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Michio Kaku: Let’s not advertise our existence to aliens | Big Think Top Ten 2018

Michio Kaku: Let’s not advertise our existence to aliens | Big Think Top Ten 2018

We have this mental image that a flying saucer
will circle the White House lawn, land on the White House lawn and give us a bounty
of all sorts of technological goodies to initiate an age of Aquarius on the planet earth. Personally, I don’t think that’s going to
happen. For example, if you’re in the forest do you
go out and talk to the squirrels and the deer? Maybe you do for a while, but after a while,
you get bored because they don’t talk back to you because they have nothing interesting
to tell you because they can’t relate to our values and our ideas. If you go down to an anthill do you go down
to the ants and say I bring you trinkets; I bring you bees; take me to your aunt queen;
I give you nuclear energy. So I think for the most part the aliens are
probably not going to be interested in us because we’re so arrogant to believe that
we have something to offer them. Realize that they could be thousands, maybe
millions of years ahead of us in technology and they may have no interest in interacting
with us in the same way that we don’t necessarily want to deal with the squirrels and the deer
in the forest. Now some people say that we should not try
to make contact with them because they could be potentially dangerous. For the most part, I think they’re going to
be peaceful because they’ll be thousands of years ahead of us, but we cannot take the
chance. So I personally believe that we should not
try to advertise our existence to alien life in outer space because of the fact that we
don’t know their intentions. Then the other question is what happens if
they’re evil? Well, I think the question of evil is actually
a relative question because the real danger to a deer in the forest is not the hunter
with a gigantic rifle; he’s not the main danger to a deer in the forest. The main danger to a deer in the forest is
the developer; the guy with blueprints; the guy in a three-piece suit; the guy with a
slide rule and calculator; the guy that’s going to pave the forest and perhaps destroy
whole ecosystems. In other words, the aliens don’t have to be
evil in order to be dangerous to us, they might not care, they just might not care about
us and in the process pave us over. In fact, if you read the novel War of the
Worlds the Martians in HG Wells seminal novel were not evil in the sense they wanted to
torture us and they wanted to do all sorts of barbaric things to humanity. No, we were just in the way. And so I think that is a potential problem. We could be in the way of a very advanced
civilization that simply is not evil but simply views us as we would view squirrels and deer
in the forest. So personally I think that we should not advertise
our existence when we go into outer space. For the most part, however, I do think they
are going to be peaceful, they’re not going to want to plunder the earth because there
are plenty of planets out there that have nobody on them that they can plunder at will
without having to worry about restive natives called humanity. And so I think they’re not going to come to
visit the earth to plunder us, to do all sorts of mischief. For the most part, I think they’ll just leave
us alone.

100 thoughts on “Michio Kaku: Let’s not advertise our existence to aliens | Big Think Top Ten 2018

  1. Millions of years ahead of us? Shit, a civilization just a 1000 years ahead of us would be incomprehensible. Give a ramjet engine to an engineer in 1900 and have him try to reverse engineer it. He'd be clueless what it does, how it works or what it was for. He'd see a tube with fuel inlets that would make no sense at all since it is completely inoperable until it is moving at near Mach 1.

  2. How do we know Dr Michio Kaku's intentions 🕵️‍♂️ as if they wouldn't notice you lol
    You are Aggressive and women need alpha Strong man, even if AI will out do man in everyway you can imagine.
    Exponentials 🕵️‍♂️ as if you have break to pull back to stop quantum leap.
    Sooner or later you will be back to the exact same problem if you try to go backwards.
    You can never go backwards 🕵️‍♂️ Right Trex?
    Who said the future will look like us?
    Dna modifications 🤗

  3. I have to burn big think to the ground! When I get there, I won't ask u lot to evacuate the building, I will just set it on fire

  4. Would they pave us over? No, life is likely rare enough that they would avoid destructive disturbance. Not for the sake of humans, but the sum total of all extant life on our planet. We are casual with our forests because we are scum sucking bottom dwellers. They might try to archive as many species as they could and especially investigate whether earth produced any reproducible non-toxic delicacies (hopefully not human brains,eyeballs, etc). 👽+😵=🤢

  5. Don’t forget biohazards
    The Spanish brought smallpox to the Americas and wiped out about 90% of the population
    Imagine what alien microbes could do to us or what our microbes could do to aliens; again, see War of the Worlds.

  6. Why are you just playing old content and labeling it new? This is from a series from him like 2 years ago. Best part is the dummies in the comments commenting as if this is new.

  7. Eh, if aliens with the motivation of profit / development get here we're probably f***ed.
    They're gonna look at us like "sorry, we already expended the fuel to get here we pretty much HAVE to mine everything."
    Even if they leave our planet to be the last one – do you think we could get off our asses in time to evacuate (let alone attack)?
    Any race advanced enough for travel between planetary systems is, by definition, so advanced as to be pretty much unbeatable to us. They could sit out in the Keuper belt and sling asteroids at the earth until we're all wiped out, using nothing but the drive technology that got them here.
    They could announce their presence or they could just start mining and even if we spotted them – how would we get up there, hu?!?
    We'd be flying at them with spacecraft that must look to them as if we'd expoxy'ed a rusty trash can shut. One tiny stone goes "dink" on our hull and we have to stop and make repairs or we all die.

