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Mobile Ads NEEDS to be Stopped! (#2) (#AD)

Mobile Ads NEEDS to be Stopped! (#2) (#AD)

What’s up gamers it is January! *Sounds of excitement* SPONSORED VIDEO! Glorious Sponsored video Today we’re playing Langrisser This game has incredible Japanese voice actors in it. I mean they could’ve just hired me (Speaking Japanese) Langrisser, If you need voice actors, you could have just let your boy know. Okay? Well those look actually terrifying what in the world is that? I don’t know what it is with Japanese Laughs. Laughs in Japanese. *laughs in Japanese* All jokes aside this game has a rich storyline with amazing graphics, and a huge world map. So, I don’t know if you guys knew this but I’m somewhat of a strategical expert. Oh. Damn, Jessica okay, so we’re gonna do the arrow formation and let’s just hope it works out As we’re gonna tap to attack, level one ghost hero, attack, okay. Okay, I actually love how Japanese this is *Grooar* see I could have done the ‘grooar’. I’ve read the Sun Tzu. Oh yeah, the Chinese strategist And one of the things from that book, it’s funny because people still take the art of war into uhm, Man, I’m growing enough on a tangent here. It’s it’s a book written by a Chinese war general and uhm, He tells his secrets and his rules for war and one of the rules for war is to never let your enemy fight to the death always make your enemy think that you have an opportunity to escape. Because if you fight against someone that thinks they are fighting to the death, they fight obviously much stronger. So you should make it seem like your opponent has a chance to escape, to actually get them. I don’t know just interesting. I know a thing or two about strategy in video games because I’m a Gamer Right. Well, we have the Veronica’s on our side. So obviously we’re gonna win. Oh, oh my god Oh Sugoi it did one damage on him Laughs in Japanese HA! *both the game an Pewds laugh in Japanese* 死ぬ This is my voice six days on anime. *Laughs in Japanese again* バカ *laughs* Where are her arms. Oh there they are. Sorry. Okay, if she was T posing me *laughs* She’s Lushiris You sound like a drink. For those who you are not familiar with Langrisser’s background story It has history dating back to the 90’s. How cool is that? What would you do if an enemy raided you while you were gathering supplies? Okay, I read Sun Tzu. The rule art of war it goes like this: the number one rule of art of war know when to fight know when to fight your battle you retreat. What is the most important factor when creating an unbeatable team to have a strong general? Strategic versatility, no, you’re supposed to say you’re right. Wow! I can’t believe you have with so much background knowledge in Chinese warlord history the meaning of life. Come on girl. Please. Uh To get what my heart desires. Yeah, okay. *Generic anime sounds* She looks like Zeus I played similar games like this when I was young. It’s really cool to have it on your phone. And I also wanna most of all show off the arrow formation. Just so I can show my gamer bros how it’s done. They both laugh frantically again. Oh God we’re surrounded You tought it would be JoJo. Defeat all enemies. Okay, so it’s time to use Swedish warfare. *Enemy laughs in Japanese* Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha My magic can attack enemy’s from a great distance great distance. She just said she wasn’t a sorcerer Kono Dio da. We’re gonna go ahead and attack these guys Arrow formation. Come on! It’s so cute when they die! Ah, we just attack. Okay, so we’re strong. They’re weak attack. Come on guys But will we defeat their archers, oh yes we did. Okay. Excellent. I should go there right? I don’t know Stando? oh wait, there’s more over there. Damn it. (Sugoi! Japanese Felix Rises once again) Yes, okay, it’s it’s fighting time we should get these guys no, no no no. Okay. Let’s get these guys you see with my strategic. Advantages I can easily destroy beat my opponents enemy. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha I Just love his laugh. One of the things with that Sun Tzu that I read is always about the terrain advantage in the book, and how you should always apply that, and you should you should always apply that to your to your tactics. One of the most important things and how you should attack your opponent in different… if they’re crossing a river or if they’re in different situations and eh. So this game as well has terrain advantages and similar aspects to it So it’s really interesting in my opinion that you can actually apply old military Ancient military strat- strategy to an actual modern video game. I don’t know. I think that’s cool. Almeda is glowing so she is a sorcerer and may I say she’s very hot. We leveled up. Yatta! That’s yay in Japanese. You probably don’t know that. I actually really like that it is Japanese dialogue because I’m trying to study Japanese. What has happened to me. Because me and