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Memory Mastery & Student NLP Workshop (Hindi) | BrainGyan Academy

Memory Mastery & Student NLP Workshop (Hindi) | BrainGyan Academy

Good morning! Can everyone hear me? Properly? Good. Good morning, I need reply of good morning! Because today, we need energy for what we are going to seek.
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Okay? Many parents are here. It is first of all not a seminar, but workshop. First, let’s know the difference between seminar and workshop. In a seminar, generally, speaker talks and people listen. That’s it. But, what happens in the workshop? In the workshop, you have to participate. What I have to say and teach here, is the exceptional thing, even a lot of people have may not heard of it. No matter, it may be. But if you have attended a similar program, you might be knowing about this. That’s why I wrote here, “The mind is like a parachute it works best when it is open” So, what do you have to do? You have to open your mind! I will be talking about many concepts which are very very different than concepts you might be already knowing. From childhood whatever we have seen and taught according to that we have developed certain beliefs I want to break the belief. So I need 100% participation from all of you. So, hello people, are you ready to participate 100%? Yes or no? Yes…yes? Okay… So, let’s start the workshop. In the beginning, I’m going to show you something. See what it is. Okay? So, tell what is this? Can you watch it clearly? Then say what this is? Hey, what I’m asking, all you answer me with 100% energy as like as you come to watch movie. Clap or make loud if you feel something is exciting. You came here for enjoy, it’s not an insipid workshop! I’ll manage you well, okay? Right now you are like my children for some time. Okay? So, it needs to explain to the children how the children understand. Think about how we would understand when we were in little age. But all you need 100% involved in the discussion. I need an answer if I ask you question, okay? Everyone is ready? Now say what is it? Yes, it is is simple red cloth. Okay, I’m covering it with the fist of my hand. Okay? It’s like the magician when they utter Abra ka dabra. After that, what would happen? The visible thing gets out of sight. We’re trying that a little bit. Hey, you. Do you know magic spell? What is your name? Ata. Okay. Tell with me Abra-ki-dabra. Then see what? Come on, come on. Finally, it is. However, I’m not here to teach you magic. Actually, this is to me Ashish Bo bade. I’m a coach of memory mastery and student NLP. Today I’ll share all of what is memory mastery or student NLP, and also, why I showed you the magic? Such type of magicís you can watch on TV, even you can watch it in real-life if you attend a show, there the magician can do better than me. Actually I’m not a magician. But why did I show you the magic? Do you know what we do after standing here? We manipulate audience mind. But why? To make you believe what I want to show. So, I’ll tell you to believe in what I say. Yes, the belief is surrounded with the viewers who are watching. Definitely, this is our permanent belief. So you’ll see how to use such manipulation after vast research. I am… I’m actually a software professional. Over 13 years I’ve been working in software industry. There, I’m working under quality assurance department. Right now I’m head around 11 countries. So what’s the interest of this free workshop? In the meantime, why this free workshop, many people ask. Also, they ask, is there any hidden charge or fees needed to attend this workshop? All seems that we’ll tell them to pay 100 rupees or 200 rupees. But, this is a 100% free workshop. In 2012 an incident occurred, sharing you. The incident was, actually one Sunday afternoon I got a brain stroke. Then my memory was gone! It was almost one day my memory was lost, and I had forgotten simple-simple things, these fans and such type of things. There were some reasons – actually, it was due to a stressful lifestyle. I watched such clips in movies or serials where the actor forget the memory. I got the experience when I lost own. But, luckily I didn’t forget my wife’s name! Ha-ha, I was able to remember the name. That was good. However, all was okay after medical treatment. Then I was continuously struggling to remember things, to remember the calculation of my economy. Then what I have done? I started a research on memory. It was like what is memory, what is the form of memory, etc. From 2012 to 2017, I started to gather all the scientific materials or courses that were available in the market. At the same time, I started to make research on the collections. Which things I needed to remember I kept them in my mobile? That time, my mobile was my half brain! Someone’s birthday? I used to watch mobile. Mobile number? I checked on the mobile. I have a six-year baby. We notice that the baby tries hard to remind something. Most of the children do this. At the same time, we don’t get interest in what we don’t understand. But we get much interest in what we understand. The same is true for children and older people. I think Due to problems, we forget something. But why do the children forget although they don’t have a problem? We ask the kids to focus, to pay attention. But if they do not, we hurt them. But, nobody wants to teach children how to focus or how to pay attention. Probably, nobody doesn’t know how to do it, okay? Different people share different views, but the most effective or proven method has not to anyone. Some concepts – these are like everyone has mind. But where is it? No one knows! The mind is divided into two parts. One is conscious, another is unconscious that we call subconscious mind. Okay? These two minds control what we do. Look at, expanding my hand I’m talking with you, you are listening to me, this is, I’m doing all consciously. It is called the conscious mind. Some activities are out of my control, such as my blood circulation, heart bit, habits, and feeling. Who is doing all these? These all are doing my unconscious mind. We don’t have control over it. It is not possible if we want to see the blood circle its opposite way. However, something we learn consciously, something we learn unconsciously. Let’s see which things we learn unconsciously: Swimming, cycling, and driving. If you learn swimming, cycling once in your life, then these will be always in your mind. After a break, if you don’t practice it for some years, no matter it is possible with little a try. It means it is permanent that is learned by the unconscious mind. We call this unconscious mind as the subconscious mind. Above all, something is permanent when it is learned by the subconscious mind. But where lies the problem? The problem is, our 10% mind is conscious out of 100 percent. We are using this 10% for logical thinking, analytical decision making, and planning. But the rest of 90% is unconscious. But, what does the unconscious mind control? It controls our memory, emotions, instincts, habit, and moods. Our mood gets uneasy, and for some time it remains like that. That means it is out of our control. This 90% of unconscious mind is ours out of control. But we only have control over the conscious mind. What do we do? We cannot use the unconscious mind. So it remains non-use. According to science, we can hardly use our brain only 10% but we cannot 100% at all. The main problem is, it has 10% accessible. For this reason, we never use the 100% capacity of our brain. The brain is divided into two parts as like as the mind. One is left brain and another is right brain. If you would read our advertisement where we wrote how to do combination the right brain and the left brain. The function of the two brains is different. The left brain is a logical mind. The left brain is used for maths, language, sense of humor. At the same time, the right one is used for art, music, color, creativity, and infusion. In our education system, we see there are creative subjects for the children. These maybe drawing, pictures. In the 10th class book you’ll see many more cartoons, pictures. Have you seen these? The 10th class book is colorful, isn’t it? Over of period of time, our education system teaches us how to use the left brain. As a result, gradually, we stop to use the right brain. So no option to come out creativity. It is just getting by heart and writes down the perfect answers. Then getting the marks, that’s it. Today we’ll know how to use the right brain in the purpose of the study and enriching memory. So, let’s see what are the problems? Right now, we’re going to watch a video although all of you have watched it in the past. No matter, we may keep an eye on it again. Keep it in mind and next, we’ll see, it works or not. So, it is such a situation that every child dive in. Also, we faced such a scenario when we were children, right? ——There is a popular song, what is it? It is “Sari lage sam-sam” It has been our belief that if you want to learn you need to get You’ll not learn until the teacher doesn’t beat. This is, the children will not learn until their parents punish or scold them. This is a major problem. It is not like that, parents have many mistakes. But at present, we see not only parents but also students are in stress because of much more competition! There was one board, but now, it has been many, including SSC, ISC, CBSC, IJCSB, and what not comes. All want our children will be successful, study more, they don’t understand anything no matter, they will understand