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Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupé (2019): Play by your rules

Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupé (2019): Play by your rules

This is me at 16. When life was fun. This is me now. 5 minutes… Okay… Uh, who eats this crap? Hey! What the hell is going on? Dude! Don’t freak out. Who… You’re… Yeah. You’re, you’re me? Duuuuh. This is crazy. I know. Man, we changed so much… …we look like shit. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I mean you look like shit. This isn’t happening. So, what happened was… I was in algebra class listening to my teacher droning on and hoping… …ugh god I’m not as lame as him when I’m his age and then – boom, here I am! The stock market went through the roof today. No one seems to… Future people are obsessed with these things, huh? Quiet! You do know I’m invisible, right? I can’t find my drums. Do we still have a band? No time for that. Where my posters at? Omega 3 – what is this? We have high cholesterol. You serious? Yeah! Hey! Hey! Hi! So I have an extra ticket for that show. You wanna come? Uhh, but we launch tomorrow. You’re gonna regret it! Tell me we have a thing with her. Nah, not cool. She works here. Are you kidding me? Dude, she’s hot, she’s smart. Seriously! Office relationships are frowned upon. Frowning upon anything cool seems to be a thing around here. You’re so quiet! That’s not the me that I remember. STOP! Hey, where you going? Getting away from you! You’re depressing me. Look, you’re still a kid, okay. You don’t know anything about real life. Real life? You kidding me? All you do is work, work. This is what happens. Look at you man, you suck! You sold our drums, we were good. Yeah. You hungry? Just a little. Be quiet, why do you talk to yourself? Shut up! Listen, I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be here before… …before I have to go back to algebra class, so… I w…, I want …, I want you to teach me something. Buckle up. Whooooow! Switch? Hell yeah… Hey!

100 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupé (2019): Play by your rules

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  2. I just watched a 5 min add and I loved every second of it. Someone should give this add a reward.

  3. This is the kind of car you get just to say you drive a Mercedes without actually realizing that it's not a very good car.

  4. I bought this car and sold it.. coz.. This guy from the past was so irritating annoying. You know.. He was singing loud in the car.

  5. So the message of the advertisement is: in order to afford Mercedes, you have to be boring, miserable and suffer from schizophrenia?

  6. why tf do german car makers have to make coupe versions or sedan versions of a car i mean if you want a sedan just get a CLA

  7. Hey MB, please Change the rearglass and stuff back to the old ones, the new Look so uagh, MB CLS from 2007 Looks way the best of all i ever driven.

  8. Why no night pack in the UK? Every other market appears to have it apart from the UK, shame, maybe it’s punishment for Brexit

  9. I like the commercial but its basically saying dont work that much and have fun so you cant afford the nice place and the nice car that they are advertising unless you get money out of your ass then you're fine or have a massive inflow of cash from passive income. (When you over think a commercial)lol

  10. I own a white gloss CLA, I still play drums and I have beard and long hair. I feel so excited everytime I watch this spot! 😄

  11. andd if he stops working how is he going to afford a mercedes? Your cars are for people that are working 24/7 lol i do not get the point of that

  12. Thought it was a cool ad for a fun movie that was coming out soon. That’s a disappointment cause i would have watched it. But nice car i guess. Fuck.

  13. This ad is one of those rarer ones that i did not even feel like skipping, great job. Also those drumming bits were an obvious Smells Like Teen Spirit Reference, and i stand by that statement.

  14. Finally got it. Now waiting for a garage to be able to unlock the engine of my CLA 180. I find it sad that where I'm from, in Europe, we are raped by taxes and can't buy the car we want without being robbed by the government for buying a big engine. -_-

  15. Rules.
    Mercedes should NEVER BE A HATCHBACK
    Mercedes should keep SUVs where they belong. America.
    S Class, best lux in the world
    C Class, for lux buyers who don't want size
    E Class, Exec barges Latest gadgetry here please.
    G Wagon. Europe, Africa, in fact everywhere but the USA. They have the GLC for the soccer mums.
    SL. CL. GT. All excellent but dump the useless tech. Bring back the budget GT in the CLK. All of these are drivers cars.
    A Class For kids.
    B Class. Delete it. The Golf is better, always will be.
    X Class. Embarrassing. Drop it.

    And but the rights to use Saab as a budget brand.

  16. Spend money on your schizophrenia treatment because you are talking to an imaginary friend OR buy the brand new Mercedes Benz ! Your choice !!

  17. Thanks for this ad. Most meaningful ad ever. Now I need to reconcile with my 16-year-old self. Somebody ever said "if u ever lose the 16-year-old in u, life won't make any sense"

  18. That is hell of an advertisement.. great car with great marketing strategy and great customer base what makes them the most luxurious brand of cars ever – Go Mercedes

  19. I can't believe I saw the 'trailer' on TV and searched for the whole 'movie' on YouTube. We all hate adds but man! Good f marketing!

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