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Mobile App Promotion: Video with 6 Tips for Success

Mobile App Promotion: Video with 6 Tips for Success

Mobile App Promotion: 6 Tips for Success 1. Be inspired by what the leading app developers are doing. They may be competition, but you
can also learn a lot from them. 2. Be patient. Sometimes it can take a few
months before you can see the fruits of your app store optimisation technics. But if you
can be patient and persistent, your efforts will be rewarded. 3. Get genuine reviews. Reviews can do wonders
for your app. Not only will they improve your optimisation process but they also increase the
credibility and trustworthiness of your app. Reviews and ratings, however, should come
naturally. You can persuade your users to leave reviews or ratings by including a very
short survey form in the app, but you shouldn’t produce fake ones. 4. Hire an expert. Would you rather sacrifice
a higher chance of success and quality over cost savings? Any good entrepreneur would
say no. If you believe you need help then by all means get some. 5. Learn from the feedback. Never filter feedback,
no matter how damaging it can be. Instead, use bad reviews to improve your app’s performance and page layout. 6. Don’t stop. App Store Optimisation doesn’t
happen overnight, and there’s no such thing as ‘end’. As long as you want your app to remain visible and competitive, you should always improve it. Get started with apptopress.com

16 thoughts on “Mobile App Promotion: Video with 6 Tips for Success

  1. I know how to code but nothing about marketing and promotion! this is exactly what I needed! Thank you sooo much!!

  2. wow, look what landed in my subbox this morning – a useful video for a change! nice! who would've thought I'd live to see this 🙂

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