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Meet the Creators: Scott Bradlee of Postmodern Jukebox | YouTube Advertisers

Meet the Creators: Scott Bradlee of Postmodern Jukebox | YouTube Advertisers

name is Scott Bradlee. I’m the creator of
Postmodern Jukebox, a music collective that
takes pop music back in time. Our audience ranges from
people that are very young, people that love Miley Cyrus
and love all these pop artists, to people that grew up in
the time of Glenn Miller. So we have people that
are literally 90 years old that watch or channel as
well as people that are 9. YouTube is a very
engaged community. The audience of a
creator is very diehard. They will listen to
anything that creator says because they’re
trusting their authenticity. So it’s something that people
shouldn’t take lightly. When you’re watching a
TV show on, well, TV, you know that these ads are,
you know, they’re paid for. You don’t watch the commercials. You skip the commercial breaks. But in YouTube, the ads
are a lot more tailored. You can tailor things right
to somebody’s fan base. And when you know what
those people– what their interests are, then you
can make ads more relevant. And I that everybody
wants– everybody appreciates things that
are a little bit more relevant to their interests. I remember, actually, playing
our very first live show in Toronto. And I remember
thinking at the time– there’s no way
that there’s going to be anybody at this venue. I don’t know anybody in Toronto. But because of our
YouTube channel, we had such a huge
following already in Toronto that we stepped out on stage,
and the room just erupted in cheers. And I’m just, like,
what’s going on, you know? And that’s kind of
the power of YouTube. It allowed us to build this
whole community before we ever toured. And a very vocal community. They will always leave
comments and tell you how they feel about things. And you can learn a lot just by
spending some time on YouTube. [MUSIC PLAYING]

4 thoughts on “Meet the Creators: Scott Bradlee of Postmodern Jukebox | YouTube Advertisers

  1. I am going to be a bit wordy. I apologize.

    Ffs your work is incredible. From the music, to your tie knot–which I absolutely noticed–the universe creation, and the star power you command is almost unreal. I love how you play with your back forward. I love how it is single shotted. I love how I can see both your right foot and left hand. But it is never about you.

    It is about theory and technique. Us classical and jazz nerds get this. And it feels correct.

    Don't stop.

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