollars okay if that was going well what I do is just duplicate that to fifty two
hundred dollars if the metrics looked great okay now using more than one ad
account is one thing that I’ve done to spread the risk don’t get sucked okay
don’t get hooked and it’s a in q4 I’ve seen tons of people you know saying that
their account got banned and stuff like that if it did you shouldn’t have one on
account and it’s your own fault for only having one out account if you get banned
in case a stupid and silly move so you know
don’t get hooked whatsoever you can import and export Kate that’s very easy
and simple to do manual being as well only on the winning ad sets that had
large audiences so everything that was there you know minute 1 2 1 million to 2
million minimum size it’s the one that would only be when I do manual bidding
and $500 each as a minimum again most of the time it’s a thousand upwards but you
know for a minimum set it’s generally around $500 for this exact store now I
like to work top-down with manual bidding so that spends money so 2 to 4 X
my cost per purchase and then just work down to a sweet spot depending on how
its spending and your cost per purchases now I incorporated look at our audiences
as well so of course you know it’s a great fantastic way to scale so I always
like to test obviously all the way from 1 to 10 everything from you know 95
percent of view content at cost to purchases and of course a little value
bomb here is the niche based ones as well if you’re using an app so if you’re
using something like track file or pixel perfect or something like that then of
course you can set you know set to pick up a niche so just you know basically
what you do is you can set inside Shopify a category and use that category
so for example everyone who pushes the dog products cat products bloody robust
stuff like that so move away from Aliexpress when you are doing these
sorts of numbers okay you have to be moving away from Aliexpress you can’t
fulfill these sorts of orders through Aliexpress it doesn’t make any sense
whatsoever so move away ASAP now what something Keys clicking move
away as soon as you possibly can you want to give your customers faster
delivery again remember you’re processing tons of different orders on a
daily basis so you need to be you know you want to cut out Aliexpress as
quickly as you possibly can because for a number of reasons you want your fight
you want faster delivery you want better logistics you know and you can’t achieve
them do Aliexpress now one of the reasons why of course you need to be
moving away from Aliexpress is because they add-on payment verification times
as well sometimes 24 hours and cause shipping dispatch times and all
these sorts of stuff and of course in Aliexpress as well they vendors get
charged just for selling on Aliexpress so it makes more sense for them to
purchase to work directly with yourself as well plus it’s hard as how to
communicate with vendors if you need some immediate answers and you know
working through Aliexpress to test and stuff it’s totally fine okay you started
you fine I still tested with Aliexpress no problems whatsoever but once you
start scaling up and whilst I’m doing big in order to bring a bigger orders
sorry you need to then move away from Aliexpress so that you can communicate
much better and make sure that your ship in terms are much better and your
payment verifications you don’t have those and you can ship within 24 hours
and fulfill stuff a lot quicker because of course we are coming up to Christmas
time now and you know you want you shipping size to be as quick as possible
because most of the people that are purchasing now depending on of course
your product will be purchasing for Christmas or as a Christmas present so
again you want to be making sure you move away from there as possible as fast
as possible to you know make sure that the customers are getting their products
now the merchants that I was using I know some people generally just take to
ask me you know what much as we use them but to do I was just using PayPal and
stripe and I’ve always used PayPal and stripe to be honest yes PayPal is a pain
in the ass yes PayPal do give you reserves yes PayPal
are a monopoly yes PayPal or whatever yari are do they are you know the bane
of my life but you have to work with them because their own such a monopoly
and people feel so much comfortable using PayPal so just have to live with
it unfortunately stripe as well as you stripe as well
now ecomp is 2.0 like I mentioned is officially live as of today to the
public so I’m not going to turn this into any sort of picture or anything
like this but if you are interested then click the link down below I’ll put the
link down below and I will put it across all of my other videos as well so yeah
if you’re interested in you know anymore then click the link
down below again I’m not gonna turn it into a pitch now for the competition if
you want free access okay I want to give away free access to you know one lucky
person who came rockin with me this year you know it’s been quite a bit of a
journey but I want to give someone free access okay and here’s the competition
rules so first and foremost you must be subscribed to my channel ok with a
notification bow on okay so you must be subscribed to my channel with a
notification bow on number two you must follow me on instagram now my histogram
is always generally on my start the videos but there it is there it’s bat
beast of ecomp so you must be following me on instagram which is at beast viacom
thirdly comment below this video ok comment below this video the reasons
why you want the course so there are the three things now there are some little
things down there below so there is no limit to the amount of times you can
comment on this video no limit whatsoever so if you want to
absolutely let’s just explode the comments on this video okay no
duplicates of course so you can have multiple reasons why you want the course
and every single time that you comment will be classed as an entry but of
course it can’t just be a you know a duplicate or it can’t just be one word
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comment will be cast as a an entry we know will be set to that tall random and
it ends on Sunday the 11th of November which gives you depending on luck I said
when I put this video out will be you know about seven days time now thanks to
everyone who else has already joined feedback has been absolutely crazy okay
and you know people are loving it and getting results within their first 48
hours so I’m over the moon for that so they are the rules and yeah if you want
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if of course you did make sure you like comment and smash that subscribe button
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with all of my latest content now you will have to do that of course if you
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people okay that is it for this video I hope of course you all smash it this
month and absolutely crush your goals okay I’m certainly working as hard as I
possibly can so you know I will be bringing out nothing but value bombs to
help you guys crush it on line so that is it for this video I’ll stop rambling
on take care and I’ll see you know yes

