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Disclaimer : This special “Helloween” episode takes place after the summer episode (end of season 1) It is in 3 parts: The first video and 2 alternative purposes. (the choice is made at the end of the video) It’s mostly a 45-minute joke ! Good viewing ! Ah … Really ? You can’t … Can’t you come? Okay, we’ll discuss it without you then …
Bye ! So ? Well, he can’t come … Marinette either … She has too much work late … We will end up doing this outing without anyone … Yeah … Juleka !! Luka …
Do you think she would like exactly what? A sweet song like his eyes … Oh yes, like his eyes? Ah? Uh, no no I … Mmmmh … That would be an idea that … Make her a poem … Thank you Luka! I hope I will not to play gooseberry at this weekend … You made me ask Father? Yes Adrien … A fashionable Italian photographer is looking for a young model for her ad campaign. … for his luxury shoes. They want you to participate in this project taking place this weekend in Brittany. Prepare your bags, you leave tonight … In addition, the new artistic director will accompany you
– But… Do not discuss my orders! Ok Father … Nathalie, tell Sasha to pack her suitcases too. She will also be traveling, to check that
everything is going well for the advertising campaign .. Well sir… I hope at least that it’s paid their
thing… Aaah, finally home little sis’ .. It’ll do us good … Yeah! Hey, hello Luka! I just saw your publication on instagram and I would be in Brittany also this weekend for an advertising campaign. I will be not far from you! Would it be possible to see each other in the weekend? Kisses! Hi Adrien! No worries, on the contrary you are welcome !! I will try to have the whole Kitty Section … … so we can talk about future projects for the band … I hope you don’t mind ^^ ‘ … Oh no, don’t worry! Besides, I like your group! See you later ! That, and then that, and then that … Did you see what I saw ?! Oh … yes? But I can’t go … This is the good excuse! What keeps you from going? Well I don’t know, maybe save
Paris and …. And… No, or Yes! Maybe, finally I … I have to save a lot of things for … the parade … And that’s what … As usual, you’re still looking for excuses … What’s stopping you from going? Then, besides … you’ll have a choice there, if you know what I mean … What are you talking about ?! You know what I want to talk about! Finally … Go home, pack your bags and call Gina. If I’m not mistaken, she’s leaving soon in the north!
Then, you can’t refuse that! But yes it’s true, I completely forgot !! Go … go ahead, and good luck! Thank you Alya! You’re really my best friend !! Chin above, please .. HIGHER, FAST !! Well, listen … The goal is just to put
Adrien in value … Yes, thank you, I know my job. No, but it’s not that I doubt your skills … But it’s not you who were supposed to be there .. .. and if the work is poorly done, Mr. Agreste Mr will be angry after me … It’s not my problem … MISTER AGRESTE, COME ON, QUICKLY !! Aaah … we finally found it! But you see that the lights come from behind! So what ?! I tell you that I want a counter-day … BUT IT’S THE SAME THING !! Yeah, well … listen, do that, let him go to his … occupations? What is it again? Ah! I am happy to see you !! Well yeah, we’re okay? Your photographer, she looks a little … strange ? It’s a replacement … It’s a little bit complicated … Okay … Are you joining us? Uh … well I don’t stay
very long time, I’m at the hotel … And you see this picture, we’re going
more head than shoes! Yes but precisely I don’t know…. make a
zoom on the shoes or … You’ve broken my feet since just now to put it in value … We’ll do it again MISTER AGRESTE, COME QUICKLY !! Ok, I have to go! I’m sending you a message… Okay … You can go after if you want, there’s no problem. You’re sure ? – Yeah! … Once we’re done. And this one with her pirate pose there, she’s not going ?! No, we don’t advertise
