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My $1000 a Day Shopify FACEBOOK Ads Copy That CONVERTS Into SALES (Dropshipping)

My $1000 a Day Shopify FACEBOOK Ads Copy That CONVERTS Into SALES (Dropshipping)

now that is how you make money what’s
going on guys issue boy the Beast of ECOM back with another video dropping
nothing but value bombs as I always do so in today’s video I’m gonna be talking
about Facebook ads copy okay the creative is super super important if you are not
doing any of these things that I mentioned in this video you are missing
out big-time super important that you watch all of this video I don’t want to
miss any part of it I will be sprinkling in value bombs and little top secret
tips as I always do and by the end this video you’ll have actionable content so
you can go away launch your new adverts implement in water teach today to get
those buyers to click through to your products and start buying remember if
you do get some value from this video please do like comment smash that
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when I drop my latest videos so without further ado let’s jump into the computer
and let’s get right on with it right time for me to give away some value so
let’s jump straight into things what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go over a little
bit of theory here on the screen and then show you some live examples that I
just create a moment ago of what you know making up these components so you
know what they actually look like I think that’s the most important part
talking about it’s all well and good but you know this here doesn’t show you what
they look like so I want to show you guys what they actually look like in
practice because that’s what my channel is all about giving you the maximum
value remember if you do get value please do like comment and subscribe I’d
appreciate that to join the family so Facebook ad copy that converts now the
first and most important thing is this first point if you are not doing this
first point everything cast becomes irrelevant and that is to interrupt the
customer interrupts the customer okay stop them scrolling that is your main
that is your main point that is you main focus everything else is irrelevant you
can’t do anything cause if you don’t do that okay now the people don’t go to
Facebook to buy things they go to Facebook to you know see their friends
see their best friends okay baby or see their dog or their friends dog you know
stupid things like that they don’t go there to buy so you
main goal is to stop them scrolling now how can you do that so the first thing
is call them out now you can’t call them out directly because Facebook doesn’t
like you calling on people’s ages or you know specific trace and stuff like that
but you can call them out but not directly so for example for this could
be like you know hey mums are absolutely loving this or hey dog lovers all dog
lovers are going crazy for this so it’s calling them out but it’s not being so
direct that Facebook will flag it up and you know not approve your advert again
the second point is posed a question to them if you’re posing a question to
people people with natural incidence when they’re scrolling through is to
kind of answer that question in their head
you know subconsciously so it could be something like you know hey a you a mum
or hey are you a mom have you seen this you know something like that that’s
posing a question or um let me try think of something cows or Oh dog or dog
lovers are going crazy for this have you seen it
it’s posing a question okay again finally a shocking statement now a
shocking statement works you know you can’t do anything you know overly
obscene of course because Facebook won’t approve it but something like oh my god
have you seen this or oh my god this is a game changer have you seen this or oh
my god this is crazy take a look it’s a shocking statement so it doesn’t give
anything too much away about the actual product or stuff like that but what it
is it stops people and grabs their attention and that’s the most important
part once you’ve got their attention they’ll keep reading so the first line
if you put a shocking statement which is a good tactic that I’ll use again that
will work because shocking statements people will look at it I think you know
hey what’s that no I haven’t seen that before or you know what is this people
are naturally in trees so main important thing is one thing you ever get from
this video it is interrupt the customer and use that as your basis for
everything when your ad copy okay second point always use emojis okay always use
emojis nowadays you’ll see most video most adverse will have emojis okay
really easy to use you know that I like I like the fire emoji love
eyes emoji the shocked face emoji so little simple tips here those three
there are you know super great good interaction again use ones that are more
relatable use emojis you know don’t go overboard but use them to help bring
your advert to life okay if it’s babies you can use baby emojis if it’s again
dogs cats or anything like that use the cats that cat emojis hearts those sorts
of things you know work well now my third point is to present the problem or
poke at the pain point then provide the solution okay so what do I mean now
present the problem if people have a problem you want to present it in the
advert okay so an example to this would be let’s say someone is terrible at
losing keys and like I mentioned guys I’m gonna show you some actual examples
of putting all these things into practice with a few different you know
videos that are created a few different adverts sorry that I created a mum ago
so what I mean by is let’s say for example someone who’s terrible that
losing keys okay they always lose their keys that’s a problem they’re spending
more money on getting keys recut they’re spending more money on you know people
changing locks that spending money okay you’ve got a key holder that solves that
problem so something like hey are you always losing your keys always spending
money on getting keys recut here this key holder will make sure that that
never happens again okay save money using this key holder stuff like that
that’s provoking at their pain point provoking at that problem and then
you’ve got the solution with your products okay again I’m at my fourth
point is benefits and features of owning their actual product so let’s say for
example you know you’ve got some sort of product whatever it may be and is made
from non-toxic bpa-free it’s dishwasher safe you know it was saving baby product
or it stops that kid from falling or you know keeps the kid
entertain they’re all benefits and features of the actual owning a product
so you can list those in your in your advert again just to add it add a little
bit more emphasis of why the person should buy that product again I’m going
to show you some examples of that now this is pretty much what everyone does
you can do it I think that sometimes it’s a little bit cheesy but again it
does work with that verse I just tend to use the more scarcity and limited time
offers and stuff like that on the actual product page rather than you know on the
actual advert so I’d rather I rather do that but it’s entirely up to you and
I’ll show you some examples scarcity you know everyone knows about scarcity only
X amount available or you know limited time offer you know get save 50% today
only valid till midnight you know whatever it may be you can come up with