Marzia would love to move there for a while, and live there for a while. That would be the dream. Oh, so here’s the map. It’s supposed to be huge Let’s think if they have a lot of stuff to do it’s always overwhelming when you play these. A game with so much new stuff. Okay! So here we go crossing river. Great point to attack perhaps? I will leave Lancer on the left you use your own class priority to your advantage. What is my class priority? But I can get infantry really easily. Using a priority against class types can be very effective. Okay, so it is I’m I’m strong against so cavalry is strong against infantry an infantry is stronger against lancer Okay, okay, okay Okay. We just got absolutely destroyed. No, nevermind *PewDiePie imitates weird anime noise* See I can do the female voices too I think. I need a toilet break. (in Japanese) That means I need a toilet break no way you guys bother attacking him, he’ll destroy you anyway you’re too strong. Yatta! (yay) Yeah, we did it guys We open the chest. What do we get? 300 gold and some basic XP. Alright, so we’re leaving Dovalu Village and we’re going towards, ah, hey oh, we can do quests on the way. Okay, I guess we’re doing it. Oh so she can attack from range. We’re fighting slime Ehe, okay! Hey, still got him. So obviously, there’s a lot of Depth to the strategy of this game. I know I’m kind of parodying it just from the commercials but this is actually that type of game so different soldier categories like Knights and uhhm Hawk Riders and fighters all have different advantages and disabilities based on who they’re fighting, and that sort of stuff, so you have to be smart to play this game. At least 5 IQ points. I’m very smart. That’s what I’m saying. I read a book once ok, imagine learning Japanese just from playing a game like this . You’ll start, you’ll speak normally like *Otaku laugh* Like we, I always get to this point where, in a video where I’m just enjoying the game and I just play the game. I don’t know what else to tell you guys I just need to progress a little bit. Alright enemy turn they’re all dead. *gasp* They have red slime they reproduce NO! *Earrape soudeffect #3* Yeah We did it Victory Download Langrisser, link is in the description and you too can be a strategic mastermind like me. So there’s training, summon, alright I haven’t unlocked anything. We’re fighting an anime an amine an anime a girl, we’re fighting an anime girl. Oh We have a bridge *sound effect #3* I didn’t mean it that way. I mean, now we have a strategic advantage. That’s why I’m excited about the bridge Jesus Christ. It’s giving me a lot of nostalgia though legit. Oh god. I’m actually dying. Because I used to play a game like this when I was a kid. I don’t remember what it was called. I mean this game dates back to the 90’s and maybe it was I already played. I don’t know Bonds of friendship. Damn, damn. He did a special attack. Oh, so he’s nearby another uhnn character he’s stronger, but I want to get the chest. Okay, you guys, okay. There we go There you go so strong Jesus Christ, wow, so beautiful get flying like angels All the girls are so pretty New function unlocked? Summon. Okay, what is that? Oh Oh Ah Ah He looks like Zeus. Who are we gonna get Pikachu? Come on? Got Scott. Where are they anime Zeus looking girls? My name is Scott of Salrath. I’m studying to become Knight and I’m willing to lend you my aid for my further experience. So we have more than one hero now. Oh we do. Okay so we can upgrade them with stars. Okay. Insufficient items. Well, damn. Oh, so you click here to upgrade, I forgot. So yeah, each character has like a skill tree you can upgrade. I mean, I’m barely scratching the surface of the game like this, but I’m gonna level up her as well. Oh wow. Look at this. Oh my god. So I guess you discover where the clouds are later. That’s really dope. Oh i’m sorry is the currency in this game bread? That’s how you know it’s a real gaming game for real gamers if you literally collect bread. Oh God, it’s a bridge but wait that’s good for us. See they’re crossing the water now. We should attack them. According to Sun Tzu. *Inner weeb intensifies* Oh you dead. yes, yes, we did it. I take it back I can’t do the voice acting. I feel strangely attracted to the smell of that girl. *Pewds is weirded out* It was a trap! Download Langrisser. Even though it is sponsored it a legit good game. Enter the code PewDiePie for 30… that’s not true, but you should check out this game. I highly recommend it It’s actually really fun. It’s a genuinely well developed game, and I’m really happy to have it. As always, as always, all my products I recommend are good that’s it for me for now however, I hope you guys enjoyed this video smash like and I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Bye! Johnny! if you want more information regarding Langrisser, they also have a Facebook page: @LangrisserEN that has more info.

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