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M&S 2016 Christmas Ad: Christmas with love from Mrs Claus

M&S 2016 Christmas Ad: Christmas with love from Mrs Claus

Hot tea Cheese and pickle Keep away from those mince pies Any last minute requests? Oh no, just bills Fly Safe Don’t forget Australia! I won’t! Easily done Rudolph, harrr! Dear Mrs Claus My name is Jake and I am 6 years old Jake! Stop taking my things! I’ve a big sister called Anna who is tall and sometimes angry Get out! Dad! Jake! I also have a dog called Tiger who loves eating things Kill Tiger kill! Jake stop! Stop! I’m sorry This Christmas, I need your help Because I want something And I know you can get it for me Tiger, shhh! Dad! Did you? Don’t look at me! Alright come on! To Anna, Jake wanted you to have this. With Love, Mrs Claus Oh! Jake! Oh thank you so much Jake! You might think I don’t like my sister very much But I do I love her a lot And I want her to be happy at Christmas Love Jake Age 6, but 7 in 2 weeks Merry Christmas How was your night? Oh you know, quiet How did that get there? Well it wouldn’t be fun if you knew all my secrets

100 thoughts on “M&S 2016 Christmas Ad: Christmas with love from Mrs Claus

  1. Moral of the story, if you really want to get what you want for Christmas – write to Mrs. Clause. She’s the one who gets stuff done!

  2. This remains, even a year later – a commercial triumph. It hits all the right notes… every last one. Mrs Claus successfully brings on the attack of 'sentimentosis' like no other.

  3. Dislike this ad because of that forking mini spoilt prick brother who forks up his serious sister's life, I'm afraid he needs a time-out or to be send to a Brat Camp & he'll deserve that. Poor girl, I feel sorry for her & if I were her, I wouldn't be his shoes.

  4. I just found out that the soundtrack to this ad was, in fact, for an ad! i thought it was for a Nicholas Sparks type movie… this whole time I was wondering what movie could this be for cause the music is just so good!

  5. Still one of my favorite Christmas adverts two years later. I wish more stories would focus more on Mrs. Clause instead of Santa now. So much potential!

  6. You do realize that Santa Claus (St Nicholas) wears red because he was a Cardinal and as an Archbishop was celibate. HE HAD NO WIFE.

  7. Bro im such a fool, I thought it was gonna be an m&m commercial so I was like "Where the m&ms at? This is a weird m&m commercial" then I looked at the title lol im such a fool.

  8. This needs to be a movie: little kid with a loving single mother who has to work full-time, she forgets to post the letter because she's so overworked so it arrives on Christmas Eve minutes after Santa has left. Mrs Claus who is loving and hard-working but has never really taken initiative for herself and has been more neglected and taken for granted by everyone (Including herself) has to overcome her insecurities and sets off on an adventure to get this kid their present

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