some creative ideas of how to use the screen the scarcity and limited time
offer in your favor on your advert okay now always try to use video if possible
videos convert I generally try to use videos for all of my video all of my
adverse they convert well they you know allow to demonstrate the actual products
a lot better so you know with captions as well so I prefer using videos but if
you can’t or again twelve by twelve still works the square one that you’d
see on my Instagram Square still work but here’s a little tip for you I’ll
show you when the ad free when we get to the examples but a 1200 by 1650 okay
this is kind of what it does is it makes the advert longer so you get a lot more
real estate in the newsfeed so that your again the whole you know the whole
benefit the hope the whole main goal is to stop people scrolling now if you’re
taking on more real estate in your advert okay your advert looks bigger
than any other advert on the on the feed you’re gonna get more attention so I’ll
show you what one of those looks like and it just takes up a lot more a lot
more real estate so that’s a little bit of a top tip for you guys that’ll look
giving away again call to action of course you need a call to action you
know by now get yours here is pretty much
self-explanatory but if you’re not doing anything like that I always put it in
capitals as well so that it stands out by here get yours now its order here you
know stuff like that so you need to make sure you have a call to action if not
people are just going to keep scrolling okay and short links I never really use
a whole massive link or the whole massive www dot your website slash
products slash whatever it may be again it’s just taking on unnecessary you know
a state that you don’t need on the adverse so just use the shore link you
can use the Shopify custom one or you can just do bitly I don’t think Google
now Google have got one but I think it’s recently just been shutting down so
don’t use the Google one bittley’s probably your best one or alternatively
the Shopify one as well which would just look like this so be your store calm
slash products so obviously he’d put product as whatever your product is and
to do that you literally just go into I think it’s navigation click into your
online store when you view it and then obviously there’s navigation where you
going to navigation there’ll be a little thing that says you are out direct and
what you do then is you can make up a URL and then just paste in the original
URL so you’d put there you want URL com forward slash the product name so you’re
putting a short product theme and then you forward that so when people land on
that they forward it to the actual you know long one so that’s really simple to
do so now let’s jump into some actual examples okay because this is the main
part is where you want to see what the actual will look like so I’ve created
some again I’ve just used I haven’t used anything product wise but it’s gonna
give you the basis okay so here’s one and they used all of these adverse use
elements of what I’ve just mentioned okay so you can see so here’s one well
this does 80% of all dog you of all dog accidents happen due to not being seen
night by cars that’s a shock statement okay people dog readers reading that was
thing you know hey I didn’t know that it’s a factual you gave it away and of
course it’s a shock statement captures people’s attention people obviously
don’t want their dogs to die okay but you’ve got a lead okay which uses emojis
the Kayla because I’ve used mo G’s save 50% off today
again limited time offer on this reflective dog lead dog lead you know if
you said I’m dog lead by here in capitals with your bitly link so that
you there is a prime example now this one is using the 12 by 1200 the one that
you’d see on Instagram a square and click on this next one are you tired of
using your keys now again broke in that problem some people using their keys
that will never happen again with this holder you’ve got the solution okay by
here now this is a little tip as well that you can use you can’t actually say
people Facebook nowadays got rid of the tag here or share with people so here’s
a little tip okay know someone who needs this show them so you’ll get in that
again you’re encouraging people to share it and stuff like that but you’re not
explicitly saying you’ve got to be clever when you messin with Facebook
because you know Zuckerberg at the end of the day just wants your money so you
got to be more clever and if they’re restricting things you know like using
click bait and not click bait if you you know engagement bait and stuff like that
you’ve got to be clever with how you whirling it again so that’s one that
I’ll use and as you can see this is sixteen fifty takes up a whole load of
you know real estate then this one that I mentioned so try out that sixteen
fifty okay here I’ve used a video as you can see mom’s absolutely love this for
their little ones it’s calling out people not directly so if your mom
you’re gonna think you know hey I’m a mom it loves it for their little ones
you know as you can see again in this one I’m presenting the the problems the
present in the solution again and showing the benefits of the problem so
as you can see I’ve used emojis as well prevent your baby from falling never
never worry about your little ones well being made from bpa-free material
something like that and a big massive get yours with the links okay I’m using
emojis I’m using I’m calling my target audience out listening the benefits of
having the product and I’ve got a big click Now button
this one’s using a video okay final one I’ve got oh my god how easy would this
make your life now this would be the shock statement okay this is shocking
people oh my god how easy it would this make your life now everyone once I love
to be easy who does not want to easy life so that’s going to grab people’s
attention you see now it’s reusable saving you money and time so again it’s
giving you those those benefits of owning the product get yours with a big
massive link to your your product and they get yours is in capitals so all of
these examples okay this one is using a video all of these examples take
elements and components of what I’ve just mentioned so if you want doing any
of these things okay in your in your product description not your products
defending your ad copy okay you’re missing out big-time all these things
here are going to improve your click-through rate and if you start
doing these things with click-through rate will shoot through the roof trust
me on this one so I hope you got some value from this video as usual if you
did like comment and subscribe you should now have some actionable content
actionable tips that when you start launching your new products put these
things into practice always think about it and then once you actually get that
attention from the customer only then you can pitch your product member I have
got a free course down below what you’re gonna do is click the link I have got a
free private mastermind group as well on Facebook I’m in there other marketers
are in there it’s a cool network hub to interact with people who are doing
exactly the same as yourself reach out to me via Instagram drop me a large drop
me a follow drop me a DM and we can have a
conversation on there that is it for this video and I’ll be back with the
next one dropping the Simba value bombs as I usually do so take care and I’ll
see you later

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