whiskey… You know what ? Take your own photo of s *** !! Hi Juleka! How are you doing now? Juleka? Who is it? (???) Oh, it’s Adrien ?! How are you Adrien? It’s okay. You come home ? So, how are you? Yeah! The last time we ended up outside Paris was … for the house at Chloé … Do you remember ? Yeah … Well, I don’t really want to remember that night … And suddenly, we will restart the same thing or … No no ! Not alcohol… Ahah … Ah well, huh? R … Ro … Rose? Oh ? Will you be late? But it’s not big deal …
Yes … Don’t worry … See you later. Well … Well, in the meantime, it tells you
to listen to my last song? Oh yeah, why not? And what is it called? “You have the most blue eyes I’ve seen in my life.” Thank you, grandma! You’re welcome, my little girl, and … No nonsense with the boys! Aah, okay … hihi … Good end of the road! Thank you darling ! Will it go with the headphones? Ooh, don’t worry … Granny is used to .. …It’s me or … Can you take my guitar please? … Thank you … Marinette !! I’m so glad to see you Marinette! I’m happy to see you too! But I thought you could not come? Oh you know, I thought I should not miss it … So, well, I hurried to finish what I had to do … Ah, but that’s great! But
with you the weekend will be even more fun … And if not the road, it went well? – Yes ! Aah, they are cute both … It shows that they are made for each other … How are you Juleka? I … I don’t know where she is … You know I … Adrien ?! ADRIEN !!!! I like a girl but … She always gives me some wind … Hey, are you ok Marinette? O … yes! … And you ? Yeah … And you Jule … ka? R … Ro … Rose? ROOSE !!! She’s fine ? I lost myself ! Haha … Uh … Ju … Bah, what’s wrong with her ?! My sister … she’s special … She has
trouble expressing feelings … Ah darn … Han my poor Juleka … I’ll go find her … I hope this weekend with us will do him good … I hope too … They are too cute … It shows that they love each other … It’s just a pity that they do not arrive … … to conclude both and formalize their love … “I too would like to conclude with the one I love …” Do you want them to be helped in their relationship? Oh yes ! They would be too good together !! Are you going? Yes, it would be too good !! You come to help me decorate the house? But ? … and why decorate the house? But have you ever celebrated “Eglantine”, euuh “Halloween”? I don’t know too much … Finally, with my father, we don’t celebrate much … It’s now or never … (Whisper) Wow … He looks good … THIS CAKE … Ok guys, are you ready to start the operation “Rose and Juleka”? (Whisper) “Kouign amann, kouign amann, kouign amann !!” (Name of the Britanny cake) Rose, you have to hang this garland! Just there ! Adrien! I need you in the kitchen! Juleka, do you want to help me please? It didn’t work, what do we do now? “Kouign Amann …” What, but? LUKA, stop thinking about eating !! Sorry … And if we pushed them? H .. How? We push them like that with a balloon … Aaah, with the decorations … Yeah … Come Luka we do that! Oh nooo … Hey Rose … Mnnh? But isn’t it ok? !! Ooh, how awkward … It’s okay ?? Well … yes it’s ok, a little bit bad here and you? Uh … (Juleka falls) She … hurt herself … (Juleka who laments) She really hurt herself … I’ll be back! … JULEKAAA !! … Any ideas ? “KOUIGN AMANN !” … Speaking of food, Luka’s right! Kagami told me about a game … “The Picky Game”! … We just have to do that !! Yeah! But noon … Hold on ?! Did you play that with Kagami ??! Good the Picky Game, you know? That sounds familiar … But I never played … Yes I know this game well! Both
players have to eat the same biscuit … … and whoever eats it the most
