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Motion Track Everything in Final Cut Pro X

Motion Track Everything in Final Cut Pro X

today we’re gonna talk everything text
and objects in Final Cut Pro 10 everybody for those of you who are
watching me for your first time welcome I’m Emilio Takas and I post videos
here on tutorials filmmaking tips gear reviews and much more so if you’re into
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for this tutorial we’re gonna use the auto tracker 2.0 plug-in from pixel film
studios I have placed a link in the description of this video for you to get
it then if you use the coupon code let me know pixel you’re gonna receive 30%
of your persons please keep in mind that this is valid only for the first 500
people let’s go now in Final Cut Pro 10 and see what this plug-in can create
we’re in the Final Cut Pro 10 interface and we have installed the auto tracker
2.0 from pixel film studios as soon as you install this plug-in you have two
options to use it the first option is by going into the effects panel on the
right and you will see three options drop zone drop zone in text and text the
drop zone is if you wanna track video or an image the drop zone in text is for a
combination of image and text and the text of course is only for text for now
I’m gonna use the second option which is by adjustment layers of the titles and
it’s gonna be installing your title section as well so you go into the
sidebar panel into the titles and let’s drag the text and put it above our first
clip that we will track we have now the text layer above the video that we want
to track and on the inspector panel on the right we have all the options that
we will work on today the first thing that we want to do is obviously track so
we’re clicking in track editor this window will appear we will drag and
control the track points let’s say that we want to track our head of this human
we can zoom in by turning this wheel here so we can be more precise right now
we don’t have a complicated scene and the subject is very clear
so the truck quality of 50% is gonna work very good if we have a more
complicated scene we will raise the truck wallah T usually the limit is
about 85% that I use and we will see that in the next video I’m gonna track
now only position and we have the option to track position scale rotation and the
combination of all of them right now position as it is we’re making sure that
we are in the beginning of the clip and we’re clicking in track forward let’s go as you can see this plug-in does a great
job of tracking the objects here we have the keyframes if the outcome was not the
desirable one then we can press alts in our keyboard in the left click to
delete and frames and adjust them here and from there we can again track
forward or backward soon continue tracking right now we’re good so we’re
exporting our data clicking on the export data and we wait depending on the
speed of our machine everything is complete right now and as we said we
will work with a text right now so we go into the tracked group controls in the
inspector panel we’re making sure the text on is clicked and we go here into
the text controls let’s say we will right track it here and we will click in
edit text we will click on edit text and we will click in the tracker
the world that we write the text in our video and we can edit now the size and
the font of our text let’s say make it here bold and place it on the left of
the woman let’s go and play and simply as that we have created our first
tracking text now let’s go here here I’m gonna make a composition of tracking the
position and also the scale so again I’m going into the beginning I’m dragging
the text layer above the clip I’m gonna select it I’m pressing T here and track
editor I’m zooming in and I’m adjusting let’s say that I wanna track this green
sign here if we want a circle shape but I’m gonna use a square right now now it’s a more complicated scene that’s
why I’m gonna save the track quality to 85% and on the tracking type I will
select position and scale I’m making sure I’m the beginning and I’m tracking
forward I mean the job this plug-in does with tracking objects is whoa it’s done and we’re clicking in export
data and we go into the inspector panel again the same process we’re setting the
text on we’re making sure that we have the position the scale everything
selected the scale data we’re going to use the X let’s create the text that
it’s going to be in the track of path same season 1 episode 1 clicking in edit
text again let’s change the font and the size reiben we’ll go again back now as we can
see let’s play now we see that as soon as we go forward the text is getting
bigger and coming toward us but we can see that we have a a weird thickening
here and this happening because the object the lamp tracking so small that’s
enlarging and shrinking based on pixel shifting ideally you want a larger
selection with more detail if you are going to select scale this is not a bug
of this plugin but let’s see how we’re going to fix this if we want to track a
small object I’m gonna go into the beginning of the lair and I’m gonna set
a keyframe into the scale of 100% and I’m gonna go to the ends of the lair and
now I’m gonna set the scale to 150% and let’s see how it’s gonna look
we have also the scale tracking without any deterring also one more thing that
we can use to encase this text even a little bit more is by using the rotation
box in the inspector panel of this plug-in and the keyframes let’s see what
we’re gonna do right now I’m gonna click into the rotation box and as you can see
this rotation is going to appear here we can rotate the XY and z axis and let’s
say that we start from here we’re setting a keyframe in rotation X and at
the end of the clip we will make the text come forward until here let’s see what we have pretty cool right
as you can see you can use your imagination please use it free create
whatever you want whatever you imagine with your text and your videos and you
will see that you have plenty of options to be as much creative as possible I’m
gonna use one more example and let’s say now that I want a drop zone I’m gonna
drag in and break it here and let’s insert now an image into our trackable
path again I’m gonna select the layer of the drop zone
clicking track editor I’m gonna select the position only let’s track the I
always eyes working the best with tracking objects and track for words with an oval clicking next for data
everything looks good and we go into the right here drop zone all and on the drop
zone source we’re clicking with the left click and we’re clicking into our image
and clicking in apply clip we’re setting the scale of the anchor points let’s say
to 100% to make it bigger and we will drag our layer and put seeds in right
let’s make it 80% perfect and let’s play to see now and see some combinations as
you can see right now it’s sucking the position X dollar and the position Y
data but also we have the option to track only the position X data and as
you can see it’s not going up and down all vice-versa
only the Y data and it gives up and down up and down as you can see you have
plenty of options to track any subject that you want into
your videos I hope you found this video helpful and if you did don’t forget to
hit the thumbs up as it keeps alive my channel if you have any questions I’m
waiting for them in the comment section down below don’t forget the coupon code
and Milio pixel for 30% no thanks so much for watching and I will see you in
the next

12 thoughts on “Motion Track Everything in Final Cut Pro X

  1. Its my first tutorial with a plugin (and without the "no plugins required" phrase) but its totally worth it. The Auto Tracker 2.0 is a plugin that simply gets the job done and also with even more 30% discount using the coupon code: emiliopixel now its even more affordable. Keep creating and I hope you really enjoy it!

  2. I saw this the other day and I love the idea! Even though I'm #teamAdobe, you give me motivation and ideas for things to do in AE/PP. So awesome! But great work, very well explained Emilio! keep it up 🙂

  3. Thanks for your discount code. This code is a better price than summer sales. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  4. Pixelfilmstudios is a terrible plugin developer. They are known for stealing from others, firing out unstable plugins and not responding to customer issues. They really should not be featured.

  5. Doesn't mocha interface with fcpx? Seems like that would be quicker. Good tutorial!

    Edit: I'm pretty impressed by the plug-in.

  6. Can I seek for your help?
    In my case, when the object that I want to track has gone outside the screen. The dropzone image / text will stay on the screen where the track object last position. It seem doesn't make sense for viewer , how can I solve this problem, or I did something wrong?

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