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Most Popular Toys 2016 Commercials – Advertisements Explained

Most Popular Toys 2016 Commercials – Advertisements Explained

hello television viewers, it is almost Halloween and for advertisers that means it’s time to start looking ahead to the holiday season which can make up more than thirty percent of a company’s annual sales according to the national retail federation. That makes Christmas serious business “Shopping is like an arms race today- if one store doesn’t get you to spend with them you’ll just spend somewhere else. They’re desperate!” Thank you, British gentleman for comparing toy shopping to the sale of war machines. Good perspective! Mega chain, Toys R Us has assembled their experts to figure out what trending toys are predicted to be the biggest hits of this holiday season… Which according to their website was not an easy job. Figuring out what kids like to play with? Sorry, Toys R Us but that’s kind of your ONLY job… In any case, here are the TV commercials for this holidays hottest toys Num Noms! What’s the scoop? Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck! Num Noms, Num Noms, Lip Gloss Truck! Num Noms Lip Gloss, coming up! Lip gloss you can wear, oooh oh oh! Mmm, cherry vanilla glitter gloss! Make your own scented lip gloss with the Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck! first of all, this song has the catchiest hook of 2016 (Singing along) Lip Gloss You Can Wear! Oh, Ohh! The Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck allows kids to mix together what is essentially a half ounce of scented coconut oil, providing them with the endless creative fun that you just can’t put a price on… except the price is thirty dollars, and the endless fun ends after about two minutes. But i was still unclear as to what Num Nom is. Luckily there was an informational youtube video: Each Num and Nom has their own yummy scent and delicious personality. And when you stack The Num on the Nom… You get a completely new yummy recipe! A rubber suction cup that smells like candy? I can’t wait for my baby brother to choke on that! The interracial friends on the TV spot look very well rested and happy but why do these two girls from the YouTube video look like they’ve been up all night crying? Do their stage moms not hug them for booking web video jobs making fun of children the toy industry loves to advertise products that help kids explore and discover new interests based on a limited selection of options assigned to their gender here’s the boy counterparts and I’m not gay gross day what really you can’t how many groceries you see boys and girls are the exact opposite the same way a dog is the exact opposite of a different kind of dog or a dog with boobs so it’s little girls like toys that are shaped like sweet foods and smell like candy little boys will like toys that are shaped like Brian food and smell like garbage in science whether you’re a boy or girl technology-based toys are here to stay and fair warning drones are going to be huge this year particularly from a company called skyper this commercial has a sick dubstep soundtrack that is clearly targeting older kids whose parents are unaware of their drug use because we’re in the age of toys tech many of these drones are controlled by a smartphone app I can’t trust my Wi-Fi signal to work from one room to the next but sure let’s use it to control a tactical weapon with an exposed propeller what could go wrong take me with you flying princessfairy my mom and stealing grandma’s being bills if you’re looking for a toy that won’t bodily harm your family but it’s still cutting it you might be interested in this season’s most mysterious boy hatchet moles I wonder like it this product has been winning awards at toy fairs but it’s still shrouded in secrecy although we know for sure is an egg that hatches and some sort of grand spectacle when your child holds it long enough Hamels will retail for 5999 so unless that egg contains the embryo of a fifty-dollar bill and guessing parents will be overpaying for the height of course not all toys or technology-based there’s still room on the market for good old-fashioned terrifying dolls three right guys I’m really worried about snacking serious digestive system this girl is clearly too young for motherhood she’s feeding played out of her baby who seems to be wearing one of those Japanese mouth exercise devices and her tacky kitchen has nothing in it except for jars of blue marbles may be alive I hope you’re not baby barely alive by the time child services shows up three what do you think of the seasons hottest boys are there any that i missed let me know in the comments and also click that subscribe button down there that you never miss another advertise explain thanks so much for joining me

49 thoughts on “Most Popular Toys 2016 Commercials – Advertisements Explained

  1. i never comment on videos but you killed me 👏💙 i always do this when watching tv with my son and hubby but its even funnier listening to you! please make more soon

  2. wtf why hasn't anyone made a review on hatchimals I want to see how they look when the egg hatches, I saw these at Wal-Mart like 3 weeks ago

  3. You are far beyond funny!!! Your hilarious:-) I've watched this 3x's and even told other people to come watch it!! A great spin on toy reviews because it'll have you on the floor laughing and learning about the toy all at once. Great job!!!

  4. Love your video, I like your approach to your content. Defiantly got a new sub! Btw, may I ask what kind of camera do you use?

  5. Omg Nick did you see that the Hatchimals sold out everywhere and are now over 100 bucks and some places are nearly 300! that is cray cray! had to update ya lol

  6. This was hilarious. The Hatchimal thing reminds me of Tickle Me Elmo, there was so much hype over Elmo. I think Hatchimals are being way overhyped and will be quickly forgotten.

  7. Every so often here on youtube, you come across a channel that you KNOW!!! is a million + subs winner yet you have the fortune and privilege to witness the birth of such a channel. THIS is one of those channels, generally the quality both with content and visuals increases over time, I feel that this channel has started pretty damn high on the ladder already, I cant wait to see where it goes from here. Well done NICK!! Funny, engaging and looking like a young Graham Norton cant hurt either 🙂 . I look forward to seeing your progress over the coming year, something tells me big things are in store for you my friend. Now im off to get a peek that those bloody HATCHIMALS!!! I want my own $50 embryo if it sparkles enough. 🙂

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