  8. Another big stink video to add to the list the videos for intellectual shitlording. no different than when I shitlord Stephen Hawking's views on alien encounters… I'm going to start doing this live @thelogicianmagician on Twitch

  9. Yeah, but wont they need labor to plunder the planets, why do the work yourselves when there is a planet fully stocked with laborers, the Aliens are capitalist, but also environmentalist, so everyone will get there own shovel as there will be no machinery to help plunder. Idle hands are the devil's workshop or something like that, it’s etched on the side of there ships. If you know how to read their language then you will be middle management for them. I think Trump is getting a shovel.

  10. Hi Michio I partially agree with you but you said we can't take chance and that indeed is the case because Earth is rich in biological resources and they will plunder us and use humans as a workforce for them. Here again war is not going to be their weapons. Abductions tell us a different story. Their interest in us only because this planet is a rare gem in the universe of many barren worlds. Ufo sightings are increasing every year. The visitors are definitely one collective, the resource explorers and they have many biological hazards impeding them to function succefully here. Read more at www.alliesofhumanity.org

  11. Kaku is cuckoo.
    How can you say that you are a scientist and talk about people going into space?
    Man would need to be transformed.
    Surely you know that.
    and if they are that advanced, don't you think they would already know about us regardless of whether we presented ourselves or not?

  12. People study animals and insects so an alien species and civilization might exist and stealthily follow humans. Hopefully, they will have to file a "Planetary Impact Statement" to the "Galactic Environmental Protection Agency (GEPA)" of the "Galactic Federation" before we get paved over. 😉

  13. This is why every country wants nuclear weapons to stave off foreign invasion…
    You cannot be coerced or dominated by others if you're willing to destroy yourself, your family and ultimately the entire world in retaliation…
    Sometimes the only logical solution is the willingness to be completely crazy…

  14. If we have a technology to talk to deer then I'm curious to talk to animals. And if they have any questions I'll answer them to help them to have better life.

  15. Arguably, we got as far as we have through collective effort and compassion. If they are so advanced, they could teraform nearly anything. We look at less civilized societies already with compassion because they are living things. We love our dogs as our friends. We love them more than any other humans, oftentimes. If they developed the same way, any effort to reach out to them would only prove beneficial. We are all alive in a strange place. Part of existence necessitates at least some small amount of risk. But the rewards can be immense. Maybe like the movie contact. Who knows. If they didn't develop the same way, it means our genesis story and developing history is completely different. That would give each of us something to tell and share with the other. We should scream out our existence to the cosmos.

  16. To speak hypothetically about aliens existing, and observing humanity and their fallacies would be inevitable. If there are super intelligent life forms observing, there wouldn't be anything we could do or not do, eventually revealing the encompassing nature of any given person when in the spotlight of such an organism.

  17. Why would a spacefaring race be harmful to us if not for the need of resources? Why would a spacefaring race suffer from a lack of resouces?

  18. What is there to be afraid of? Advertise away. The cautionary attitude is understandable, but we are likely it for intelligent alien life.

  19. Too late for this, we've been broadcasting electromagnetic signals into space for decades. And eventually the aliens on Omicron Persei 8 are going to want to know what happens at the end of Ally McBeal.

  20. What if the aliens accidentally crash on our planet while having massive space war with another group of aliens? And Humanity is caught in between a long lasting space war

  21. You must be under immense pressure to put out shit info as such!! LOL!!! Oh little turds, the technology is out there since Hitler!!! Who fucking listens to your Illuminati PR anymore!

  22. It seems we can't not be nationalist and insular. We declare our resources are precious commodities yet we squander them. We see war in every encounter. We can only be guided by our own limited perceptions. Unfortunately, overcoming these nescient traits may be the only way to evolve our species to one that is capable of solving our world's problems and perhaps even some day developing interstellar flight.

  23. another mainstream thinking that the aliens must be more advanced than us. it is logically a very very very unlikely, just see how many species on earth and how many of them are even close to being intelligent just one of them is intelligent so it is very likely if there are aliens to be like our earthly animals and we are probably the most advanced alien in the galaxy

  24. The biggest reason they won't bother us is the same reason I won't visit a preschool: I hate the infections I can get from those little germ magnets!

  25. The Great Deception. Alien Agenda. People are falling for it as already prophecied in the Scriptures 2000 years ago. Aliens are demons.
    Only Jesus paid the debt we owed for breaking God's laws throughout our lives, thus only faith in Him will secure our afterlife.
    God has always respected our freewill. Use it either to choose or reject the Savior.

