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Michael Jackson’s maid reveals sordid Neverland secrets | 60 Minutes Australia

Michael Jackson’s maid reveals sordid Neverland secrets | 60 Minutes Australia

This is Neverland, currently for sale, former home and playground of musical icon Michael Jackson It’s 10 years since the star performer died but he continues to make news The headlines these days though are less about him being King of Pop, more about him being King of the Kids. He said no Adrian. You’re excellent Loyalty to me means a lot you can be with me forever The first time I cleaned his bedroom Uh, I didn’t even know where to start He was the sort of classic rock star was he just sort of dropped everything behind him and lets you pick it up Yeah, he was like that Home Videos from the time captured the singer relaxing at Neverland It was a place to live out his fantasies and he shared the fun with the children. He surrounded himself with What was the first thing for you what made you first suspect That Michael Jackson had an unhealthy interest in children. I Noticed that there were a lot of little boys. That’s all that would hang around there You wouldn’t see like little girls and I knew the little boys were there When they would arrive they would put their clothes in the suitcase in a suitcase in his room. I started realizing thinking and wondering When he was taking baths with him, they were sleeping in his bed, but they’re sleeping in their sleeping Yeah, yeah you were talking about the worst kind of sleeping with children Yes, I know the truth. I was there and When I would go in the next day there were little boys underwears either on the floor with Michaels or they were in the jacuzzi So you were suspicious as soon as you saw that? Yeah, I got suspicious And then I would find underwears also in his bed. I I did find underwears that were mints briefs in the walk-in closet and they were Right and I I don’t like to say this they were like crunchy hard with yellow stains all over him I didn’t know who they belonged to Because the little boys started wearing Michael’s briefs And they would leave their underwears inside his drawer The more Adrian saw the more convinced. She was that Michael Jackson was a predator A feeling she says was shared by other staff at Neverland There was a lot of Vaseline at Neverland Sometimes it was found in the golf carts when mr. Jack’s want to take off with the with the boys Vessel a yeah Vaseline and there was a lot of Vaseline in Michaels bedroom It was actually all over the ranch. Is there possibly an innocent explanation for that? I? Don’t think so What disturbed Adrienne the most was the way the popstar would be physical with the kids who were entrusted to his care They were sitting on his laps the kids. I just saw a lot of maybe fondling Him maybe rubbing his hands and kids hair Kissing him when you say fondling hugging kind of petting Petting the kids petting the kids. We’re kind of by the rear end. I Don’t think it was appropriate because they’re not his children. You know, I Just didn’t think it was right. Did you ever talk to anybody about it? you know, I signed a confidentiality agreement and I was already conditioned and Programmed you don’t question it and we were told to stay away from the family. You just made you do your job Every time we were together It happened There was no night that went by that I was with him that he didn’t sexually abuse me Adrian is not. The only one to be speaking out on the 10th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. I Was seven years old Michael asked do you and the family when I come to Neverland? Hello wait Today is your birthday Self. Congratulations. I love you. Goodbye Australian choreographer Wade Robson has claimed he was molested by the singer when he was a boy Told me if they ever found out what we were doing He and I would go to jail for the rest of our lives Now he and former child actor James safe Chuck have gone much further Accusing Jackson of the most despicable depravity In a controversial documentary leaving Neverland that was recently unveiled at the Sundance Film Festival Don’t believe your story or perhaps don’t want to believe it Is there anything that you feel that you can’t say to them in a way not that long ago? I was in the same position they were Even though it happened to me. I still couldn’t believe it. I still couldn’t believe that What Michael did was a bad thing? Would you have thought 14 years later all this would be regurgitated I would never have imagined such a thing happening I just still have trouble comprehending it for loya Tom Mesereau The latest allegations are the claims of opportunists out to make a buck. I can’t get over it I mean, I just don’t put any credibility in any of this. I just don’t In 2005 he helped clear jackson of child