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Mountain Dew’s Weird, Racist, Misogynist Ad

Mountain Dew’s Weird, Racist, Misogynist Ad

people are excusing out and do of credit
advice creating one of the most racist admits that his ads flake dot com reports that balancing
recently released three dash featuring a crazed wrote voiced by rapper tyler the creator was
also the mastermind behind this project and because he attacked nope waitress
and he please a cart that he’s in a drug tank and it’s relief um… really offensive
against scene at here it is test tests time time and we are not line up known as the loss of her competency went on disbelief he she begins tomorrow comments students hostages disneyland the cash system to do it yet that actually is the worst that i’ve
ever seen and it’s offensive just cuz its creatively bad yet no it’s funny because find one and resisting a lot more reciting there
were was your answer group overall met but that is so over the top of me for me to say hey sup interest rate
you’ve gotten laid over there it looked as if they might printers
black like everybody line up as black and you
know and to go to speaking let’s keep it real with a after-dinner
dialect let’s put it that way ok uh… and the taxes the cops says people with the
directly it says that it made it to me there was that nearly as bad as a massage i think my the author of this really
likes sick to my stomach like to know haha this is funny that the
goat is trying to make this poor woman isn’t being up yet that’s actually felt
the same way like on the streets recess and its to bed but the fact that there’s this one and
and and that brings with crutches with bruises all over phase accrues being intimidated by of
government saying i’m gonna get out here and i do u
like that that’s not good they had a thought it’s a creative you know this is facing some times it if
you put in cartoon characters for example used to get away with more than
you had real people say tally that doesn’t apply to go hahahahaha you too being hip on carson here’s a but in a family restaurant report i’m player is how at look at you know what adult active wide berth to comedians so you know night at eight ten times at
least of the like he listened and it was bad and shouldn’t
have done everything comedian you gotta be said about her as a setter no this was even remotely party and you don’t know i can’t idon’t know how you can
generating be funny but okay i’ll keep an open mind a but with very what we just saw we know it wasn’t funny delegates
theoretical it was right there and it was it like how i shouldn’t laugh like
there was nothing in need of your like it was uh… gonna get it short a lot of
me and then at first people are just crazy over this uh… one woman who doctor please watch
and see this as a commentator she said not to do has a set of new low
corporate racism their decision to lean on well-known racial stereotypes is
beyond disgusting this doesn’t even include the fact that the company has
put black men on par with animals and that of course there’s the massaging
factor which is really really disgusting and and it’s just not funny i have heard all kinds of horrible jokes that i’d like to know
what i hate it but i also hope that i think it’s funny this is not funny yet and get it by decree got by this guy well i i i went and saw this uh… skid
comedy club i think about it within a year of nine
eleven it was this comedian who was just going
to pull off one muscles and it was polarities locate now look at it you know my family as
well as limits not like uh… haiti blues by any stretch but there’s a way to do it and have it
be funny right and not malicious where is this scene definitely malicious as it is also the question can a black
eye the races as a black i created a had chart you know is it by definition okay but now i mean your whole company the role shaking fall fund is not saying
we’d realist go forward this it’s like getting a black guy is like
what what’s his status or i had a black i do agree with me that
you know all the black people are terrible so it could be destroyed any one oh one
it is one of my panel of what people don’t agree with my
advice yeah right what’s the angle you know that’s what
makes the comedian a comedian because he goes again and he takes an
uncomfortable situation or she and finds the angle that nobody else is
thought that makes you think that surprises you there’s nothing surprising about that
there is nothing thought provoking about this it didn’t make any facts

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