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MY 20ft POND FILTER IS DONE | My fish love to eat Livefoods

MY 20ft POND FILTER IS DONE | My fish love to eat Livefoods

If you can see over there, there are three pipes that I prepared for this tank this lettuce will trive over here Hi Guy’s you’re here back once again at Dexter’s World channel Well, it’s a beautiful day once again to talk about the fish and I am so proud and I’m so very happy that we have finally completed our fabrication of this concrete tank and if you can see over there there were three pipes that I prepared for this tank and this three pipes will be the outflow of or water’s coming from This tank. This tank will be our Filtered buckets and we gonna fill this with stones and another thing is that I promise you that I am going to put some vegetables over there and as you can see my lettuce’s are ready now to be placed at the top of this filter bucket Of course our fish actually having good condition despite of the rain despite the heavy Downfall last night. They are still in good shape. Many have asked me Dexter Our temperature is too cold and sometimes it will really affect the fish during cold temperature Our fish is really prone to be suffering from white spot if during cold Temperature the condition of the water is not good But even if it is so cold our fish will still be protected from the white spot if we’re gonna treat them With salt and the filtration system is good. You will see this Japanese koi There are three thousands of them in this thing. And this tank is just too shallow. You look at this tank It’s just around 2ft or maybe less the depth of this tank and I am so positive that this koi will grow rapidly As if it was placed in a big tank or in a mud pond. The reason for this is we are Feeding them every now and then and we are Putting a very good filtration system. So we will examine this one now come here. I will show this to you So these three pipes are our EXO’s our exit pipe for the water and the water will rise up to this level And of course, I will put some tube over here the three tubes that will serve us the out flow of the water So the moment the water will rise up to this level it will get inside in this three tubes in flow Back here. Now. I will use a big submersible pump I will put this big submersible pump over here and then we will put also a Tube down here as a guide for the water to have free flow Underneath the gravel. So this gonna be filled with gravels and stones and Activated carbon. So also I am thinking about placing this with nets and You will see that at the top of this we are now putting these Lettuce’s Really the water is too cold and This lettuce will tribe over here and they will get the vitamins out of the carbon dioxide and Even the ammonia that can be produced by The waste of this fish so you will see them this water lettuce is doing great and I expect that this roots gonna come up and will also help in Filtering this water. As what I have showed you in my past videos I already Had three harvests out of this project Well, this is a nice experience to eat some vegetables Fresh from your garden and this is called the aquaponics so you will see this one and if you will ask mixture which the component of The soil well, of course I placed The help of this contains the cocoa choir and they half also and the upper half of this Has soil so just an ordinary soil that you can just get out from your yard So this is it now. I am arranging this one. I Already have made sidlings also Water spinach in other kinds of vegetables and my dream is also to have a net over here so that this Vegetables will also creep and will help us controlling the hit of the Sun and you will see that they already have fruits This is commonly known in our dialect as patola ( loofah) Just like that and This is very delicious. And that’s a good source of nutrients this vegetables So I am planning that at the top of this tank will be this vines. This is delicious vines that we can easily Propagate if you will buy this in the market, this will cost us maybe around $1 and that’s 50 Pesos So guys we will now get some food for our baby Balloon Molly’s yesterday and made a blog about our baby balloon mollies and I am very happy about this because this is a new fish that we acquired just recently and We will now get some Daphnia to feed our baby balloon Mollies So guys we’re gonna Get inside it. I already ask permission from “ARNEL” the owner of this house and Daphnia’s can be gathered from this portion this area since it’s raining daphnia’s are Scarce but if it rains so hard and on the following day the Sun shines brightly That’s the time that we can get massive of this Daphnia Okay, guys These are not the Daphnia’s that we can get out on this stagnant water and this is good enough for a balloon Molly’s So our way of preserving this one is to get water Right here And put this here inside Wow Okay This portion is the rice field before it’s a formerly Rice field, but it was converted into a residential place. So they filled this with Soil and this is the situation now this portion was accidentally made a catch basin Meaning all the water will flow in here and of course, I’m so happy also for that development because daphnia’s can just be gathered out of this swampy area I’ll be careful, be careful , Outch!!!! . Oh Come on guys Have spotted some tadpole’s and i intend to catch some of them because they are algae eaters You see this tadpoles they are very young And we will use this one to control the algae Our way of cleaning. This one is by means of this strainer be just forgive me with this strainer Very old and So we will feed this our babies I Will no longer feed the bigger ones Because we don’t have enough supply So we will prioritize the babies You’ll see they can smell the daphnia will try this here and they will group, and eat that so we will feed the babies of our balloon Molly’s by the way our betta fish also feed this one Yes, come on it Betta koi wow! You eat that So babies here Wow and this one The babies of our balloon Molly you will eat this very delicious food So I would like to really have a massive production of this balloon molly’s Because this is in demand in the market. I Ordered this from a friend who is living in Manila So, I hope that you will continue to like and share our videos and Please don’t forget to subscribe if you are new to our channel and hit that notification bell for you to be notified of our upcoming videos and Please also don’t forget to visit our website where we have items for sale And also we’d like to invite you to this visit. Also the channel of my son Dexter’s World Junior and thank you for watching only here Dexter’s World Channel