when they will be grown up. That’s because we need to scold them. So, this is going on. Actually, what’s the problem? The problems, I want to ask you something. And you’ll answer to me. Then directly we’ll tell to our children we faced also these problems when we were at your ages. Right? Okay! At first, how many of you study but can’t written memorized things? How many children study but forget things? How many of them? Now the parents will have to think that, when we were kids then we would have been with this picture or not? Considering this, you’ll need to say. I’m one of them, and who was used to study but forget? Probably, most of you would not forget….Hahaha. Okay. So, there is a common problem that happens with maximum people. With maximum of people! As I mentioned, we don’t have interest in doing what we don’t understand. To children, they cannot memorise or understand, so their interest decrease. After that, according to many children, some subjects are liked by them or some not. They like those subjects which have good teachers. Because good teachers teach them well and talk sincerely. At the same time, they don’t like those subjects which have not good teachers. Most children suffer from this problem. In the next, throughout the year I study, but in the exam I forget all. It happens with many. What happens with 90% of people? They forget in the exam. Not only children but also the elders forget. In the exam, we forget what we learned, memorised, and got by heart because of tension and stress. This is a common problem. Fear of exam and subject. We feel stomach ache when we appear in the math exam. Yeah. I’m not alright, feeling feverish before the day of the math exam. How to overcome this struggle? For this reason, your mind will work with its full efforts. You will be sick, feeling feverish or headache – these are the many children’s problems. In the case of some children, they hear inner voice when they are a little bit older. When we tell them to study, then they hear an internal voice and reply, will read tomorrow. Let the day go. Let me have some rest or watch TV or play game in mobile. It’s like that. Let me roam somewhere or friends are calling me to go there as like as internal voice come. Later, the children have a big problem, no one understands. All the children think about what I say neither my dad understands nor my mother. Their internal world is different. We think logically, but the children think differently. They don’t think in that way we think. In their world, small-to-small things seem a lot bigger but which are merely a thing to us. Childhood issues: Some children may face some family problems. Frankly speaking, quarrel between husband and wife, mummy and papa may impact the children. Death of any family members, or related some issues like these may impact to the children. We remain busy with our own issues so we cannot realize that they are being victim. According to scientific survey, the houses with full with stress, Always quarrel takes place, and have many problems, there children cannot perform well, even performing children become non-performing. The is a reason that I address painful experiences. So, what do I say? This stress and lack of confidence suppress the immune system of the children. The report from Harvard University and also after goggling you may know the children who has lack of confidence, their immune system get suppressed. What if the immune system gets suppressed? The children become a victim of psychosomatic diseases. What is a psychosomatic disease? Actually, it is not a disease! To me, I think it is a disease. Most women feel a headache when they see their mother-in-law is coming. Actually, it is nothing but psychosomatic. It’s not a joke, but if you see the research, then you’ll know 90% of diseases are psychosomatic, even diabetic is also psychosomatic. What do we do? The pharmaceutical companies produce medicine and we’re taking. However, maximum diseases are psychosomatic. When the children feel stress, then they’ll show symptom of it. What are the symptoms? These children will watch TV or take extra food. Some of them think that I need to take food because of getting stress. They are getting fat. Some of them start an argument with their parents. They don’t what’s the cause of this argument. But they are doing an argument or quarrel. How many parents think about tackling the issue and wants to help their children? We can solve this issue together. I think they don’t want to tackle this issue who keep their hands closed. At least, we need to think about tackling, then we’ll see it is doable or not. Okay? I’m going to share a fact, I got a push when I heard that. In India, one child commits suicide per hour. This is not my words, it is a report from the Times of India. Also, this news takes place in the different Hindustan magazines on 8th January 2018. The same news comes every year. The news comes every year when such an incident happens. Why this is happening so? Don’t they have books to read? Or don’t they have resources? And don’t they have classes? Isnít it? It’s not like that. They have resource, sharp memory, and brain. But they don’t know how to use them. In that case, Maharashtra is in the topper position. By the way…. When it is asked to government, How to handle this issue? The answer was they don’t have trained people and resources. Or they don’t know how to tackle this issue. After a search, youíll get my first article that I wrote on it. If you read the article then you’ll know the government shared they don’t have sufficient resources to tackle this issue. Now let’s see what to do? What is the duty of school? It makes your children understanding clear. But exam on what about? It depends on how much you retain. What is retention? It means how much time I can remember that I read or learned. Okay? We can remember some topics all the time. Will you forget If I ask what’s your name when the darkness of night is about to finish? No. Okay. That means we have a sharp memory so we can remember the things, but we cannot. Now we’ll know how to increase retention? As I mentioned, every student has resources, but they don’t know how to use them. They don’t know how to access. So, it is the fact that, Every child is born with unlimited powers. Okay? Also, unlimited power has elders. Definitely, it is. But, we don’t know how to use that unlimited power. Already I showed you 90%, that you want to learn, and also shared that it is 90% subconscious. Today, I’ll actually teach you, it is not like that I will just make it brief. No, I will teach you in details. Okay? We’ll know how to make it done in practically. Already, I shared you the issues. How much we can walk if we have a stone in our shoes? You cannot go a long way. It will give us continuously pain and irritation. Similarly, kids have some issues like the stone that we cannot see. But this little stone always vexes them. The kids will not tell you everything, but such issues continue with them. So, what we’ll do? We will do an exercise. Let’s see what we are going to learn from this exercise. Okay? It’s a simple exercise. What it is? In this exercise, you’ll give me some numbers. And you will see what I do with these numbers. So, everyone needs to tell two digit number. You may tell the last digit of your telephone numbers. Okay? I will write what I will get from the mike. Tell your number to madam taking the speaker. Hello, which numbers do you want to tell? Please tell your number – 50 You? 80. 77 27 26 (Twenty-six)….87 (Eighty-seven) 29 (Twenty-nine) 96 (Ninety-six) 24 (Twenty-four)……. 41 (Forty-one) 98 (Ninety-eight) 57 (Fifty-seven) 11 (Eleven) 63 (Sixty-three) 52 (Fifty-two) 69 (Sixty-nine) 99 (Double-nine) 09 79 (Seventy-nine) 21 (Twenty-one) It’s the last number – 49 (Forty-nine) So, all of you gave me the numbers. Okay? So, if I ask you the numbers, then how much time you need to remember? Yes? How much time will it take? Yes, some will say it’s impossible. Okay. At the same time, some will say it is possible but there may be some tricks. Right? So, I’m asking you how much time it takes to remind these. At the same time, you gave me an answer. Actually, you didn’t answer, but I think you gave because I said you no need to answer if you participate 100%. Okay? Then the answer you gave subconsciously, where or how did you get the answer? Yes, it’s from mind! Coming from mind means what? It means your mind stays on your side. Okay? Did I face related events or how I handled them? And, that time what was my behavior, right? Then your answer is okay… I did not even remember the mobile number Then when I was in childhood I used to learn or do something I do not remember the mobile number Do not remember formulas or remember any such things, and this number is bigger than that. Same thing happened? So this is what our mind is going on in our past It’s going to be so sharp. Our minds that our eyelashes jumps faster than four million times checks in our past. Whether it was done or not? So what were our behavior? How would you handle it? Ok? I ask you a question like what you have seen in the past Well before our children, no, many Events will be coming in front of us It will be asking hundreds of times a class You want to do it, but do not remember Whenever they go to remember a new lesson, then what experience will come to them? That will not happen. Because he has become his trust. Right So they will become Believe with them The subject that he remembers will look good for them. Those who do not remember it will not feel good?
