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Mona Lisa : Hidden Secrets You Never Noticed

Mona Lisa : Hidden Secrets You Never Noticed

Mona Lisa, regarded as the most recognizable painting in the whole world and one of the most mysterious ones too with speculations still going on about the true identity of the woman in the painting the subtle hidden codes and letters confusing people even 500 years later and that smile of hers that damned smile is she smiling at us? or judging us? that we may probably, never know but let’s talk about the secrets that we currently do know did you notice that Mona Lisa has no eyebrows? I mean for a painting that has been so meticulously detailed by the legendary da Vinci it would be pretty stupid to forget to draw her eyebrows but Pascal Cotte, a French engineer who dedicated 3000 hours only examining the Mona Lisa claims that he could see traces of a left eyebrow which cannot be seen with the naked eye he created an ultra high resolution close-up that magnified Mona Lisa’s face 24 times and his conclusion is that Mona Lisa once had both eyebrows and eyelashes but that due to years of restoration by curators the eyebrows have been gradually eroded to the point that they are no longer visible Mona Lisa was pregnant Researchers studying 3D images of the Mona Lisa say that she was probably either pregnant or had just given birth when she sat for the painting the fine veil around Mona Lisa’s shoulders was a garment which women of the Italian Renaissance wore when they were expecting The veil called Guarnello is transparent and it looks similar to a gauzy garment in Sandro Boticellli’s ‘Portrait of a Lady’ depicting a pregnant woman with her hand over her stomach A hidden potrait found under the original painting Once again, Pascal Cotte who has spent 10 years analysing the painting came out with another claim that a technique which he pioneered he found out that the image that he reconstructed underneath the surface of the painting is Leonado’s original Lisa and that the portrait named Mona Lisa for more than 500 years is infact a different woman if this theory is actually confirmed then this may prove that all of us have been admiring a fake Mona Lisa Mona Lisa’s eyes appear to move it doesn’t matter if you look at Mona Lisa directly or at a 45 degree angle her eyes always seem to move with you and she keeps looking at you creepy isn’t it Researchers have determined that the way we interact with static images differs from how we view individuals When we view a painting our minds register the image as 2D but the object as 3D and our mind goes haywire if a person in a painting is looking straight out it will always appear that way regardless of the angle at which it is viewed the only difference that they found is that when viewed from an angle the torso looked squashed in other words it looked thinner to the viewers The idea is simple No matter what angle you look at a painting from The painting itself doesn’t change you are looking at a flat surface this means that if the subject of a painting is staring straight out they will appear to look at you wherever you are in the room The science behind Mona Lisa’s smile is she smiling or smirking? is she happy or angry? Mona appears to be smiling until the viewer looks directly at the subject’s mouth at which point it seems downturned Well researchers have finally figured this out that this effect was achieved using da Vinci’s trademark smoky effect known as sfumato on the painting by applying upto 40 layers of extremely thin glaze probably smeared on with his fingers At the time when da Vinci was perfecting Lisa’s smile he spent in his nights in the depths of the morgue under the hospital of Santa Maria Nuova peeling the flesh off cadavers and exposing the muscles and nerves underneath He became fascinated about how a smile begins to form and instructed himself to analyze every possible movement of each part of the face and determine the origin of every nerve When we look at an object straight on it appears sharper But when we look at it peripherally glimpsing it out of the corner of our eye It is a bit blurred as it if were farther away With this knowledge Leonardo was able to create an uncatchable smile The very fine lines at the corner of Lisa’s mouth shows a small downturn Just like the mouth floating atop the anatomy sheet If you stare directly at the mouth your retina catches these tiny details and delineations making her appear not to be smiling So all in all we cannot say with 100% confidence that all the facts and theories are true but one thing which is for sure is that Leonardo da Vinci was a mad, mad genius.

99 thoughts on “Mona Lisa : Hidden Secrets You Never Noticed

  1. Vinchi was not stupid it's you this painting is based on the beauty without eyebrows and it against the evil priest 500 years ago…………

    First understand reason then make the artist

  2. They said monalisa was Leonardo da vinci. Because when Leonardo painted this he was looking at a mirror at her side view.

  3. At some point in the renaissance it was fashion to have little or no eyebrows. Plus it was pretty common for artists, to not throw away a canvas they didn't like, but overpaint it (Van Gogh did this also – Boy with hat for example)…

  4. All will stone if I say so but this is totally my opinion I may be wrong too
    About the eyebrows I wanted to tell some girls even don't have thick eyebrows. I saw many
    And even my eyebrows are hardly visible when I'm in my schooling. I done many things and grown a little
    2) the eyes moving is totally bcoz of dept and shape of the eye.
    Don't stone me plz 😂. But my eyes looks similar and lot of times I'm scared to look after my pics and I finally found that bcoz of the shape of eyes and eyelid when ever we look in side ways the looks are more sharp and defined.
    This is totally my assumption there may be many girls who's eyes looks are also similar to monalisa.
    I myself understood these things.

  5. hahahah sometime people and science make things look so complicated, come on its just a painting been made 500 yrs ago and nothing else

  6. We must build a time machine and go back to 1500 century and go to De winchi and ask what is wrong to this painting

  7. Wowow…. I never laughed so much .
    .the narrator sounds like an Italian man trying to sell you a a Viagra….you will end up buying it because it funny how he explains it

  8. Maybe he messed up the lips and made it like that to correct the mess up. And we take it too seriously?

  9. But you on that time it was beautiful to not have eyebrows so I think that he not take the eyebrows of because she have no eyebrows or she had makeup over her eyebrows.

  10. She has schizophrenia.
    Edit:I know how to draw someone always looking at you.

  11. Mona lisa's painting is so famous that the painting is in video games, movies, TV shows, and even commercials

  12. Mona Lisa I think is another person cause on my homework it talks about Sarah Hale but shows the Mona Lisa

  13. 0:02 I saw myself here this video is one year ago and I am the short girl with the white shirt and jeans 😂

  14. Her smile changes to me and if I’m smiling she appears to be smiling but when I show no emotion she appears to not be smiling just like me

  15. theory: da Vinci was a psychopath who killed the woman and tore her open. Then paid tribute to her by painting her. the name Mona appears to mean 'unattainable desires'

  16. There's nothing secret or something like that.
    Overthinking make u think like that way..
    This is just painting and painting are not perfect ,they have mistakes

  17. Did you know that normal doen't mean nothing
    So you know how everyone is different so if someone say that "i have a normal family" no you dont EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT

  18. Da Winci? She’s got that look on her face because she had just had a threesome with Leonardo and his boyfriend. Everybody knows that!

  19. Only leonardo will know more about the painting than any of us. It's fun trying to guess what he intended on the painting

  20. Mona Lisa was not a real person. Can this question strike in our mind that `Why did Leonardo da Vinci draw this picture?’.So I know that why did he draw this picture because he did not draw this intentionally but the fact they are saying is Mona Lisa was pregnant. But I know that da Vinci had drawn her friend's wife who was pregnant and they had invited da Vinci to an occasion to celebrate their being parents.As he was a painter he wanted to draw his friend's wife but as she was not beautiful so he mixed his thoughts with his drawing and this result came out. So if his friend's wife was pregnant and he wanted to draw that then in the picture also the lady should be pregnant. This is my point but if you have any other queries or points then comment down below and let me know.Please turn the black thumb blue.

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