won! … And the bottle of “hemoglobulins” is for what? It’s to draw lots … And so you really played that with Kagami? No, we haven’t had the opportunity to play but … maybe coming back from Brittany … Ahahahah … Awesome … Ah nice! I will be able …. GO AHEAD MARINETTE, ROTATE THE BOTTLE … ??? Ex … excuse me, I’m too excited … Good … Well … Marinette! What ? Nothing … Well … if you have to … ARE YOU READY … GO! Excuse me I had a spasm … Well, it’s ok … you have the point, Marinette … Well, it’s your turn. Oh well … I fall on the 2 boys from the beginning! ??? But Rose, eat not everything !! Leave it for others anyway … Are you ready ? … TOP! … They are cute both … “I’m biting my tongue … I’m going back, go on without me …” Well, well it’s my turn … (Mumbles) I hope it will not fall on me … Ah, it looks like the game he likes you! It’s still fallen on you! Ahahah, uh yes, have to believe … Well, well, it’s up to us … “Who is it now ?!” (Fall) I’m sorry, I’m … !!! Euuh … In doubt Adrien, I leave you the point! Ahem ‘, yes, well, suddenly … it’s mine … Ah Rose … YES, it fell on me! You will see, I am a true competitor Adrien !! … Ah, but I don’t doubt it … I told you I would win! Well, it’s up to me to turn the bottle. And hop ! Ah? Well, it’s up to us Juleka! Oh, wait wait Juleka! If it puts you
uncomfortable, we can play another game! Well … We disguise ourselves and we go get candies? Juleka? Excuse me, can I come? Mnnnh … I’m going to sit next to you .. (Sighs) I’m sorry that you don’t feel well … well, I will not tell you “Come on, we’ll come down right away and …” I’m sorry … I know you Juleka … And I’m really sorry that you don’t feel well because of us… We come down whenever you want. Do you want to hug? Come on, come on! We come down whenever you want … Do you want us to go?
And we will play more at this game! Go, come with me! By the way Marinette, I wanted to tell you something… Well, we make disguises ?? YESS, disguises !! You wanted to tell me, Luka? AH, no no nothing it does not matter …
Well ! We will take care of disguises. All the disguises are here, you
just have to choose. But I’m taking this one! Go Adrien! (mumbles) … Good … Disguises … Okay … Why not? It can be ? Disguises, disguises !! So … Here, go ahead … Choose … Mmmh … Black! Ah, still black? Well, it’s … it’s fine eh? There are no worries! Well … I’ll take white then! Oh ? It’s original ! Well, I’ll take the black. – Yes! – Let’s go !! So we’re in duo ?? – Yes! Oh, it’s mint … But hell, what was it all for? Basically, it’s a pagan folk festival, where children will ring people’s houses to ask for candies. And suddenly the children are reappropriate to get candy from people! … because the souls of the dead visited people and to get rid of them, they gave them offerings … I didn’t understand anything … … Well, you do like everyone else … You go on “Wikipedia” … You know friends, our mother often told us story when we came here … Oh yeah … “Death is so cool” … Formerly wearing this city ​​housed a man who dressed as a clown during the Second World War … … And he was distributing Candies, but he had an accident so he was badly hurt … And they had to sew his mouth so that he would stop screaming, he suffered horribly … Then the children started to disappear, and the suspicions turned to the clown … But, it’s horror story !! Yes, and I think it’s sad …War makes horrible things… …And the clown was thrown into the sea by people, to make him pay for his atrocities … The clown, returns every twenty years to recover his sweets … … but he must do it before midnight, otherwise, he disappears … And his last sentence was … “Can … Can …” … Can … Candy … CANDY !! AH !! Lets’ go. Hey, come on guys, let’s go! It’s more scary over there !! No no no, we go there instead … It’s better, it’s home!

27 thoughts on “MIRACLE DREAM – HELLOWEEN ( Hors série )

  1. Cet hors série sera sur HALLOWEEN, il y aura 2 fins différentes, comme tout épisode Hors Série de Miracle dream, il s'agit d'un grand délire. Ne le prenez pas trop au sérieux non plus.

    A la prochaine ! L'épisode HELLOWEEN sortira le 15 NOVEMBRE.

  2. Premier like sans avoir vu l'épisode, parce que j'ai adoré le tournage et que je suis certaine que le rendu final va être génial <3
    Soyez prêts à tout !!! rire de clown maléfique
    Amour et kouign amann à tout le monde <3

  3. YEAH!!! Je ne peux plus attendre!!!❤️❤️❤️ On veut des ships en mode "yandere horrifique"!❤️❤️❤️

  4. J'en nai regardé que la moitié de l'épisode et fraîchement sa m'accroche de ouff ces trop bien

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