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But I say one thing, this number can be remembered? And the ones you call me And I wrote a lot of writing, trying to remember enough. So you just see how much I remember. If something goes wrong then tell me at the end that it went wrong? Then we’ll fix it. Well, then let’s see how much I remember I stand here Last time, a child felt that I was studying something there. I’m not studying anything. I do not have a mirror in front of my eyes. Nothing in my ears is telling anything from anywhere? Just I have a mic. Ok? Clear So now we see how much we remember. I just wrote before you. Now let’s see how much we remember Ok right. Numbers start with 50 80 77 26 87 29 96 24 41 98 57 11 63 52 61 99 09 after that 79 21 49. All the numbers are correct, no one went wrong. Ok. So tell me one more thing about this fun. Remember that these numbers also changed. Now let see how much I remember, So the last number runs
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Letís start 94 12 97 96 00 61 52 36 16 75 89 14 42 69 92 78 69 77 08 05 An error occurred. Where’s wrong? Something went wrong Ok. 26…… ok all right So who wants to learn this? Who wants our children to learn this? So we believed that an end digit number should also remember in parts parts
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Like……How do we remember it like our mobile number? Do you remember the full 10 digits? 99 67, that is common. Now it’s a group of two digits or 3 digits, it’s called chunking. It is also a technique to remember in which we make chunks. Ok. So this number is remember now. How much do we now have to store such our memory? So to have such a data store we have unlimited memory. What a big number we can remember is the unlimited meaning How big is this? You know Pie Value. People who have learned science, they know Pie. So Pie Value goes up to 5.9 decimals. I have kept up to 100 decimals here. But I also remember that. So there are two types of storage, one is permanent or second temporary storage. If you operate a computer, that too, you know that there is a RAM. Random Access Memory. Random Access Memory…does a temporary store the computer will restart all will go back. So the digit that you have told me has put them in the temporary storage. Because I donít want it. It’s in my permanent storage because it’s always to remember me. So I remembered it. Try it too once. How much do you remember? Letís see How much do you remember? Letís see. So starts from 3 3.14 Not watching… fine. Seeing everyone. Check it out if something went wrong tell me after this. 3.14, 15 92 65 35 89 79 32 38 46 26 43 38 32 79 50 38 84 19 71 69 39 93 75 10 58 20 97 49 44 59 23 07 81 64 06 28 62 08 99 86 28 03 48 25 34 21 17 06 79 So your question will now be that if you can do this, can you do it? If your child can do it then I will say it can do everything. Because you do not know how to do it?
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So I’ll teach you how to do this? So before learning, we have to learn how we learn. So back to the basic. How do we learn to anything? So we were in childhood how we learn? How do you learn? We learn 5 learn from sense organ. Right……. 5 sense organs….For those who have come in the last So you have to Participate 100%. Ok So you all are my student now. So till now, all the children have been taught, now I am teaching children’s parents. Ok. So you’ll just see how fast your memory is? So we start from 5 sense Organs. Or something else, what is the matter from which we learn? So first eye. So let us visualize with the eye. So from any vision, diagram, maps, if we speak spelling or formulas, then vision is important for us Ok then learn language after that, for us, audio or ear are important for us. So you have noticed that the children who do not have to read the reading are they learned to speak at the age of two at the age of two. So how do they learn? They learn and listen. Ok so it’s a sense. Now it comes skin. The skin which also called Kinesthesia. Kinesthesia which have feelings and emotions. So some things we learn from kinesthesia. Something cool or warm, cannot see or smell, what is it? We’ll know by touching. This is the work of Skin. But whatever we learn from kinesthesia. We never forget that They like your feelings, emotions, or your happiness and sorrow? Whatever you have will never forget. Ok? Then tongue. Tongue is used for flavor So we can learn many things because of taste. So remember that I will speak in a favorite fruit. Understand! If someone’s bread is there. I will say the bread. Some people will get water in the mouth. And some will remember its taste too We have already store this information. Somethingís we learn from smell sense. Now our next sense is nose. So dog’s brain is a smell brain. So we cannot read so much by smell but the dog’s mind is the brain smell. Our German shepherd, if you sit in millions too, your dog will recognize you.
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But your baby can not recognize Papa, by smell doing it.
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Because their smell sense is not so strong, So we’re seeing something else until it starts. So what can we do? If you do some exercise to me, you’ll have to keep your bags and accessories in the side. Be a little free Ok? Everyone has to Participate. Everyone you have to attend if you have come. So we’ll do a simple exercise. Very simple What do you have to do in the simple exercise? That’s your two hands in the opposite direction. Then she has to match. And then it is to join both the fingers and to join them first Understand, simple……….. Not understand…. simple, take your hands in opposite direction. .then match them. Understand, everybody did it? Who did it? You guys have to join both fingers after matching them. Both thumbs up to join. Then these two fingers have to move. And then I’ll call one, two three, and then you have to do this. What happened? Call it the manipulation. I did your brain manipulate. Ok so we look forward. Neurons. Yes neurons. People who do not know that they are neurons.
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It is said that our brain has neurons. So neurons are responsible for whatever we are learning. So now I will tell you some amazing facts. About study about learning. So what’s this photo? What is this image? Yes sir… So now we read something about what is it? So learn about number. Now see this number. What is this number? One billion. How may zeros? 9 zeros… If you get so much money, then life will be set. See how much a billion is so big. One billions equal to 30 seconds 31.7 years.
One billions minutes equal to 1902 years.
Now thinks so how big is the number? And our brain has 100 billion neurons.
How many? 100 millions So it is said that the same as the elements of the reparticals in the world are the same as the accecction of their formatting. So whenever we learn anything. The nurse that comes out like a thread tells them android. Each neuron has two or three three thousand androids. Okay. So the first thing we have is 100 billion neurons. And every Neuron has two to three and three thousand androids. And whenever we think something new. So it’s the Android connection form. These connections are called neural pathways. So now I’m learning about what you are learning and listening to. He is creating a neural pathway in your brain. So it is responsible for whatever you remember or forget. So these android are for what we are doing. For example. Next, show you the problem of math by fixing it. And you see the problem of your maths. So you’ll have a train to see, not to solve. So if you have to learn the Mathís problem, anyone will have to solve the problem of Mathís. So that way it changes. Or if watching videos of cycling, I would think I could drive the bike. You will not have to go and learn. Then neural path ways made and made androids. So next we say forgetting is good. Why Forgetting is good? Why? So it’s becoming connections that are becoming neural pathways. After learning anything. It gets over all the time period week. After weeks, we start to forget things. So whatever we do not value. We forget that thing. Because the brain thinks it is not important for us. This information has not been used for a long time. It’s not usable and deletes it.
This maintenance always keeps moving. You will see computers, the computer has a file system for a long time. Also comes in the mobile if you are unused in the app mobile. From old file, cleanup file to older files.
So there is to be done and the brain works automatically. So how to avoid this thing forgetting? So practice for it, recall and test. So do you have to remember anything for a long time? It will have to revise. So do you have to remember anything for a long time? It will have to revise. It will have to be done to test it. Give me the challenge that let Check do what I remember. Then what will the brain do to treat the information very important? And then you’ll never forget when you learn them. Then see more facts. This is also a specific part of the revision. It’s not that I’ll never forget if I revise the day. We have to give some time to forget it. When they forget, after that they will revise. Those gabs that will be gabs will cover up. When they gave up, you’ll remember that thing well. Then the revision is to be removed as long as possible. If we learn it in at least 24 hours then we need to revision it.
After that within a one week or within a one month. It also has an idea of??It. To find out what you need or you need it. By super memo Scientist people made groups of multiple people tested over it, taught one thing and then did not let them revise. And over all interval of time they started checking. How many people do these things forget? So they use the research to create a plan called SRS, systematic Revision System SRS is very important to remember anything. And they should be from space revision. It also speaks space revision system. Space means the same thing that you read from a few days back. You’ll be missed So it is minimum. In the space reputation, they say that you read after two days. 2 days after 2 days due 7 days after 15 days, then after one month do it. And change the subject. It also defused the way of learning. Understand that it creates a knowledge. Some Noise is coming for example its noise noise. We just noticed if we just arrived. What if there is noise going on? Our mind will not notice it. We’ll forget it. So noise we forget. We forget that what is going on continuously. So for this it uses defuse way of learning What does it mean? I am constantly reading a subject. And after a while my brain stops looking at it
So I have to defuse it. The other subjects will be alerted back, and then check it in SRS. Silence…. silence So these are some facts. See it. 10% what we read? Misses my brain 10% of the students are studying. So ours that’s method. What is our method? What we are studying
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But our brain only takes 10% of it. What we here 90% of our listening only reminds us about 50% what we have? See and hear? So that’s why you’ve seen what movie happens in any movie you see. Are the dialogues. There is a great picture in the movie. So we also remember that. 50% movie you will be missed once watching. Your black and white text books will never remember you. And what will you do? You will read it 10%. Only 10% will pick up. Will only pick up 20% of it. See more. 70 % of what you discussed? So if you are discussing with any other colleague or teacher. So you will remember more. Comparing to reading and hearing. So the discussion will be more. Itís a note taking system is separately. Those note taking systems use all the principals to learn how to make notes.