  26. The Twilight Zone nailed it in the episode "To serve man." If people think it wouldn't be inevitable that we'd end up on some extraterrestrial menu, well, I have an unique investment opportunity for you in a Canadian gold mine.🤣

  27. A skywall will do no good I'm thinking, but we do need a common enemy to unite our frail species. If we can contact them before they show up here, I'm sure we can make them commit suicide with our vile social commentary.

  28. This reminded me of the arrogance that many christians have in the US. Just s few months ago and arrogant christian John Chau decided that he was going to convert a group of people that have been isolated for over 50,000 years. All he had was his bible and ignorance and he ended up getting himself killed. What he did was wrong, illegal, immoral and stupid. When I hear the equaly stupid christians here in the US say how we should bring back those that kill Chua and put them on trial for murder. First these people would not have any understanding of what a trial is. Second it was Chua that broke the law and these people were only defending their tiny little island from and intruder who was warned multiple times. These stupid christiand would but he told them that he came in peace with a bible. How stupid do you have to be to think that a group of people that have an virtually no contact with anyone outside of their island for over 50,000 years to believe they understand English.? The first time chua stepped foot on the island he shouted at these people and then threw a dead fish at them and ran away. The dumb bible thumpers live in states where if someone stepped foot on their land and threw a dead fish at them they would blow their head off with a shotgun. It really amazes me the arrogance and stupidity of these christians.

    If christian feel the need to blame someone for Chua's death then they should blame their religion, the christians that filled his head with nonsense and the christian missionary training camp that trained him and encouraged him to go as well as everyone else that encouraged him but we all know that christianity is all about not accepting responsibility for your own actions cause jesus will forgive you. it is the religion of ignorance and irresponsibility.

  29. Doesn't matter the level of an organism just because something is more advanced doesn't mean the wont be interested. We love tardigrades and they are small unassuming creatures.

  30. I would like to say this video is old hat, and contains nothing new or profound, but a quick trip through the comments section on any video on YouTube always sets me straight on that front.

  31. WRONG! a race with a thousand more years in tech advancements certainly knows we are here. They have a perfect map of the universe. The thing is that we might already be a bee hive under their control. Or do our domestic bees know that humans are there?

  32. Michio kaku is one of the best scientists in the world right now but received minor recognition from general public. As for the question: Yes THEY DON'T CARE, maybe help and guide us in the future, but only when our society becomes less savage and more advanced in both technology and mentality, which means we humans have a loooooooong way to go

  33. Won't aliens be interested in discovering aliens?
    if they are so advanced, how could we be in their way ?
    and why people think aliens spacecraft is circular ?

  34. Im very surprised to hear this very flawed argument from him, its a shallow and terrible analogy to make, and flat out ignorant on so many levels

  35. I don't think the analogy in the first half of the video is correct. On earth, while it has been proven that we can communicate with many species, and scientists have communicated with gorillas, grey parrots, dolphins etc. And we are working on building more advanced forms of communication with Orcas, dolphins, pigeons etc. The reality is most of our communication with animals is at a very basic level. Most humans do not even have the protocols, technology and capacities that researchers have at present.

    I would definitely want to talk to an Orca or a Grey Parrot at the peak of their intelligence and consciousness, we can't even do that as of yet. The reason why we don't bother with Ants and other animal life is not because our intelligence vastly outstrips theirs, is largely because our inter-species communication has not progressed enough. It is not necessarily because of the gulf between humans and other animals.

    In any case, no matter how intelligent we are, there is something that Octopuses will know that we don't, there are some things that Chimpanzees will know that we don't. I am sure there is something that someone with an IQ of 80 knew that Albert Einstein did not know. Unless you have infinite knowledge and wisdom, I really do not think that you cannot learn from those that are of lesser intelligence than you.

    Yes intelligence determines your capacity to problem solve and understand certain concepts, but so too does perspective. It means that no matter how intelligent you are, if you lack certain perspectives, you will likely miss out on certain knowledge. I would love to communicate with animals to understand their perspective. I think in the future, there will be a lot more of such communication.

  36. Not if they are looking for recruits for a war. Hahah but yeah maybe we dumb to them. But only a few of them would be needed to dominate and play with.

  37. I just don't get why kaku, deGrasse, greene and many others, don't just sit down and look at the evidence and provide meaningful arguments why eyewitness as well as physical evidence does not point to aliens already visiting are earth.

  38. If the aliens are very advanced then they probably knew about oxygen laden earth & its organics hundreds, if not thousands, of yrs ago. And if they're from the milky way, then they're probably already here in some form or fashion, or they're on their way.

  39. the biggest threat to the deer is not the hunter with a rifle or the developer in a suit..it's the hungry lion lying in wait in the tall grass..meaning, plunder and survival is inherent in all living things in the universe..

  40. Wrong!! If other civilizations are thousands or millions of years a head of us they would already know we are here so advertising ourselves makes no difference. And comparing them to meeting us like us greeting animals in a forest is twisted complete nonsense

  41. If aliens were like humans, and they are (much) more advanced than we (humans) are, then we are in trouble!  I am hoping that they are not.

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