molestation charges and Defends the singer to this day. I am 100% convinced Michael never abused a child never harmed a child Certainly, never molested a child. I think this is hogwash Are you on any sort of retainer at all from the Jackson estate? No, I’m not on any retainer at all So no one’s paying you any money to say nice things about Michael Jackson. No, no I will always say was a nice person he was he was one of the nicest people I ever met But you of all people know the smoke and fire argument Is there any fire? There’s no fire here whatsoever Coming up. I used his fame and power in very loving and also very childish Mede ways inside the playground of evil. Did you at any time see Michael Jackson? Molest Jordan Chandler it was Terrible desperate bribes $300 that was for covering for him dead frets if they could hire a hitman to take me out Slice my hair and Michael Jackson’s darkest secrets. We just want to show you this I Remember that I was working there when that day when that ad was taping that that’s next on 60 minutes He was enormous it shouldn’t have been King of Pop should have been gotta pop Emperor Charisma isn’t even the word for the spell he had on people So I was caught up in it, too Everything around him was a fantasy Genie wolf is an old-school Entertainment reporter who followed Michael Jackson’s career right from the start Enjoy the latest video from the hit album dangers. She Regarded Jackson as the ultimate creative genius but also saw a dark side I Couldn’t help but observe what a Spoiled King of Pop he was how he used his fame and power in very loving and also very childish and mean ways Genie remembers how at the height of Jackson’s fame It was easy for starstruck families and their kids to be drawn into the singer’s magical world Surrounding himself as he did with children, didn’t you ever find that unusual? We didn’t think much was unusual. He tried to be the Pied Piper When I was around him, they were hidden in groups I mean all these little kids some costumes some just regular kids following him and it just seemed like a Comfort for him and his explanation was he didn’t have a childhood? Yes. Did it seem strange? Did it seem eccentric? Yes, but that eccentricity allowed him to get away with a lot because it’s Michael In the 1990s bus loads of children would be invited to Neverland to enjoy the theme park and a zoo Down this way, you’re gonna see a the game room is right there But Jackson’s made Adrian McManus says there was always a lucky few who seemed to receive special attention Young boys like home alone actor Macaulay Culkin who she claims she saw being touched inappropriately by the singer You’re on record you’re on public record court record is talking about Macaulay Culkin Do you stand by that story? I? Stand by what I said during my deposition, you know, I think it’s best just leave it at that Because Macaulay Culkin says, it’s preposterous doesn’t he? Yeah, he denies it to this day. He does But you say you did heven I say I saw what I saw Macaulay Culkin has always supported Michael Jackson and denies the singer ever molested him But back in 1993 Another of Jackson’s young male friends turned against him 13 year-old jordan chandler accused jackson of sexually abusing him during sleepovers at Neverland Did you at any time see Michael Jackson molest Jordan Chandler I saw some stuff that I didn’t think was appropriate with. Mr. Jackson Jordan What sort of things did you say with with Jordan Chandler Michael kissing on him? Michaels has kind of very close to Georgie’s crotch It was Terrible to see Police launched an investigation into the abuse allegations and Jordan Chandler’s family announced they were preparing a civil case But despite her strong suspicions to the contrary in a sworn deposition Adrienne McManus said she had never witnessed Jackson molest children. I Was scared to say anything bad about Michael. Mr. Jackson and Then after that after I did the deposition probably 30 days maybe after Michael called me at my home She claims Jackson demanded to know what his personal maid had told investigators about his behavior Adrienne found herself in an unenviable position. I Didn’t think I was supposed to be doing that. I was kind of worried about that, but then I thought well you better do it you know, so I did it and then When one day and afternoon, he came up to me and he said Adrienne This is for you and he had to me a little index card. That was like stapled on the sides and it said Thanks for everything I opened it and it was $300 So that was for covering for him. He paid me $300. He was born no solids for $300. Yeah Michael Jackson fired back at his accusers in a live televised announcement from Neverland There have been many disgusting Statements made recently concerning allegations of improper conduct on my part These statements