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90% of what you teach? What do you learn now 95% of it will be remembered? Your brain is to learn these things actively here .And it is about to think about how I learned this. How to tell how to ask this? How do I explain to you more about 90% of what you teach? What do you learn now 95% of it will be remembered? Your brain is to learn these things actively here .And it is about to think about how I learned this. How to tell how to ask this? How do I explain it properly for your brain to become more active? Next meditation… Every month I read the books I read in every month. There are many rays. Every religion has said that meditation is very important for your brain. Different religions have different types of meditations. So I’m not saying that do it or perform it. What would it be to do this senitonints or oxytocin screed it is screed hormones. This happiness hormones will keep your Brain Counseling alert. Shared and you’ll be improving in the study I’ll tell you all the friends. So these are terminologies. Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh Ok people today will know this. Anyone who has religious things behind him is a different thing. But we understand that it matches with modern terminologies like what we had to do with electron, proton. We had given such names such things. Vishnu Mahesh, Well, let’s see what the concept is. What was Brahman? Creator What was Vishnu? Maintenance means their work to maintain the world? Who is next, Mahesh, Mahesh means change? So it is said that Brahma’s position is here. Creator We eat food. Then Vishnu maintenance heart what does the heart do the blood circulate and maintains the body? And the second is Mahesh, what he does, transforms. Even so… what he does does change some things. So if your children have a skill. Or they have to be taken into business entrepreneur, organization’s entrepreneur position. So remember, these three things are very important. Then an entrepreneur will have to stand a business what will have to do. And by creating it will have to be maintained. After resting it will have to change over time. If he does not do so he will not succeed. If anyone catches that we see if a person catches a photocopy camera. So he is holding a company. Not that Telephone companies Finish, so many more than a period of time is over because the time of duration is short We do something else that we will not run with time. What will happen? Finish So it’s a very simple example for it. We will do it for 5 minutes So I always say that nothing in it is religious. Well so I’m not promoting any religious point. Its results are good, if you like it, we will make some sounds in applying it. They sound like that some sounds will come here vibration will come here vibration. Ok so do not relate anything to the religion? If you exercise this exercise regularly, you can get a baby. And if you do big, you will see phenomenal difference within a month. Some kids are very flexible, they do not keep on one thing, one after another, and then third, they cannot focus on it. Those people, if they do this twenty-one times on daily basis for one month. You will see phenomenal difference. And this is my 100% guarantee because I have tried this and this happens.
00:51:06,000 –>00:51:08, 00
So the techniques I tell you here. These techniques, just I heard from somewhere and telling you. No, it is not so. I tried them by myself, implement them, saw its result and then I tell it to someone. Till then I do not tell it to anyone. So, you have to try it. And if someone seriously feels its effect or benefit, tell us. Tell by call, by email or on Facebook page. Tell us anywhere that this is truly beneficial. So that all other people will be motivate by it and will try it. So, what to do in it? You have to close your eyes and to put your palms of hands on your knees. Before it, I will tell you one more joyful thing before it. Everyone sit like this and keep palms like this. And after that you have to take a, put on knees, have to take a deep breath. Ok? Take 4, 5 deep breaths. After that. What to do? Upside down your palm keeping it on knee and again take deep breath. And tell me that they both are same thing or different? What is the difference between the both? Anyone will want to tell? You can talk in any language. Marathi, Hindi. I donít understand Guajarati. Can talk in Marathi, Hindi. Is something that nobody had difference? First of all, I’ll create a sound that will do vibration here. That sound is AAAAAAAA… Huh. Ok. NO just check that how much deep breathing you can? When the hand paw is like this. Take one more deep breath. How much deep breath you can? Upside down hand paw and now check how much deep breath you can? You will see that when your paws are open then you just deep breathe to the stomach. When those paws get twisted, you will say, this breath goes just till here. That’s why it is said that this body is a super machine. Actually. So, just by moving hand paw up to down, how much breath can go in, can be controlled. So that’s why, these things like meditation, yoga. These things work. Okay? So, simple exercise. You have to put hand paws in front, have to close eyes. Nobody will cheat. Everyone has to close eye. And have to create some sounds. Otherwise, I’ll show up. You see. I cannot sit here but what you have to do? After that, second sound is UU, UUUU. And after it is M. So, when I will say M, here should be vibration. M. Mouth will be closed in M. Simple. Come-on, close your eyes. We will do five times, only five times. If you will like it, then try it at home Eyes close. Let’s start. With me. Everyone is ready? Okay. AAAAAAA…UUUUUU…MMMMM…AAAAAAAA.UUUUUU….MMMMMMMM…..AAAAA…UUUU…MMMMM Any vibration felt? Something happened? It should be done twenty-one times. If you will follow it regularly. It is very simple. You will take hardly 10 minutes to do it. Do it anytime. Do it in evening or morning. And do it not just by the children because they will do only if you will do with them. Otherwise you, you do, Said that you do. And we are not doing. Children, by the way, seek by seeing not by asking. Yes, not by asking. So we have to do, then only, they will do. Okay? Fine. Let’s see, so now we just saw that what our brain is doing? Deleting information. So how? Information comes from five senses to the brain and after that it is deleted or distorted. And that’s how our behaviors built.

00:55:39,000 –>00:55:47,000
Now you came here from your home. Okay? While coming, you must saw so many cars, buses, trees. How many do you remember? Do not remember all? So our eyes can grasp 25 laces bite of information at a time. But out of which we remember just five to six. We don’t remember everything. Because our brain continuously delete that or distort. So if our brain have to remember any things, so what we have to do? We have to stop the deletion and distortion. We will see forward to how we can stop the deletion and distortion. So, again one more exercise. There are so many exercises in workshop. I need a parent and a student to do this exercise. Who will come? Yes mam. Yes. What is your name? Gaeta. A big round of applause for Gaata. Yes mam. What is your name? Deepti. A big round of applause for Deepti too. So, what we are going to do? Please come here. Here Ok? We cannot see the projector. One person can stay there. What we will do? Will read it. Will read it together. Ok? You will also read. I will also read. We will read together. Right? And you guys also read it all. Okay. Bat… Say. Bat. Water. Water… Everyone! Bill gates… Bike… Mountain… Cat… River… Salman… Grapes… Camel… Rain… Hospital… Lion… Maze… Ajay… Aero plane…Garden… Maggi… Shirt…School… Monkey… Newspaper… TajMahal… Horse… Moon… Karenna… Mobile and marriage party, auto man. These are simple 30 words. Only 30. Now come here. Now you have to say these words. Yeah. Mike. Mike please. Is it started? First of all Bat, then bottle. Bottle? Ok. Bill gates, Bike, Okay. Mountain. Okay. Maza. Okay. Karenna. Salman. Okay five. Thank you. Thank you. Okay. Huh. Can you say, baby? TajMahal, Salman, Maza, Maggi, Karenna, Hospital, School, and school, Water bottle Thank you. Than you. A big round of applause for them. Someone else want to try? Anyone want to try? Okay. So, thank you mam. So what is behind telling this? That you saw that water bottle was added in it. Okay? There is no water bottle. So what we call it? Distortion. What our brain did? Distorted it.Okay? What happened of us? Some words are remembered and do not remember the words after that. This is our study method. We study just like this. What we do? We read it. We read the book. Anyone will say to remember this so what we will do? Bat, water, Bill gates. Bat, water, Bill gates. Bat, water, Bill gates. By doing something this. Or scientifically, it is called as Roat method. So what happens in roat method that I create a sound and hear it by ears? This cannot be learned like this but if I say you once and you learn it all, then? Okay? So, how can we sum up the deletion and distortion? Letís see. Okay?
00; 59:47,000 –>00; 59:55,000
So, what we will do now? I will tell you first, one time. And then will see that how much everyone remembers.
00: 59:55,000 –>01:00:06,000
Alright? Alright. So, there is a secrete behind this. I will first teach you the secrete.
01:00:06,000 –>01:00,:16,000
And then what we will do? By applying that secrete, is it possible that I read it just one time and remember? So, if it is possible or not, let’s see.
