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Mtek Digital 2018 Online Marketing Review with Blackmore and Papp

Mtek Digital 2018 Online Marketing Review with Blackmore and Papp

– I’m David Papp
– I’m Mike Blackmore – So we thought we’d do a
recap for you guys of 2018, kinda what happened online this past year. – So where do we start Mike? I think, one topic I
always like to touch on is what we’re doing right now, video. – Yeah, video is certainly creeping into everybody’s conversation this year. It was kinda like a rumor before, now everybody is starting to
take it a little more seriously and I think it’s the platforms, the platforms are really
sort of upping the video– – I think they’re embracing it. – And I think people are coming
to realize that you know, we’re all walking around with
video recording devices now, and its no longer about
production, it’s about the content. – Absolutely right, there’s that old: if it didn’t happen on
video, it didn’t happen. I mean, you look at
everything is covered now. I mean they can go back to every TV, CCTV, there’s video on everything so
its a huge part of our life. – Absolutely. We’re talking of obviously on the topic of online marketing, digital
marketing, using video. So in 2018, do you see, is Google taking a preference
to seeing video content? – Absolutely, as a matter of fact, they are taking it so seriously that any day now you’re going to be able to do lead gen forms right
off your video pre-roll. So picture this:
– Nice. – You’re watching a video
on the brand new 2019 Ford Bronco, you’re loving it,
and the next thing you know, this little form comes up, asks you, “Hey, would you like
to book a test drive?” How convenient is that? – That’d be awesome. – Yeah, so these are
some of the things that you can look forward to as
a business owner as well. I mean, you don’t have
to go to your website. – Yeah, no that’s fantastic. We certainly noticed in our business, our favorite advertising platform, we’ve shifted around you know, you play with LinkedIn,
Instagram, Facebook, it’s the YouTube pre-roll ads; we’re having a blast with those right now. – Yeah I bet, eh. It surprises me actually
cause I always skip the ad and when you look at the metrics– – But it’s still brand awareness, even for the person who… and then that was a free skip. – It’s the best five, I
mean six seconds that a, that you can get for free, absolutely. – Exactly, that’s awesome. So, if you help them they will come. This is something that you pulled up in an economic impact
report here with Google. – Yeah I think um, you
know everyone has a need, or an intent you might say so, you know, if they’re out there
and they’re looking for your type of business and products, I think if you’re willing to
help them, they’ll come to you. And there’s many ways
that you could help them. I mean, it could just be as
simple as answering a question. It could be a chat interaction, they could call your business. I think, either way if you’re
willing to help somebody, they’re willing to come to you. – That’s very true. And Google is all about
answering questions. I mean that’s really
what it comes down to. – Yeah you could really
simplify that as to a, you have questions and
you have the answers, meaning you as the customer
would type in a question, and you as the business,
would have the answer. So, it’s peer to peer
really and a lot of times Google will serve up old
listings because nobody’s actually answered the
question better since 2006. And so you might run
into that a little bit, unfortunately those are a little outdated. – Yeah, yeah, so anything
else coming up in the, there we go, some juicy
little ones, in fact we said– – Yeah you know what, actually, one of the things that were
really, I think, game changing, for 2018 was Google duplex. – Okay. – That is phenomenal. You may have seen it on the
Google marketing platform announcement back in May,
but essentially all it is, is it’s actually going
to make calls for you to businesses to book
like, hotels, restaurants, and it’s creepy good, okay. And you have a Pixel three
phone, I just picked one up, it actually now has a
feature, when people call you, that you can actually send it,
you now the old block system, you can actually, check this out, get the persons first
two sentences read to you without answering the call. So it pops up like a text message. – Oh my. – So it’s like screening your own calls and there’s actually a
voice that answers your call and the person starts talking, and then they send you a transcript to see if you want to take the call. It’s beyond creepy. And I think that’s one of
the big big changes this year that’s really going to
help businesses out. – Well on that note, the
way they’re achieving that of course is though AI and
we’re hearing the notion of chat box that are coming
online quite big now. Are you seeing that a
lot with your clients? – Yeah, you know, wasn’t nine
months ago I was watching transcripts and people
are getting freaked out. The minute they see that it was a bot, they’re like what is this,
this isn’t helping me. And so I think they were scared. I mean essentially what a bot is is a tree map of conditions right, so I think if you do it right, I mean, you can really get people
directly to the part you know if you’re a service
center or a call center, a chat bot would be extremely helpful, kinda leading the witness. – Except the next evolution
I’m seeing especially out in Asia right now with
the bots is the use of AI. They’re actually not just
following a set of logical scripts they’re actually making
intelligent answers based on the context of the question and looking at its bank of
information it has from before. That’s where its getting scary. Some people say they can’t
even tell the difference. – You’re right, so IBM
Watson comes to mind, it doesn’t look for an answer actually it’s quantum computing. So its able to deliver like
manuals back in real time where a human would actually
have to go and source that. Yeah you’re absolutely right. It was an interesting
year to say the least. This one is really interesting, if you run a Google AdWords campaign you may see a column now
that says, store visits. So people just aren’t filling out forms on websites like they used to. It’s definitely been declining over the last four years especially. And people are more likely to call you now because they go to the chat window, they don’t get the answer, they can’t find it on your website, so like ah I’m just going to call, right. So you see that happening
and you might think that your marketing’s not working. – That’s true. – But there’s another aspect to this, how many people actually
came to your brick and mortar after seeing your ad?
– Yeah. – Well this year Google
announced in-store visits. And how they do that is they ping off the Google My Business listings
and the cell towers. There’s four actual ways, that they know your at that business. So then you might say, hey,
actually this is driving people directly to my store not
to my website converting. Which gives you the whole picture right, and I think you’d want that. – There’s a lot of stuff a lot of material that comes with online marketing. The biggest problem actually
that we have noticed, Mike and I were commenting
about this is that, people are feeling that
there’s such a gap occurring from where their current knowledge is and what’s occurring in the
industry that they’re actually too afraid to even ask the
basic questions anymore. They don’t even want to
admit that they don’t know. – I think that’s human nature you don’t want to feel stupid right. But unfortunately it’s–
– And that’s what’s happening. – Yeah you’re right. – And its just going to
continue to create a bigger gap. Yeah, I think you know, we can help that, you know you guys said
you’re doing a lot of service educating the clients, and I think that will pay
dividends for you as well. – Thank you very much for watching make sure you go and take a
look at all the other content that we’re dripping
out on a regular basis. You can smash the
notification bell down here and make sure you subscribe over there or wherever the button
happens to be on the screen. You could leave some comments depending on what platform you’re on. We do monitor that stuff
and probably create another segment or piece just for you.

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  1. It's like the Bob and Doug McKenzie version of a digital recap for 2018. You guys are definitely changing the game here in Edmonton. Keep up the great work!

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