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Microsoft Search Advertising Video Blog

Microsoft Search Advertising Video Blog

[MUSIC] What a time to be at
Search Advertising at Microsoft. It’s hard for me to express how
excited I am when I think about our mission of having all of our
advertisers achieve more with Search Advertising. And how that match to Microsofts
mission of empowering every person and organization on
the planet to achieve more. I’m excited about the fact that
Bing becomes a more integrated part of Windows 10, and Windows
10 is just the beginning. We’re gonna be integrating
Bing in way more services and on Bing advertising site. We’re gonna be taking advantage
of all of these opportunities. I’m excited about the fact that
the industry continues to grow and grow dramatically. More clicks for our advertisers,
more opportunities for us. We’re investing deeply into
a new account management team, a team of industry professionals
who get up every single day to exceed your expectations and
do great work for you. We know that growing our
business will only happen if we grow your business. And we appreciate the fact that
you’ve placed your trust in us, as you’re transitioning from
Yahoo account management over to Bing Ads account management. Our commitment from Microsoft
to Bing couldn’t be deeper. And not just in the U.S.,
but also internationally. In markets like U.K, Canada,
Australia, France, Germany, you will see a significantly
increase of volume. We are all in when
it becomes to Bing. We’re all in because it’s
critically important to us as a company. And we’re in it for the long
haul, we’re in it for your long term success because that will
drive our long term success. We look forward to growing our
opportunities together and we thank you for
the commitment that you have shown in transitioning
over to us. And for us to deliver on your
expectations every single day. [MUSIC]

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