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Motu Patlu & Robot Dog | Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES | Nick

Motu Patlu & Robot Dog | Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES | Nick

Mike testing, testing one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven . Enough of it, now lifelong you are going to test the mike or what? Now I request Chingum sir to cut the ribbon and do the opening ceremony of our detective agency. All the best, today I am very happy. Oh! My lord. May all bitter medicine go in your mouth. Now please stop. What is this happening? Singing and dancing can be done later on, now please. Oh! My lord. Motu do something. Empty stomach I don’t get ideas. Idea! Thanks a million to the God, that we got saved. Motu Patlu my friend, my brother, take this I brought a gift for you all. Which will help you in your detective job. What is this dog about? This is a robot dog, his name is Rodo. Whichever house is getting robbed. This dog will get the smell of those people residing in that house. And then he gets the smell of the thief and catches him. And what is this revolver for? Hey, what is this problem? Pull me down. Chingum sir, what gift have you brought? I have brought coconut for you, one minute. Here take your gift, now I am going, I got lot work to do. If I stay my work will not be finished. Somewhere robbery has taken place, I have to go, all the best. Yes, yeah Motu Patlu detective agency. Ok, we are just coming. Long live! We got the first case, somebody’s house has been robbed,we have to catch the thief. I got twenty years experience in catching the thief, take this robot dog Rodo alont with you. He will sniff and catch the thief. I will have to teach you all, how to operate the robot dog? I am also coming. Mrs. Sharma’s jwellery now belongs to us. Mr and Mrs. Sharma now became paupers. Wow boss what a poem you made
Isin’t it number 2? Fools yesterday we robbed these jwellery’s from Mrs.Sharma. And till now you all have not found a place to hide these things. Till now Mrs. Sharma must have already sent the message to Motu Patlu Heard that they have started a detective agency. Boss for some days lets go out of this place. Along with us we will take this number 2 also. Wow !Boss being with you I also started learning to make poems. Leave the poem and make arrangement to run. You don’t worry, our robo dog is specially made to catch the theif. Specially made for you. Let’s do it Rodo tik!
Catch the thief quick! Whenever he lifts his leg that means he has got the smell of the thief Thief! Those two are thief, catch them . Motu Patlu run, he is thinking you both are thief. help! Sorry he sniffed your leg and got the smell and thought you two are the thief. Stop talking and help! Thief! Catch the thief! Hey, he is not leaving the one who has made him, then imagine what will he do to us, run! Catch the thief! Jhatka has made this robot to catch the thief or to catch the detectives. You are right, do something fast Motu. What am I to do? Empty stomach I don’t get ideas. Enemy in front! Attack! Attack! This is what has to be said, instead of catching the thief he caught the detectives. Look at him, how he is jumping? After breaking our bones. Big brother take him home, he will kill us only. Sorry Motu, don’t worry, now he will not do anything to you all. Now he has recognized the smell of yours and Mrs.Sharma’s, this time he will catch the thief. Hold his chain properly or else he will run away. Motu climb on the stool to get hung. When we have put our head in the drum then why worry about small pots. Hey! What enemity you got with me? Congratulations he has got the smell of the thief. Enemy in front! Attack! Help! Motu help! Big brother help! Is there any button to stop. There is no stop button in it, you only do something. What to do? Empty stomach I don’t get any ideas, Patlu you think. Stop with that revolver, which Dr.Jhatka has given. Dr.Jhatka, big brother stop help! Help! Somebody help! Help! Somebody help! Oh! My God, why this dog is coming behind me? Run from here. Just robbed something didn’t loot anything. Then why Chingum is bringing such a big force, for nothing. Wow! Boss what a poem you made? Isin’t it, number 2? Leave the poem, look front and drive the car. Oh! My God. Oh! My God, I had done horse riding, but this dog riding doing it first time. Stop in the name of law . Chingum sir help! Hey! First let me save myself, oh! My god. Thief! catch! Thief! Catch! Aah! Haha, Came for hunting, but got hunted. Enough! Now I won’t bear anymore. Wow boss what a poem you made it, isn’t it No. 2? John you know that, it’s is impossible to escape from Chingum’s web. Thank god I got my jwellery back. Inspector Chingum, how did you come in this case? We had got this case. Mrs. Sharma had reported me first, then I did the inspection of the locker. And I recommended Mrs. Sharma to give this case to you all both. Thief! Catch! Chingum sir, run. But why? Why should I run? Somebody tell me, why am I running? Thief! Catch!. Thief! Catch!. Hey! Don’t run ! Behind me, can somebody tell why I am running? Run!

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