about me are totally false. Don’t treat me like a criminal because I am innocent I Remember that I was working there when that day when that media was taping that 1993. Mm-hmm. Don’t treat me like a criminal because I’m innocent Does that bring back strong memories? Uh, it takes me back to that day and It makes me mad that I had to be involved in something like that Why me? So you don’t believe those protestations one tiny bit They don’t Jackson was never charged with molesting Jordan Chandler, but the young boy and his family Received a 20 million dollar settlement from the singer it led to intense criticism Jackson was buying the silence of his victims Did you ever Sexually engage Fondle have sexual contact with this child or any other child never ever I could never harm a child or anyone. It’s not in my heart. It’s not who I am and it’s not what I meant I’m not even interested in This is joy Robson, you’ve known Michael Jackson you describe how would you describe your relationship with Michael? Michaels like family to us. He’s been very supportive Personally and he waits career At the time many came to Jackson’s defense including Wade Robson and his family Wade was the 10 year old Australian boy who developed an extremely tight bond with the singer and Was still having sleepovers at the Neverland Ranch Weird how would you describe your relationship with Michael? It’s a real close relationship It’s both sides friendly and business We love each other both very Julie, we’re just real good friends How did you feel when you heard that a boy was alleging that Michael had abused him Oh shot too And I think it’s sick cuz I know Michael well enough that you wouldn’t do anything like that. I know that for a fact After Jackson paid millions to settle the case against jordan chandler Things changed for the worst for the workers at Neverland Adrian McManus claims she and other staff were victimized by michael jackson’s security guards Because they knew too much It was threatened. His bodyguards told me that If I ever came up and on TV that they could hire a hitman take me out Sliced my neck would never find my body And you believed them Yeah, I did. I lived in fear for many many years Adrian lived with the fear and Michael Jackson lived with the rumors. Come on. Just get on show. Come on. Just show me Just show me but in 2003 he made a monumental mistake By inviting journalists Martin Bashir to show his life at Neverland. Do you come out here on your own? Yeah Just come out on your own. Yes. What then go on a ride. Yep You see the carousel. I’ll play music I look I don’t play classical music on the carousel the documentary living with Michael Jackson Gave an insight into the madness that engulfed the singers every move Michael Jackson had just dangled his new baby out of the window of a Berlin hotel Please buddies like it my kid blended Michael Jackson hoped the documentary would turn his reputation around instead. It destroyed it Have you been hearing about what people have been saying That’s totally ignorant. I would never do that to my children or any any child trying to kill them gone stupid And why would I put a scarf over the baby’s face if I was trying to throw him off the balcony? I think the Martin Bashir documentary was a disaster for Michael Jackson. I think he never should have trusted. Mr Bashir to do an objective professional documentary Jackson’s lawyer Tom Izzo believes it was a turning point Why do you think that you think the result was slanted Dean I think mr. Bashir turned it all against him Tried to create a sensationalist documentary for personal gain, that’s my opinion and It was spliced together and put together in a way which in my opinion was designed to make Michael look bad What looked particularly bad was this Twelve-year-old Gavin Arvizo had been recovering from cancer when Jackson met and befriended him In the documentary Martin Bashir asked the young boy about the sleeping arrangements at Neverland And then he finally said ok If you love me to see one of it I was like, ah, man and so I finally sat on the bed but Michael, you know, you’re a 44 year old man now What what do you get out of this? What do you get out of this? What can’t you share your bed? But the most loving thing to do is to share your bed with someone You know your anything that yeah After the broadcast Michael Jackson accused Bashir of betraying his trust and manipulating the interview But the fuse was lit police raided Neverland Ranch Approximately 70 sheriff’s rated, Neverland scoured every building every room for computers for documentary evidence anything they could find They were relentless in their efforts to find evidence to convict Michael Jackson with and in a write of that sighs What did they find? Nothing in my opinion Michael Jackson was arrested and charged It was a humiliating