01:00:16,000 –>01:00,23,000
We will see the Secrete of Concentration. Who want to learn Secrete of Concentration? 100% right now. I could not get even now.
01:00:23,000 –>01:00,32,000
Wishraam Sir, want to learn or not? Okay. Good. So, Secrete of Concentration. First of all is interest and passion. Interest is important to learn anything and passion for it. If you do not find that thing interesting and there is no passion for it, it will never be remember by you. For example, any important doctor who can treat your relative, and that is only one doctor in India. So will you forget his name? No, you will not. Because it is your interest. And to find him or go to him will become your passion. So, it is very important that you should have interest, —– in it and should have passion for it. After that, second thing is Association. Okay? We can use API to remember it. API. We can remember it by API. API means Association, Passion, and Interest. What is association? Everything that is remembered by us, we have associated it by any other thing. Okay? So if you will not associate that, it will not be remembered. So the people you recognize, you have to see that they are associated to something. They met you by any other friend or both of your children are in the same school. So, brain remember the thing by that association. If there is no association, then brain will forget that. Now I will you, How to achieve state of conversation. There are five rules of it. Five important rules. Remember them. If you understand these, then your memory will become super memory. Okay? So what to achieve by five state? First of all is color. Okay? So what you have to do? Learn to see things in colors. Where we have to see the color? We don’t have it outside. We should have known to see the color in internal world. So, imagine there are two theatres in lumbili, and a same movie Bahubali has started in both. In one, colored Bahubali has started. And in other, only black and white Bahubali has started. Which one would you like to see? Colored. Obviously. Our brain enjoys in colors. It is better if color remains. Next thing is sound. So we have to listen sound in internal world. Like if I say you to remember your son’s voice and hear it in internal world then you will remember that anyway that how’s the tone when he speaks, how he calls etc. So, we have to hear sound in internal world. Similarly, in that theatre one movie has sound and other do not. Which one would you like to see?
01:03: 000 –>01:03:14,000
The one with sound. Obvious. Next thing is Movie. So, in one theatre, slideshow of Bahubali has started, and in other movie of Bahubali has started. So what would you like to see? Movie or slideshow? Movie. Our brain likes movie, very much. So, our memory that built or anything that is remember, is in the form of a movie. So how? We will see ahead next thing is eye factor. Eye factor. The most important thing for brain is eye. The thing in which it is not involved, brain donít accepted. Okay? So imagine that you are seeing an old album in your house and then you see a group photo, whom your eyes will find? You will find yourself.
01:03:51,000 –>01:03:000
Okay? Eye is very important for brain. Okay? Whenever we talk people, what we talk about? Eye, my this, my that etc. So everything is about eye. The thing in which eye is involved, is captured by brain. Next thing is uniqueness. So everything that is unique, we remember that. You are coming from station and 10,000 people are coming from front, how many of them will you remember till evening? None of them but if. One of them has a tail for real. Will you forget that? No because it is unique. The thing that is unique you will not forget that. May be you will not forget me. Okay. If we apply these five principles, then we will see that how we will remember things. Okay. We will go back to our old example but I will apply these five principles to that. And then will see that if we are able to remember those things or not. Okay. Same example, Now I will say, everyone have to pay attention, sit straight, straight your shoulders, and focus here keep everything aside. Okay? So there is a lot of imaginations in it, and you can imagine it by closing your eyes so it will be easier. Just imagine, you have a bag of blue color, you filled that blue colored bag with tap water, and then you throw that water over bill gates. Bill gates ran because his blazer got wet, and then he started a red cloud bike. Listen the sound of bike that started. You ran and sat behind him. He reached to a mountain by bike. As you dropped at the mountain you saw a huge cat over it. The cat was huger than us. The cat jumped into the river and you too jumped with her. As you jumped into the river, you see Salman Khan swimming in it, so you also swim with him. Salman Khan gave you grapes to eat you find them sour and you gave it to a camel. Camel came out and sat into a train, you too sat on camel back. The train departure to reach hospital. As you reach the hospital, you met a lion at the gate. That lion gave you maza to drink. You drank maza as you were tired and went in. When you went in, there was not doctor, there was Ajay Devgan.Ajay Devgan said that his shift is ending so he is leaving. If you are going then I will drop you by my aero plane. You sat with him in the airplane, where the airplane landed? It landed in the garden. When you landed in the garden, there was Maggie on the trees. You pulled that Maggie and filled it in your shirt, and went to your school, taking that shirt. Do remember your school. There was no watchman at the gate but a huge gorilla monkey. What is that gorilla monkey doing? He was reading newspaper. There was a photo of Taj Mahal in the newspaper and it was black in color. So as you were seeing that Taj Mahal, a horse came outside that. And you sat on the horse. That horse took you to the moon. As you reached the moon, you met Karenna. You danced a lot with Kareena.So when you were leaving, Karenna gifted you a mobile phone, which one? IPhone. Took IPhone, came back and sat on a tank, any tank of military. Where you went on tank, on marriage party. As you went into the marriage party they gave you water melon juice as a welcome drink. Okay? Now see I am replacing everything, I have told this story only one time. Alright? Now, we will see that how much your brain captured. First of all, bag have to say it loud. Bag, next, water, next bike, where bike will went? Who will go at the mountain, whom cat jumped who was in the river, what Salman gave? You gave grapes to camel and where did camel went, were was train going, who met in the hospital, what lion gave? Oh dada came. Who met after entering into hospital? Ajay dropped you on what, on airplane. Where did airplane land, in the garden? what was hanging in the garden, Maggie, in what you filled it, where did you went, taking that shirt, in the school, and who was at the gate of the school, monkey what was monkey reading, whose picture was on the newspaper, of which color, I have made it unique here because Taj Mahal is not of black color. What came of Taj Mahal, where did you went on the horse? Mobile. Mobile and after that, Tank, So you guys have great memory. Clap for them. So this method is called link method. It is used at maximum places. I show you one more feature of it, you know its reverse letís see and check. First of all, what was at the last? Watermelon. After that, marriage party. After that, tank. After that, mobile. After that, Karenna. After that, moon. After that, horse. Horse came out of the Taj Mahal and the photo of Taj Mahal was in what? In the newspaper. Who was reading the newspaper? Monkey. Where was monkey sitting? School. What we took to the school? Shirt. And we took in it? Maggie. Where was Maggie hung? Garden. How we reached garden? By airplane. Who dropped in the airplane? Ajay dropped. Before ajay you drank maza. Who gave maza? Lion gave it, and how you came to hospital? By train. Who was in the train? Camel. And what you gave to camel? Grapes. Yes Salman. Okay. You are going ahead. After Salman, what? River. No one taught us this, we are taught cramming, just cramming. We crammed. Now you will see that you added color in it. Bag was of which color? Blue color. There was no color in it, but I added. Then we added sound in it. How we added sound? Like, the bike is starting up, hear its sound. After that, what we added in it? We added eye factor. What is happening in this story, I myself is present in that. I am sitting behind Bill gates, I am jumping into the river, or whatever is going on, and I am present in that by myself. And uniqueness. We have created such uniqueness in it which do not actually happens. So it is a unique thing. We forget the common thing but we will not forget the unique thing. And to do this, we do not need to do something big. So, that is why you will see that children like to watch cartoon films because this usually happens in cartoons. And we think that what he is watching? So, what I was talking that their mind remains creative and they like creative things. They do not like logical things. So, what we did? We added creativity. We added the combination of left and right and thus you learned it. Right now there are a lot of people are sitting here, they might think that, may be some teachers are also here, they thought that this bag and water things was so easy but our study do not have such contents, there are more complex things in it. We see that whether we can learn complex things like this? So here is a complex one. Now we are coming to an actual study content. So, this is an example of chemistry. This is an imaginary example. There is no fact in it but it is just to teach you. First question, these words carbonate, sodium, magnesium, argon or whatever, are known words for you or unknown words? Han? Known words, I explain you the difference between known and unknown words. Known means the one whom I saw, met they are known for me. Okay? About whom I just heard I donít know them they are unknown for me. Who knows that how boric looks like? Anyone of D-pharm. So it is unknown. How bauxite looks like? Then it is unknown for us. After that, how cobalt looks like? I did not see Okay? So what happens when we born? We born with three fears. One fear of height, fear of sound and fear of unknown, so the things which is unknown always has fear in our brain, that it is unknown. What is taught us from childhood that do not meet to unknowns if do not take chocolates from unknowns, do not talk to unknowns, so we groomed such that we have avoided unknown things. As it is of sound, if there comes any Dhararm sound even we donít know that of whch thing it is. But brain will produce it as a sound of a blast here. So we always fear of unknown things. For example I asked you that it is 3 a.m. of night, your door bell rings, you see it from key hole that some unknown person is standing. Will you open the door for him? No you will not obviously, because we have to stay away from unknown things. But the person who is standing in front of you gave recognition that he is the son of your friend, he proved and you accepted… So what you will do for him? You will open the door for him. Brains matter is also same, it says that show me the known things, I will not take in unknown. You are forcefully providing it but it do not take unknown things. So what we do? We associates things, what I said ASI associate interest and passion, so what we can do? We can associate it to any other things, if war associate then it will suddenly come in sequence. Suppose these are some reactive series and we have to learn it in a sequence, so in sequence may be some words get missed and we have to recognize that which word are missing. For this we have to learn a big sequence to learn it now we can associated, so generally, what is the method? Everyone will do the roat method. Carbonate, Sodium, Carbonate, Sodium, magnesium argon, Magnesium argon by doing that or by anything we will learn it. So when the video of the girl was played, her mother was saying that study loud, study loud. Create sound and hear it by ears, so I asked you a question suppose you have a friend who meet you after one or some years. So what you will say that I know your face but I forgot your name. People forget the names because it is saved in their audio mind, we forgot the information that is present in audio, so we forget audio and then visuals. Thatís why we remember his face but forget the name stored in the audio. So roat method does not work. Roat method can give temporary result but do not work permanent. Thatís why we use association method. And we apply interesting unique and those five principles over it. Okay? And the sense organs which we learnt, we are using eye and ear from them. Use the rest if there is test then tested if smells then smell it, usually test and smell does not happen but use all the five senses to learn it. So you will capture it easily. So we learn it now, I will tell only one time and it should be learned. So what we will do? We will associate it, we will convert unknown words into known words. So what is the first word Carbonate, children do not know about carbonate but do know about the bonnet of car.
