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Most-Asked Questions: Upstream Advertising (Ad Team)

Most-Asked Questions: Upstream Advertising (Ad Team)

Hey everybody we’re the ad team interns this is our wienerschnitzel mukbang wienerschnitzel Hi, I’m Aodan And I’m Ryan I’m Elizabeth I’m Annika And we’re Ad Team And we’re hear to answer some of the most asked questions about our club What does Ad Team do? We are a student-run organization in the J-School that competes as part of the National Student Advertising Competition This year we are going to Boise to present our campaign that we created about Wienerschnitzel, which is a National client that gives everyone that is part of NSAC a brief for the entire year and we all work over the year and create the best campaign that we can, in the hopes to take it to Nationals and have Wienerschnitzel actually use our campaign What is the best part about Ad Team? The best part about Ad Team is that we are all a professional family How can I join Ad Team? So in the Spring, probably around Week 5, we are going to be releasing applications. Everyone who wants to fill out an application is invited for an interview, and after that, the Directors and our advisor, Dave, all sit down and decide on the team for the year. When does Ad Team meet? So Ad Team meets at least twice a week during Fall term, and then once we get into Winter term and we’ve received our creative brief, we start to meet a little bit more often So really the question would be, when does Ad Team not meet? But pretty much after Winter Team after we’ve finished our class together, it kind of switches over into prep mode for the actual presentation in Boise And things will definitely start ramping up then. And Winter term, if you are a senior, Ad Team counts as “Campaigns” What experience can I gain from Ad Team? You can gain so much, including so much expertise in so many areas You gain life-long friends, and a great portfolio piece that we are all so proud of at the end of the year. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, @UpstreamAd, so you can find out when applications are released Spring term, and to keep up with Ad Team. Thanks for watching, we’re Ad Team!

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