downfall. That would see Jackson’s dirty laundry aired before the world Coming up the jacksons bike back so you think it’s all Tied into money. Yes money and fame and publicity the made under pressure How do we know you’re telling the truth now, but always defiant. I know the truth. I can sleep very good at night That’s rich on 60 minutes Adrian McManus claims she has been left penniless by her four years working at Neverland as Michael Jackson’s house made When she left in 1994 She and four other employees Sued the singer for wrongful termination and lost Do you still owe the Jackson estate money? I Probably do but Michaels dead now, you know Yeah, you must know the amount. Well, you know, I know that um, I can’t remember it. It might have been Oh, God it was a lot of money you were ordered to pay legal fees Initially, yeah for breach of contract for suing mr. Jackson, which was what 1.6 million it was father. Yeah, just to refresh your memory Okay. Yeah, the sheriff hasn’t come knocking at the door yet. No And your hope they don’t Well, they do they do In a countersuit Jackson’s estate Accused her of stealing belongings from Neverland to sell to the media. There was a sketch That I found in the trash you Then unsold that sketch The sketch of Elvis that you supposedly found in the trash. I figured well, I found in the trash. It didn’t mean anything to me Which I shouldn’t did that, you know, but I did and the jury said that you then owed Michael Jackson $34,000. Yeah from that from now after yeah, so did you pay the thirty four thousand back? No, I did it. No You haven’t paid any of that back either. No The credibility of Adrian McManus has again been questioned because of her changing account of what she saw at, Neverland sworn evidence she gave in 1993 that she never saw any inappropriate behavior by Jackson towards any child at Michael Jackson’s trial You were found to have lied under oath Okay. Now I’m gonna explain that. Um when Michael threatened me I was scared what was gonna happen to me and my family and my son you Admit to not telling the truth. Yeah, because he threatened me How do we know you’re telling the truth now? Well, let’s put it this way. I know the truth. I can sleep very good at night I’m happy I did what I did by standing up and trying to do the right thing You’ve got to look very carefully at people’s motives and you’ve got to look very carefully at the facts You’ve got the most famous person in the world one of the wealthiest people in the world Perceived as very vulnerable Okay, and people constantly try to exploit him throughout his lifetime The lawyer Tom Mesereau so much of what was aimed at Michael Jackson was about cold hard cash People wanted to make so much money on Watching the great Michael Jackson rise high and then splatter They wanted the story to have a miserable ending for him They hoped they would see him in the courtroom in Chains and jail clothes Without makeup without his hair fixed up without the clothing He liked to wear they were looking forward to seeing the final chapter where Michael Jackson gets destroyed and it was very disheartening to observe so you think it’s all Tied into money. Yes money and fame and publicity Including what he views as the latest trumped-up charges of child abuse some of these Accusers have not just changed their story slightly. They’ve done a 180 Is there a possible explanation in the me2 movement where people now feel more comfortable? Saying publicly. Look I was abused Can we now please do something about it? Right. Now if you are accused of this type of thing you were almost judged guilty before you can defend yourself I think right now we’re going a little too far and a lot of people who are not honest who are trying to capitalize on this particular movement are raising Accusations that need to be challenged you don’t think the freedom of the May 2 movement could be explained for These latest accusers coming up and saying that Michael Jackson molested them I think the freedom of the me2 movement has allowed false accusations to be made as well as Real accusations and we’ve got to be very careful to make sure we sift out what’s real and what’s false Coming up King of Pop in core I think it’s worth to be charged with something like this than Thomason disputed testimony. I saw a good Bunch of people who I felt very deeply were lying and an extraordinary result Were you surprised by the outcome celebrities can do no wrong in? Today’s world that’s next on 60 minutes Why can’t you share your bed The most loving thing they do is to share your bed with someone by agreeing to participate in Martin Bashir’s documentary Michael Jackson with the innocent assistance of his 12 year old friend Gavin Arvizo Had given police all the reason they needed to investigate America indeed the world had never seen anything like it In 