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Morning Routine Life Hacks #ad

Morning Routine Life Hacks #ad

Today, I’m gonna show you a selection of tips to help give you a good morning, by making your morning routine as quick and simple as possible. This video is sponsored by Belvita and I’ll be showing you their breakfast biscuits later. To wake yourself up in the morning, you probably set an alarm on your mobile phone and keep it on the bedside table encase you need it in the night. But to stop yourself from snoozing too long, you can also place an alarm clock at the other side of the room and set it for one minute later, so you’ve got to get out of bed to switch it off. Once your phone alarm has woken you up, try making your bed from in bed to save time later. Pull your duvet out, nice and straight, and fluff your pillows. Slide yourself out and tuck the sides underneath the mattress for your instantly made bed. Try and get this done before your alarm clock goes off. *alarm clock beeping* If you like to have a workout in the morning, you can sleep in your running gear. So all you have to do is put your trainers on and you’re ready to go. You can get your work cloths out, ready, the night before so you know what to wear. And in the winter you can hang them on the radiator so they’re nice and warm in the morning If you find your shirt is a little crumpled, you can hang it up in the bathroom whilst you’re taking a shower and the steam will help to remove any creases. You can brush your teeth and shave in the shower to save a bit more time. And you can use shaving foam to stop your mirror fogging up; rub some onto the mirror and whip it off with a cloth and you should find it stops it steaming up. You can exfoliate using used coffee granules in a filter paper to leave your skin feeling nice and refreshed. Hair straighteners can double up as a useful iron to crisp up your collar and down the front of your shirt. You can leave anything important, that you don’t want to forget, next to or inside your work shoes by the door to help make sure you don’t leave the house without them. If you want to make a quick cup of filtered coffee, you can place a filter paper into a cup, hold it in place with an elastic band and make your coffee in the cup. Let it filter through then carefully remove the filter. You can also do this with loose leaf tea. For a convenient tasty breakfast try BelVita breakfast biscuits, specially designed for breakfast. They’re made with a combination of grains and come in five different ranges. They’re individually wrapped so it’s one less thing to think about on busy mornings. And if you want to enjoy it with some fruit, you can use a small drinking glass to help peel a kiwi really quickly. You can try spreading a layer of natural yoghurt on your biscuit and sit the kiwi on top. They taste delicious. I hope you like these tips. Stay safe, enjoy your breakfast and thanks for watching.

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  1. if anyone's wondering, in the UK people call what Americans call ''cookies'' biscuits, if not clear, british people call buscuits ''cookies'' and viseversa.

  2. 1:41 1. How do you BRUSH YOUR TEETH in the SHOWER? 2. Whos gonna be brushing their teeth and shaving in the shower?

  3. But there’s no point in me putting an alarm clock across the flipping room.

    I’ll just throw a pillow at it

  4. instructions unclear
    woke up on top of the fridge instead

    Jk I tried doing this a year ago and it worked .. I stopped doing it though and I came back to it recently and it really works well …

  5. 3:27 Me: Hears the Word "Kiwi"
    Like this if you can relate to this comment. :3

  6. Coy who knows how many people will get them back when he’s going through their first step up from being told they e

  7. I loved the shirt hack – only problem is, we don't have a shower so when my hubby needs his shirt ironed, I either tell him to do it (haha) or I do it and we both use an iron (but not at the same time)! Great tips (even though I'm commenting 2 years later – they are still great tips)

  8. DaveHax: Puts clothes on heater and they warm up
    Me: Puts clothes on heater and my house lights up

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