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My Equipment for Youtube (Camera, Audio, Lighting, and more!)

My Equipment for Youtube (Camera, Audio, Lighting, and more!)

What’s up guys, welcome back to my channel.
In today’s video, I want to take you truly behind the scenes of my youtube set up. Now
over on my Instagram. If you follow me, usually I share a lot of the behind the scenes of
what’s happening in my life. And on one day on Amazon Prime Day, actually I told you guys
that I bought a bunch of equipment to do a massive upgrade for my youtube channel because
I finally hit 100,000 subscribers. So not only was this a gift to me, but it’s also
a gift to you guys cause I obviously want to keep getting better when it comes to creating
videos. Now unfortunately there was no Amazon prime deals on any of these things that I
have, but the least that I can do is at least give you a walkthrough of what’s truly happening
behind the scenes. So if you’re interested in learning about
my Youtube set up specifically all the way down to the type of equipment that I’m using
and seeing how I’ve set everything up within my bedroom, then make sure you keep on watching.
I’m going to put a disclaimer right now that I am not a tech guru or a tech expert. And
in this clip I’m going to show you, really proves it. So right now you are watching this
video from my new camera, which is the Sony a 64 one no Sony a sixty four thousand eighty
six thousand four hundred now obviously I really struggled with pronouncing the camera
name alone. So if you are someone that’s looking for serious tech advice, make sure you check
out my friends at think media. I actually referenced this video right here and I followed
it to a t in a sense of figuring out what exact equipment to buy and I literally copied
exactly what that video recommended. So make sure you check out their video if
you are looking for the techier side of things. However, if you’re an average Joe like me,
you don’t know much about tech and you want an opinion from someone who is not techie
at all, then you’re in the right place. So with that disclaimer aside, I’m going to explain
to you the camera that I’m using right now. Now, the camera that I’m using right now is
called the Sony a 6,400 and I’m not going to lie. It really hurt me to buy this camera.
And the big reason for this is because it’s kind of expensive. It was really over my budget,
but the reason why I ended up investing in this camera is because a lot of pro youtubers
were saying that this was the legit thing. Not only this, what really swayed me over
were two factors specifically. One was the auto focus. Apparently the auto focus on this
is superb and I’m going to have to agree wherever I go, the focus stays on my face and even
if it doesn’t, it actually focuses really fast. Let me give you an example. Hmm. As you can see, the focus on this is really
awesome and I love, love, love this. The reason why is because with my old Canon camera, which
was the T5i, which actually I talked a lot about in this video right here, why I share
all of my old equipment. The problem is is that sometimes it wouldn’t focus on my face
and therefore it made my filming super inefficient because I would always have to get up out
of my seat to make sure that I was actually in focus because I didn’t want to risk building
an entire video out of focus. Now that I have this camera, I am guaranteed that wherever
I go I am always going to be in focus and therefore I don’t have to get up out of my
seat and check every time and it’s like Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam. All the footage is done because I’m not having
any hesitations about my focus. Not only this. The second reason why I decided to invest
in this camera is because of suburb 4k quality. Now I was very torn between buying this camera
and the Canon m50 and the reason why is because the Canon m50 is a lot cheaper and is also
highly raved about in the youtube community. Based on my research, a lot of people recommend
a Canon M50 as the best camera for Youtubers. However, this camera, the Sony a 6,400 is
now pretty much the new kid on the block and now a lot of youtubers are saying that this
camera is far more support, specifically the 4K function. Now obviously, does everyone
need 4k videos? No, but I’m going to tell you exactly why I’ve decided to film in four
k. It’s not because I think that my audience
is watching videos in 4k, but because of two reasons. First, I found out that youtube actually
ranks videos that have four k a lot higher in the algorithm. Not only this, what swayed
me over of buying this camera is thanks to Shawn over at think media and what he said
was, when you buy this camera, you’re basically future-proofing yourself. Meaning that, yes,
nowadays, a lot of people film in 10 ADP. However, who’s to say that next year or the
following year? Maybe the next big thing is watching videos in four k and that’s kind
of where the trend is heading. So I know that by investing this money in this camera, I
know that this camera’s actually going to take me farther and further in the future.