2005 Jackson’s case came to court and So the stage was set for what would be one of the biggest trials of the century it was a showdown more than a decade in the making and Covered by twice as many media as turned up for the OJ Simpson trial Jackson faced 14 counts from child molestation To conspiring to imprison the accuser and his family at the Neverland Ranch if found guilty He faced at least 20 years in jail These are horrific charges. These are ugly nasty charges I think it’s worse to be charged with something like this than homicide. I really do The 14 week trial was a circus I Think you have just seen that it takes about 20 minutes to make it a hundred yards when you’re in mr. Jackson’s company Everyday crowds would gather to see the King of Pop This case is about one thing only It’s about the dignity the integrity the decency the honor the charity The innocence and the complete vindication of a wonderful human being named. Michael. Jackson Hollywood journalist, Janie wolf saw things very differently. I Saw people who were out to get Michael Jackson. I saw people who were angry at Michael Jackson I also saw people who adored him and then I saw a good Bunch of people who I felt very deeply were lying. We’re getting paid were getting Influenced and and I found the whole thing Frightening on which side do you think people? Were lying in favor of Michael Jackson in his defense in his defense saying that nothing ever happened Adrian McManus took the stand to give evidence Against her former employer. Well, it’s pretty crazy. I wasn’t shocked that it was that it was happening again Because I knew it was gonna happen again Do you know what I’m saying? You always thought a trial sooner or later was going to come along did you? Yeah, I did. Yes, I did Sad to say but yeah Wade Robson is now accusing Michael Jackson of abusing him throughout his childhood Was the star witness for the defense? He was very very strong in his defense of Michael Jackson. He told me in no uncertain terms He had not been molested. He had not been abused and that these claims were ridiculous. I mean this man was so strongly supportive of Michael Jackson So powerful in his defense of Michael Jackson that it just shocks me that he’s changed his story in recent years I just can’t get over it as the trial reached a conclusion the strain of Michael Jackson was starting to show I watched him deteriorate Physically and emotionally during the trial he lost weight his cheeks became more sunken in by verdict day He just looked like a shell of his old self to me After eight days of deliberation the jury reached its verdict we the jury find the defendant not guilty of attempting to commit a lewd act upon a minor child a Unanimous decision of not guilty on all charges That moment in the courtroom When they said not guilty How many times 14 14 times? What was that? Like that was one of the most unique? powerful unusual experiences of my lifetime What would Michael Jackson say to you he said thank you thank you. Thank you, never forget For Michael Jackson, it was vindication But the damage was done and life at Neverland would never be the same again Were you surprised by the outcome No, I wasn’t surprised because I think in today’s world a lot of jurors They don’t like to Say that a celebrity is is guilty Why not Because they think they’re above everybody else. They just they look up to them and they right away think everybody wants money That’s why you know celebrities can do no wrong in today’s world That’s what I think Coming up the biggest headline of all Very eerie to even be around you. I’ve never visited this place before the stories. That won’t go away talk about Their abuse make these new accusations. Do you believe them? It would be very hard not to believe them and returning to Neverland one last time, yeah, I can’t believe I’m coming back here very mixed emotions That’s next on 60 minutes Michael Jackson might have been found not guilty of child sexual abuse in 2005 But the trial and the lurid headlines have created irreparably damaged his career Never again. Would he hit the highs of the musical stardom? He had once known These will be my final show Performances in London This will be it this is it when I say this is it it really means this is it because In 2009 though at fifty years of age he announced one last shot Jackson called his farewell tour. This is it and sold out 50 concerts at London’s o2 arena But less than three weeks from the start of the tour Michael Jackson made his biggest headline ever when he overdosed on prescription drugs and died The day Michael died, where were you I came home and Their father called me and he said can’t you have to come down to the hospital? Like the rest of the world news of Jackson’s death was met with disbelief By his family as his mum Katherine told Liz haze in 2013 