100 thoughts on “MY 20ft POND FILTER IS DONE | My fish love to eat Livefoods

  1. shout out…kuya dexter …from jeddah ksa…we are always watching you new uploaded videos… 🙂 actually im from zamboanga city also..at pasonanca

  2. Hey Dexter,
    i dont want to be a smartass, but you should think over your filtration system for that pond once again. with the three backflows in the middle of the filter and only one pump, at least one side of your filter will be swampy, with bacterias working without oxygen, it will stink and make your fishes sick. if you use 2 pumps on every end of the filter that problem is solved.
    but it would be better to place the backflow of the filter on one side of the filter, and TWO pumps at the other side. so your filtration medium will be floated with fresh water and oxygen and even if one pump dies, your fishes wont die like it happened to your breeders koi, you just will have the half of filtration.

    i would change this now, espacially if you want to use this setup for a long time. makes you some more work now, but saves you time and money on the long term.

  3. careful using activated carbon n a planted setup nutrients might b taken away, i have an experience n this but was able to solve by adding granulated fertilizers thats safe n fish. =) God bless and gudluck

  4. Hi Dexter Sir,
    Congrats on the massive concrete pond construction. Incredible build. I would definitely recommend using nets to cover it as birds and other animals would prey on the fishes.
    Secondly as it's monsoons time for you all i would strong advice on culturing the daphnia. You have everything readily available to culture them. Get 7 wide containers and label it for the for each day of the week.
    Full all with the green water from your ponds when u do water changes. Add daphnia and let them grow and bloom for a week.
    After week of daphnia growing and multiplying empty all from that day label container and feed to fry. Just keep enough to restart the container and full back with green water. Just keeping doing this for each day and you would have a continued supply of daphnia even on rainy days when u can't collect in wild. Just harvest on the respectively day labeled container and reseed for next week harvest. Hope this helps.
    Best of luck with the balloon mollies. They look amazing. 👍

  5. Sir my molly fish was dieing for one disease that was short tail disease so how i prevent them without using any medicine please sir ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一

  6. My very curious question sir. What is the components of the cement-sand mixed(wall and floor) you use so it won't leak water to the other side.

    Pasagot idol hehehe tagal ko ng gustong magpagawa/gumawa pero baka mali kasi magawa eh. Salamat po ng napakarami😊

  7. Don't forget aquaponics just using fish doesn,t have calcium and iron so burn your bones and wood with nails and lightly sprinkle ash on growing plants

  8. Pasipa naman po ng bahay ko sisipain ko rin ko po kayo pabalik lalong lalo na sa mga APPLE GROWERS🍎🍎 dyan dito sa atin sa pilipinas🙂

  9. Boss kwanto tuh tah bende dtuyu betta koi, pati mga otro baleh color ? Pati ya anda yo na sucabon nuay man todo lng mga jutay el jombre pati female lng manada

  10. Boss kwanto tuh tah bende dtuyu betta koi, pati mga otro baleh color ? Pati ya anda yo na sucabon nuay man todo lng mga jutay el jombre pati female lng manada

  11. You have such amazing place for looking after lots of pets, especially fish, Sir Dexter! I wish I had such strategic house to breed many kinds of fish and also the most important one; the brilliant ideas & capability to create / re-create situation as desired!!! What A Sweet Life: An Advantageous Hobby (Passion that Earns a Living too)

    May God bless you & your family as well,

    Amen 🙏😇👍💞🌟

  12. Your accent really bothered me 😂its not that lm judging be sure in what you are trying to say so that you can speak fluently😁joke

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