Now, the next big upgrade that I did was my audio and audio is actually not the first
thing that I’ve ever upgraded through the evolution of my channel. You’ll notice in the beginning I was using
the built in microphone on my camera and this was the result: what’s up everyone! Welcome
back to my channel. Now in today’s video, you are actually in for a treat because I
was sharing with you my tips, tricks, secrets, and hacks on how exactly I find fresh and
new content ideas for social media. Now as you can hear, it’s super echoey and also I
got a lot of complaints from my own subscribers. That’s when the next phase of my upgrade started
to happen and that’s when I opted for a lapel mic. This is a microphone that you actually
attached to your shirt and the reason why I like this is because if my cat’s running
around or if there’s a siren outside, as long as the microphone is near my face, it’s gonna
always pick up me my voice. Now, the issue though is that it really limited
the type of clothes that I could wear and also the type of necklaces that I could wear
as well. And if you’re familiar with my channel, we all know that necklace that kept clinking
into my microphone and ruining my audio and if you’re new to my channel, let me show you
an example. Of course, the Internet is a very vast space nowadays. You can get any information
online. That’s why as you can see in order to actually free myself up, be able to move
freely in a video, not care if hair is flinging into my chest. I upgraded to another microphone
and specifically I got a shotgun mic. Now this shotgun mic isn’t something that I’m
putting necessarily on my camera, but I’m putting it on a boom stand and what the boom
Stand looks like is this [inaudible]. As you can see right beside me, a microphone
is literally dangling right in front of me so that my audio is superb in my videos. Not
only this, this microphone is from road, it’s called the road video Mike Pro plus, and it’s
one of the best microphones on the market for youtubers and that’s why I decided to
buy it. Now, if you’re interested in the price of it with the boom stand, this is how much
it costs currently and if you’re also interested in just getting the shotgun mic alone, which
is honestly fine if you’re doing sit down videos like me, then you could check out the
price here as well. Now obviously the reason why I chose the boom stand is just because
I wanted to make sure that it was the closest that it could be to my face because if it’s
on my camera I can’t necessarily be as close as I would like. So that’s why I decided to put the boom stand,
but of course it’s not necessary. However, if you are having someone in your video and
you’re doing an interview, let’s say, it’s really helpful to have the microphone dangling
from the top so that it’s catching both people. Now obviously if your videos don’t include
people like mine, then you’re probably fine. Now moving onto the next massive upgrade that
I did and that is lighting. Now you obviously noticed in my videos the aesthetic is a lot
more different and there’s a reason for this. I was sick of only filming during the day.
It was very limiting for me and even though I personally prefer filming with daylight,
I actually needed to make a choice and finally invest in lighting so that my lighting wouldn’t
constantly change. For example, if you look at some of my videos, you’ll notice that through
the shots, the lighting kept changing and that’s the problem when you’re filming with
daylight. I always felt like I was racing against time in order to get consistent lighting.
Now if you don’t believe me, let me show you a clip. [music] not only was lighting inconsistent because
I didn’t have artificial lighting, I also found it to be very debilitating, especially
as a business owner with multiple meetings that I have to go to during the day. Having
time to film wasn’t necessarily a lot. That’s why by having artificial lights now I can
actually film in my room even if it’s 9:00 PM 7:00 PM and right now it’s 9:00 PM and
I’m still filming. That means I’m actually able to film a lot more videos in one day
alone. Speaking of which today I hammered out five videos in a row, which is insane,
thanks to my lighting and thanks to the amazingness of this new setup versus before I could only
film two videos per sitting because the daylight lighting would disappear and all of that.