Nobody would say anything and I said well, where’s Michael I want to go to his room I want to go and visit him, you know Nobody said anything And then find me in about ten or fifteen minutes later. They took me to a room and nobody would say anything So finally I said well did he make it and I was screaming like did he make it? and Frank finally said slowly. No, he didn’t make it I don’t know what happened after that. I guess I must have blacked out or screamed or something but That’s what happened Stay More than 1 billion people watched a funeral service that was broadcast live around the world The curtain closing on one of the greatest entertainers who ever lived This is where Michael spent his last few hours, it’s very eerie to even be around you I’ve never visited this place before I’ve never even wanted to Returning to the mansion where Michael Jackson died is a reminder for Jeanne Wolff of what has been lost Once blinded by his star power. She now views him differently Do you think Jeanne that these latest? Accusations have affected the Michael Jackson legacy. I definitely do I don’t think people will look at him in the same way I don’t think his music will die. It’s just too great. I think his music is Beyond him, but the myth the myth is gone But for Tom Mesereau the lawyer who defended him, it’s Michael Jackson Who is the victim not the boys who ended up in his bed in Neverland? You’re one person that knows in life. There’s a lot of gray Not a lot of black and white but you’re Adamant, aren’t you you don’t think Michael Jackson has molested one single person. Michael was a creative spirit He danced to his own drummer. He saw things. We don’t see he heard things We don’t hear he was a creative genius. He was eccentric he was different and he was an artist I don’t believe he was a molester for five seconds if we look at the history of this though the number of accusers Chandler Gavin Arvizo Wade Robson now Jimmy’s safe Chuck. I mean are they all making it up? Let’s look at them individually Safe Chuck swore under penalty of perjury that he wasn’t abused Robson swore under penalty of perjury that he wasn’t abused Her visa wasn’t believed by the jury Two other people were paid off to end the litigation to end the lawsuit so we could get on with his career So, where do you where do you when you look at everyone under a microscope? What do you really come up with? Not much Well a lot more than most mere mortals face in their lifetime but he’s the biggest target on the planet He was the most famous person on the planet. He was immensely wealthy. He was perceived as immensely vulnerable This made him a target throughout his life Any and he’s being attacked even in death by people who want money The days were filled with magical childhood adventure experiences playing tag watching movies eating junk food Anything you could ever want as a child Out of a storybook right? I’m a fairy tale Michael Jackson gave the world his music but to his accusers he took away so much More than most Genie wolf has listened to what they’ve said and Believes their accounts of what happened at Neverland are convincing Jeanie You’ve seen and heard Wade Robson and Jimmy’s safe Chuck. Yes. I talked about Their abuse make these new accusations. Do you believe them? It would be very hard not to believe them, how do you explain their complete reversal of Their stories they were both in love as only a kid could be with Michael Jackson Both of them have repeatedly said that Michael Jackson told them over and over again We can never tell anyone because if we do I’ll go to jail for life and you’ll go to jail for life. So embedded in their mind Was the imperative that we never tell this secret I Can’t believe I’m coming back here Very mixed emotions, Adrian McManus insists. She’s also telling the truth about Michael Jackson and what went on in Neverland a Place she would rather forget When you see these gates again What’s the abiding memory Anxiety Misery I Would never go through those gates again ever. That’s how you think about all those years here. Is it misery misery a bad choice bad choice that I made If Michael Jackson was still Alive today, do you think you would be? Speaking out like this if he was alive, I would say it I would say it to his face. I really would You know, I was 28 when I started working for him these boys were young if it was hard for me at that age Can you imagine how? How it was for them. It was another side to him and I saw it. Mmm, I Don’t feel sorry for that. I just don’t I feel sorry for the children Hello, I’m Liam Bartlett, thanks for watching so keep up with the latest from 60 minutes, Australia Make sure you subscribe to our Channel. You can also download the 9 now app for full episodes and other exclusive 60 minutes content

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