01:16:,000 –>01:16:54,000
So we split it and so we took out and and a known word. Which is bonnet of car. They do not know of sodium but do know about the soda water. Everyone knows of soda. They do not know of magnesium but do know about Maggie. They do not know about argon. But children do know about air gun. They do not know about fluorine, but do know about flour and rim. Bauxite is not known but they know about the box. Which tightly open. Oxygen is not known but ox and xene. Polonium is not known but pole at which rules are written is known, Cobalt can be divided as cow belt, the cow which is standing with the belt. Fluorine is not known but we know he black rim, In these all, unknowns are associated with the known. So now I will apply the link method which we discuss in the previous example. You just imagine, everyone is supposed to imagine. This is a short example you send your children school daily, so you should not feel dizzy.
In two hours, Imagine you have a car. And you are opening the bonnet of the car, so when you open the bonnet, you put soda water in it. And you boiled Maggie and the soda water. You put the boiled Maggie and filled in the air gun. When you shoot from the air gun, it felt on your neighbor floor. Neighbor said that take this rim and clean it.
While you were cleaning the floor, you found a box which was tightly open, when you opened it an ox came out, this ox with the red xen car. You sat in the car, that xen car reached at the pole. And there were many rules written in the pole. While they reach at the end of the pole, a cow is standing at the end. She says that I will wash the belt with black rim. Interesting story It is nothing that going to happen. Okay? What was the first word? Carbonate, Sodium, next Maggie Magnesium, was filled in? Argon, where it felt? On the flour, fluorine. While cleaning the flour what appeared? Bauxite. Bauxite, Right. When box was opened which came out? Ox. Oxygen. Okay. Where ox did went? At the pole where there was rules. Polonium. At the end of the pole who was standing? Cow. Cobalt. And she was saying that she will wash with? Black rim. Chlorine. These things are used by the people to associate words. Once this association will be created, there will be no need to learn these words. Okay? This is called as sound alike and link method. So what we did, we found the sound alike of these words. We donít know that word but we found its sound alike, so we find out its sound alike and learned by again adding it in the link method. There are so many techniques like this. One similar technique is also present. A video will be played in which I am explaining. There is a YouTube channel of us Braingyan academy on which we upload so many tricks like this. That how to do. So there is a video and is a simple method. You people watch the video many of you people may be already know about it. So in this video, you saw the sentence method in which we explained this example. Fine. Many people know about it actually it is use many times but while being a simple method, no one is using it. But this is so useful and powerful method. We should use it. After that, a lot of questions come, Quora is a platform where a lot of students and people ask such questions. So we try to answer those questions. A similar question always come. Time management technique. They say that I cannot focus and concentrate, get distracted immediately. Anyone who is in 8th, 9th, 10th, they have to study for a long time. For them itís a very common problem. As I said. The subject which we study for a long time, what we do? We stop grasping it. So many such questions come usually. Saying, study six hours without distracted/diverted. I have to do this for six hours without distraction. How can we do this? So we give answers to such type of questions by recording the video as I showed you, on the YouTube. If you have interest and you want to find out then, you can search it on the YouTube by searching Braingyan academy, where you will see these videos. If it delights you, then like it, share it and subscribe the channel. And on Facebook, we have created a community named as brain science develop super memory. We made this group for parents and students. This is an open group, anyone can join this. If you ask questions over it, we will try to answer it once we will got time. So this is a video named as stay focuses inefficient. You can watch it on our YouTube channel. What happened now? That there are a lot of techniques like these. I will teach these techniques here and here actually registered 100,200 people will do but a few will reach. Anything happened, mega block or rain. Anyways we received a lot of calls and requests from Delhi, Raipur chateesgarh, but I cannot teach everywhere. Also this is not my full-time profession. So we record the video in CDs like I showed you. So we recorded it in CDs and now just first part came of it, two more parts are coming soon. We made 26 videos. In these videos we discussed that how neural pathway work. After that, how to use diagrams of biology, how to do another technique known as pegging, uses of nitric acid which we saw, books authors and so many like these, never forget names such techniques added. So that, it should approach everyone. The CD which is available with me, if anyone want to see it, he/she can see, so its price is 2560. But if today someone register it or went to buy it then we are providing heavy discount over it, we are giving it in only 650Rs. If you find it useful for yourself then you can check to the modem and can buy this. In this DVD, those videos will come which I made. If you want to see more videos, you can watch them on the YouTube channel. So, here we will take a five minutes break and after that I will tell you that how NLP works? And how can we use it for students. This NLP is for children and older but here we will see it for children. The course which is available in the CD is also available online. And we are happy to announce that this course, online, we are going to make it on the platform of UDEM E. And we are Indiaís first educational institute who are making such type of course. And we are giving it in very low price so that we can spread it more and more. Now, in digital India, internet has reached at many places, so we can access it through internet. Currently we have around four hundred and forty-one students from 64 countries, for the course. So I intentionally made that in Hindi, because in India everyone understands Hindi. And thatís why we did not tried to make it in English. But the surprising fact was that the people are from different countries, who want to buy this course. Mean, I have also some people who are from Australia and Pakistan. Years ago, we used operating systems, Windows95 right? So who used windows95? Ok you are of my age. We use Windows 95 till now? No. why we donít use? Upgraded. But our beliefs are same as years ago we are not upgrading that. So our culture or understanding made through belief system. So, itís time to upgrade that. Okay? We should upgrade that too. So we should upgrade that time to time, full form of NNP is neuron Linguistic programming as we write programmer in software programming. Similarly we can also right programs for our brain. There is also a NLP trainer between us. Hameeda Jee, she has a good experience in NLP training so she would know that what NLP is training. In this, we can program our brain for access, confidence and to get the fear out. This is NLP. We will see an example of it. Again, favorite part, eyes close and put your hand like this I will tell what to do. Okay? You have to close your eyes and put your hand in front, keep the right hand paw straight and left one ups and down. Okay, like this, everyone get that? Right handís paw as upper side and left side handís paw down. Eyes close and you have follow the instructions which I will give. Keep the hand in level of the shoulders okay? I will not take much time I will tell before stopping okay? Every one handís paw should be one up and the other down. So what you have imagine now? That the paw that is open me going to place weights. Eyes should be closed only then you can imagine, so the hand paw which is opened we are putting weight on it and the one which is ups and down, we are connecting helium balloons with it. Helium balloons go up in the air, right. So everyone in the left hand there is helium balloons and in the right hand we are placing weights. I will keep adding weights now there five keg in your hands and we adding 5 keg more so the weight became 10 kg. Again added 5 keg and again added 5 keg and in the left hand is attached with the helium balloons which pulls your hands up. Imagine that we are adding helium balloons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and on the other hand we are