That’s why I highly recommend actually investing in lighting if you want to actually film more
videos in a short period of time. Now at this point in the video, you might
be thinking to yourself, okay, Vanessa, show us what lights you’re using. So for me, I’m
using the Phobe Attack LED lights. Now, obviously this is something that Sean over at think
media recommended, like I said earlier on in this video. So make sure you check it as
video to actually know list by list all the equipment that I’m using because I literally
followed it to a t. But basically I got these two lights and right now they’re right in
front of me side by side or on the two sides of me. Now obviously I did something a little
bit different and I added a softbox cover in order to actually diffuse the light a little
bit more. As per the recommendation of my video editor. I’m not really sure if it makes
a huge difference because I’ve actually had it tried filming without it because all this
equipment is still pretty fresh. But I do really like this lighting and for
the price, I’m really impressed. Not only this, as you can see, I can actually control
the brightness and the tint of this lighting. I can make it more yellow, I can make it more
cool. And also I can change the brightness as I go. And this is something that I really
appreciated. And why I decided to invest in this lighting specifically. Now, as you can
see so far in this video, I’ve really showed you the three major game changers in terms
of my equipment update. However, there’s more than just these three items. The next item
that I want to introduce to you is the lens. Right now the lens that I’m using is the sigma
16 millimeter 1.4 f. Now, don’t ask me what all that means because I don’t actually know.
However, I knew that I wanted to make sure I had the blurry background that a lot of
youtubers have and through my research this lens was actually going to get me there. Now, truth be told, when I was first making
my purchase, I actually had ordered the wrong lens. I ordered the 30 millimeter thinking
that it was going to be perfect for my needs. However, the problem is is that when I ordered
the 30 millimeter instead of the 60 millimeter lens, it was actually really close up to my
face, meaning that my camera actually had to be super far away from me. Now with the
16 millimeter, my camera is much closer to me than before, which actually makes me a
lot more confident in filming videos. Not only this because it’s the 16 millimeter.
You can actually see a lot more in the background than you did before, which is actually what
I prefer in a camera, so it really depends what your needs are. However, I’m going to
tell you right now so you don’t make the mistake that I do, especially as someone who doesn’t
know much techie stuff, the 30 millimeter, it was definitely way too close and that’s
why you can see in this footage that it was really, really close to my face because I
was experimenting with the different angles and now I’m far more happier with the 16 millimeter. Now when it actually comes to getting the
blurry background, unfortunately the way that my room is set up, I’m still really close
to the background, which is why am I blurriness? Aka Bulky isn’t enough, but as I moved closer
to the camera, you’ll see the blurriness. As you can see as I’m coming closer to the
camera though, bouquet in the background becomes a lot stronger. Now. Hopefully as I move into
another studio, the vocab will be a lot more stronger and to the liking that I want, but
for now this will do now moving onto some upgrades that I didn’t really anticipate that
I would need to make. The first is a new remote. Now again, if you actually look at this video
right here where I talk about my old equipment, I was using a Canon camera and I had a canon
remote. Obviously remotes are only compatible with certain cameras and the remote that I
used to have wasn’t really compatible with the Sony anymore. That’s why I now have this
remote that is fully compatible with the camera that I’m using so that I can hit record and
stop recording whenever I want so that I don’t have to get up on my seat and manually do
it myself. Now another thing that I didn’t expect that
I would need to fork over money for is a better and stronger SD card. Now that I’m actually
filming in 4K it’s taking up a lot more space. Therefore actually had to buy a even more
expensive SD card at 128 gigabytes where I used to use only 64 so that was also another
purchase that I didn’t expect. Another thing that I didn’t expect was upgrading my Internet
because of the four k. Now obviously for me, I work with a video editor, but even if I
didn’t, the speed in which the 4k videos were uploading to my drive and to everything else
took forever and therefore I actually had to upgrade my internet as well so that the
videos could actually transfer a lot faster. So it’s extremely true that when you actually
buy something that’s more luxurious or more expensive, expect to also pay a lot more for
the maintenance. So that’s something that I definitely didn’t
expect when I was making this upgrade. Now hopefully in this video, even though I’m not
a Techie, you guys kind of learned a lot more about my setup. I’m so far pretty happy with
all of this. Now, obviously it took me a while to actually get used to it. So you’re going
to see a lot of trial and error when it comes to my youtube videos, but so far I have to
say that I’m really pleased with the results. Now, if you want more videos, maybe not about
tech, but other things like mindset, marketing and Entrepreneurship and coaching, make sure
you check out these two videos right here. As always, guys, thanks for your patience
on watching this video about tech from a non-techie, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys.

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