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Music Lesson Business : Advertising for Music Lessons

Music Lesson Business : Advertising for Music Lessons

In this clip on how to be your own music teacher
and create your own music teaching business, I’m going to talk about how to advertise when
you’ve made the decision to really break out on your own and be a freelance music teacher.
There’s so many different ways to advertise, Craig’s List is immediate and efficient and
it can work right away, and it’s free! A lot of people put up fliers, you know the typical
music teacher flier with the poster with the little tabs that you pull off. You can do
that but, you know what, everyone does that in a simple Word document. Why not do something
a little cut above the rest? This is what I do myself, and it’s a flier, and it’s color
on both sides, and I make it look exciting and jazzy and different, and this is better
than your average poster, and I’ve gotten so many great responses just because I had
a good looking flier. I hired a graphic designer and I went that little extra mile. So really
put a little thought into advertising. This is how you get your clients. Lastly, TakeLessons.com
is a great resource and they can get you students as well. So be creative, be resourceful.

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