added weights. So increase the weight 5 keg then 15 keg and then 20 keg. And keep adding helium balloons 1 balloons, 2 balloons, 3 balloons, 4 balloons, and 5 balloons, 6 balloons and keep adding weight. You right hand is getting heavy and heavy, your left hand is getting light and light, imagine and add weight and helium balloons by yourselves. Imagine as vividly as you can also imagine the colors of balloons. Okay? Now stop, keep the hand as they were. Just open your eyes and keep hands as it is a just open your eyes. Now see your hands, their hands are like one down and one up. Their two are one down and one up, okay, keep your hands down and look what it was, what we did now we did some imaginations what we imagine are body responded or replicated to that and this is NLP. So our brain do not understand difference reality and imaginations okay? So when you watch a movie to laugh by a good scene or comedy and cry by scene a bad scene. You already that it is a lie but even then your body react to that and cries and laugh. We know because our brain do not know the difference between reality and imagination. So we can also a brain hack. That use it for some good work. And NLP is also teaches us this. This called and NLP programming so a simple video will be played, in which two teams will pass ball. One team is wearing white color clothes and other team is wearing black color clothes. You have to count that how many times the team will pass the ball. Sorry answer was seen already. Whose answer will correct, let see, whose answer was 13, whose answer was 13, and who did not understand, again want to see that? Okay? We will see. Count now, every oneís answer is 13? Okay? But who saw gorilla so why did it happened. Why it happened, because he asked our brain to count the ball, and he ignored the gorilla this is happening in our life. So the goals you set if you set of 60% if opportunity of 90% will approach you then your brain will ignore it. It will not see that. If you decided to earn 50 thousand and in opportunity of one lac approaches you then your brain will ignore it. So the goal you are setting and the instructions you are giving to the brain are very important. Okay? So if you give right instructions to your brain so the things you couldnít see till now will be able to see. Suppose you want to buy a car and you decide the color and brand when you will on the way, you will saw a lot of cars like that. So, was that car not present before, but your brain was ignoring that. Same thing is about the student, if he set the goal to achieve 50 or 60% so his capability and the opportunity will be present. But we will not achieve that if your brain decided that it will not do this. Then it will not make us see that. This is the NNLP by which we can program mind to achieve the things which we find impossible. We will see that how it can be useful for students. This NNLP is not limited for the students.
01:39:53,000 –>01:39:18,000
NLP is a huge subject and today so many industries, businessman, Olympic players and even sports persons use it. Even cricketers use it, the thing which are brain donít believe can never happened. So you imagine and think that we thought it before some years that we have to do it. Anything like you have to buy a house, you want to buy a car and today you will see that it happened it in reality. So what NLP says your thoughts will get converter into a three dimensional reality, youíre thinking becomes a three dimensional reality. Some years ago I thought that I will make such an academy, brain gyan academy. And today it is fact and it has established. So like this many things in your life will be like which you thought five years ago that I will do this or that I will buy 1 BHK and 2 BHk. I will buy this and that Car. I will do this or that, now you will get that it already happened, if you did it by dedication. We can see NNLP for a student that what can we do for student. How can we use NLP to help students? Let see, give right instructions, the most important thing we all just gave negative instructions to our children. Donít do this, donít do that, donít do like this, donít do like that, these are called as negative instructions. Mind ignores the DONíT things, so we have to give positive instructions to the children. we say that donít go out to play, we said outside so we make him notice outside. The visual mind saw outside. Donít go. He donít listen. Thatís why we are giving positive instructions. So First point is children donít learn by being told not what to do, they learn by seen and hearing what to do. What I said do not meditate them, when we will do they also will do this by seeing us, so what to do we have to tell them. Now I say that do not think about the blue elephant over which a monkey sitting and reading newspaper while wearing gargles. Donít think, what happened. Did you think, I said donít think and this happens, we say to the children that donít do this, donít do that, donít go here and there. But they do anyways and do not listen and then you say that my child do not listen me, because you are giving wrong commands. So how the programme will run, learn to give the right command, learn to give the positive command. Tell your child what we do want and not what we donít want. Here is a simple example, be careful with your milk glass. Amit wish your milk stay in the glass. Donít through it hold the glass in a right manner. It will be fell on your clothes we say something like this and it actually falls. Because the instructions are like that. Okay? First thing that you have to learn to give instructions positively. And I am saying that what have to do after it I told one thing that what we are not seen by u. So what you will do when you will go here so try to see those things which you want, but you never thought it. See whether your brain starts allowing to see or not to see, if you really receive the itís result then tell. Do comments on videos, Facebook and also try this. Whenever you will talk to your children or your son, take a look that how many of the instructions are negative. We give maximum negative instructions like, donít do this or that. Tell him/her what she should have to do. Okay? Then he will do that. Next is, experience set perception. So whatever your experience will set a perception. Ever we get failed in exam, but we made it perception that it can never be done by us. This happens mostly with the children. The NLP helps us to break this experience and build a new experience. Look at this perception of elephant. He was tied with a chain in his childhood and he thought that no one can break this chain but the elephant is so capable. So there will be a lot of things and your life the thing you thought you never can do that But you change now and many years have passed. Now you may have many resources capability to do that but it is just a believe that you canít not do this. It happens also with the children many time, so NLP helps to break this believe. Next, this is one is going on whatsap, you might receive. A horse is tied with an empty chair but he is still standing because he do not know of his capability. He just knows that if he is tied he cannot run, alright, next. Visualization of goals achieve, any goal you want to achieve, you have to visualize it okay? So Olympic players do this because in Olympics records break by just a few seconds okay? At there your physical capability ends at a certain time. At there, the game is off mental capacity. They have to visualize that they are running in the race or whatever their sports is they are doing it and they are coming at first. They have to visualize this. Who is the most famous tennis player Chrideslame maximum time winner? Faderar. When it was asked by faderar are you feeling after winning so Federer asked that I have won one thousand times before it? He won in his brain, mind he saw himself winning. When you will win one thousand times then what will happen in reality just like I asked you and you said that I know it from the past experience. So your past experience became in your imagination that you can do this and you can win this. When you will face this situation in reality then this experience will be present in the brain that you can do this and your brain will help out in achieving it. So that, visualize the goals. Start with the small goals after going. Visualize any small goal that it should be like this. And if someone wants to seek it in more detail. Then there is a book, The Secrete. Anyone read it? Study the Secrete. So all the world famous businessmen, all of them whatever they are, even Steve Jobs who created apple. These people visualize. They visualized that this is happening and happened in reality. That why we say that your thoughts will get converted into three dimensional reality.
