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Mtek’s 4-Day Edmonton Online Marketing Course – CAJG Eligible!

Mtek’s 4-Day Edmonton Online Marketing Course – CAJG Eligible!

– If you run a business and you don’t know your Twitter from a Twinkie, or your Pinterest from a pineapple, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. (whooshing) (cranking) (whooshing) Mtek Digital’s four day
Edmonton online marketing course will demystify your
online marketing needs, providing you with
clarity on how to develop a comprehensive plan,
grow your brand on line, and build opportunities for
viewers to become customers. Best of all, if you’re
looking to build a new online marketing team, or want to train an existing marketing team in new tactics and new techniques, you can apply for the Canada- Alberta
Job Grant and save 66%. Traditional advertising just isn’t enough for most modern businesses. An online marketing program will help you create a 24/7 machine delivering leads, generating customer lists, and exposing your potential market to
a whole new side of you.

1 thought on “Mtek’s 4-Day Edmonton Online Marketing Course – CAJG Eligible!

  1. That's great to hear about the CAJG Eligibility! Any origination or business would get amazing value out of such a great course even without the grants back. I know you guys have so much to share – Just looked at the breakdown, that course outline is packed full of so much. Highly recommend to anyone wanting more results from any part of their digital lives. Enjoy everyone.

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