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MUD CRABS & MILK FISH FARMING | How to become successful in raising MUD CRABS & MILKFISH

MUD CRABS & MILK FISH FARMING | How to become successful in raising  MUD CRABS & MILKFISH

Hey guys, it’s a beautiful day. Once again, you’re here back at Dexter’s World Channel Maybe we’ll ask Dexter. Where are you? well I’m here at the crab pond of my chief he is my office mate And he is operating a fish pond. We are privileged enough that he allowed us to have a film on how he Do these things? well He’s been in this business and we would like to get some practical tips on how to go about these things Well in here you will see that this is a tank that is field with milk fish And at the same time they can also integrate the crabs. Can we mix the crabs together? Yeah with the milk fish and they will grow together and of course after how many months they will harvest this one and we will have some interview with Mr. Ray eteraldi Is this your first time chief to operate this kind of or you have already the background on how to do these things in this? area, this is my first time to Operate it. This is my first time to harvest tomorrow For the milk fish and I have already harvested my tracks over there. How did you learn to you know operate this business? I mean have you started this when you were still young or well when you were still young we have already experienced in fish pond business because my father used to operate but that location is in Tugbungan if you don’t have the Knowledge about how to to do these things of course many of those who have tried failed So maybe the important thing to know is what kind of food we are giving to the crabs and even to this milk fish I usually give the crabs fresh Fish. Oh Yes have to clean the fish slicing it and throw To throw in the pond however The milk fish they eat algae and sometimes I fed them with bread and how many months are you? going to harvest the crabs and the milk fish six months So you will throw the fry of the milk fish and then after six months you can harvest yes So guys our friend ray will Explain to us how they gonna catch this scrabs from the pond. Of course. You will see here This is the trap and how do we catch the crab out of this trap? First we have to place the bait over here. So you’re using what? fish ,most Preferable Telapia Yeah, that’s our native fish over here. And then they will get inside you just throw that over the pond They will enter here the bait then it will just stay there inside. So the Crabs could no longer go out Yes, because usually their character they will just pass over the edge of the stuff They will never go here if they will have the brain Like humans, they can really go out of the trap but they are not human. So the tendency is they will really Concentrate on finding Way out at the edges of this trap we will use this during night time or even daytime even daytime so even daytime but preferably nighttime because they usually Okay, so what’s the purpose also this one so that we will know where our Trap is located. Okay, so this is a floater float area Yes If you look at the ingenuity and use this as floater because this will not sink And you can locate really get us where our trap Yeah, so it’s a locator and I see in this area. I see some fingerlings Yeah, these are fingerlings of the milk fish? I think the fingerlings of the milk fish So how many days these fingerlings will stay in this very small tank? usually my practice is when they sell to me the fry I will just place there then after I harvest my Milk fish, I will catch the fingerlings already leaving the smaller one to fry So this are prepared for this tank? Yes, because tomorrow they gonna harvest the milk fish and in your estimation How many milk fish did you throw in this pond? This pond can contain how many only? 1500 So if you will, please more than 1500 that’s over crowd that we may invert. Maybe it will become over time What exactly is the area of this pond? This is just over a thousand square meters six thousand square meters. So it’s less than a hectare so after six months you will harvest your Milk fish and the average size of this milk fish were maybe 3 to 1. Kilo. Yeah, sometimes 2 to 1 kilo This one is a king crab it weighs about more than a kilo we try to take a look at this You look at this guy’s Wow You will see this king crab and it weighs more than a kilo and if you will sell this one it price around 1,800 PHP that’s roughly around $30 and if you will Ate this at the big restaurants Of course, you will spend much as he said this is one of the biggest Crabs that they have Harvested, but some other crabs are still bigger than this one The crab is talking. I don’t know And This size of the crab can already cut our fingers so we cannot put our finger inside because this is very dangerous they are waiting actually for the individuals who are expert in tying this crabs because if we are not an expert, they might cut our finger and injure us severely There are 80 big crabs that are placed in their individual containers This is not the final harvest yet Because tomorrow they are going to drain all the water and of course they can get all the crabs and this is the initial Harvest because tomorrow they will concentrate on Harvesting the milk fish if you will see or look around there are also some crabs over there and also at the back of this House, there are plenty of crab. You will also know that they are using the PBC inches in diameter, so they’re using this as their Frame so that they can stock this crabs and you will see that this area is also being Utilized for their Fighting Cocks and maybe we will also have a short interview What’s the breed of this cocks and how they gonna breed this one? there are 2 methods on how to catch the crab and Chief ray can explain to us. Of course. This is the first method. Yes We called this in our local dialect as Bintol ( Crab trap) Bintol? Yes, so we have to place the bait over here So that we can detect whether or not the crab Has already eaten the bait when this moves you have To get a hook then immediately leave this Then the crab will stay here. So this is made of bamboo and you will see how they fabricate this one Of course This is being attached by means of this rope so guys they have placed a trap over there and we’re gonna check this out if we Were able to catch one Oops, We got one , it’s good catch. Can I help you? I will help you wOw We will tie this It’s a big crab Inside and this trap is this a king crab or or a blue crab? Maybe this is not the king crab the red one? Not a king Crab So you see that the crabs inside is still holding the bait she wasn’t able to eat the bait yet Maybe this crab has just entered this net Mr. Ben is showing to us how to properly tied this crap and as what I have said it needs an expert to do these things because if you are not an expert on this chances are the crabs will Be able to harm us because it’s very strong ( Spanish) so the reason why they Gonna tie this is to prevent this crabs from fighting each other and They will be placed in one single big container. This is now ready for delivery I have to stock this maybe this container will accommodate maybe 20 or 25 25 pieces pieces of this one They are going to tie more than 100 crabs today And they’re gonna deliver this to the bodega. This bodega is known buyer of Crabs and I would like to honor this man he is Rey Etoralde and my close friend and my superior in the office and Aside from his work as a government worker government employees human rights protector He is actually Finding some ways on how to augment his income. This is a rich man He has been very successful all his Kids are have finished studies. In fact, he has a doctor a son he is it don’t You know a privilege for us to meet some people and of course they’re willing to share also their lives life’s experiences For us to be encouraged and for us also to learn Some lessons out of what they are doing, you know guys that Dexter is my employee His also an investigator and I am the chief investigator in the Commission on Human Rights regional office IX , you know Dexter is very fun of making some film with Something that is so very interesting. Yeah we used to do that so Now he’s here so I thank him for that because he will maybe you will upload that or Definitely. I will upload this on youtube And this gonna serves as our file the videos that we are going to upload will be There for the rest of our life. Nah, and your of course your friends can also see this one So thank you for watching guys. I hope you will continue to like us here our videos and Please don’t forget to subscribe if you are new to our channel on the here at Dexter’s world

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