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  34. I am most probably the one with most comments on this video and I don't feel great commenting so much as I rarely do, but I feel this is too great of an opportunity to pass! This course must be the best on the market and that's exactly the reason why I want it so badly!

  35. Honestly, if I had enough money to invest I would have bought on the first day. Have been on the waiting list for the past couple of weeks and was homing to save up by the launch. Things don't always go as planned, but of course, that is no reason to give up!

  36. Last 4 comments I am making for this giveaway. I want to say thank you to the Beast of Ecom for putting in the work to create a great course and even more so for providing so much value in a detailed manner for free. I am very happy that I found this channel as I am sure many other people are too!

  37. They say that people need to pay for knowledge to commit to using to the fullest extent… I agree with that, but speaking for myself I can say that I am already taking massive action! I want the course to speed up my process. Ecom Beast 2.0 for the WIN!

  38. Whether you win or you don't guys I recommend going through and watching all videos on this channel. And when I say all I mean ALL. There is much to learn. Then all you have to do is take action, apply the knowledge, save your profit and reinvest into the course which will make your results even BIGGER!

  39. And lastly, I will share my core believes in how to achieve success in business. I truly believe that it comes down to two things KNOWLEDGE and ACTION! They are very simple, but if you think about it, that's all it takes CONSTANT ACTION and IMPROVEMENT (you need the knowledge to improve in the right direction)! I am already taking action, but can clearly see that there is so much more I need to learn to improve my results. Knowledge from someone highly experienced would help immensely… Good luck to ALL!

  40. Hey Boss,

    The reason I'd love to get your course is to build insight on my current e-commerce store. You're incredibly successful and out of the plethora of gurus there are, I find myself relating to your techniques. Having the course would benefit me and my future, not only in terms of financial freedom; but in the sense of fulfillment. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and I strive to be one of them.

    Have a great one!

  41. I never won a giveaway…If I won this time it will be really helpful for me…BTW you are doing good man, such valuable info for free! Ty ✌

  42. Yo bro been stacking cash making ads Facebook Videos for people which I think Im pretty good at but Ive never been good with Facebook ads and I think this will extremely help me especially since I can use the money I made from videos for ads.🙏🏻

  43. There are many people to choose from, I don't know what your motivating factor is on who you are choosing but if you choose me you can change my life in ways you haven't imagined

  44. wish I would have seen this video seen before the 11. November to get the chance for the course,…I had long days in my 9-5 job and did not get on youtube to be fully focused at my own shop, I think it's over now for the chance but I really want to thank you that you would have given us the chance to enter your 2.0 version of the course and I would have been more than happy to be part of the game…I really have a hard time right now, but you motivated me to start this journey to be an entrepreneur and I really want to thank you because you motivate me day in and day out to work hard on my dreams, to achieve someday the lifestyle you life,…this should not be just words so you think I want to only get your free access, I really mean that serious and even if the free offer is over I still want to let you know that you changed my life because you gave me the hope to be so much more than some many believe is possible,…so thank you so much for your content and please let me know if you open the class again someday

    Hope you have a great day!


  45. Dude. I can't believe I've wasted so much time following the other dropshipping gurus. So much empty fluff and big gestures while rehashing the same thing. Love your style, unsubbing from everyone else and focusing purely on your content.

  46. We run 2 dropshipping websites but this guy gives a very honest review and he is right about Aliexpress. You can't work like that when numbers going up. Maybe also tell your audience next time about starting money. Because when you have money to spend you can scale up quicker is our experience. But I know it works differently for anyone. Nice video man respect

  47. Kinda funny that you only start this channel 7 months ago an you have a course. lol let me guess whats in the course is whats already on youtube already .

  48. (I’m a noobie) Question:when I make a store and start getting lots of sells and eventually want to move on do I have to make another Shopify account

  49. I know it may be too late but thought I would get on this just in case.
    I need to get on this course! This would be the dream of a lifetime! I built a store a week and a half ago and am nearly on £1500 in sales, but spent a lot more than I should have on ads. I really need help keeping the cost per purchase as low as possible. I am using the Debut theme but am having great conversion rates on the website and am selling baby products, but my cost per purchase is too high.
    This course would seriously change my life back to front!!!

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