01:46:45,000 –>01:46:10,000
So, understand its power. Then we talk about triggers. All of us must have some triggers. Triggers set our behaviors. We have to avoid wrong triggers. What triggers mean? Whenever there is a problem in electricity so the triggers get tripped. Similarly, humans have also triggers. These trigger can be of anger, or phone call of any specific person, due to meeting someone. Due to listening someoneís saying. We get angry or we get angry by the specific behavior of children. So this is called as trigger. Wrong triggers should not be settled. So I tell you one wrong trigger, this is the wrong trigger. Sleeping on bed and reading book. This is wrong. Trigger is that your book and your sleep gets associated. So whenever you will open the book, youíll feel dizzy. So many people says that whenever I open a book. So after reading one or two lines eyes get sleep. And if that child sits in front of TV, he will watch movie energetically for whole night. Oaky? So we have to avoid wrong triggers. Then, we can use NLP for developing confidence, removing bad habits and fear phobia. So I will tell you an example of NLP. A little exercise that will continue for five minutes. Everyone has painful memories. So there is a bottle in my hand. I held it for 5 minutes. What will happen? Nothing. If I hold it for a month, what will happen? My hand will get pained. This bottle is short and its weight is less but even then it will hurt me if I hold this for long term. Similar to the painful memories. It may be short or large but everyone has a painful memory. Even also children have it. We cannot know that which memory is painful for them. Someone showed them anger. Beat them, screamed over them or someone said something. It can be a painful memory for them. So we cannot identify them. So we will do a short exercise and we will see that how NLP actually works? Okay? Ready for exercise. Five to ten minutes, not more than it. Okay what we will do in exercise? Eyes close, keep bags in sides and just relax. Okay so we have to do a very simple thing here, we have to close our eye and start to take long breathes. Okay? And relax yourself with every breathe. A very simple thing. Okay? Keep hand paws open on the knees and start deep breathing. Everyone has to participate. You have to close eyes and just relax. You will get an amazing experience. This NLP exercise is very good exercise. I also like it. So close your eyes, deep breath. One deep breathe, two, when I say deep breathe so you have to take it deep and then lightly put it out. And with every deep breath, you have to relax your body. After every deep breathe, body will get more relaxed. So you keep taking deep breathes and exhale, and relax your body. Do relax. Okay? Keep taking deep breathe. Now we will focus on feet paws, you have to imagine that a white light is entering from your feetís paw. Okay? As it will go up and reach your head slowly, so you have to imagine it. So it came in your feetís paw. As it will come in feetís paw you have to tighten the muscles of feet and then release. Okay? Them, it will come in calf muscles. We have to tighten the calf muscles and then relax. Then on your knees. It will come in our thighs, we have to tighten the thighs muscle and relax it. Then tighten the stomach muscles then relax. Then tighten the back muscles and relax. And then tighten the chest muscles. Then relax. Tighten the shoulder muscles, and then relax. To tighten the hand muscles you can make a punch make a tight punch by tightening the muscles of hand then release the punch and relax. Tighten the neck muscles, relax. You can tighten the face muscles. You can make a face and relax. You can tighten head muscles. Relax. Keep taking deep breathe. One, two, and with every deep breathe, go into a relax mood. Whenever I call relax you will go into the relax mood more. Now I will count from ten to one. And on every count you will get more relaxed. Ten relax nine more relax it more relax s7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,1you are in complete relax, you have to imagine that you are sitting on a chair and there is a glass wall in front of the chair And there is a table on the other side of a glass wall on the table there is an old TV, the remote of the TV is in your hands, you can operate the remote by pressing you thumb and finger. You are not supposed to press that now when I will ask you then press it, project your bad or painful memory in it. Then it will be played in the TV. Any painful memory that hurts you want to go for away from that, project it. The remote of old TV is in your hand and that movie is going on the TV. Lessen the volume by your hand and completely mute the TV. Now that memory is played on the TV. But donít have volume, if you see the volume sign then keep it to the muting sign by pressing it by your figure. Now you have to remove the color from movie so button your remote which is for the black and white, you will press then it will become a completely a black and white movie. Now there is a painful memory in the TV but it does not have any sound. Even if someone finds any color and sound in the movie then remove it by using the remote. Keep the most hurtful frame ahead and erase it, erase by moving your hand also, erase every frame of the memory, frame by frame, one after other erase it all you have to erase all the memory by doing this, Remove the color and sound, now imagine that you have an eraser, what you will do by eraser?
01:54:41,000 –>01:54:17,000
You will take the movie frame by frame which is going on. If someone see any sound and color then you can remove it by using remote. Erase the frame one by one. Suddenly, a heavy rain come and due to heavy rain your painful memory washed away. Its grey colored water is going under your feet, and that memory is completely cleaning. After cleaning it all you have to imagine that the TV flew away and destroyed by hitting the sun. And thus, your memory also destroyed. Now start watching a new LED TV in its place, and start watching your most favorite memory in it, You are dancing at your favorite music and enjoying with your friends and everything you need in your life, you get that, see your cheering face, look at the dress you are wearing who people are with you, what people are talking about you, enjoy your memory with your best friends closest nearest people, everything you want like new house, new car, money , successful career, 90%, you have achieve that. Enjoy that success, now slowly open your eye, so this NLP. May be some people do not get its results immediately, but is has to repeat multiple time and we have to train our brain. And if you want to do it again, the same video is present on You Tube, and it also contains the instructions and music which I am giving right now. You can reuse it, if you went to doctor, if you are not well, and the doctor gives you a tablet and you get well? It takes time, so it is solve over a period of time. Similarly, if you repeat this then brain will start believing it. In this two hours í workshop, in cannot teach you so many things. So for the training we have two days workshop, so whatever we talking about NLP memory its advance technique and the information of next level we have two days course so we cover parenting tips in that. We tell about identity, well done parenting and VAK kids usually, parents donít know the different moods of their children, so we tell them about visual auditorís kinesthetic mood these are the mood of children. Visual children look upwards while talking, there heart beats are slow but they talk fast. These are visual kids who seek by seeing things. Some kids are auditory, these kids repeat the instructions which we give to them. For example, we say do this, then they will ask mom can I do this, he will ask again and again because he is auditory he will not believe it until he do not hear. Then Kinesthetic kids, means that those who learn from feeling. They touch their selves or their mothers while talking. These are kind statists. These are emotional kind, if we agree with them, they will felt it by heart. They will see down while talking and talk with gaps. These are kina statists. So we teach the moods in detail. There are some matters of parenting, donít forecast failure because if you are forecast failure then children will believe it. So there are so many researches, this is not my research, this other people research which they have done before. Which we collected this is the two days of memory mastery. And NLP course but this topic is so new that people do not know about it.thats why we are conducting workshops for it. So we teach a lot of things in two daysí workshop and who can attend this workshop? Students, parents, teacher, educators and individuals, who believe insert development, can attend this. No problem. You can pirate. You can give it to anybody. As far as it is spreading, this is important. So now we will see the feedback of people who attended this. If anyone want to become a trainer among you, so you can become after seeking it. We cover so many things in it like hundred digit number, three hundred years calendar, you may got a pamphlet and might you read it. Also you can read it later. How to learn theory, how to learn speeches. Theory is the most challenging task that children have. So there are a lot of techniques which we donít even know we will understand it when we will apply it. How to do time management and how we can use NLP. So we teach effective parenting tips in this two days course. So this course is starting on 1st and 2nd September, and is only in lambile. Someone asked me about the classes so we don’t do classes because I am software professional. I don’t have time to run classes. I will give it at once, whatever the techniques are. You go and practice it. Okay? So what are its special benefits? We want that everyone learn this. Parents should learn because it a skill that if children seek this, then they can use it till next three generations. But a child learn such skill then he can teach it to the next generation. Nobody teaches us so we donít know, and we could not teach it to our children. So anybody who registers this course today. We offer this course free of cost to one parent. We are spreading it all over India so we give life time membership. How is this life time membership? That anybody that goes from the workshop, I donít use it, but whenever you want to do it again, we do not take full fee. We just charge food or seat charges in the event. So you can attend it anytime you want. Then, next, life time support. It is not so that once we taught and then finished. As I told about a community. Similarly there is another closed community for those who complete this course and will share their experiences and new learnings in braingyan community. Also there are some our group supervisors who will answer to your questions and will help you out. This is on Facebook group so we can answer it where ever we are. Whoever enrolls this course, we give our 2560 DVD, free of cost. Because sometimes we donít get what we learn in two days, so this DVD helps. You can play it in your homes and also can learn the techniques again. You can share it to anyone, also you can give it to anyone, and many people asked me that you have made this DVD. So, anyone can copy or pirate it.

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