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M&S Christmas TV Ad 2017 | Paddington & The Christmas Visitor #LoveTheBear

M&S Christmas TV Ad 2017 | Paddington & The Christmas Visitor #LoveTheBear

Uh, oh, urgh [M&S presents Paddington and the Christmas
Visitor] A jar of marmalade… thank you Santa… Urh, arghhh, uhh. [Gasp] Santa?! They’re coming… Oh no no… Hello? Huh? Santa! Oh I’m ever so sorry. I’m not Santa. Oh this is for Alice! I know her! You wha? Let me help you. Follow meee. Wait, they’re mine. She’ll love it. Oh and here’s one from Gran. And one from Grandad. We’ve got loads more to deliver! This goes in here. Pop that under there. Alright This one went here, this one went there… [Gasp] Let’s take your sleigh! Sleigh? Giddy-up. Oooooooh Woo-hoo! Merry Christmas! Ha ha ha hooo hoo hoooo Shh… Look. I’m super Alice! Oh I almost forgot Merry Christmas Mr. Claus. Oh, thank you little bear Breaking news just in! Santa was caught
on video in London late last night, not with an elf… but with a bear. PADDINGTON! PADDINGTON! We’re going to need more marmalade This Christmas, let’s Spend it Well.

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