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Meet the Epic Voice Behind Movie Trailers

Meet the Epic Voice Behind Movie Trailers

– In a world where cat videos
and memes rule the feeds, one media company will
rise above the noise, this is Great Big Story. – [Director] Okay, Redd, that was great. Thank you.
– You got it. – Yeah, that was great.
– Cool. – [Director] You can stop
speaking like that now though. – What do you mean? This is how I always speak. – [Director] Okay, cut! (humming) – My name is Redd Pepper,
I’m a voiceover artist. In the UK, I voice
hundreds of movie trailers, “Men in Black,” saving the Earth from the scum of the universe. “Blair Witch Project,” “Armageddon,” “Space Jam,” “Mr. Bean’s Holiday,” so many, I forget half of
them, to be honest with you. I started doing television adverts, animations, audio books, I do
a lot of video games as well and a lot of them are sound effects, a goose in the background. (donkey braying) (roaring) Mr. Bean. When I first started doing movie trailers, that was fun: one man, coming soon to a cinema near you. Sometimes I do romantic
movies . . . in a sleepy town; sometimes I’m doing horror
. . . don’t answer the door! You’ve got to use your voice; you’ve got to raise it sometimes; and you’ve gotta take it to the depths. Very occasionally I get recognized, but generally no, but the
time I do get recognized, the phone goes off on
the train, guaranteed. Hello, and people look up
from behind the newspapers. The way I got into being a voice
artist was kind of strange, I used to drive trains on
the London Underground; one morning I was making my announcements, all stations to Harrow, mind the doors. A television executive was
a passenger on my train; he got off at the next stop, ran up to my cab, we exchanged details; and the rest is history. I’ve had some strange
experiences as a voice artist, I was doing a trailer for
“Jurassic Park, The Lost World,” Steven Spielberg movie and, kindly, they chose me to do the voice in the UK. Something is coming, something big! And as I said that, a voice
in my headphones said, “Wow, that’s a great voice!” And I didn’t recognize
it was Steven Spielberg, he was listening in from
the States into London. Well I swore, I said, who
the (expletive) is that? Everybody went crazy in the studio, “Shh, shh, no, it’s Spielberg on the set!” I appreciate what I do; I’m still meticulous about what I do; I’m still proud of what I do. I really don’t look at it as a job. I’m having fun. It really is a cool job; it’s gotta be up there with one of the coolest
jobs on the planet. Right, you got it? Cool, I’m out of here. Oh, that’s a wrap.

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  2. Holy shit, at 1:22 I was listening on my speakers in my room and forgot the bass was still turned up from a previous song I was listening to and he shook my whole room like a helicopter flying over 😳

  3. When you are at the bar with ya bois and you are bout to leave, but one who is drunk af says; last round on me bois
    Me: 2:18

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